Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 898: Blood Demon Shark Clan

Chapter 898: Blood Demon Shark Clan


Chapter 898: Blood Demon Shark Clan

The waters of the endless sea region sparkled under the rays of the sun. Occasionally, large birds would sweep past in the sky. Their sharp cries added some liveliness to this calm ocean.

At a particular spot in this sea region, a skinny young man slowly walked out from deep within a small island formed by reefs, before raising his head as he looked at the azure sky. Both of his hands were clenched tightly as he felt the once again vigorous energy within his body, while a smile formed on his face.

This figure was naturally Lin Dong, who had engaged in a life and death battle with the Nefarious Bone old man ten days ago. Although Lin Dong had managed to seriously injure and eventually frighten off the Nefarious Bone old man during that battle, he had also reached his limit. Hence, he immediately left the battleground and found a deserted place to recuperate for ten days. Only then did he recover his strength. At the same time, he had also completely removed the bone seal that the Nefarious Bone old man had left within his body.

“Given how serious that old ghost’s injuries were, without a couple of months, it will be impossible for him to recover even though he is a half step Profound Death stage expert.” Lin Dong looked in the direction of the distant Martial Gathering Island and muttered to himself.

He did not hope to be able to completely destroy the Nefarious Bone old man. Even though the latter had nearly become a human baton, the latter’s body had already reached the level where it was able to produce life Qi. The Nefarious Bone old man was basically quasi-immortal. Even if his limbs were lost, it was still possible for them to be regrown.

During the few months when that old ghost was recovering, Lin Dong need not worry about being hunted. As long as he could obtain the ‘Volcano Flame Essence Stones’ during the remaining time and refine the Burning Sky Gates, he would no longer need to struggle so desperately against the Nefarious Bone old man in future encounters.

“Sky Merchant Region.”

Lin Dong sifted for the relevant information in his mind. Sky Merchant Region was considered a relatively unique area within the Chaotic Demon Sea. It bordered several sea regions, and the mixture of people within it could be said to be terrifying. Due to Sky Merchant Region being well developed in trading, it was one of the spots where countless treasures within the Chaotic Demon Sea gathered.

There were also many factions based in Sky Merchant Region. However, the strongest was the Sky Merchant Court. It could be considered quite a renown large faction even in the Chaotic Demon Sea. However, this Sky Merchant Court mainly bought and sold information as well as held auctions. They were extremely wealthy. Of course, if one did not possess sufficient strength within this chaotic area of the Chaotic Demon Sea, one would definitely be unable to guard one’s territory. Hence, if this Sky Merchant Court did not have enough power, it would have already been swallowed by others many times over before it could even develop to such an extent.

“I should make a trip to that auction. The Sky Merchant Court’s information gathering ability is extremely good. It might even be possible to obtain some information about Little Marten and Little Flame…”

Lin Dong continued to ponder. Additionally, he also needed to rely on this auction for those unknown sea maps. No matter what, he would not give up on searching for the second Ancestral Symbol. This was because he had promised the Great Desolate Tablet that he would return to the Eastern Xuan Region within two to three years, and aid in in killing the king level Yimo it was suppressing. At the same time… he also needed to resolve certain grudges. Even till now, the scene of he and his brothers being forced to flee the Eastern Xuan Region like homeless strays was still extremely vivid…

“Yuan Gate…:”

Lin Dong pursed his lips, as an icy light surged past his pitch-black eyes. Some debts must be repaid. The only reason that the repayment had yet to begin, was because the time was not yet ripe.

Lin Dong believed that by the time he returned to the Eastern Xuan Region, there would finally be a conclusion to all these debts…

“I should get moving.”

Lin Dong temporarily pushed down the churning thoughts within his heart. Without hesitating, he moved his body, and transformed into a light figure that broke through the sky, disappearing into the horizon in the blink of an eye.


There was quite a great distance between the Heaven Wind Sea Region and the Sky Merchant Region. Hence, despite his speed, it was still rather difficult for Lin Dong to reach his destination within a couple of days. Fortunately, he was not in a rush. In any case, there was still a month until the Sky Merchant auction. It was pointless for him to arrive early.

Additionally, the reliance on Yuan Power to support his flight over the ocean was also a relatively good training to control the Yuan Power in his body. During the initial few days, Lin Dong would have no choice but to find a resting place every half a day. However, after travelling continuously for ten days, he was already able to perfectly control his energy consumption while flying. Moreover, he only used the Yuan Power within his body at the areas where it was needed most.

Lin Dong’s speed had undoubtedly soared greatly after he became proficient in this. Currently, he had formally stepped into the Profound Life stage. The denseness and strength of the Yuan Power within his body was many times stronger than before. Additionally, the Devouring Ancestral Symbol was quietly devouring the surrounding natural Yuan Power to replenish his body. Hence, he was able to maintain the Yuan Power within his body at a relatively full state despite this long distance travelling. In this way, he was able to deal with any threats that might appear…

Lin Dong had also encountered many merchant ships during his journey over this period of time. Occasionally, he would also land on them to obtain some information. However, most of the time, he would simply travel alone.

Time flowed by, while the distance between Lin Dong and Sky Merchant Region steadily shrunk.


A flash of green light dashed passed in the blue sky at an astonishing speed, while a low and deep sonic boom sounded, causing some waves to be stirred on the calm sea surface below.

From within the light, Lin Dong gazed into the distance. The green dragon wings on his back would flap occasionally, while his body shot forward like an arrow.

At this moment, he had already been flying over this sea for over twenty days. He had experienced various natural disasters and conflicts between people. This journey of his could be considered quite interesting.

“At this speed, I should be able to reach Sky Merchant Region in a week…” Lin Dong gazed into the distance, as a smile surfaced on his face. This journey of his was considerably smooth sailing. At the very least, he did not encounter any of the truly frightening natural disasters in this Chaotic Demon Sea. Otherwise, his journey would likely have been delayed.

“Lin Dong, there seems to be several presences in this area.” Yan’s faint voice suddenly sounded within Lin Dong’s mind while the latter was musing.

“Oh? Is it pirates?” Lin Dong was not overly surprised after hearing this. It was common to find pirates in this Chaotic Demon Sea. These hardy individuals, who frequently licked blood from their blades, were relatively difficult to deal with. Lin Dong had met such people many times over this period.

“The south-west direction. Take a look for yourself.” Yan replied.

Lin Dong nodded. He peered into the distance, before seeing over a hundred figures appearing on the sea in the south-west direction. These people appeared quite strong. Moreover, they were strangely riding blood coloured sharks.

Lin Dong watched this scene in astonishment, and was only gradually able to understand as he approached. The people riding on those blood coloured sharks were baring their upper bodies, and fish scales were faintly visible on their bodies. Additionally, their eyes were dark red in colour, and glowing shark tattoos were faintly discernible on their chests.

“Are they the Blood Demon Shark clan of the Sea Demon tribe?”

Lin Dong’s eyes focused on the human figures that were standing on the blood sharks as they travelled. His current self possessed some understanding of the factions in this Chaotic Demon Sea. The strongest faction in this Chaotic Demon Sea was neither human nor a demonic beast, but the sea demon tribe. However, the sea demon tribe was also extremely huge, and consisted of countless clans. This Blood Demon Shark clan was one of the more well known clans within it. They were infamous for being ruthless and bloodthirsty. It was rumoured that many human factions had been massacred after getting into a conflict with the Blood Demon Shark clan.

“What are these members of the Blood Demon Shark clan doing here?”

Lin Dong knitted his brows, as he gradually slowed down. At this moment, those members from the Blood Demon Shark clan had clearly also discovered him. Immediately, many dark red eyes shot over.

“My Blood Demon Shark clan is carrying out a mission in this place. Anyone who is not involved should hurry up and leave!”

The waves churned, as an exceptionally strong blood shark broke out of the water. A sinister looking man holding a trident in his hand stood on the shark’s back. His eyes locked onto Lin Dong as he icily shouted.

“Advance Profound Life stage.”

Lin Dong glanced at this man wielding a trident, as his eyes hardened. From the aura being emitted from within the latter’s body, it was obvious that this person was an advance Profound Life stage expert. Moreover, those members of the Blood Demon Shark clan behind him also appeared rather powerful. Around a dozen of them had reached the Profound Life stage.

What a powerful lineup.

Suspicion rose within Lin Dong’s heart. To think that a group of such size and strength from the Blood Demon Shark clan would appear in this place. This involuntarily caused him to feel somewhat puzzled.

Although he felt that this matter was a little strange, Lin Dong did not linger for long. He took a deep look these members of the Blood Demon Shark clan with domineering auras. After which, he turned around and sped in another direction.

“Commander Xia, he is merely an initial Profound Life stage human. We can simply kill him. What was the point of saying all those unnecessary words.” A pointy faced man curled his lips and said after Lin Dong left.

“Just complete our mission and do not cause any trouble!” The man called commander Xia coldly shouted. He frowned slightly upon hearing those words.

“Everyone, spread out and search the place. She has been seriously injured by the elder. We must capture her. If she manages to escape, our Blood Demon Shark clan will likely end up in big trouble!”


The figures giving off hostile auras hurriedly responded after hearing this. Their sharp howls spread, and the large group spread out. They formed a large net that began searching this sea region.