Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 896: Seriously Injured

Chapter 896: Seriously Injured


Chapter 896: Seriously Injured


Waves of blood red flames surged and spread in the sky. That annihilation like ripple directly caused the domain within the cauldron to become extremely distorted and unstable.

Lin Dong’s expression was pale as he lifted his head. His eyes stared intently at the blood red flames. This was his ultimate technique, and he was no longer able to unleash it a second time. Hence, if this was still not enough to finish off the Nefarious Bone old man, he would become the unlucky one…

“Half step to Profound Death stage… is really difficult to deal with…”

Lin Dong muttered. If it was not for the Ancient Divine Flame Tablet in his hands this time, he would not choose to collide head on with the Nefarious Bone old man. At the very most, he would make a detour, and temporarily hide from any direct confrontations. He could only return to take revenge when he became stronger in the future.

“I wonder… if he has been finished off…”

Lin Dong lifted his head. The blood red flames that permeated the sky caused his face to be bathed in a film of light. Anxiety clearly showed on that pale white face of his.

“He has not been finished off…” Yan’s voice suddenly sounded within Lin Dong’s mind while he was mumbling to himself.


Lin Dong’s expression changed drastically after hearing this. The little remaining Yuan Power within his body began to circulate rapidly, as he readied himself to withdraw from the Burning Sky Cauldron. If it was really no good, he would have no choice but to abandon the Burning Sky Cauldron and flee…

“However, his current condition is likewise far from encouraging.” Yan continued.

“He is huge trouble as long as he is not dead.” Lin Dong clenched his teeth. One must be thorough if one wished to finish off an expert with strength like the Nefarious Bone old man. Otherwise, the future threat that they would pose would be quite great.

“It is already extremely incredible that you were able to force him into such a state. It is too difficult for the current you to completely kill him.” Yan spoke in an apathetic voice.

Lin Dong pursed his lips. Just as he was about to speak, his expression suddenly changed. The blood coloured flames sweeping across the sky began to pull back, while that frightening fluctuation also gradually weakened.

Lin Dong watched the receding flames, as his hands clenched tightly, and perspiration appeared on his palms.

The blood coloured flames in the sky swiftly disappeared under Lin Dong’s attention. His pupils suddenly shrunk in the next instant. A figure had appeared in Lin Dong’s sights at the spot where the flames had disappeared.

That figure was completely charred back, and it no longer had a left hand or right leg. Fresh blood spurted out like a fountain from its broken limbs, and the flesh all over its body was torn and lacerated. The body that covered all over by injuries was exceptionally horrifying.

Terrifying injuries.

Lin Dong was a little stunned for some time, as he gazed upon the current state of the Nefarious Bone old man. Had the power of that arrow reached such a terrifying level? To think that it was actually able to injure a half step to Profound Death stage expert to such an extent…

Lin Dong was able to sense that extremely weary aura of the Nefarious Bone old man at this instant. Clearly, the latter’s injuries had already reached a kind of relatively frightening extent.

This could be considered as a kind of fatal wound.


While Lin Dong was stunned by the Nefarious Bone old man’s injuries, the latter also let out a screech towards the sky. His cry was filled with dread and intense pain.

“Little bastard, you actually dare to injure me to such an extent!”

The Nefarious Bone old man’s blood red eyes looked at Lin Dong below. He seemed to have become crazy. If it was not because of the intense pain within his body continuously stimulating his consciousness, he would be unable to believe that he would actually be injured by an initial Profound Life stage younger generation member to such an extent…

Lin Dong grinned. Immediately, a murderous desire surged out from his eyes. He raised his head and gave the Nefarious Bone old man a ferocious smile, “Old soke, this young master will not only injure you today, but will also kill you!”

“Lin Dong, don’t be rash. Although he might be in an extremely weak state now, your condition is not much better. If he discovers that you can only use that attack once, he will definitely risk everything to kill you!” Yan’s voice immediately sounded in Lin Dong’s mind after the latter’s voice rang out.

Lin Dong’s eyes flashed upon hearing this. However, he did not stop, but instead slammed his chest. Another mouthful of essence blood was spat out, before landing on the Ancient Divine Flame Tablet in front of him.

“Little bastard!”

The pupils of the Nefarious Bone old man immediately contracted upon seeing this scene, as terror wildly surged from within his eyes. Clearly, he was already extremely afraid. If another one of the previous attack was to arrive, this place would definitely end up as his grave.

“I will remember this. Once my injuries are recovered, I will chase you to the ends of the world!”

A miserable screech was emitted from the mouth of the Nefarious Bone old man. Soon after, he fiercely gritted his teeth, as his left arm exploded. A shocking blood glow shot out and tore apart the cauldron domain. After which, his body moved and he charged out from the Burning Sky Cauldron in a manner that was as miserable as a stray dog.


Lin Dong involuntarily spat out another mouthful of fresh blood after that Nefarious Bone old man lost an arm to escape from the Burning Sky Cauldron. The Ancient Divine Flame Tablet in front of him swiftly dimmed. In the end, it powerless fell downwards.

“This dead fearing old soke.”

Lin Dong wiped off the blood at the corner of his mouth and mocked. He had merely spat out some ordinary blood earlier. His aim was to scare off this Nefarious Bone old man. However, Lin Dong did not expect that this old ghost would actually be so afraid. The latter had exploded an arm in order to tear apart the cauldron domain.

“What you did was too risky.” Yan said. If the Nefarious Bone old man was to discover Lin Dong’s bluff earlier, the latter would definitely fall into a disadvantageous situation.

“My strength is inferior to his, and I cannot forcefully endure for too long. All I can do is use some ferociousness to scare him off.” Lin Dong shook his head and said.

“Let’s hurry up and leave. You are currently extremely weak and need to find a place to recuperate.” Yan said.

Lin Dong nodded, and kept the Ancient Divine Flame Tablet. After which, he withdrew from the Burning Sky Cauldron with a thought, before opening his mouth and keeping the Burning Sky Cauldron in his body.

His eyes looked towards the north-west after he was done. There was a trial of fresh blood on the sea. Clearly, it had been left behind as the Nefarious Bone old man fled for his life.

“Heh, old soke, consider yourself lucky this time around. Once I manage to refine the Burning Sky Gate of the Burning Sky Cauldron the next time around, I will definitely take your old life!” Lin Dong smiled in a sinister manner. His body quickly moved as he used his final bit of strength to swiftly rush in the opposite direction.

This sea region swiftly become quiet after Lin Dong left. It was likely that no one would have imagined the great earthshaking battle that had occurred at this spot.

Moreover the results of that great battle would leave one rather flabbergasted.


Martial Gathering Island.

Gu Mengqi stood in the courtyard of the Gu Clan. Her pretty pair of eyes looked in the direction where Lin Dong had left towards earlier. Those eyes of hers contained a worry that could not be hidden.

“That Nefarious Bone old man has yet to return. It is likely that nothing has happened to Lin Dong.” Gu Shuo offered words of comfort as he stood behind Gu Mengqi.

Gu Mengqi merely laughed bitterly upon hearing this. Lin Dong’s body contained the bone seal that the Nefarious Bone old man had planted. He would definitely be unable to escape. Once the Nefarious Bone old man caught up with him, the result was obvious given the huge gap between them…

“That fellow, I asked him to temporarily stay on Martial Gathering Island but he refused. Such rashness… is practically… is practically suicidal!” Gu Mengqi gently clenched her teeth and involuntarily spoke in a somewhat furious manner.

Gu Shuo sighed. His heart felt exceptionally regretful. Was such a good seedling going to be destroyed in the hands of the Nefarious Bone old man…

If this current scene could be delayed by another two or three years, Gu Shuo believed that Lin Dong would have to power to fight the Nefarious Bone old man. However… it was a little too early now.


Gu Shuo’s heart suddenly pounded as this thought flashed across his mind. He suddenly raised his head and looked at the distant sky. In a low voice, he said, “The Nefarious Bone old man has returned.”

Gu Mengqi’s pretty face immediately paled upon hearing this words. Her jadelike hands could not help but clench tightly.


A sharp rushing wind sound appeared in the distant sky. After which, a blood glow frantically rushed over. Many miserable and painful screeches continued to be emitted as the blood glow arrived.

The sharp screeches spread throughout the entire Martial Gathering Island, immediately drawing the attention of many experts. Immediately, many pairs of stunned eyes looked towards the bloody glow that was rushing over.


The bloody glow finally appeared in the sky above Martial Gathering Island. As the bloody light faded, a bloody one legged person with a horrifying appearance suddenly appeared within the countless watching gazes on Martial Gathering Island.

“That is…”

The entire Martial Gathering Island seemed to have suddenly frozen at this moment, while everyone’s expressions became strangely stiff. They looked at the bloody figure in the sky that had almost lost all his limbs,as their expressions turned dull.

“Nefarious Bone old man?”

Gu Mengqi and Gu Shuo were stunned as they looked at the bloody figure in the sky which was missing both arms and a leg. It was a long while later before they gradually recovered. They slowly turned their heads and exchanged glances with some difficulty. After which, they saw the astonishment that could not be hidden in the other party’s eyes.

This Nefarious Bone old man had went to chase Lin Dong. Could such injuries have been caused by Lin Dong?

Gu Shuo inhaled a deep breath of air. Soon after, he rubbed his somewhat numb old face, as his eyes looked towards the north-western direction. Only now did he finally understand why Lin Dong had chosen to leave Martial Gathering Island…

It seemed that all of them had underestimated this young man from the very beginning…