Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 912: Sky Merchant Auction

Chapter 912: Sky Merchant Auction


Chapter 912: Sky Merchant Auction

When Lin Dong exited the Burning Sky Cauldron, the first thing he noticed, was Mu Lingshan sleeping peaceful atop the Life Death Coffin Cover like a little kitten. Unable to hold it in, he bitterly laughed. This little lass sleeps a little too much. Could she have been sleeping all along while he was closed within the cauldron?

Lin Dong stood before the floating Life Death Coffin Cover, as he stared at Mu Lingshan’s porcelain doll like face. At this moment, a strand of saliva was hanging from the corner of her mouth, evidence of the sweet dream she was having.

“This lass…”

With a slight smile, Lin Dong shook his head as he gently stroked Mu Lingshan’s little head. As his palm made contact with her, his pupils suddenly contracted. The Devouring Ancestral Symbol within his body had unexpectedly started to tremble at this moment…

“What’s going on?”

Lin Dong pursed his lips, as his expression started to fluctuated irregularly. Why did the Devouring Ancestral Symbol within him have such a strange response towards Mu Lingshan?

Yan floated out beside Lin Dong, and stared at the comfortably sleeping Mu Lingshan while frowning. After some hesitation, he suddenly waved his hand as a tiny ray of light shot out, before shining on Mu Lingshan’s body.

Under the illumination of the light, a bright light suddenly floated out from Mu Lingshan’s body, before transforming into a mini whale. The whale appeared black and white, akin to the fusion of yin and yang. At the same time, an ancient and peculiar fluctuation was continuously emitted from it.

“This is… Lingshan’s demonic spirit?” Lin Dong was a little taken aback as he gazed upon the similarly soundly sleeping little whale,.


Yan nodded his head and muttered, “This body is indeed of the Immortal Sage Whale Clan… however, these fluctuations seem somewhat strange. They aren’t only those of the Immortal Sage Whale…”

Upon hearing Yan’s mumbling, Lin Dong could not help but shrug his shoulders, “ Looks like this lass is not so simple after all. Even you are unable to understand her inner intricacies.”

At this point, Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly flashed as he asked, “ Could Lingshan be a reincarnator?”

“These fluctuations are more peculiar than those of a reincarnator…” Yan replied.

Lin Dong was stunned. Soon after, he shook his head in helplessness. He did not plan on asking Mu Lingshan about it, and it was possible that she did not even know about her strangeness. Even if she knew, everyone had their own secrets, and it was inappropriate for him to question her too much.

“Forget it, you can investigate in future…”

Upon hearing Lin Dong’s words, Yan also felt helpless and nodded his head. He was likely somewhat unresigned. With his knowledge and experience, there was nothing that he had not seen in this world. Yet, he was somewhat at a loss due to this lass before him…

Yan’s figure transformed into a flash of light, and shot into Lin Dong’s body once again. Subsequently, Lin Dong retracted his palm from Mu Lingshan’s head, before giving a dry cough.

“Oh… brother Lin Dong… is your training over?”

As his dry cough rang out, there was finally some response from the soundly sleeping Mu Lingshan. In a flash, she hastily opened her large and clear gemstone-like eyes. Her face was red like a beetroot as she said in embarrassment, “It seems… that I fell asleep without noticing…”

Lin Dong chuckled and replied, “Let’s go and for a stroll.”

“Great.” Upon hearing that she could go out, Mu Lingshan’s sheep horn like braids swayed in excitement. It was likely that asking her to obediently stay in the room and stand guard for Lin Dong had made her feel stifled and torment.

With a laugh, Lin Dong rubbed her sheep horn like braids, before keeping the Burning Sky Cauldron within his body. Turning around, he led Mu Lingshan out of the room…


During the few days that Lin Dong had been in closed cultivation, the number of people within Sky Merchant City had increased at a terrifying speed. Countless experts had gathered from the neighbouring sea regions. In this way, the mix of characters within Sky Merchant City continued to become increasingly varied. Due to the presence of all kinds of bad characters, the order within the city had turned substantially more chaotic.

While Lin Dong strolled about Sky Merchant City with Mu Lingshan, he also obtained a substantial amount of information. According to what he heard, other than the Demonic Wind Cave, even the other great faction of the Heavenly Wind Sea Region, the Universe Cave, had also arrived in Sky Merchant City. Furthermore, the leader of their group was also known as the pinnacle expert in the younger generation of the Heavenly Wind Sea Region, Universe Hand Zhou Qian.

Other than the Demonic Wind Cave and the Universe Cave, there was the Illusionary Demon Sect of the Illusionary Demon Sea, the Heavenly Tablet School of the Northern Xuan Sea, and various others… these factions were all overlord existences of their regions in the Chaotic Demon Sea. Yet, all of them had now gathered in Sky Merchant City. From the looks of it, turbulent times were coming for Sky Merchant City.

“As expected of the Sky Merchant Court… its rallying power is so terrifying…”

Upon learning about this situation, Lin Dong could not help but secretly feel speechless. A single auction was able to attract the attention of all these heavyweight powers. From the looks of it, the quality of the auction hosted by the Sky Merchant Court seemed rather high.

At this point, anticipation involuntarily gushed out from Lin Dong’s heart. Would he be able to obtain the sea map of the second Ancestral Symbol from this auction…

“There’s still two days before the start of the auction…”

During these two day, the atmosphere within Sky Merchant City was seemingly on the brink of exploding. The days passed in the blink of an eye, as the first rays of sunlight shone down in the early morning, while the entire city became akin to a volcano erupting in full force. At this moment, the entire city was totally immersed in a frenzied state.

Whoosh Whoosh!

As Lin Dong and Mu Lingshan walked out of the tavern, whooshing sounds that rang out all over the sky, as figures shot towards the northern part of the city like a swarm of locusts.

“That great array has been activated, huh…”

Lin Dong raised his head and looked towards the gigantic array that enveloped the entire city. At this moment, its radiance was much more solid than before. A boundless fluctuation was faintly discernible, as it radiated out from it. Clearly, the Sky Merchant Court had activated the city protection array. Under the intimidation of this array, even a perfect Profound Death stage expert would not dare to behave atrociously in front of the Sky Merchant Court’s main doors.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Dong smiled towards Mu Lingshan, who was so excited that she was looking furiously in all directions. With a move of his body, he shot into the sky, before heading towards the north. Behind him, a blue little tail swiftly followed.

A plaza floated in the northern part of Sky Merchant City. The plaza was approximately a hundred thousand feet wide, allowing it to amply house a hundred thousand people. This plaza was where the Sky Merchant Court held their auctions.

A screen of light descended around round the plaza, and it originated from the great protection array in the sky above Sky Merchant City. Anyone wanting to participate in the auction within this plaza would need to an invitation letter sent out by the Sky Merchant Court.

Lin Dong stopped before the light screen and flipped his palm, as a purplish black invitation letter appeared in his hand. Flicking it towards the light array, it instantly trembled, producing a crack, which Lin Dong and Mu Lingshan swiftly shot through.


The moment he entered the light array, a deafening clamour swarmed towards him, causing Lin Dong to faintly wrinkle his eyebrows. Raising his gaze, he saw a sea of humans that stretched to the end of his sight. He felt somewhat helpless as he shook his head. This was the first time he had attended an auction of such scale…

“Let’s go to our seats first…” Lin Dong’s gaze swept across the vast plaza, before he led Mu Lingshan and landed at certain spot among the seats in front of them.

“Brother Lin Dong, you’ve indeed come.”

Just as his figure swept across the air, laughter akin to the chiming of bells suddenly rang out from in front of him. Upon raising his head, the first thing he saw, was the slender and elegant figure of Tang Dongling, smiling as she looked at him.

“Since I’ve come to Sky Merchant City, how could I miss such a grand occasion.” Lin Dong had a somewhat favourable impression of this Tang Dongling, hence, he stopped and replied her with a smile.

Tang Dongling covered her mouth and laughed. She was extremely beautiful. Together with her high status within the Sky Merchant Court, her chat with Lin Dong attracted the attention of several gazes. Quite a few of those gazes swept across Lin Dong’s body, trying to find exactly who was it that had gained the good graces of the missus of Sky Merchant Court…

Lin Dong also sensed the popularity that Tang Dongling possessed. Those gazes made him feel slightly unnaturally. However, just as he was about to request his leave, numerous whooshing sounds suddenly rang out behind him. He shot a glance at them, as he frowned a little. The ones who had come was the Little Underworld King Xie Yan of the Demonic Wind Cave.

“Ha ha, Dongling, after not seeing you for a year, you’ve grown increasingly beautiful…” Xie Yan arrived beside the two, and sent a smile towards Tang Dongling. His tone was rather intimate.

“Miss Tang, I’ll take my leave first.”

Not wanting to have any contact with Xie Yan, Lin Dong shot a look at the latter, before saying a few words towards Tang Dongling as he prepared to leave.

“Ha ha…”

Just as he turned around, a soft laughter suddenly rang out from Xie Yan. Staring at Lin Dong with some amusement in his eyes, he said in a soft voice, “So you’re Lin Dong?”

Lin Dong’s body paused, as a stern glint crept up from the depths of his eyes.