Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 906: Demon Shark Tooth

Chapter 906: Demon Shark Tooth


Demon Shark Tooth


Lin Dong carried the Life Death Coffin Cover on his shoulder. His expression was calm as he looked at commander Xia, whose body was giving off a monstrous bloody aura. He could detect that the latter’s aura had suddenly become a lot more brutal and violent. It was likely that devouring his companions’ corpses had strengthen him.

“What a strange clan…” Lin Dong softly muttered to himself. This was the first time he had seen a technique to strengthen oneself by devouring the corpses of one’s companions.

“Brat, this is called falling into a trap you have dug for yourself!”

Commander Xia’s expression was ferocious, and it seemed as if blood was on the verge of dripping from his eyes. That murderous intent seemed to be almost about to take an actual form.

“Hand over that little life of yours now!”

Monstrous blood light surged after commander Xia’s cry sounded. His body directly turned into a flash of demon like blood light that rushed straight at Lin Dong at an extremely shocking speed.

Commander Xia’s speed had soared greatly after devouring the corpses of his companion.


At this moment, a bloody trident streaked through the sky, leaving a stream of blood red that was a thousand feet long, as it blasted towards Lin Dong’s head.

The blood red stream rapidly magnified in Lin Dong’s eyes. He laughed coldly as he grabbed the Life Death Coffin Cover with both hands, and the Yuan Power within his body began to surge like floodwaters.

Black light emerged from the Life Death Coffin Cover. After which, it directly smashed violently onto that blood red stream.


Wild and violent energies spread wildly upon collision. The resulting force caused a huge thousand feet wave to spread from the point of collision in a circular fashion, while a loud noise rumbled into the distance.

Lin Dong stood on the surface of the sea, as black light surged on the Life Death Coffin Cover in his hands, directly blocking that tremendous force. With his current strength, he was able to match an advance Profound Life stage expert. Now that he had a powerful treasure like the Life Death Coffin Cover in his hands, it would likely be difficult for ordinary advance Profound Life stage experts to contend against him…

“Despite devouring the corpses of your companions, your strength is still this insignificant.”

Lin Dong smiled at commander Xia, as a chilling light flashed past his pitch black eyes. His foot pushed off the surface of the sea, and his body rose upwards. The Life Death Coffin Cover in his hands contained a rippling deathly glow as it swept towards commander Xia.

Commander Xia’s eyes became unusually vicious as he watched Lin Dong pouncing at him while wielding the Life Death Coffin Cover. Wild and violent Yuan Power unfurled. The trident in his hands also contained great power as it ferociously attacked.

Bang bang bang!

The coffin cover and the trident collided in the mid air at lightning speed, while wave after wave of astonishing force continued to sweep outwards. The speed of these two figures had been pushed to the limit, and all the Yuan Power within their bodies was being utilised.

As both parties clashed directly, commander Xia’s expression appeared a little ugly as he discovered that he was slowly falling into a disadvantageous. Lin Dong’s battle power seemed to have exceeded his own with the aid of the Life Death Coffin Cover…


Another fierce clash occurred. Lin Dong’s body jerked, while commander Xia’s body was forced to take a couple of steps back. The strand of black energy that came invading from the Life Death Coffin Cover also caused him to panic and look relatively miserable.

“Brat, are you going to rely on the Life Death Coffin Cover to act mighty?” Commander Xia’s expression was a little green. The Life Death Coffin Cover in Lin Dong’s hands had made him somewhat helpless, as the ‘Death Qi’ from the coffin cover frightened him greatly.

Lin Dong smiled upon hearing this. He mocked, “Could it be that you are going to cry for a fair fight? Since when did your Blood Demon Shark clan become so righteous? Weren’t you thinking of gathering a group of people to surround and attack me?”

“Brat, do you really think that this commander cannot finish you off?” Commander Xia’s face turned red due to Lin Dong’s provocations, and he immediately responded with a roar.

“Don’t think that you are the only one with a Pure Yuan treasure!”

Blood light flowed within commander Xia’s eyes. He seemed to hesitate for a moment, before firmly clenching his teeth. With a clench of his hand, a scarlet red jade box appeared.

With a slap of his palm, the cover of the box was flipped open. Soon after, a foot long large blood red item rose from within. A shockingly fiendish aura quietly spread when this object appeared.

“This is…”

Lin Dong’s eyes slightly focused as he looked at the blood red object. It seemed to be a sharp tooth. There were blood red light runes on it, and an indescribably dark aura covered over its surface.

“This is my Blood Demon Shark clan’s ‘Demon Shark Tooth’. Brat, you are the one who has forced my hand.”

Commander Xia gave Lin Dong a ferocious smile. Immediately, his eyes became dark and cold as he looked at the other three Blood Demon Shark clan squadron commanders and cried out, “Offer the blood sacrifice to the Demon Tooth!”

The expressions of the three squadron commanders immediately changed slightly. However, they still clenched their teeth and bit the tips of their tongue. Three clusters of essence blood that gave off rich energy fluctuations shot out. Finally, they landed on the blood red Demon Tooth.

Buzz buzz!

The blood red Demon Tooth immediately jerked after the blood touched it, as a blood coloured light arc spread from its pointed edge. That sharpness caused even space itself to show signs of being shattered.

On the other hand, the expressions of the three squadron commanders, who had offered the blood sacrifice, turned ghastly white, while their auras were also unusually weary. It seemed that one must pay quite a hefty price in order to activate the so called ‘Demon Shark Tooth’.

“This fellow actually also possesses a Pure Yuan treasure…” Lin Dong’s eyes shivered a little when that ‘Demon Shark Tooth’ appeared. He did not expect that this commander Xia actually possessed such a trump card.

“It is merely a low grade Pure Yuan treasure. Nevertheless, you should be careful.” Yan also cautioned at this moment.

Lin Dong nodded. This commander Xia did possess the strength of an advance Profound Life stage expert. If he had the aid of a Pure Yuan treasure, it would indeed be quite troublesome to deal with him. One must not underestimate him.

“Originally, I did not wish to activate this treasure. Unfortunately, your arrogance is really extremely hateful. It will not be shameful if you die by it!”

Commander Xia’s eyes were sinister. Blood light erupted from within his body and frantically poured into the ‘Demon Shark Tooth’. Following the influx of his Yuan Power, the Demon Shark Tooth rapidly swelled. In a short span of time, it had turned into an enormous sharp tooth. It looked like a blood coloured spear from afar, and gave off a formidable and fiendish aura.


The giant blood coloured tooth floated in the sky. Immediately, a sound wave that was filled with murderous intent spread outwards. In the next moment, the giant tooth turned into a flash of bloody light that rushed forward. Its speed was so quick that it could not be described, and it seemed as though it had penetrated through space itself…

A monstrous bloody aura surged as killing intent spread from it.

Lin Dong watched as the bloody glow rapidly magnified in his eyes. The pores all over his body began to shrink tightly. Soon after, his hands slowly gripped the Life Death Coffin Cover tightly, as the corners of his mouth lifted to form a wild expression.

“Life Death Coffin Cover… although you do not belong to me, you must still display your power.”

Majestic Yuan Power swept out from Lin Dong without restraint at this moment. After which, it poured into the Life Death Coffin Cover in his hands.


As majestic Yuan Power was poured in, the black patterns on the Life Death Coffin Cover turned increasingly bright. Wave after wave of death undulations rippled from it.

Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath, as both of his hands tightly gripped the coffin cover. He took a step forward, lifting the coffin cover high above his head like a blade. After which, he suddenly slashed down in a furious manner.

The sky seemed to dim the moment the coffin cover was swung downwards, as monstrous black Qi swept out in an extremely wild and violent fashion. A pillar of black light seemed to have emerged from hell as it streaked through the air, and ruthlessly hacked at the incoming bloody light.


At the moment of impact, heaven and earth turned silent, while the sea instantly became wild and violent!