Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 917: Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol Clue

Chapter 917: Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol Clue


Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol Clue


“Thunderbolt… Ancestral Symbol?”

The earthshaking noise that originally reverberated beside Lin Dong’s ears seemed to have completely vanished at this moment. Only these four words continued to rumble within Lin Dong’s head like thunder. It was as though there was the faint sound of rumbling thunder exploding in his head, causing his scalp to turn somewhat numb.

Lin Dong’s eyes were a little unfocused as he looked at the silver tower in Tang Dongling’s hand. He had never imagined that he would genuinely sense an Ancestral Symbol in this place after searching for so many years!

Others might not be able to sense that special fluctuation from the silver tower. However, Lin Dong, who possessed the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, felt as though he had been electrocuted.

That fluctuation of something that originated from the same source was something that nothing in the world could imitate!

Lin Dong’s pupils, which had shrunk to the size of pinholes, stared intently at the small silver tower. This continued for a long time, before the great storm that raged within his heart gradually weakened, and the deafening noises that had vanished from around him once again surged into his ears. At the same time, it dragged Lin Dong out from his absentminded state.


Lin Dong’s throat vibrated for a moment. His perspiration covered hands were gently wiped on his thighs. After which, he softly asked in his mind, “Your senses… are not wrong right?”

“Even if I may be wrong, the reaction of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol within your body will never go wrong.” Yan replied.

“Those fluctuations hidden within this silver tower does indeed belong to the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol…”

The corners of Lin Dong’s mouth involuntarily lifted after receiving confirmation. He quickly exhaled a long breath towards the sky. There was finally a clue after having searched for so many years…

“I feel that the location of the second Ancestral Symbol that you are aware of is very likely the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol that is related to the silver small tower…” Yan mused for a moment, before commenting.

Lin Dong nodded slightly. He also shared this feeling. There were only eight Ancestral Symbols in the entire world. The only Ancestral Symbols other than the Devouring Ancestral Symbol that he was aware of, were the Darkness Ancestral Symbol of the Palace of Darkness, and the Blazing Ancestral Symbol belonging to Mo Luo of the Chaotic Demon Sea…

This clue that had appeared should be the fourth Ancestral Symbol, the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol.

Since such a clue had appeared in this Chaotic Demon Sea, it was likely that the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol was hidden at a certain spot within the Chaotic Demon Sea. This was similar to the map that Lin Dong had obtained. Hence, it was very likely that the two were referring to the same Ancestral Symbol.

“Fortunately, this kind of fluctuation is something that only people like you, who possess Ancestral Symbols, can sense. Otherwise, once this information spreads, all hell will break lose in the entire Chaotic Demon Sea…” Yan said.

Lin Dong nodded. If the Sky Merchant Court was aware that this silver tower was related to the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, they would definitely use all their ability to prevent it from being revealed to the public. They would definitely search quietly, and obtain that Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol.

This was because everyone knew just how powerful the Ancestral Symbols were. If the Sky Merchant Court was able to obtain the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, they would definitely become a pinnacle faction in the Chaotic Demon Sea. An example was Mo Luo. With the Blazing Ancestral Symbol in his hand, which Samsara stage super expert in the Chaotic Demon Sea would dare to fight with him? Even a Reincarnation stage expert would have a hard time dealing with a Samsara stage expert who possessed an Ancestral Symbol.

“Even though this is the case, it will still be extremely difficult to obtain this small silver tower.” Lin Dong frowned slightly. From the expressions of those large factions in front, this silver tower was clearly the target which they had been waiting for. Although these people were unaware that the small silver tower was related to the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, just the fact that it had been found in a cave dwelling left behind by a Reincarnation stage expert alone, was sufficient for them desperately try to obtain it.

It was clearly an extremely difficult task for Lin Dong to compete with these extremely wealthy fellows for the small silver tower.

“It is indeed very difficult.” Yan also stated. Currently, Lin Dong had yet to become strong enough to deter all the other experts in this place. Hence, he had to obediently sit down, and compete for this small silver tower, that was related to the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, through ordinary means. However, given their wealth, it was obvious that they were unqualified to do so.

Lin Dong pursed his lips, as a stern expression flashed across those pitch black eyes of his. He had spent a great deal of effort in order to find the second Ancestral Symbol. Since he had discovered a clue, there was naturally no reason for him to give it up. He must obtain the small silver tower at all cost!


Lin Dong suddenly turned around, while a stern expression flashed across his eyes. After which, he became startled. This was because he could see that Mu Lingshan beside him was actually also staring at the small silver tower on the auction stage in a somewhat absentminded manner.

“Brother Lin Dong, that thing seems a little special…” Mu Lingshan lifted her clear large eyes to look at Lin Dong. After which, she spoke in a voice that only the two of them could hear.

The corners of Lin Dong’s eyes involuntarily twitched upon hearing this. There was some disbelief deep within his eyes. Could it be that this girl had also sensed the Ancestral Symbol fluctuation from the silver tower? But how was this possible? This girl did not possess any Ancestral Symbol. How was it possible for her to detect that unique fluctuation?

“Aye, it is indeed extraordinary.”

Lin Dong suppressed the shock within his heart and nodded. Currently, he did not have the mood to find out how Mu Lingshan could sense this fluctuation. What he needed to think of now, was how he could obtain that small silver tower…

Tang Dongling watched at the surging atmosphere from the auction stage, and involuntarily smiled. Her pretty eyes looked at the small silver tower in her hand, before she smilingly said, “This tower’s starting bid is thirty million Xuan Yuan pills.”

The originally explosive atmosphere immediately turned sluggish after this price was announced. Soon after, countless individuals sat down in a depressed manner. Such a price was something that even some of the wealthy large factions would have to consider carefully, and even less needed to be said about them. Moreover, this was only the initial price. Just what kind of terrifying price would it reach after the subsequent bidding war?

The commotion had become much quieter in the face of this shocking price. Even those large factions in front frowned slightly and wore grave faces.

“Ha ha, since no one is going to start, my Demonic Wind Cave shall initiate the bidding.” Xie Yan’s greedily looked at the small silver tower. He licked his lips and laughed, “Thirty two million.”

“If your Demonic Wind Cave is so rich, why didn’t you suppress that little girl earlier? My Sky Tablet Sect offers thirty five million.” A middle aged man in black clothes laughed. His laughter contained some mockery. He was someone from the Northern Xuan Sea’s Sky Tablet Sect, and had quite a strong background which was not weaker than the Demonic Wind Cave.

“Since everyone is showing such interest, my Universe Cave shall also join in. Thirty eight million.” A white clothed Zhou Gan, who had yet to join a single bid since the beginning, laughed and said.

“Ha ha, my Suspended Valley offers forty million.”


“It has begun…” Lin Dong leaned on the backrest of his seat, and watched this bidding war that had erupted without warning. Both of his eyes slowly narrowed. Such a price had kicked him out of the competition right from the start.

Clearly, he had already lost the qualification to compete with these large factions according to the rules.

“Do not participate in this competition…” Lin Dong tilted his head, looked at Mu Lingshan and shook his head. This little girl seemed intent to give it a try.

“Why?” Mu Lingshan asked in a puzzled manner. She could tell that Lin Dong was also extremely interested in that small tower.

“Forget about whether you can out bid those people. Even if you can… will we be able to successfully bring it away with only our strength?” Lin Dong softly inquired.

Mu Lingshan was taken aback. Although she felt some unwillingness, she still nodded her head. She might be a little naughty at times, but she was not stupid. She clearly understood that even if she successfully bought this small silver tower in front of countless pairs of jealous eyes, it would be an extremely difficult matter to successfully take it away.

This was not only the case for the two of them. It was the same for those large factions competing for it in front of them… the other factions who had failed in out bidding them would likely not give up so easily.

This auction was merely the first round in the competition for the small silver tower.


Lin Dong exhaled gently. His cold eyes looked at the increasingly intense competition before him. Since he was unable to obtain this small silver tower through proper means, he could only take an unorthodox approach…

In any case, he must obtain this small silver tower at all cost!