Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 900: Mu Lingshan

Chapter 900: Mu Lingshan


Mu Lingshan


In the end, Lin Dong did not leave in the opposite direction of Mu Lingshan. However, he did not take the same route as her either. He simply continued to follow the route indicated on the sea map and hurried towards the Sky Merchant Region.

He did not take special care to avoid or meet anything. Hence… after flying for around two hours over the large ocean, the expression on his face became quite helpless after sensing the wild and violent energy fluctuations in the distance towards his left.

Those energy fluctuation was filled with a somewhat evil aura. Clearly, the ones who had attacked were the Blood Demon Shark unit which he had met yesterday.

A somewhat familiar aura was also mixed amongst them. This was the main reason for his expression.

Lin Dong stood in the air. He gazed into the distance with a complicated expression. The waves seemed to have become rather violent in that area, and loud noises would occasionally be heard. It was likely that an intense battle had erupted.

“Do you wish to take a look? I am quite interested in that little miss.” Yan’s voice sounded within Lin Dong’s heart. The latter was aware that this interest stemmed from Yan being unable to clearly identify Mu Lingshan’s strange constitution.

“You have also said that this little girl is not simple. Although those Blood Demon Shark clan people are very troublesome to deal with, she should still be able to escape.” Lin Dong mused for a moment. After which, he shook his head. The Blood Demon Shark clan was not to be trifled with. If he was to offend them, things would likely be even more troublesome than offending the Nefarious Bone old man. Lin Dong did not wish to get involved in such trouble. After all, he had merely met that Mu Lingshan once.


A wild and violent energy fluctuation rippled outwards in the distance after Lin Dong’s words had sounded. A thousand feet tall wave rose towards the sky, and emitted a loud noise as it came crashing down.

Lin Dong looked towards that direction. He curled his mouth as a helpless expression ultimately flashed across his eyes. “Let’s go and take a look. I will lend her a hand if there is really a need to.”

Lin Dong did not know why he had ultimately decided to help. Perhaps, it was because he did not wish to see such a cute little girl dying at the hands of the Blood Demon Shark clan. It was also possible that there was a subtle connection that even he could not describe between them…

Such a connection might be extremely ridiculous, but Lin Dong was indeed able to sense it. It seemed to truly exist. Moreover, the source of that feeling seemed to originate from within his body… the Devouring Ancestral Symbol?

Lin Dong’s gaze flickered. This feeling was extremely fuzzy, and even he did not dare to truly be certain of whether it existed… however, if it was true, could it be that Mu Lingshan had some relationship with the Devouring Ancestral Symbol within his body?

Lin Dong shook his head, tossing aside the confusing thoughts within his mind, as powerful Yuan Power wrapped around his body. With a splash, he directly entered the sea. After which, he became like a swimming fish that swiftly headed towards the spot where the wild and violent energy fluctuation originated.


Hundreds of Blood Sharks gathered in this empty sea region, forming many encirclements. Strong looking members of the Blood Demon Shark clan stood above each ad every one of these Blood Sharks.

At this moment, all of their eyes contained a fiendish aura as they locked onto the middle of the encirclement. A green clothed little girl with two pigtails stood on the water. Her large and intelligent jet black eyes contained some fury as she stared at the crowd surrounding her.

“Ha ha, little princess of the Immortal Sage Whale clan, you should just obediently leave with me. You should be aware that people like us do not understand the meaning of mercy.” A somewhat strong looking Blood Shark was at the most inner encirclement. On it was the ferocious man known as commander Xia, who had reached the advance Profound Life stage. He was currently all smiles as he looked at the surrounded Mu Lingshan and laughed.

“You bastard sharks. How dare you attack me if you know my identity!” Mu Lingshan was extremely furious. However, these words clearly did not offer much of a deterrence when uttered from her mouth.

“Our mission is extremely secretive, and no one knows about it. Moreover, you have snuck out secretly. This Chaotic Demon Sea is so chaotic. It is only normal for you to meet with an unfortunate accident. No one will suspect our Blood Demon Shark clan.” Commander Xia’s mouth parted into a smile. His teeth was exceptionally sharp, and flickered with a sinisterly icy light under the sunlight.

“You people wish to capture me with just this?” Mu Lingshan’s eyes rotated, as they continued to sweep across this encirclement.

“Ha ha, I am aware that you are a genius that is seen once in a thousand years within the Immortal Sage Whale clan, and you have already mastered the ‘Undying Overflowing Heaven Method’ at such a young age. This is extremely rare even amongst the Immortal Sage Whale clan. However, you are after all still too young. Moreover, our elder has personally placed a seal on you. How much of a resistance can you put up now?” Commander Xia laughed indifferently.

“Humph, why don’t you give it a try!”

Mu Lingshan suddenly rushed forward. Blue light flashed on her small hand. Subsequently, she slammed it onto the surface of the sea, “Whale Grand Pulsing Wave!”


Blue light spread from under Mu Lingshan’s hands at lightning like speed. It quickly caused the sea to become wild and violent. A thousand feet tall wave directly rose around Mu Lingshan’s body. Blue light surged within this wave as it unleashed a shocking fluctuation.


The sea wave that contained a unique fluctuation unfurled. Finally, it ferociously charged towards the encirclement. Some Blood Demon Shark clan experts were caught off guard and were sent flying with their sharks.

“Do not allow her to escape. Otherwise, all of you will bear the consequences!” An evil glint flashed in commander Xia’s dark red eyes. He threw a punch forward, as an extremely wild and violent force split the huge wave that was charging towards him. His eyes swept across the place, before he cried out sternly.


Those strong individuals from the Blood Demon Shark clan hurriedly replied in usion after hearing commander Xia’s cry. Their faces were fiendish. They rode their Blood Sharks, and charge into the water. After which, the sharp tridents in their hands turned into many rays of light that attacked the delicate little body.

“Thousand Whale Palm!”

Mu Lingshan stood on the wave, as her body rose upwards. That delicate body of hers nimbly rotated in the air. She threw a palm forward, and a monstrous blue light surged. This light directly turned into a huge whale that was a couple of thousand feet large. The dozen Blood Demon Shark clan experts, who were charging towards her, had both their bodies and sharks overturned.

Mu Lingshan swiftly rushed forward after creating an opening with her palm strike. However, she was about to flee, when that well built body of commander Xia appeared in front of her. An unusually sharp and sinisterly cold force was spat out from his throat. This attack was clearly extremely vicious.

“Get lost!”

Impatience and fury was revealed in Mu Lingshan’s large jet black eyes, as she faced the many obstacles blocking her way. Blue light flashed on her hands in the next instant, and a black door plate that seemed to cover her entire body appeared in her hand. This door plate was extremely thick and heavy, and was black as ink. There were also many extremely cryptic and profound drawings on its surface. A strange fluctuation also began to spread the moment this door plate appeared, causing even space itself to ripple.

“Life Death Coffin… Cover?”

Commander Xia’s pupils suddenly shrunk after seeing this door plate like thing in Mu Lingshan’s hands. He involuntarily cried out, “You actually stole the divine object of the Immortal Sage Whale clan?”

“It’s none of your business!”

However, Mu Lingshan merely retorted rudely in response to his cry of alarm, as the black door plate in her hand swung towards commander Xia.

Black vapour began to surge out from in front of the door pate the moment it was swung. That black vapour possessed the Death Qi fluctuation that only a Profound Death stage expert had!

However, Mu Lingshan’s body suddenly stiffened as this black vapour was about to be unleashed, as a bloody light was emitted from her chest. This blood light vaguely turned into a glowing blood shark.

The blue light around Mu Lingshan’s body had become unstable under the assault from this blood light, and even her body ended up staggering a little.

“Heh heh, although you possess the Life Death Coffin Cover, a seal has been placed on your body. With your current strength, you are only going to suffer if you use it.

A sinister expression immediate surfaced on Commander Xia’s face after seeing this. After which, he suddenly threw a palm forward. A ferocious wind landed on Mu Lingshan’s body with lightning speed, as the latter’s expression changed drastically.


Mu Lingshan’s body flew backwards as the force exploded onto her body. A moan was emitted from her mouth as her small face turned a little pale.

“You stinking sharks should be exterminated!” Mu Lingshan clenched her teeth and cursed furiously. It was likely that she had suffered quite greatly at the hands of these Blood Demon Sharks over this period of time.

“Ha ha, we have now managed to obtain an unexpected reward. Although you only possess the Life Death Coffin Cover, it is still an extremely powerful Pure Yuan treasure. However, this thing will belong to my Blood Demon Shark clan in the future!” Commander Xia laughed heartily towards the sky. His body suddenly rushed forward, as blood light rose from the trident in his hand. After which, it tore through the air and ruthlessly pierced towards Mu Lingshan, whose aura was unstable.

Mu Lingshan looked at the blood light that was rapidly magnifying in her eyes. Her small face became increasingly pale.

Mu Lingshan was about to forcibly activate the Life Death Coffin Cover in her hand, when the surface of the sea below suddenly exploded. Water pillars shot into the sky as a scarlet red light hurried out and turned into a giant cauldron. The mouth of the cauldron opened and swallowed Mu Lingshan.


The blood light trident struck as the giant scarlet red cauldron swallowed Mu Lingshan. Immediately, a metallic sound emerged. Wild and violent fluctuations spread, stirring a huge monstrous wave in the process.


This sudden and unexpected turn of events caused commander Xia’s face to change as he cried out sternly.


No one responded to this cry of his. The giant scarlet red cauldron swallowed Mu Lingshan, before using resulting collision force to turn into a flash of scarlet red light that shot towards the far off horizon.

“Chase them!”

Commander Xia’s eyes immediately became malicious. An explosive cry sounded, and his body took the lead to rush forward. Hundreds of Blood Sharks began to crazily give chase behind him.

The calmness of the sea had been completely destroyed at this moment.