Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 907: Complete Elimination

Chapter 907: Complete Elimination


Complete Elimination



Giant waves that seemingly blotted the sky charged into the clouds at this moment. After which, they suddenly came falling down like a bomb. Everything within a three hundred thousand feet radius was enveloped within a frightening rainstorm.

Black light and blood light each occupied half of the raining sky. Wave after wave of terrifying fluctuations spread wildly and raged throughout the sky.

The clash of these two frightening energies clash did not last for long. Rays of black light suddenly gathered within the black light, before abruptly shooting from it.

Sizzle sizzle!

The bloody light in the sky collapsed almost instantly wherever the black light rays passed. It was

Boom boom boom!

The loud sound of the blood light collapsing echoed across the sky, as it scattered at a shocking speed. After which, commander Xia’s body was also revealed. His face was currently filled with shock and fear. Clearly, he was somewhat unable to imagine that he would actually be so swiftly defeated after using the ‘Pure Yuan treasure’.

He had underestimated Lin Dong’s strength, and had also similarly underestimated the might of the Life Death Coffin Cover.

Although they were both Pure Yuan treasures, it was obvious that the might of the Life Death Coffin Cover far surpassed that ‘Demon Shark Tooth’ of his…


Commander Xia watched this scene in shock. In the next moment, his body suddenly pulled back rapidly. He was aware that he had already fallen into a complete disadvantage. If he did not flee, it was likely that he would be completely retained by Lin Dong in this place. After witnessing the ruthlessness of Lin Dong, he did not feel that the latter would show mercy and let him off.

“It is perhaps a little too late to think of leaving now.”

However, a cold and indifferent expression was revealed on Lin Dong’s face the moment commander Xia’s body pulled back. He had always payed careful attention to completely eliminate all of his enemies. The things that Lin Dong had done would definitely anger the Blood Demon Shark clan. If he allowed this person to escape, it was likely that he would be continuously chased by the Blood Demon Shark clan. Such trouble would be even more terrifying than offending the Nefarious Bone old man.

Hence, commander Xia must not be allowed to escape in order to save Lin Dong such trouble.


The Life Death Coffin Cover in Lin Dong’s hand once again viciously swung out. Several black light threads in the sky immediately twisted and merged, turning into a thumb sized thick black light beam that rushed towards commander Xia with lightning speed.

Space began to crack, and a black scar was formed wherever the light beam passed, while a thick aura of death was emitted. Such an aura was usually possessed by someone who had stepped into the Profound Death stage. However, Lin Dong had managed to unleash it with the power of the Life Death Coffin Cover. Its destructive power was quite terrifying.

“Brat. You! We can discuss things nicely!”

Commander Xia’s expression changed drastically after seeing the black light beam that was rushing towards him. There was now an additional trace of panic in his eyes as he hurriedly cried out.

Lin Dong completely ignored commander Xia’s cry. The light beam pierced through the void, and finally struck commander Xia under the latter’s horrified gaze.

Majestic Yuan Power frantically spread from commander Xia’s body. Even his skin had turned into blood coloured scales. Clearly, he had fortified his defences as much as possible.


However, that black light beam completely ignored his defences. It continued to carry a thick deathly ripple as it mercilessly struck commander Xia’s body. In the end, it emitted a ‘plop’ sound as it penetrated his body.

Commander Xia’s body suddenly froze at this moment. He slowly lowered his head, his expression filled with horror, as he looked at the black hole that appeared on his chest. The fresh blood there had become greyish black. He could sense that a wave of death had invaded his body, and was severing the life force within his body at a shocking speed.

“Why has this…”

Commander Xia’s hand rubbed the black blood on his chest, as his vision started to darken. He had never imagined that he would actually be killed at the hands of an initial Profound Life stage expert…

“This is all forced by you.” Lin Dong softly muttered as he watched commander Xia, whose body was swiftly covered by a greyish black aura.

“Brat, my Blood Demon Shark clan will not let you off…”

Commander Xia’s expression was ferocious, while rich viciousness filled his eyes. However, he did not manage to complete his words. The remaining life force within his eyes completely solidified. After which, his body turned rigid, and his aura faded away…

The life force of this advance Profound Life stage expert had clearly been severed at this moment.

Lin Dong’s eyes were indifferent as he looked at the corpse as it fell from the sky. He held the Life Death Coffin Cover in his hand, and could not help but praised it quietly. The destructive power of this Life Death Coffin Cover was too great. From a certain point of view, it was even stronger than the Burning Sky Cauldron before the Burning Sky Gate was refined. If the Death Qi within it invaded one’s body, even an advance Profound Life stage expert would end up completely dead…

The Life Qi that a Profound Life stage expert was so proud of had lost all of its recovery properties in the face of the Death Qi’s erosion.

Lin Dong looked at the corpse that had fell into the sea in an unsympathetic manner. After which, he turned his head and looked at the three still living Blood Demon Shark clan squadron leaders hovering in the air. He spoke in an indifferent voice, “You should also accompany him.”


The complexions of the three squadron leaders were ghastly pale. Their strength had already declined greatly after offering a blood sacrifice to the Demon Shark Tooth earlier. Hence, they were clearly aware that they were no match for Lin Dong. Immediately, their bodies rushed backwards and miserably fled in three different directions.

Lin Dong calmly looked at the three individuals who had split up. With a wave of the Life Death Coffin Cover, three tiny black lights threads rushed out and instantly caught up with the three individuals. After which, the black light threads shot into their bodies, as they swiftly turned greyish black. Their life force was severed as they fell headfirst towards the sea…

“They have all been eliminated…”

Lin Dong gazed at the now empty sky. After which, he indifferently glanced at the floating corpses on the sea and sighed in relief. He had finally resolved this trouble…

“Brother Lin Dong, you are really impressive.”

The Burning Sky Cauldron in his sleeve shook a little. Mu Lingshan turned into a ray of light and slipped out from it. She looked at the scene on the surface of the sea with her large eyes as she smiled and said.

“It is all thanks to your Life Death Coffin Cover.”

Lin Dong chuckled as he patted the Life Death Coffin Cover. After which, he threw it towards Mu Lingshan. Even he could not help but feel some desire towards such a treasure. However, he would not turn on her and snatch the treasure. One reason was that he felt a disdain towards such an action. Another reason was that he could sense that this Life Death Coffin Cover had many seals on it. These seals should have been placed by some of the experts from the Immortal Sage Whale clan. It was likely that he would immediately be faced with great trouble if he was to disturb them.

“Hee hee, this Life Death Coffin Cover is a set with the Life Death Coffin. Therefore, those in the clan view it with great importance. Otherwise, it would not matter if I gift it to brother Lin Dong.” Mu Lingshan received the Life Death Coffin Cover and laughingly said.

The words that she had spoken were completely thoughtless. If the elders within the clan were to learn about this, it was likely that they would be angered to the point of blowing at their beards.

Lin Dong was quietly speechless upon hearing this. Just the coffin cover itself was already so powerful. He wondered just how terrifying that Life Death Coffin would be if they were used together…

A treasure of that level should likely have exceeded the realms of a Pure Yuan treasure.

“I have also gained something this time around.”

Lin Dong smiled. After which, his eyes looked towards the air, where a foot long blood red tooth was floating. Wave after wave of dark aura was emitted from it. It was the ‘Demon Shark Tooth’ that commander Xia had used earlier.

Lin Dong beckoned with his hand and that ‘Demon Shark Tooth’ flew over. After which, it landed in his hand. The evil aura from it caused Lin Dong to raise his brows.

“Brother Lin Dong, that is a Pure Yuan treasure of the Blood Demon Shark clan. Its strength is still alright, but it cannot be compared with the Life Death Coffin Cover.” Mu Lingshan said.

Lin Dong was speechless. Would the Blood Demon Shark clan not be overly terrifying if any random Pure Yuan treasure that a commander took out could be compared with the Life Death Coffin Cover?

“It is rumoured that this Demon Shark Tooth must devour one’s essence blood each time it is activated. Brother Lin Dong should be careful if you wish to use it.”

Lin Dong nodded slightly. He had seen the so called blood sacrifice from earlier. It seemed that the price of using this thing was quite great. One must hurt oneself before hurting others. He should pay more attention before using it in the future…

Lin Dong flipped his hand, and kept the Demon Shark Tooth. After which, his eyes scanned the area as he said, “We should leave this place.”


Without further ado, Lin Dong turned into a flash green light that rushed forward, while Mu Lingshan also quickly followed behind.

Following their departure, this sea region once again become quiet. The only proof that a shocking battle had erupted in this place were the dozen or so icy cold corpses on the surface of the sea…