Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 905: Intense Battle on the Sea

Chapter 905: Intense Battle on the Sea


Chapter 905: Intense Battle on the Sea

On the sparkling surface of the sea, commander Xia’s expression was dark as he looked at the skinny young man standing on the water to his front. The corners of his mouth slightly twitched. It seemed that he intended to endure for a while, but was ultimately unsuccessful. Traces of ferociousness climbed onto his face, and the fury in his eyes seemed to be about to tear Lin Dong to pieces.

“Brat, your tactic is excellent.” Commander Xia breathed in deeply, and spoke in a dark voice. Originally, he had planned on secretly tracking Lin Dong, while summoning the ten section leaders to encircle Lin Dong in a fool-proof strike. However, he did not expect that Lin Dong’s methods would be even more vicious than his own. Lin Dong had simply eliminated those section leaders. In this way, Lin Dong had managed to cut off all his reinforcements.

“Isn’t this because commander Xia has forced my hand?” Lin Dong faintly smiled and said, “If you had not concocted such a crafty scheme that allowed me to leave, none of this would have happened. Ultimately, you reap what you sow.”

“You dare to interfere in the matters of our Blood Demon Shark clan. Do you think that I will let you off?” Commander Xia fiercely spoke.

“Hence, commander Xia cannot blame me for being ruthless. If one does not have a little ruthlessness in this Chaotic Demon Sea, it is likely that even one’s bones will be completely eaten by someone else.” Lin Dong softly replied. He was not surprised that commander Xia had been able to guess that it was him who had rescued Mu Lingshan. After all, they had met each other before, and furthermore he was still lingering in the area after such a long time. It was not strange for him to have aroused suspicion.

“Since you have provoked my Blood Demon Shark clan, let alone your bones, even your Yuan Spirit will be tortured repeatedly, causing you to suffer a fate worse than death!” Commander Xia grinned as he spoke. His sharp sinister looking teeth gave off an intensely chilling aura.

“I always do things in a clean manner. There will naturally be no one who will know of what happened here as long as I finish all of you off.” Lin Dong chuckled.

“With just yourself?” Commander Xia’s pupils contracted slightly as he sneered.

“With just me.”

Lin Dong smiled and nodded. After which, he grabbed the Life Death Coffin Cover, and powerfully stomped on surface of the sea. Immediately, a monstrous wave began to spread from under his feet.

“Life Death Coffin Cover… what have you done to Mu Lingshan?”

Commander Xia’s face involuntarily twitched when he saw the black coffin cover in Lin Dong’s hands. “Could it be that you have killed her and snatched the Life Death Coffin Cover?”

“I am not as perverse as all of you. I am helping her finish off all of you, hence, she has temporarily loaned me this to use.” Lin Dong was rather amused. He had not expected that these fellows would actually have such a cruel way of thinking.

Commander Xia’s eyes were menacing. His gaze contained some fear as he glanced at the Life Death Coffin Cover in Lin Dong’s hands. After some silence, he asked, “Lad, if you hand over Mu Lingshan and the Life Death Coffin Cover, I will guarantee that we will not bother you about those things that you have done earlier. I think that you should have heard of how our Blood Demon Shark clan handles matters. Offending us will cause you to be unable to eat or sleep in peace!”

Lin Dong stared at commander Xia. He appeared to give the matter some thought, before shaking his head as he smiled. “Sorry, I reject.”

“It seems that you will only submit to force!”

The brutal expression in commander Xia’s eyes involuntarily surged once again, as he sternly replied. “Brat, even though you possess the Life Death Coffin Cover, you only have the strength of the initial Profound Life stage. There is an advance Profound Life stage and three initial Profound Life Stage experts on my side!”

“Are you planning to launch a sneak attack on me while uttering so much nonsense?”

Lin Dong laughed softly. An icy cold expression surged into those pitch black eyes of his. The Life Death Coffin Cover in his hand suddenly smashed violently onto the surface of the sea. Immediately, an extremely berserk ripple charged into the sea.

Bang bang!

The surface of the sea exploded at this moment, as several figures shot out in a miserable manner. After which, a mouthful of fresh blood spat out from them. Clearly, they were quite badly injured.


Commander Xia’s eyes turned completely dark and cold after seeing that the sneak attack had failed. With a wave of his hand, the dozen experts behind him rushed out at the same time. Wild and violent attacks poured onto Lin Dong like a storm.

Lin Dong hurriedly took two steps in response. His body leaned to the side, and hid behind the Life Death Coffin Cover.

Bang bang bang!

The many attacks landed on the Life Death Coffin Cover, causing muffled noises to be emitted. However, all the attacks completely vanished when black light flowed on the coffin cover.


The many attacks were forcefully blocked by the Life Death Coffin Cover. Lin Dong’s foot pushed off the water as he charged forward. Green light surged, and in a flash, he had appeared in front of the many Blood Demon Shark clan experts. The coffin cover in his hand was like a large rod that violently swung forward.

The Life Death Coffin Cover landed heavily onto those Blood Demon Shark clan experts who had failed to dodge in time. Black light surged, and practically no one could stop it. The body of anyone who was struck by the attack would swiftly turn dull grey. Their life force was severed, and corpses continuously fell from the air and dropped into the sea.

At this moment, Lin Dong was just like a death god. The Life Death Coffin Cover was like the death god’s scythe. Whoever touched it would die.

The Life Death Coffin Cover was once again swung forward, sending two Blood Demon Shark clan experts with the strength of the eight Yuan Nirvana stage flying. Lin Dong was about to charge forward once again, when an extremely sharp rushing wind sound suddenly appeared above his head. A bright red trident was accompanied by an extremely wild and violent wind, as it thrust towards his head at lightning speed.

Lin Dong’s foot kicked off the Life Death Coffin Cover, causing it to fly and collide head on with that sharp trident.


A deafening sound was heard as the Life Death Coffin Cover was reflected back for the first time, before being caught by Lin Dong. He lifted his head and saw a commander Xia who had also been forced to take a step back. It seemed that this advance Profound Life stage expert was finally unable to bear seeing Lin Dong’s overwhelming one-sided slaughter…

“Such strength is pretty decent…”

Lin Dong glanced at the dark and cold expression on commander Xia. This person was likely even stronger than Shentu Jue. Additionally, as a member of the Sea Demon tribe, his physical body was also relatively strong. Such an opponent would be quite troublesome to deal with.

“I will battle you later.”

Lin Dong smiled at commander Xia. Green light flashed on his body, as green dragon wings appeared. His body moved and his speed suddenly soared. After which, he charged into the group of Blood Demon Shark experts in a ghost like fashion. The Life Death Coffin Cover was swung, as it fearlessly took one life after another.


Commander Xia watched as his troops suffered serious injuries and losses in the face of Lin Dong’s charge, as his expression grew increasingly ferocious. With a furious roar, he attempted to give chase, but Lin Dong’s speed was currently even faster than his own. Every time he managed to catch up to Lin Dong, the latter would have already taken the life of his target.

This battle situation had thus became a little comical. Lin Dong was charging about and killing alone, while commander Xia furiously chased behind. However, the latter could only helplessly watch as icy cold corpses fell one after another.

In a short ten minutes, the slaughter had come to an end. There were already a dozen corpses floating on the sea. Other than Lin Dong, only commander Xia and the three initial Profound Life stage small squadron leaders were left in the air…

“You lunatic!”

The three squadron leaders watched this scene with pale faces. It was the first time that they had witnessed the ruthlessness of this smiling young man before them. In just ten minutes, he had completely killed off all of their subordinates without a change in his expression…

Lin Dong’s face was indifferent. He glanced at the blood on the Life Death Coffin Cover in his hands. After which, he looked at commander Xia and softly said, “I have told you not to force my hand. If you are vicious, I will be even more vicious than you.”

Commander Xia looked at those corpses on the surface of the sea. The fury that had surged in his eyes had strangely disappeared at this moment. Soon after, he lifted his head, as those scarlet red eyes stared at Lin Dong.

“Have you killed enough?”

Lin Dong slowly lifted the Life Death Coffin Cover in his hand, and pointed at commander Xia’s group as he replied, “It’s your turn.”

“If you have killed enough… you can now go and accompany them.”

The ferocity on commander Xia’s face had reached its peak at this moment. Monstrous blood light surged from within his body. After which, it turned into a large blood coloured shark behind him. This shark opened its huge mouth, as a suction force erupted, and flew towards the corpses floating on the sea. In the end, all those corpse were devoured by the huge shark.


The huge shark’s sharp teeth tore at the corpses, as fresh blood poured down like rain. A layer of viscous bloody light surged on the surface of commander Xia’s body after those corpses were completely chewed and swallowed by the large shark, while an extremely strange and sinister ripple slowly spread from his body.

Commander Xia slowly raised his head. His eyes seemed to be filled with fresh blood. He grinned, revealing his sinisterly white teeth to Lin Dong along with his desire to kill.

“I have felt the horro from before their deaths. They wish for me… to bite off every inch of the flesh on your body!”

As a voice filled with killing intent echoed, a monstrous bloody aura suddenly swept out from commander Xia’s body, and completely covered this entire sea region.