Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 895: Fighting the Nefarious Bone Old Man

Chapter 895: Fighting the Nefarious Bone Old Man


Chapter 895: Fighting the Nefarious Bone Old Man

The enormous bright red giant cauldron floated in the air. Red light flickered on the cauldron, appearing like waves of hot flames that caused the surrounding air to become a little distorted.

“Pure Yuan treasure…”

The eyes of the Nefarious Bone old man glanced indifferently at the Burning Sky Cauldron floating in the air, before he laughed coldly, “I was wondering why you dared to leave Martial Gathering Island. So you plan on relying on this Pure Yuan treasure to protect yourself. However, you are too naive if you believe that you can stop me by relying on such a thing.”

“We will know whether or not I am naive when we fight.” Lin Dong also replied with a cold smile.

“A brat who does not know his limits. Do you really think that you have the qualifications to act arrogantly in front of this old man, just because you have defeated Shentu Jue? Alright then, I shall give you a beating on behalf of your elders today. Before you possess sufficient strength, it is best that you obediently keep a low profile in this Chaotic Demon Sea. With this arrogance of yours, you will sooner or later fail to even know why you have ended up dead!” A chilling glint flashed across the Nefarious Bone old man’s eyes as he spoke in a malicious voice.

“Beat me? I’m afraid that you aren’t qualified, you old thing!” Lin Dong grinned and laughed.

“Sharp tongued little bastard. You are seeking death!”

Fury surged within the Nefarious Bone old man’s eyes, as a murderous desire flashed across his face. Immediately, he took a step forward, as an exceptionally majestic Yuan Power fluctuation surged out. Under such a fluctuation, thousand feet high waves formed on the surface of the sea below. His aura was rather dreadful.


However, Lin Dong did not show the slightest fear upon seeing this. Instead, he took the lead in attacking. His hand seal changed, and bright light surged from the Burning Sky cauldron. The mouth of the cauldron shook, and an enormous fiery red light pillar directly enveloped the Nefarious Bone old man. A suction force emerged, and attempted to absorb the latter into the cauldron.

“It won’t be that easy to suck me in!”

The Nefarious Bone old man mocked after feeling the suction force. Although he did not fear any of Lin Dong’s techniques, he was after all a crafty old man. He clearly understood, that there would definitely be some trouble if he was sucked into the Burning Sky Cauldron, trouble which he did not wish to unnecessarily create. Immediately, he waved his sleeve. Majestic Yuan Power rippled around his body like the sea, and completely blocked the suction force from the Burning Sky Cauldron.

Lin Dong’s expression did not change when he saw this. A thought passed through his mind, as a water pillar suddenly erupted from the surface of the sea below. At the same time, a black shadow emerged in a ghost like fashion, and rushed straight towards the Nefarious Bone old man.

“Oh? A puppet? You actually dare to take out such a disgraceful and weak puppet?”

This unexpected turn of events caused the Nefarious Bone old man to be momentarily startled. Disdain quickly surfaced from the corners of his mouth after he clearly saw what the black figure was.

This black figure was naturally the final demon puppet in Lin Dong’s hands. However, its strength had only barely reached the Profound Life stage. Such strength clearly did not pose any threat to the Nefarious Bone old man. However, this was not what he required from the puppet…


The black figure charged towards the Nefarious Bone old man at lightning speed. A thought passed through Lin Dong’s mind as the former approached the latter, and an extremely wild and violent fluctuation suddenly erupted from the demon corpse’s body. After which, its body exploded.


A wild and violent ripple swept outwards. Such a ferocious and uncontrolled attack forced the Nefarious Bone old man to take a step back. The Yuan Power which blocked the Burning Sky Cauldron’s suction force was also disturbed for a moment because of this.


Lin Dong’s eyes flashed. He very accurately grabbed this slight opening, as the Burning Sky Cauldron abruptly rushed out. The mouth of the bright red cauldron widened. It appeared just like a huge beast that directly swallowed the Nefarious Bone old man.

Bang bang bang!

The body of the cauldron shook wildly after the Burning Sky cauldron swallowed the Nefarious Bone old man. It was likely that the old fellow had begun to destroy its interior.

A thought passed through Lin Dong’s mind, and his body immediately charged into the Burning Sky Cauldron. Sure enough, he saw the gloomy looking Nefarious Bone old man on the bright red land.

“Brat, you are actually willing to self destruct that puppet of yours.” The Nefarious Bone old man stared at Lin Dong in a dark and sinister manner, as he slowly remarked.

“If I do not sacrifice something, I will not be able to accomplish anything. To finish off a half step to Profound Death stage expert, the sacrifice of a single puppet is more than worthwhile.” Lin Dong laughed.

“Shameless and boastful words. Do you think that you can trap me by just sucking me into this Pure Yuan treasure?” The eyes of the Nefarious Bone old man turned cold. Immediately, he took a step forward. A couple of after images flashed across the sky, and his body appeared in front of Lin Dong in a ghost like fashion. Subsequently, a palm wind containing terrifying Yuan Power furiously swatted down towards Lin Dong.


The space around Lin Dong distorted. Majestic bright red light shot out, and weaved itself into a light shield in front of him. Although the light shield was still shattered by the Nefarious Bone old man, Lin Dong had already fled a great distance using that short instant.

Lin Dong was well protected by the Burning Sky Cauldron when he was within it. This was the only way he was able to contend against the Nefarious Bone old man, in order to buy the time and opportunity for his final technique.

The Nefarious Bone old man’s arm jerked after he missed, as the white bone walking stick in his hand turned into a sinisterly cold white light. It seemed to penetrate space as it shot towards Lin Dong’s head at an indescribable speed.

Lin Dong’s figure hastily retreated backwards. He clenched his hand, and the black tree branch appeared in a flash. After which, Yuan Power was poured into it. With a wave of his hand, it turned into a flash of black light that rushed out. Finally, it violently collided with the white light.


A metallic like sound spread in the sky, and the black light was directly sent flying backwards. The black tree trunk spun as it powerlessly fell. However, the white bone walking stick also had its trajectory changed. It ruthlessly shot into the ground, creating a thousand feet long gully.

“Slippery brat!”

The Nefarious Bone old man’s eyes vaguely contained a gloominess. Lin Dong was quite cunning, and ultimately refused to directly exchange blows with him. He was likely clearly aware of the gap between the two. Hence, he wisely chose to avoid taking the attack head on.

“However, can your speed compare to this old man?”

The Nefarious Bone old man’s face was dark and cold. Suddenly, strands of greyish vapour rose from within his body. The greyish energy wrapped around him, and his body vaguely became a little illusory.

Lin Dong gazed at this change in the Nefarious Bone old man, as a feeling of danger involuntarily flashed within his heart. He did have any time to think, as his body rapidly pulled back once again.

Just as Lin Dong moved, the Nefarious Bone old man stepped forward, and the greyish vapour surged. He appeared to penetrate through space, and appeared in front of Lin Dong in an extremely mysterious manner. Immediately, a savage smile flashed over his elderly face, as his five fingers curled. Strands of extremely faint black Qi swirled around his finger tips. After which, it pierced through the void like a ghost claw, and grabbed at Lin Dong.

Some cracks actually began to form after the Nefarious Bone old man grabbed with his hand. From this, it was possible to see just how frightening the old man’s power was.

“Green Dragon Heavenly Seat Seal!”

Lin Dong’s expression had turned completely solemn at this moment. He did not hesitate at all in the face of the Nefarious Bone old man’s attack. Green light surged around him, as ten dragon tattoos simultaneously rose from the surface of his body. Finally, it transformed into a huge dragon fist that punched forward.

A frightening energy ripple wildly unfurled the sky when the two forces collided. The dragon seal formed from ten green dragon light tattoos instantly collapsed, as Lin Dong’s body flew backwards. Finally, it landed on the ground in a somewhat miserable fashion, as a muffled moan was emitted from his throat. It seemed that he had been quite badly shaken.

“You are actually able to block a claw from me? Brat, you can be proud even if you die today!” Shock immediately flashed across the Nefarious Bone old man’s face, after seeing that Lin Dong had received his claw attack head on. His strength surpassed Lin Dong’s by many levels. Forget about someone at the initial Profound Life stage, even an expert at the advance Profound Life stage would definitely be seriously injured or even killed by that claw.

“This brat must be killed.”

The murderous desire in the Nefarious Bone old man’s eyes suddenly intensified. This Lin Dong was merely at the initial Profound Life stage, yet, he was already able to reach such a level. Would this not mean that he would not be able to deal with Lin Dong if the latter was to advance to the advance Profound Life stage or the perfect Profound Life stage?

Such a potential threat must not be allowed to live.

The Nefarious Bone old man ceased hesitating after this thought flashed in his mind. His body tore through the sky like an eagle, before he once again dived towards Lin Dong.

“Old soke, I will let you taste the might of my Burning Sky Cauldron today.”

“Burning Sky Chains!”

Lin Dong lifted his head. He gazed at the Nefarious Bone old man, who was charging towards him once again, as a similarly ferocious expression also rose on his face. Immediately, he bent his body, and both of his hands heavily slammed onto the ground.


The land suddenly trembled intensely after his palms landed. After which, the land collapsed, and hundreds of bright red light pillars broke out from within. They turned into numerous large bright red chains that rapidly entwined around the incoming grey light figure.