Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 909: Tang Dongling

Chapter 909: Tang Dongling


The spacious treasure inspection room was well lit. Its quiet atmosphere was completely different from the noisiness outside.

Lin Dong sat down in front of a treasure inspection booth. There was a middle-aged man with a professional smile opposite him. The middle-aged man looked at Lin Dong, and smilingly inquired, “Mister, do you wish for something to be inspected?”

Lin Dong nodded slightly, and did not act secretive. With a clench of his hand, a jade bottle appeared in a flash. Emerald green liquid slowly swirled within the jade bottle, as a shocking life energy spread from within.

“This is…”

The middle-aged man’s eyes slightly focused as he looked at the emerald green liquid within the jade bottle. Immediately, some excitement climbed into his eyes, as he softly clarified, “Is this the Core Spiritual Birth Serum?”


Lin Dong nodded. This treasure inspection officer of the Sky Merchant Court did indeed possess a good pair of eyes. The latter had recognised the item before being told what it was.

“I wish to hand this item to the Sky Merchant Court to be auctioned.”

The middle-aged man was not surprised by these words. He pondered for a moment, before speaking. “Sir, please wait for a moment, the Core Spiritual Birth Serum is extremely valuable. I will invite the person in charge to help you value it. What do you say”

The man saw Lin Dong nod after those words were uttered, before turning around and entering the inner hall, while Lin Dong remained quietly seated. This continued for a long while, before he heard the sound of soft footsteps. A serene fragrance also began to flow into the closed off room.

“Does this customer intend to auction the Core Spiritual Birth Serum?”

A soft and gentle voice suddenly sounded. Lin Dong lifted his head, only to see that there was a lady standing in front of him. The lady wore a bright red dress. She had a very good figure with enchanting curves, and her face was an exquisite oval shape. At this moment, there was a slight smile on it. This smile caused her chin to look extremely pointed. On the whole, she was fairly beautiful.

Currently, the woman in red was using her bright and beautiful black obsidian like eyes to look at Lin Dong. Such an appearance was filled with allure.

Lin Dong was clearly a little stunned by the this lady’s appearance. However, he quickly recovered and nodded. He glanced at the middle-aged man from earlier behind the red clothed lady. He was standing at that spot in an extremely respectful manner. From this, one could tell that this lady’s status within the Sky Merchant Court was definitely extraordinary.

Moreover, Lin Dong could also faintly sense a relatively strong Yuan Power fluctuation from the body of this red clothed lady. Evidently, this lady was also exceptionally powerful…

“This Chaotic Demon Sea is indeed full of strong hidden individuals…”

Lin Dong pursed his lips. This red clothed lady’s age was similar to that Little Underworld King Xie Yan. However, she was likely not weaker than the latter.

“May I know if it is convenient for you to reveal your name?” The red clothed woman looked at Lin Dong with a bright smile as she inquired.

“Lin Dong.” Lin Dong hesitated for a moment, before replying. He did not hide his name. It seemed unnecessary to do so in this Chaotic Demon Sea.

“I am a manager of the Sky Merchant Court, Tang Dongling…”

The red clothed lady smilingly replied. She extended her delicate hand to retrieve the jade bottle containing the Core Spiritual Birth Serum in front of Lin Dong. Her pretty eyes brightened slightly after sensing the rich life energy within it. After which, she said, “This is indeed the Core Spiritual Birth Serum. Moreover, the Life Qi within it is quite rich. It can be considered a high grade Core Spiritual Birth Serum.”

“If brother Lin Dong wishes to auction this item, the price can be set at one million Xuan Yuan pills. This item is greatly beneficial to the experts at the Profound Life stage. It will likely attract quite a bidding competition. The five drops of Core Spiritual Birth Serum within this bottle might be able to fetch around ten million Xuan Yuan pills.”

“Ten million Xuan Yuan pills. In that case, we will do as miss Tang has suggested.”

Lin Dong did not have any objections to this. He might not be considered extremely wealthy with these ten million Xuan Yuan pills. However, it was likely that he would be able to obtain the things he needed if he did not compete against those powerful factions.

Originally, Lin Dong had eight droplets of this Core Spiritual Birth Serum. However, he had used one droplet at Mysterious Spirit Island, and currently only had seven droplets left. He had only taken out five of them for this auction. The remaining two droplets were kept by Lin Dong. After all, this thing was also greatly beneficial to Lin Dong.

“That’s right, Miss Tang, may I inquire if there will be any Volcano Flame Essence Stones in the auction?” Lin Dong was just about to stand up after settling the matter of the Core Spiritual Birth Serum, when he suddenly seemed to have recalled something. He quickly opened his mouth and inquired.

“Volcano Flame Essence Stones?” Tang Dongling was a little taken aback. She immediately pondered for a moment before replying, “A rather rare ingredient. However, such an ingredient will be snatched up by the various powerful factions the moment they appeared. Some might appear during this auction, however, they have already been secretly targeted…”

Lin Dong frowned slightly upon hearing this words. If he was unable to find eight Volcano Flame Essence Stones, he would be unable to refine the Burning Sky Gates. He would really experience some trouble should that Nefarious Bone old man come looking for him again. After all, he was unable to frequently use that method which would leave them both severely injured.

“Does brother Lin Dong really require this ingredient?” Tang Dongling involuntarily laughed after seeing Lin Dong’s frown. “My Sky Merchant Court does have some Volcano Flame Essence Stones. However, they are not up for sale. If brother Lin Dong requires them, I can make the decision to sell some of them to you. Treat it as a gesture to befriend brother Lin Dong.”


The middle-aged man behind Tang Dongling was about to open his mouth after hearing those words, when he was stopped by a wave of the latter’s hand.

Lin Dong was also a little surprised as he looked at Tang Dongling. It was likely that he never imagined that she would actually take the initiative to lend him a hand. Although he did not understand the reason for it, he cupped his hands together and spoke respectfully after hesitating for a moment. “In that case, I will thank Miss Tang for your help.”

Lin Dong did not try to put up an act and reject her. This was because he really needed the Volcano Flame Essence Stones at the present time. Currently, various experts were gathering at this Sky Merchant Region due to the Sky Merchant auction. If Lin Dong wished to be able to defend himself, he must refine the Burning Sky Gates…

“May I inquire about the price for your Volcano Flame Essence Stones? I will likely require eight pieces.”

“The price of every Volcano Flame Essence Stone will not be lower than the Core Spiritual Birth Serum. Each is worth about one million Xuan Yuan pills. Eight of them will cost eight million Xuan Yuan pills.” Tang Dongling lifted her sharp chin slightly. Her smile had a fox like bewitchment and charm.

“Eight million Xuan Yuan pills…”

Lin Dong felt a little awkward upon hearing this price, and said, “I’m sorry. I do not have so many Xuan Yuan pills with me now. I think that I will wait until the Core Spiritual Birth Serum is sold before I head here to purchase them.”

“It’s fine. Brother Lin Dong can take the Volcano Flame Essence Stones first. Since your Core Spiritual Birth Serum will be left with us, don’t tell me that I will still be afraid that you will run?” Tang Dongling laughed. After which, she gently waved her hand. The middle-aged man behind her quickly withdrew, before returning a dozen minutes later. There was now a jade box in his hands. An extremely hot fluctuation spread the moment the box was opened.

Lin Dong suppressed the excitement within his heart. He looked over, and saw eight fiery red crystals quietly lying within the jade box. There seemed to be some lava flowing within those crystals, while wave after wave of extremely wild and violent fluctuations continuously rippled from them…

“It is indeed the Volcano Flame Essence Stone.” Lin Dong’s eyes flashed. He had finally found this thing after much effort…

“Brother Lin Dong, please accept them.” Tang Dongling smilingly said.

Lin Dong cupped his hands together towards Tang Dongling in a solemn fashion. After which, he received the jade box, and kept it into his Qiankun bag, as he earnestly spoke, “I will definitely repay this favour that Miss Tang had bestowed upon me today if I have the chance to do so in the future.”

Lin Dong was unaware of why Tang Dongling would aid him in such a manner. However, Lin Dong was someone who would repay a favour ten times over. Regardless of the reason, Lin Dong had accepted Tang Dongling’s good intentions...

“These words of brother Lin Dong are enough. You can come to the Sky Merchant Court to look for me if you have anything you need help with during this period of time.” Tang Dongling covered her mouth and laughed in a lovely fashion.

Lin Dong nodded. He once again uttered a couple of polite words, before turning around to leave.

“Young miss… why have you broken the rules for a stranger? Is there really a need to try and win over this person?” The middle-aged man finally could not resist asking after Lin Dong left.

“Do you know who he is?” Tang Dongling’s long, narrow and pretty eyes narrowed slightly as she asked.

“I do not.”

“Some time earlier, that Shentu Jue from the Shentu clan was defeated by someone, and the person who defeated him was called Lin Dong…” Tang Dongling softly said.

“Defeated Shentu Jue huh… he does have some ability. However, I’m afraid that this is insufficient to gain such attention from young miss right?” The middle-aged man mused.

“After that incident, the Nefarious Bone old man tried to kill this person due to some grudge. However, the Nefarious Bone old man ended up becoming a human baton, and fled with serious injuries... “

“Oh?” That middle-aged man’s expression finally altered slightly upon hearing this. The Nefarious Bone old man was a half step Profound Death stage expert. He was quite well known in the Heaven Wind Sea Region.

“Additionally… I have coincidentally obtained some news. Half a year ago, an earthshaking battle occurred in the Eastern Xuan Region. In that great battle, the three great sect masters of the Yuan Gate moved together in an attempt to kill a young man. However, the latter was eventually able to successfully escape. It was rumoured that a Reincarnation stage expert had lent him a hand at the final critical moment…

Tang Dongling’s red lips pursed slightly, as rich curiosity flickered within those pretty eyes of hers. She looked at the flabbergasted middle-aged man beside her, and gave him a charming smile.

“That young man was also called Lin Dong…”