Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 921: Unexpected Turn of Events

Chapter 921: Unexpected Turn of Events


Unexpected Turn of Events


A couple of figures flew at low altitude outside Sky Merchant City. They did not move quickly, but they moved in complete silence. Even the flow of air where they passed had been scattered. It was as though they were ghosts.

The path that they took was extremely remote. Hence, there was still no one who was able to discover these few figures quietly leaving the city, despite Sky Merchant City’s currently incomparably chaotic state.


The figures pushed off the empty air with their toes, and rushed forward once again. Enormous black robes covered their bodies. As the wind blew over, it lifted a corner of the leading figure’s black robe. That handsome face belonged to Xie Yan from the Demonic Wind Cave.

“Junior cave chief, protector Liu and the others had been entangled by someone…” A person softly stated behind Xie Yan.

“Aye.” Xie Yan nodded slightly. A dark expression flashed across his eyes, as he looked back, and spoke in a sinister voice, “These people actually dare to target my Demonic Wind Cave. We will ignore them for now. There will naturally be someone to receive us once we leave Sky Merchant Region. We will no longer need to worry then.”

“Understood.” A couple of people behind nodded and replied upon hearing this.

“Ha ha, brother Xie Yan, this method of yours to deceive everyone is not bad, but I’m afraid that it is not as effective as you think…” However, a laughter was suddenly transmitted over from the top of a mountain to their front after those words sounded.


The few figures, which were rushing forward, suddenly froze at this moment. Xie Yan’s expression was dark as he lifted his head. His dark and cold eyes looked at the white clothed figure on the mountain, and laughed coldly, “Zhou Gan? You were actually able to follow me?”

“Ha ha, since you have your brilliant plan, I will naturally have my own tricks too.” Zhou Gan smiled towards Xie Yan and said.

“You may be able to track me, but you have arrogantly come alone. Could it be that you think that you will be able to snatch the item in my hands with just you alone?” Xie Yan stated coldly.

“I am naturally not alone.” Zhou Gan laughed. Immediately, his eyes looked towards the forest in the north as he said, “Brother Chen Ying, since you are here, why don’t you also reveal yourself?”

“Ha ha, I am really unable to hide from brother Zhou.” A loud laughter was emitted from the forest after Zhou Gan’s voice sounded. Subsequently, a couple of figures swept out. Their leader was Chen Ying from the Illusionary Demon Sect.

Xie Yan’s eyes were a little gloomy as he gazed at Chen Ying, who had appeared. He spoke with a cold smile, “Since when did the Illusionary Demon Sect and the Universe Cave end up being together? I only have one silver tower here. Even if you snatch it away, who will it end up belonging to?”

“Brother Xie Yan, there is no need to try and stir conflict between the both of us. No matter what, we will first take the silver tower from your hands, before deciding on how to split it.” Zhou Gan smilingly said.

“Take it away? Aren’t you being a little optimistic?” Xie Yan spoke in a sinister voice.

“Ha ha, the experts from your Demonic Wind Cave have basically been completely pinned down at this moment. I’m afraid that you will not be able to rely on these people at your side.” Chen Ying smilingly said.

“Is that so? In that case, why don’t you come and give it a try?” A strange expression flashed across Xie Yan’s eyes as he said.

Chen Ying and Zhou Kun narrowed their eyes, and exchanged glances with each other. Both of them were quiet for a moment, before they suddenly rushed forward. Majestic Yuan Power swept out, and directly transformed into two formidable streams that swept towards Xie Yan.

However, Xie Yan merely laughed coldly in the face of the combined attacks from the two. He did not show even the slightest signs of stopping the attacks. Just as the attacks were about to reach his head, a human figure that was completely wrapped in black robe suddenly slowly walked forward from behind him. A shrivelled hand reached out. Black light lingered at his fingertips, while he swiped with his hand.


The withered and skinny hand powerfully grabbed the two Yuan Power streams that had arrived. Finally, it was clenched violently, and actually forcibly shattered the Yuan Power streams.


That human figure waved his sleeve after grabbing the Yuan Power pillars and causing them to explode. A circular black light ripple was emitted. It swept towards Zhou Kun duo with lightning like speed.

“Death Qi? A Profound Death stage expert?”

This sudden and unexpected turn of events immediately caused the Zhou Kun duo’s expressions to be altered slightly. Their toes pushed off the empty air, as they pulled back explosively. Powerful martial arts were immediately unleashed, and ruthlessly blasted onto the black light wave that rippled towards them.

Bang bang!

Black light rippled past, and the powerful martial arts that those two had unleashed crumbled an inch at a time. Fortunately, they had already withdrew from the range of the attack. In the end, they landed onto a huge tree in a somewhat miserable manner. Their expressions were grave as they looked at the black figure.

“May I know which Elder of the Demonic Wind Cave you are?” Zhou Gan asked in a deep voice.

“Hee hee, you young fellows always like to play silly games. Since this silver tower has been obtained by my Demonic Wind Cave using proper means, all of you should stop making trouble…” The black figure slowly lifted his head, revealing an elderly face. There was a black scorpion tattoo on his face, giving him an extremely strange appearance.

“Old demon Mo Xie?”

Zhou Gan’s expression changed when he saw the black scorpion tattoo on the old man’s face. His voice became a little hoarse as he said, “It is unexpected that even elder Mo Xie is willing to come out. Moreover, you actually hid behind Xie Yan…”

Zhou Gan had heard of this elder. The latter was a genuine initial Profound Death stage expert. Moreover, he was also an elder of the Demonic Wind Cave. Normally, an expert, who had reached this realm would mostly shut themselves away and cultivate, and would seldom move about. However, the Demonic Wind Cave had actually dispatched this person this time around…

Chen Ying also frowned tightly. This Mo Xie was a Profound Death stage expert, and his strength far surpassed their own. They would not be fighting on the same level should they clash.

Moreover, the experts whom they had currently brought were all blocking the other Demonic Wind Cave experts. It was obvious that they would not be able to quickly hurry over…

“Two little children, this old man will put this matter aside on account of the Universe Cave and the Illusionary Demon Sect. You may still survive if you withdraw now. Hee hee, since the both of you know me, I believe that you should also be aware of my methods…” Old demon Mo Xie parted his mouth and laughed. His dark yellow teeth gave off a chilling aura.

Zhou Gan and Chen Ying frowned. They exchanged glances with each other, and saw some unwillingness and helplessness in the other party’s eyes. They were aware that this old demon was not a kind person. If it was not because he was wary of the factions behind them, he would have already attacked and killed them.

“Let’s go.”

The Zhou Gan duo were decisive. Since it was pointless to remain any longer, they ceased any useless actions. They immediately waved their hands, and led their people to quickly withdraw.

Xie Yan looked at Zhou Gan and the rest, who had been frightened off. Only then did he sigh in relief and laugh, “It is all thanks to elder Xie…”

“My mission is to escort the silver tower back. Naturally, nothing must go wrong.” Old demon Mo Xie waved his hand and replied indifferently.

“In that case, let us continue.” Xie Yan hurriedly said. Fortunately, they had hid old demon Mo Xie this time around. Otherwise, if the others were to come prepared, they would be held back even if they did not fear the other party.

“Wait.” Old demon Mo Xie shook his head and said.

“What is it?” Xie Yan spoke in a startled voice.

“Our tail has yet to be cleared…” Old demon Mo Xie’s mouth parted into a grin. However, there was an fiendish aura in his grin.

“There is still someone?” Xie Yan was startled. His cautious eyes hurriedly swept around him, but he was actually unable to discover the hidden person.

“Hee, he is also someone whom you are familiar with…”

Old demon Mo Xie laughed. Immediately, his dark and cold eyes swept over the forest behind him as he spoke in a faint voice, “Young fellow, how long more are you going to remain hidden?”

His words faded, but there was still no movement. That entire forest was completely silent.

“Hiding in front of this old man. You really overestimate yourself.”

Old demon Mo Xie laughed coldly. Immediately, he pressed his finger on the empty space. A ripple that contained Death Qi shot out, and directly rushed into a certain patch of forest. Following the spreading of the Death Qi, the originally lush green patch of forest began to quickly wither.


A giant tree suddenly exploded, and tiny wood fragments filled the sky. Two figures also appeared in the air. Their expressions were somewhat grave, as they looked at old demon Mo Xie in the distance.

“Lin Dong?”

Xie Yan gazed at the two individuals who had been forced to reveal themselves. His eyes became dark and cold, as a savage smile surfaced from the corners of his mouth.

“Brat, instead of choosing the path that will keep you alive, you insist on barging into hell. Elder He, you must not allow this brat to escape!”

Old demon Mo Xie watched the Lin Dong duo with indifferent eyes. Soon after, he nodded slowly. His raspy voice was filled with murderous intent.

“Since junior cave chief has spoken, this old man will take both of their lives…”