Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 920: Good Show

Chapter 920: Good Show


Good Show


“Have I successfully taken control of it…”

Lin Dong’s expression was happy, as he looked at the Sky Devouring Corpse before him. He could clearly sense a trace of a connection being formed between the corpse and himself the moment the symbol was formed.

Lin Dong’s eyes were burning as he stared at the Sky Devouring Corpse. With a thought, the corpse’s tightly shut eyes suddenly opened. A solemn look seemed to flit across those pitch black as ink like eyes.

“Ha ha.”

Even with Lin Dong’s composure, he could not help but laugh heartily upon seeing this scene. Controlling the Sky Devouring Corpse was a lot easier than he had imagined. If the Sky Merchant Court knew how this thing, that they had felt helpless against, was actually so swiftly controlled by Lin Dong, it was likely that they would feel quite depressed.

However, there was nothing that could be done. Lin Dong was the only person in the world who possessed the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Only a symbol condensed from the Devouring Power could remain inside the body of the Sky Devouring Corpse. Any other energy that entered the Sky Devouring Corpse would be devoured without hesitation by the Devouring Power within the body of the corpse.

“Although this Sky Devouring Corpse can still be used, it is in a half crippled state.” Yan drifted out from Lin Dong’s body. He glanced at the Sky Devouring Corpse in front of him and said.

“If you really wish to repair it, you can only use the Devouring Ancestral Symbol to slowly nourish it.”

Lin Dong nodded. He did not have whimsical thoughts of being able to allow the ‘Sky Devouring Corpse’ to recover to its peak strength immediately. Food must be eaten bite by bite. He was already rather satisfied in having obtained it.

“Even though this Sky Devouring Corpse is in a half crippled state, even an expert who has genuinely stepped into the Profound Death stage will have difficulty completely destroying it.” Yan said.

“Of course, it’s a pity that its condition is so terrible, and its offensive strength has crippled so greatly. Otherwise, it would be able to kill even a Profound Death stage expert. Currently… it can only deal with a perfect Profound Life stage expert.”

Lin Dong grinned. In other words, this Sky Devouring Corpse’s defensive strength should be similar to a Profound Death stage expert, and had the offensive power of a perfect Profound Life stage expert… this was already rather substantial battle power.

“Although it is unable to kill a Profound Life stage expert, it should not be difficult for it to delay one with just its defensive strength alone.” Lin Dong chuckled and said. Even those Profound Death stage experts would have a headache if they encountered such a sticky gum that they would be unable to kill or shake off.

Yan nodded. He did not deny these words. Regardless of how crippled the Sky Devouring Corpse was, it was ultimately something that the Devouring Master had refined to fight the Yimo back then…

Lin Dong pondered for a while after having gained control over the corpse. With a clench of his hand, the unknown sea map he had bought from the auction appeared within it. After which, his Mental Energy spread, imprinting the map into his mind. This continued for a long time, before he opened his eyes in a somewhat helpless manner.

“This is also not it…”

Although the sea map recorded an unknown sea region, it was not something that Lin Dong needed. It seemed that he would only be able to obtain the exact location of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol from the small silver tower.

“I can only target that thing…” Lin Dong muttered.

“The Demonic Wind Cave has sent many people this time. From the looks of the situation back then, there were two people who had reached the perfect Profound Life stage at Xie Yan’s side, while that Xie Yan has also reached the peak of the advance Profound Life stage. One more step, and he will be able to enter the perfect Profound Life stage…”

This lineup was considered rather powerful. If it was not because the temptation from the small silver tower was far too great, it was likely that hardly anyone would think of targeting them…

Unfortunately, there weren’t so many ‘ifs’ in this world. Since Xie Yan was the first to snatch the small silver tower, he should also be clearly aware, that it will not be easy to bring this item out of the Sky Merchant Region with a bunch of wolves gathering around him…

Lin Dong had a premonition that Xie Yan’s group would not remain in Sky Merchant City for long. Although this was the territory of Sky Merchant Court, and everyone would give the Sky Merchant Court some face in the beginning, a few days later, someone would surely be unable to endure and strike.

There will be a good show to watch when that time came.

Lin Dong curled the corner of his mouth as his thoughts reached this point. His smile had a gloating feeling to it.


Although the auction had already ended, the population of the city did not decrease in the following few days. Many experts continued to remain here. Moreover, their eyes were all locked onto a certain direction while they waited. That place was where the Demonic Wind Cave were staying.

From the looks of it, it seemed that there were many people within the city who coveted the small silver tower in the Demonic Wind Cave’s hands.

Although numerous people were clearly knew their limits, Sky Merchant City practically a wolves’ den now. The Demonic Wind Cave was akin to a mighty lion dragging around some food. Although the lion was very intimidating, this intimidation was currently relatively weak.

Xie Yan’s group were also aware of this situation, and they similarly had their own tricks. In a single day, they had spent a great price to hire many powerful guards from within Sky Merchant City. They clearly intended to use wolves to guard against the other wolves…

However, those remaining big factions in Sky Merchant City merely looked on with cold eyes. This temporary external aid hired by the Demonic Wind Cave would not be of much use at a critical juncture. Moreover, there might even be some amongst the group who were planning on turning on them. At that time, the Demonic Wind Cave would only end up in a chaos.

Lin Dong sat on the edge of a tall building within the city. He somewhat lazily looked in the north west direction of the city. Soon after, he laughed softly and muttered, “They should be moving soon, right?”

A gloomy looking Xie Yan slowly stood up in a deep and quiet courtyard while Lin Dong’s words sounded. His eyes looked at the surrounding Demonic Wind Cave experts within the room. Finally, they paused on a skinny figure in a corner.

“In that case… let’s act as planned. We will leave the city this afternoon!”

Afternoon arrived extremely quickly. The moment the sun lowered in the west, Lin Dong, who was seated atop the building, suddenly had a change in expression. At the same time, he could sense the atmosphere of the entire city suddenly ripple for a moment.

“Are they unable to endure any longer…”

Lin Dong involuntarily smiled a little, as he sensed this slight change. After which, he lifted his head. He could hear countless rushing wind sounds suddenly appearing in the north west. A couple of hundred individuals rushed out from hidden areas, before rushing out of the city.

Lin Dong stood up on the building. He ignored chaotic scenery of countless figures in the sky. Instead, his gaze focused on three areas. These three areas had the most powerful presences. Clearly, they should be the main forces of the Demonic Wind Cave.

“They have actually scattered as a distraction huh…” Lin Dong’s brows slightly raised. He could see that those large factions from all over the city, which had been vigilantly watching the Demonic Wind Cave, had begun to move. The locations that they had locked onto, were those three strongest groups.

“The silver tower is not with any of these people. These people are all covers…” Yan’s voice sounded at this moment.

Lin Dong grinned. That Xie Yan would never expect that Yan had already locked onto the fluctuation from the silver tower back at the auction ground. All of Xie Yan’s plans were useless at this moment.

“Let me see just how long you can keep hiding.” Lin Dong crossed his arms over his chest. His eyes were filled with mockery.

At this moment, Sky Merchant City had undoubtedly become extremely chaotic. Countless experts rushed through the sky like a swarm of locusts. After which, they chased those individuals from the Demonic Wind Cave. Even several large factions ended up chasing the three groups with powerful auras.

This continued for around half an hour. Only then, did the city become a little more peaceful.

“The silver tower is heading towards the north.” Yan’s voice suddenly sounded.

The smile on Lin Dong’s face became even wider after hearing this. After which, he whistled, and directly rushed towards the north of the city. A petite figure swiftly followed behind him.

Lin Dong’s body whistled through the air amidst the setting sun. His shining eyes gazed in the direction where the fluctuation originated, as he softly muttered, “Just where will you run to this time around…”

“That silver tower will be mine at all cost!”