Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 918: Competition for the Silver Tower

Chapter 918: Competition for the Silver Tower


Competition for the Silver Tower


“Fifty one million!”

“Fifty two million!”


Lin Dong watched as the various big factions continuously bidded. The current bidding had already been pushed to quite a heated level. A price of fifty million was already considered quite a large sum even to them.

Hence, after the bidding price had once again been raised to fifty five million, there were finally some large factions who sat down unwillingly. However, from their somewhat gloomy expressions, it was clear that they would not easily give up this small silver tower.

It seemed that everyone understood that this competition in the auction ground would not mean truly obtaining the small silver tower. At the very most, it would allow one to gain an advantage…

Lin Dong observed the auction area. Currently, there were only three large factions still bidding. They were the Demonic Wind Cave, Universe Cave and the Illusionary Demon Sect. It was obvious that none of the three were willing to give up.

The already rather expensive price had finally stabilised at sixty one million after some intense competition. It was the Demonic Wind Cave which had offered this final bid.

“They are really wealthy…” Lin Dong smiled faintly, and looked at the Demonic Wind Cave, which had managed to emerge victorious from amongst the many competitors. There was a playful expression in his eyes.

“Ha ha, brother Xie Yan seems to be really generous. This small silver tower might be related to a Reincarnation stage expert’s cave dwelling, but this has not been completely verified. Nevertheless, you are able to spend such a price to purchase it, how bold.” Zhou Gan smacked his mouth and laughed softly towards Xie Yan.

“Thank you for your reminder brother Zhou Gan. However, I think that this object is worth the price.” Xie Yan gave a superficial smile and said. There was some fury within his heart. If it was not because of the final fight with Zhou Gan, the price would not have risen to such an extent.

Zhou Gan smiled and softly said, “In that case, I will congratulate brother Xie Yan. However… I truly hope that you will be able to successfully bring it back to the Demonic Wind Cave.”

Zhou Gan’s smile was a little strange as he uttered these words. At the same time, the other large factions also curled their lips. They casually leaned against the backrest of their chairs, and lowered their eyes slightly. Nevertheless, chilling light flashed within their eyes.

Xie Yan was naturally able to detect these strange gazes. He immediately laughed coldly and replied, “In that case, let’s wait and see.”

Tang Dongling watched this great bidding war come to an end from the auction stage. She smiled sweetly and said, “Since no one is offering a higher bid, this small silver tower will belong to the Demonic Wind Cave for a price of sixty one million Xuan Yuan pills.”

A series of low commotions were emitted from the entire auction ground at this moment. However, the strange thing was that many people’s expressions appeared somewhat unusual. Their gazes intersected with each other, while greed surged deep within their eyes.

“Let’s go. The auction is over.” Lin Dong smilingly glanced at Xie Yan, before standing up and speaking to Mu Lingshan.

“Um.” Mu Lingshan nodded. She also understood that although the auction was over, the true fun had only just begun. It was likely that these people from the Demonic Wind Cave would experience a headache during the next few days.


Lin Dong led Mu Lingshan out of the auction ground, before entering the Sky Merchant Court. He wanted to retrieve the items he had gained from the auction.

Lin Dong and Mu Lingshan were brought by a female servant to a VIP room, where they waited for a moment. Finally, they saw the slim figure of Tang Dongling appearing in their sights.

“Brother Lin Dong, the Core Spiritual Birth Serum that you have auctioned obtained a total of twelve million five hundred thousand Xuan Yuan pills. This is the remainder after deducting the cost of the Volcano Flame Essence Stones and the things that you have bought in the auction.” Tang Dongling smilingly handed over a Qiankun bag and said.

“Other than the corpse, everything that you have purchased are inside.”

“I have troubled Miss Tang.” Lin Dong nodded. After which, he looked towards Mu Lingshan beside him. The latter lifted her head and smilingly said to Tang Dongling, “This elder sister is afraid that I cannot fork out the money to purchase the corpse, right?”

Tang Dongling was a little embarrassed. However, she was good at hiding her emotions. Her delicate finger drew past Mu Lingshan’s smooth face and smilingly said, “The corpse might be expensive, but it has not yet reached the point where elder sister will feel some pain. At the very most, I can help brother Lin Dong pay for it.”

“Lass, you should stop fooling around.” Lin Dong helplessly shook his head.

Mu Lingshan smiled happily. She waved her small hand, and a Qiankun bag appeared within, and was subsequently handed it to Tang Dongling. “All right, the twenty million Xuan Yuan pills are all inside.”

Tang Dongling received it. She did not check its contents. Instead, she handed it to the female servant beside her. After which, a couple of people carried the crystal coffin in,

Lin Dong looked at the corpse within the crystal coffin, as excitement flashed deep within his eyes. Subsequently, he slowly stepped forward and touched the crystal coffin. He could vaguely detect a faint trace of Devouring Power being emitted from the corpse inside it.

“Brother Lin Dong, this corpse is quite strange. Any energy that approaches it will disappear in a strange manner. You should be careful if you intend to do anything to it.” Tang Dongling cautioned from the side.

“Thank you.”

Lin Dong smiled and nodded. He waved his sleeve, and kept this crystal coffin into his Qiankun bag. The Devouring Ancestral Symbol was within his body. Hence, there was no need to worry about any strange movements of this Devouring Sky Corpse.

“It seems that brother Lin Dong has some understanding of this corpse?” Tang Dongling’s pretty eyes flashed as she softly inquired.

“Not really.” Lin Dong replied in a vague manner. Fortunately, this Devouring Sky Corpse was far too rare. If it was not for Yan, even he would not be aware that this thing was actually refined from the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. If the Sky Merchant Court was to learn that they had sold a corpse that could be comparable to a Samsara stage expert in the future for twenty million Xuan Yuan pills, it was likely that even the Sky Merchant Court’s master would charge out with a red face…

It was best that others did not know about this matter.

Tang Dongling was aware that Lin Dong was unwilling to divulge anything after seeing how he avoided the question. She merely smiled in response. The reason that she had asked was due to her own curiosity. After all, their Sky Merchant Court had used all its means ,but had still failed to find out the origin of this corpse…

“That’s right. Brother Lin Dong, the Sky Merchant City might be a little chaotic during these few days. You should be careful.” Tang Dongling hesitated for a moment, before suddenly speaking.

Lin Dong’s eyes flickered. Currently, the small silver tower had landed in the hands of the Demonic Wind Cave. The remaining large factions would likely be unwilling to simply leave things be. Moreover, given their background, they were not afraid of offending the Demonic Wind Cave. If they had the opportunity to do so, they would definitely snatch the small silver tower from the hands of the Demonic Wind Cave. Hence, there would definitely be a bloody battle.

“Thank you for your warning Miss Tang. Since the transaction is over, I should be heading back now.”

Lin Dong cupped his hands together, and smiled at Tang Dongling. Without further ado, he led Mu Lingshan and left under Tang Dongling’s eyes. They had only just reached the exit of the Sky Merchant Court, when they saw a surge in the crowd in front of them. Soon after, he saw the group from the Demonic Wind Cave walking in amidst many comments from various people. Xie Yan was standing at the front.

When Lin Dong saw Xie Yan, the latter also clearly spotted him. Immediately, a cold light flashed across his eyes. He walked forward and laughed coldly, “You are really bold to dare to appear in front of me.”

“Ha ha, the one who is currently in trouble is not me… let’s talk after you can successfully bring that item out of the Sky Merchant Region. It looks like there will be a good show to watch during these few days…”

Lin Dong smiled teasingly at Xie Yan. After which, he ceased speaking, and directly walked past the latter, and out of the Sky Merchant Court.

“You bastard.”

Xie Yan’s expression was a little ugly, as he watched Lin Dong brush past him. His fist was tightly clenched. It was likely that he would have been able to resist attacking the former, if it had not been for the special circumstances he was currently in.

“Let’s go junior cave chief. We should hurry and take the item. There is still a need for us to plan how to escape. It is not worthwhile to fight that brat now.” The black clothed elder beside Xie Yan softly said.

Xie Yan breathed in deeply and nodded. He was aware that they were currently being watched at by countless jealous eyes. It was impossible for them to divert any attention to bother about Lin Dong…

Lin Dong led Mu Lingshan out from the Sky Merchant Court. After which, he lifted his head. There seemed to be dark clouds slowly gathering in the distant azure sky. The stifling atmosphere had a bloody scent surging within it.

“The fun is about to begin…”

Lin Dong rubbed his hands and smiled faintly. He had found a clue to the second Ancestral Symbol after so many years. Would he give up so easily?

The answer was clearly a no.