Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 916: Main Auction Item?

Chapter 916: Main Auction Item?


Chapter 916: Main Auction Item?

An uproar suddenly swept over the auction ground like a wave. Everyone were a little stunned as they looked at the extremely cute girl with two pigtails within the seating area. It was likely that they did not expect that the shocking price from earlier had actually come from her mouth…

“You…” Lin Dong was also stunned as he looked at Mu Lingshan. He never imagined that she would actually intervene in this manner.

“Who asked that fellow to be so dis-likeable.” Mu Lingshan mumbled.

On the auction stage, Tang Dongling was also stunned because of Mu Lingshan’s bid. She only recovered a moment later, before looking at Lin Dong as she smiled a little and said, “Little girl, you cannot randomly shout bids in this place.

“Are you worried that I do not have money?” Mu Lingshan small mouth frowned, as she spoke in a dissatisfied manner.

Tang Dongling shook her head, and looked at Lin Dong in a somewhat helpless manner. The latter returned a helpless smile. After which, he nodded towards her. Although this little girl Mu Lingshan was young, she would not go overboard. Moreover, this ten million might be a shocking price, but she also possessed an extraordinary background. It was not impossible for her to take out this seemingly large sum in Lin Dong’s eyes.

Tang Dongling was unable to say anything more after seeing Lin Dong nodding his head. She softly called out, “Ten million going once.”

The original playful expression on Xie Yan’s face had become a lot gloomier after hearing these words. Both of his eyes were dark and cold, as he stared at the Lin Dong duo. Soon after, he laughed coldly, “Eleven million.”

Lin Dong frowned slightly. Was this fellow planning to continue pressing them?

“Fifteen million.” Mu Lingshan had clearly become a little furious because of Xie Yan’s provocation, and directly stood up from her seat. The two pigtails on her head swayed as she once again cried out a price that stirred an uproar.

Xie Yan’s face twitched. A price of over ten million was considered quite a big sum even to him. Yet, this little girl of unknown origins had actually cried out such a bid without any hesitation.

“Sixteen million!” Xie Yan inhaled a breath of deep air, and spoke in a sinister manner.

After things had developed to such an extent, everyone could tell that this Xie Yan was purposefully targeting Lin Dong. How could a mere strange corpse be worth such a price?

The few big factions at the front of the auction ground were also slightly stunned as they watched this scene unfold. Some interest also rose on their faces. They wanted to see just how this competition would develop.

Mu Lingshan stood on the backrest of the chair. Her small hand folded up her sleeve, as her large eyes glanced towards Xie Yan. That expression of hers was filled with great despise. After which, she extended two of her fingers. Her clear voice, however, caused many hearts to quiver over the words she had spoken, “Twenty million!”


Another uproar of shock spread. Many eyes widened as they looked at the little girl, who had folded up her sleeve, and was stepping on the backrest of a chair. They could sense a domineering aura heading their way. Was this little girl not a little too fierce?

Twenty million Xuan Yuan pills? Did she think that she was throwing beans?

The expression on Xie Yan’s face had stiffened because of this sky high bid of twenty million, and even some perspiration had surfaced on his forehead. His appearance was exceptionally amusing.

He did not expect that his attempt to dampen Lin Dong’s spirits would actually drag him into this mess…

“Junior cave chief…”

The black robed elder beside Xie Yan hurriedly cried out. They still needed to compete for the final article. Spending such a great fortune to compete with others in terms of ruthlessness was truly not wise.

“Increase the bid, increase the bid. Why don’t you increase the bid?”

However, Mu Lingshan merely placed both her hands on her little waist after seeing the ugly expression on Xie Yan’s face, and continued to cry out provocations. Her appearance was originally extremely pretty and cute to begin with. This, along with her clear crisp voice, caused the entire auction ground to laugh out loud, while Xie Yan’s expression became increasingly ugly amidst this laughter.


Fury surged within Xie Yan’s eyes. Even with his calmness, being provoked by a little girl in front of so many people still caused him to show signs of exploding in anger.

“Junior cave chief, endure it. Don’t be impulsive…” The black clothed elder beside him hurriedly stopped Xie Yan, and repeatedly persuaded him.

Xie Yan’s body trembled slightly. However, his self control was quite good. Ultimately, he inhaled a deep breath of air, and suppressed the fury in his heart. After which, he sat back down and cease speaking. His appearance was quite miserable.

Mu Lingshan looked at Xie Yan, who had sat back down in a gloomy manner, as a pleased expression quickly surfaced on her small face. After which, she turned her head and smilingly gave Lin Dong, who was smiling in a helpless and bitter manner, a victory sign.

Lin Dong did not know whether to laugh or to cry. He said, “Even if you have money, you should not be spending it in this manner.”

Mu Lingshan ignored him. Her small face was filled with an immensely pleased expression. It was likely that she felt extremely good due to having defeated Xie Yan earlier.

Tang Dongling watched this farce from the auction stage, and could not help but smile bitterly. After which, she said, “If no one else is offering a bid higher than this little girl, this corpse will belong to her.”

This time around, there was no longer anyone who bidded. After seeing how Mu Lingshan had increased the bid by a couple of million each time, even these large factions that were seated in front had to re evaluate their wealth.

Since no one increased the bid, the auction of the corpse also came to an end. The next auction item was also being brought out amidst the noises that had yet to stop. However, hardly anyone paid attention to it. Many pairs of eyes looked towards the green clothed little girl with two pigtails. Even those large factions had also shifted their gazes over. It was likely that they were trying to guess Mu Lingshan’s identity. After all, the ability to take out twenty million Xuan Yuan pills without hesitation was not something that an ordinary person possessed.

The auction continued. However, after the intervention of Mu Lingshan earlier, the subsequent auction items were unable to reach a bid of twenty million, despite fetching rather good bids. This caused the atmosphere within the auction ground to decline slightly. Tang Dongling was also helpless in the face of this. Who could have expected that this little girl would actually be so domineering. Moreover, she could only hope that this little girl was not simply randomly bidding. Otherwise, their Sky Merchant Court would likely experience a headache this time around…

Lin Dong also saw the ‘Core Spiritual Birth Serum’ that he had auctioned in the subsequent auctions. It was priced at one million or so according to Tang Dongling. However, the final transaction price was around two million five hundred thousand per drop. In this way, the five drops of spiritual serum had fetched Lin Dong twelve million or so Xuan Yuan pills. This was enough to cover the Volcano Flame Essence Stones…

Lin Dong heaved a sigh of relief after the Core Spiritual Birth Serum was successfully auctioned. He gently leaned on the backrest of the chair, and watched the subsequent auctions from an outsider point of view…

The atmosphere in the auction ground gradually climbed upwards under the control of Tang Dongling, as increasingly rare auction items appeared on the stage.

This was especially the case when a low grade Pure Yuan treasure appeared. Excitement rose within the eyes of many people in the auction ground. This treasure was something that only some of the larger factions possessed. It as something that an ordinary person would not be able to obtain even if he wanted one.

“Even a Pure Yuan treasure has appeared…”

Lin Dong gazed at the auction stage. At this moment, Tang Dongling was holding a dark red long bow in her hand. This long bow was the shape of a phoenix, and the phoenix wings spread apart, forming the body of a bow. A hot and fiery fluctuation lingered over it. It seemed as though one would be able to shoot out flames by pulling a bow.

Base on Tang Dongling’s introduction, this long bow was called ‘Sky Phoenix Space Shattering Bow’. It was a genuine low grade pure Yuan treasure, and was relatively powerful. Of course, it was also quite expensive. The starting bid itself was ten million.

It was obvious that only those large factions were qualified to compete for such an object. Hence, many people could only shake their heads in disappointment after the price was stated.

Of course, those large factions present did indeed covet this ‘Sky Phoenix Space Shattering Bow’. The price war that was fought was even more heated than when Mu Lingshan had bid earlier. Within a short couple of minutes, the ‘Sky Phoenix Space Shattering Bow’ had been obtained by a big faction called ‘Suspended Valley’ at a price of twenty seven million…

Lin Dong sighed quietly as he watched the competition come to an end. He was also quite attracted to the ‘Sky Phoenix Space Shattering Bow’. However, he understood that he currently did not have the capital to compete with these large factions in terms of wealth. Although there was Mu Lingshan with an vast unknown amount of wealth seated beside him, it was obvious that Lin Dong would not ask her to bid for him.

“Next will be our final main auction item…”

On the stage, Tang Dongling revealed an enchanting smile after the frenzied atmosphere earlier finally calmed down a little. After her words sounded, Lin Dong’s sharp senses felt those large factions seated in front all quietly straighten their backs.

“It seems like they are all after this thing…” Lin Dong frowned slightly. From the looks of the situation, these people had clearly come prepared. This had caused him to become a little curious. Just what was it that was able to draw in all these people.

“The subsequent item concerns a cave dwelling that was rumoured to have been left behind by a Reincarnation stage expert. I believe that everyone should clearly understand its worth.”

Tang Dongling’s voice had just sounded, when the atmosphere within the auction ground directly exploded. An overwhelming noise spread like a tsunami, as countless people suddenly stood up. The expressions in their eyes appeared rather crazed.

Tang Dongling was not surprised by the explosive atmosphere. She immediately clenched her hand, as silver light flickered. Finally, a foot long silver tower flashed and appeared.

An ancient and extremely wild and violent fluctuation spread apart the moment this silver tower appeared. The vague sound of thunder seemed to appear along with it.

Lin Dong’s eyes had also quickly looked towards the silver tower in Tang Dongling’s hands. In the next moment, he suddenly felt the Devouring Ancestral Symbol within his body begin to shake crazily. At the same time, he also sensed a trace of an extremely unique ripple being emitted from the silver tower. That ripple seemed as though it originated from the same source as the Devouring Ancestral Symbol!

“That is…”

Lin Dong’s pupils had shrunk to the size of a pinhole at this moment, and even his voice had become hoarse. His body, which was seated on a chair, trembled slightly.

“It’s… the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol’s fluctuation…”

Yan’s mumbling voice also sounded at this moment. It was accompanied by an unconcealable shock as it slowly spread.