Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 908: Sky Merchant City

Chapter 908: Sky Merchant City


Sky Merchant City


The Sky Merchant Region was a relatively unusual place within the Chaotic Demon Sea. This was not merely because it was connected to several sea regions, but also due to the frightening number of wonderful treasures that had gathered within it. This caused Sky Merchant Region’s reputation within the Chaotic Demon Sea to surpass the Heaven Wind Sea Region.

Sky Merchant Region was formed from over a thousand islands, and could practically be called a continent on the sea. Of course, the terrain was not the only complicated part of the place. The interactions between the various factions within it could only be described as chaotic.

Of course, the most powerful faction within Sky Merchant Region was naturally the Sky Merchant Court. The strength and foundation that this faction possessed was only greater than the two great caves in the Heaven Wind Sea Region. Moreover, the Sky Merchant Court was quite famous even within the entire Chaotic Demon Sea.

Under the leadership of the Sky Merchant Court, Sky Merchant Region had become much better compared to its chaotic past self. Currently, this region had become a holy land in the hearts of countless treasure seekers. It was said that as long as one possessed sufficient Xuan Yuan pills, one would be able to purchase anything in this place…

These words might be somewhat exaggerated, but from them, one could still tell just what kind of level the reputation of Sky Merchant Region had reached.


The Lin Dong duo did not linger after finishing off those troublesome Blood Demon Sharks who had followed them, and headed straight for Sky Merchant Region. This was because the annual Sky Merchant auction was about to arrive, and Lin Dong wished to obtain quite a number of things from it. Naturally, he did not wish to miss such a grand event.

Due to there being no obstructions during the subsequent part of their journey, they were able to travel smoothly. Within a mere five days, land began to appear in the horizon of the seemingly endless sea, while the sky also became extremely noisy at that moment, as countless rays of light flashed passed. It looked as though they were interweaving with each other in the sky, forming a large net of light.

“How lively!” Mu Lingshan’s large clear eyes watched the extremely lively Sky Merchant Region. Her small face was filled with excitement and feelings of novelty.

Lin Dong nodded. Some surprise was present in his eyes. He had only visited Mysterious Spirit Island and Martial Gathering Island ever since he had arrived at this Chaotic Demon Sea. Although both islands were quite large, they were nothing when compared with this Sky Merchant Region…

“We will head directly to Sky Merchant City. It is the main city of Sky Merchant Region.” Lin Dong chuckled and said.

“Is brother Lin Dong also here for the Sky Merchant auction?” Mu Lingshan smiled as she asked. It seemed that this Sky Merchant auction was indeed quite well known, and even she had heard about it.

Lin Dong nodded and smacked his lips. He had begun to consider the problem of his finances after having reached Sky Merchant Region. After all, if any item in the auction caught his eye, he would need to use Xuan Yuan pills to compete for them. The main problem… was he was currently not very rich,

This place was not the Ancient Battlefield from back then, and situations where forced was used to snatch away something would not occur. In Sky Merchant Region, whoever dared to do such a thing in an auction organised by the Sky Merchant Court, unless his strength had reached the Samsara stage, one could only say that he was a death seeking fool.

Hence, Lin Dong could only obediently use Xuan Yuan pills to try and compete for something that had caught his eye.

“Looks like I can only auction off some of the ‘Core Spiritual Birth Serum’ in my hands…” Lin Dong fondled his chin. Although he possessed many treasures with him, he did not dare reveal most of them. After some thought, it seemed that the only thing that he could take out, and was also somewhat valuable, was the Core Spiritual Birth Serum that he had obtained on Mysterious Spirit Island.

This item was not only extremely useful when attempting to break through the Nirvana stage, but was also a great nourishment towards those experts who had stepped into the Profound Life stage. If he was to auction it, it was likely that even those advance and perfect Profound Life stage experts would be interested. If it was not because he was tight in terms of finances, Lin Dong would not auction it.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Dong felt a heartache as he spoke to Mu Lingshan behind him. His body moved and turned into a flash of green light that hurried towards Sky Merchant City. Mu Lingshan followed behind him, while looking all around her.

Sky Merchant Region was very vast. Even with Lin Dong’s speed, he ended up spending half a day in order to reach its centre, where a giant city that almost occupied an entire island appeared within his sight.

A faint yellow light barrier covered the city. Lin Dong could detect a terrifying fluctuation from the light barrier. This fluctuation was not any weaker than the great sect protecting formation of the Dao Sect. This caused him to involuntarily let out some praise. It seemed that this Sky Merchant Court was indeed powerful.

The light barrier in the sky did not appear to prevent anyone from entering. Hence, Lin Dong followed some people and directly passed through it. After which, his gaze swept around and locked onto at the spot in the middle of the city. A ten thousand feet large black building quietly stood at that spot. A vast and mighty aura was emitted from it, causing one to feel somewhat intimidated.

Which faction other than the overlord of Sky Merchant City, the Sky Merchant Court, would have the qualifications to build such a large and superior building in this place?

“They are indeed worthy of being the overlord of the Sky Merchant Region.”

Lin Dong’s eyes swept over the ten thousand feet large building that rose straight into the clouds, as a solemn expression flashed across his eyes. He could vaguely sense some extremely obscure and powerful auras from it. These auras appeared like the frightening lightning that hidden within the clouds. Anyone who attempted to act against the Sky Merchant Court would attract thunderbolt like killing intent…

“I wonder if this Sky Merchant Court has any Samsara stage super experts…”

Lin Dong fondled his chin. The strength of the Samsara stage was already a top notch in the world. If one wished to become a first tier faction in this world, one must definitely have a Samara stage expert.

The Yuan Gate’s three great sect masters had such strength, while the Dao Sect had two individuals with such a strength. This was already not bad in this Chaotic Demon Sea. After all, these super sects did possess an extremely frightening foundation regardless of how one put it.

“The court chief of the Sky Merchant Court is a Samsara stage expert… he once came to our clan while heading all over the place in search of treasure. However, he was eventually driven away by first grandpa…” Mu Lingshan tilted her head and thought for a moment before remarking.

Lin Dong’s mouth parted. It seemed that this Immortal Sage Whale clan was indeed quite powerful. They were able to drive away a Samsara Stage expert as they pleased…

“Let’s go. We will make a trip to the Sky Merchant Court.”

Lin Dong rushed forward. Over ten minutes later, he landed on an enormous square a short distance from the towering building. At this moment, the square itself was extremely lively. A great amount of human traffic was gathered in this place, and continuously flowed towards the Sky Merchant Court shops in front.

Lin Dong got his bearings before heading towards the Sky Merchant Court. At this moment, he discovered rushing wind sounds appearing on the square. A small commotion accompanied the sounds.

“Are those members of the Demonic Wind Cave?”

“Could their leader be the most outstanding person amongst the younger generation of the Demonic Wind Cave… Little Underworld King Xie Yan?”

“His aura is quite strong. Looks like his reputation is not false. He is indeed worthy of being one of the strongest member of the younger generation in the Heaven Wind Sea Region.

Lin Dong’s heart trembled slightly after hearing the various conversations being transmitted into his ear, as he lifted his head. At this moment, there were over a dozen figures landing from the sky. A handsome young man in black robes led them. There was a black skeleton tattoo on man’s brow, and it seemed to have been purposefully placed there. Each step of that young man vaguely contained a dark and evil aura, causing the temperature around him to fall substantially.

Around a dozen figures clustered together behind the man. Two elderly figures amongst them had indifferent expressions. As they lifted their heads, those turbid eyes of theirs had a deterring glitter in them. They were clearly exceptionally powerful.

This lineup was indeed quite powerful. No wonder it was able to attract such a commotion.

“Demonic Wind Cave… Little Underworld King Xie Yan…” Lin Dong watched this group and muttered. Back when he was at Martial Gathering Island, he was already aware that Shentu Jue was only ranked third amongst the younger generation in the Heaven Wind Sea Region. There were two individuals above him. One was the Universe Hand Zhou Gan from the Universe Cave, while the other was this Little Underworld King before him, Xie Yan…

“Looks like Sky Merchant Auction has attracted all sorts of people…”

Lin Dong smacked his lips and inwardly felt a little troubled. It seemed that there would be quite a number of people like Xie Yan during the next few days. It was indeed a little troublesome to compete against these large factions with strong foundations.

Xie Yan’s group, who had landed on the square, ignored the surrounding gazes, and headed straight for Sky Merchant Court. However, Xie Yan seemed to have sensed something when Lin Dong’s eyes shot towards him. The former’s footsteps paused momentarily, as a pair of eyes that were filled with maliciousness was thrown towards Lin Dong.

Lin Dong smiled faintly their gazes met. After which, they turned their eyes away.

Xie Yan frowned slightly. Before he could pay more attention, however, Lin Dong had already turned around and headed towards another spot in the Sky Merchant Court.

“Young master, what is it?” An elder beside Xie Yan opened his mouth and asked.

Xie Yan shook his head. He glanced at Lin Dong’s back, but did not say anything. In that earlier moment, he had vaguely detected a trace of an extremely dangerous fluctuation from Lin Dong’s body. However, it was most likely a misconception now that he thought about it. After all, there were not many young people who could cause him to feel danger. He did not believe that a seemingly ordinary person like Lin Dong would possess such ability.

“Let’s go.” Xie Yan waved his hand and led the group into the Sky Merchant Court.

At the same time, Lin Dong had also entered a treasure inspection room within Sky Merchant Court. After which, he fished out the ‘Core Spiritual Birth Serum’…