Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 914: Sky Devouring Corpse

Chapter 914: Sky Devouring Corpse


Chapter 914: Sky Devouring Corpse

The clear chime of a bell resounded over this spacious auction ground, as the originally terribly noisy place suddenly became quiet. Countless fiery hot gazes, which were filled with anticipation, shot out. Finally, they paused on the red figure on the auction stage at the middle.

“Tsk tsk, the current young missus Tang is becoming increasing pretty and attractive. She looks just like a little fox that makes one’s heart itch. Whoever manages to marry her will truly be blessed.”

“Ha ha, moreover, she is also the young missus of Sky Merchant Court. Whoever marries her will enjoy the endless amount of wealth and resources of Sky Merchant Court. As long as one possess some talent, one will definitely become a first class expert in the Chaotic Demon Sea in the future.”

“Tch, stop letting your imagination run wild. The number of young and handsome geniuses chasing her can form a line from the north of Sky Merchant Region all the way to the south. How will you even get a turn…”


Lin Dong listened to the laughter all around him, as his eyebrows raised slightly for a moment. Although he had guessed that this Tang Dongling likely possess a high position within Sky Merchant Court, he did not expect that she would actually be the young missus.

“She is indeed a wealthy little lady…” Lin Dong quietly laughed. Given the wealth of Sky Merchant Court, marrying her would be akin to ascending the heavens in a single step.

On the auction stage, Tang Dongling was completely at ease even under those countless pairs of eyes that contained various emotions. Her sharp and exquisite face contained a smile that made one’s heart itch. This woman naturally had a kind of charm. Although she did not display it openly, her every frown and smile would stir one’s soul.

“Everyone, let me first thank everyone for coming here to join us on behalf of Sky Merchant Court. The Sky Merchant auction this time around will likely not disappoint anyone.”

Tang Dongling gazed upon the entire square with a face full of smiles. Her soft and lovely voice caused many to shut their eyes while feeling slightly intoxicated. Having such an attractive beauty host this auction, was likely more comfortable than having an old man do so.

“I shall not say anything unnecessary. It is about time. The auction shall now begin.”

Tang Dongling smiled sweetly. She waved her jadelike hand, and a pretty female servant stepped forward while carrying a silver plate. Atop the silver plate was a dark red scroll that sparkled like a gem.

“Flame Demon Sky Connecting Palm. A middle level Heaven Martial Art. It was created by a Samsara stage expert a thousand years ago, and will be able to burn the world after mastering it.”

Tang Dongling’s soft and gentle voice slowly spread. Sure enough, it stirred quite a big commotion within the auction area. A Heaven Martial Art was rather rare even within this Chaotic Demon Sea. Moreover, this was a middle level Heaven Martial Art. Many people felt a great desire towards such items that could raise one’s fighting strength.

“Starting off with a Heaven Martial Art… they are really bold.”

Lin Dong inwardly praised. If such a martial art was placed in the Eastern Xuan Region, it would definitely be placed as one of the latter key objects to be auctioned. Yet, it was the first to be taken out in this place. Although this was perhaps purposefully done by the Sky Merchant Court to make the atmosphere more lively, it was still possible to sense the quality of the auction through this.

“The auction price of this martial art starts at two million Xuan Yuan pills. Any friends who are interested should not miss this opportunity.”

After Tang Dongling smilingly uttered these words, the entire place was momentarily silent, before someone quickly called out a bid. Moreover, there seemed to be many who had their eyes on this item. Hence, the price broke three million Xuan Yuan pills in a short couple of minutes.

Lin Dong smacked his lips together. It seemed that there were indeed many people in this Chaotic Demon Sea who possessed great wealth. Compared to them, he was obviously poor. Fortunately, he was not too interested in this martial art. The few martial arts that he possessed all far surpassed this so called ‘Flame Demon Sky Connecting Palm’.

Hence, as Lin Dong passively watched from the sidelines, the opening article, the Heaven Martial Art, was finally being obtained by a tall looking man with a scar on his face for a price of three million eight hundred thousand Xuan Yuan pills.

After the stimulation of the opening Heaven Martial Art article, the atmosphere of the auction began to swiftly heat up. Although the prices of the next few auction did not reach the same level, the atmosphere of the place was becoming increasingly fiery.

However, Lin Dong was unaffected by this fiery atmosphere. He was considered cash strapped when compared with these extremely wealthy individuals. Moreover, it was difficult for these auction articles to entice him. What he was waiting for now, were those sea maps of unknown sea regions…

After a couple of ordinary auctions came to an end, the auction clearly began to gradually proceed towards the main event, while the prices of the auction items that were being brought out also began to soar. Moreover, some of the better items amongst them had also drawn in the calm Lin Dong a little. However, he ultimately chose to give them up after some hesitation.


After a high level Heavenly Grade Soul Treasure was being successfully sold for a rather good price, another auction article was respectfully brought forward by a female servant. Lin Dong’s gaze swept over it. After which, his body, which was leaning against the chair, suddenly sat up, as joy surged from within his eyes.

“This was because the item sitting on the silver plate, was a brown sea map!”

“This is a sea map that we have obtained from the Sea Demon tribe. The sea region inside it is not a known one, and is likely some unknown sea region. The auction price is eight hundred thousand Xuan Yuan pills.”

An unknown sea map like this usually belonged to the category of a somewhat unorthodox auction item. The main buyers of such an item were mostly risk taking pirate groups. However, those unknown sea regions are fraught with danger, and a majority of the pirates who had embarked on a journey in search of treasure had disappeared.

Hence, this kind of sea map depicting an unknown sea region was usually not overly expensive. Eight hundred thousand Xuan Yuan pills was already a relatively high price.

“Nine hundred thousand.”

Soon after some whispers broke out in the spacious auction area, a single-eyed man took the lead and shouted his bid. His powerful voice was wrapped around by vigorous Yuan Power as it resounded across the area.

“One million.” Another person’s deep voice sounded soon after the single-eyed man cried out his bid.

Lin Dong suppressed the joy within his eyes, but did not immediately open his mouth. Instead, he quietly waited for both parties to push the price to around one million three hundred thousand, before he finally said, “One million eight hundred thousand.”

The sudden increase of five hundred thousand Xuan Yuan pills caused the two people contending for it to be startled. They fiercely glared at Lin Dong, and hesitated for a while, before finally sitting down.

After all, they did not know whether the unknown sea region had any worthwhile treasures. Using nearly two million Xuan Yuan pills on such a gamble did not seem profitable.

From the auction stage, Tang Dongling’s pretty eyes contained some surprise as she glanced at Lin Dong, who had bid a high price to purchase this unknown sea map. She could not understand why Lin Dong would be interested in this thing no matter how she thought about it. Could it be that he was unaware that this kind of sea map most likely depicted some poor sea region that would not yield any gain despite its danger?

Although Tang Dongling felt some doubt within her heart, she was currently not in a position to say anything. All she could do was smile at Lin Dong, before letting her hammer fall, completing the auction process.


Lin Dong quietly sighed in relief after the first unknown sea map was obtained. Regardless of whether this unknown sea map had any information that he required, he did not have much choice for the sake of obtaining the second Ancestral Symbol…

If he somehow accidentally managed to obtain what he needed, this small price would be repaid many times over.

Lin Dong’s mood became much better after the first map entered his hands, and he began to pay attention to the subsequent auctions. It must be said that the auction held by the Sky Merchant Court was indeed quite good. The endless number of auctioned items could be described as all encompassing. Martial arts, soul treasures, spiritual ingredients etc. It had everything to offer. No wonder it was said that as long as one had sufficient Xuan Yuan pills, it would be possible for one to obtain anything one desired here…

It was precisely due to this, that Lin Dong was once again surprised to see something that Mu Lingshan required after the various dazzling objects came flowing out like water. It was the ‘Sea King Spirit Grass’ that had been mentioned two days ago. This item would be a great help in undoing her seal.

Such a spiritual ingredient was usually precious. However, not many people purchased it due to its unique effect. Hence, Lin Dong managed to purchase this ‘Sea King Spirit Grass’ at a price of one million.


Lin Dong had just obtained the ‘Sea King Spirit Grass’, when another clearly bell sound emerged on the auction stage. After which, he was stunned to see a crystal coffin appearing on the stage. There was a completely black and dry corpse inside the crystal coffin.

Lin Dong looked at the completely black corpse. For some unknown reason, the Devouring Ancestral Symbol within his body suddenly began to tremble at this moment.

“This is… the Sky Devouring Corpse?”

Lin Dong heard Yan’s somewhat stunned voice within his mind the moment the Devouring Ancestral Symbol shook.