Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 893: Plan

Chapter 893: Plan


Chapter 893: Plan

“I will be staying on this Martial Gathering Island during this period of time. Brat, if you are bold enough, you can simply be a coward and stay on this island for the rest of your life!”

“Do not think of trying to secretly escape. I have already planted a bone seal in your body, and it has already entered deep into your bones. You will not be able to escape my detection no matter where you flee to.”

“Humph, since this old man has said that I will take your life, no one will be able to protect you!”

In the sky, the Nefarious Bone old man stared at Lin Dong in a sinister manner. Soon after, he icily chuckled, and with a wave of his sleeve, both he and Chen Luo landed at the Wei Clan area on Martial Gathering Island.

The tense and hostile atmosphere gradually calmed down after the Nefarious Bone old man left. Those experts from the Gu clan looked to each other, seeing the grave expressions on all their faces. No matter how one put it, that Nefarious Bone old man was a character that was quite difficult to deal with.

Gu Shou descended from the sky. He pursed his lips, as he looked at Lin Dong and said, “Little friend Lin Dong, you should temporarily stay on Martial Gathering Island. That Nefarious Bone old man will not dare to attack you as long as you are on the island. That old fellow’s words might be fierce, but he is unable to remain here forever.”

Lin Dong narrowed his eyes. It was impossible for that Nefarious Bone old man to remain here forever, but this was also true for Lin Dong… he not only needed to find the second Ancestral Symbol, but he also needed to look for Little Marten and Little Flame. Hence, he also could not afford to waste his time…

“Most importantly, you have been struck by that Nefarious Bone old man’s bone seal. You must remove it if you wish to escape from his detection.” Gu Mengqi’s pretty eyes looked at Lin Dong in a worried manner as she said.

“Bone seal huh…”

Lin Dong covered his fist, as Yuan Power circulated within his body. He could sense that there seemed to be a trace of an extremely profound fluctuation hidden deep within his bones. That fluctuation might not cause any damage to his body, but it would continuously transmit his location to the Nefarious Bone old man.

“Mengqi is right. Little friend Lin Dong, regardless of what your plans are, you should remain on the island, and remove that bone seal first. After which, you can find an opportunity to leave quietly.” Gu Shou said.

“In that case… thank you, Elder Gu Shou.”

Lin Dong pondered for a moment and nodded. He did not try to act brave. That Nefarious Bone old man was indeed extremely difficult to deal with. Given Lin Dong’s current strength, he must be extremely cautious.

“It’s nothing. You have helped our Gu clan, and this is something that our Gu clan should do. However… that Nefarious Bone old man has some relations with that Demonic Wind Cave after all. Our Gu clan will no longer have any reason to help you once you leave Martial Gathering Island…” Gu Shou waved his hand and said.

“One must ultimately resolve one’s own problems.”

Lin Dong smiled. His tone did not reveal much fear. The things that he had experienced was likely beyond the imagination of Gu Shou. Although that Nefarious Bone old man was strong, the latter had not reached the level where he could force Lin Dong into a dead end.

Gu Shou did not speak any further after seeing this. He gave some instructions, before turning around to leave, while Lin Dong and the rest quickly followed behind.

The experts on the island involuntarily felt a little regretful upon seeing that this situation had ended in an anticlimactic manner. However, they were quite curious as to whether Lin Dong would be able to escape from his current predicament. Could Lin Dong truly be planning to hide on this Martial Gathering Island forever like a coward?


Lin Dong sat on his bed in the quiet room. Both of his eyes were tightly shut, while green light continuously flickered on his body. The Yuan Power within it surged, and strands of Devouring Power slowly invaded his bones in search of that hidden bone seal within his body.

“Just where will you hide.”

This search continued for half an hour, before a thought passed through Lin Dong’s mind. After which, he locked onto a certain spot within his body. There was a weak black light vaguely present deep within the green glowing bones. It was the bone seal that the Nefarious Bone old man had left within his body.

Lin Dong quickly manoeuvred Yuan Power to invade the hidden bone seal after finding it. However, the Yuan Power emitted a white smoke the moment they came into contact with the black bone seal. It had been directly eroded by the black bone seal…


This unforeseen event caused a shock to appear in Lin Dong’s heart. The bone seal was actually so powerful?

“There is an extremely faint trace of Death Qi present in the bone seal… your Yuan Power will be eroded if it touches that thing. You can only use the Devouring Power if you wish to remove it.” A faint raspy voice suddenly sounded within Lin Dong’s mind. It was the Ancestor Stone Spirit.

“Death Qi… that old ghost has indeed touched the Profound Death stage.” Lin Dong’s heart sunk as he remarked.

“He can only be barely considered as half step to the Profound Death stage. However, this is already extremely troublesome for you to deal with…” The Ancestor Stone Spirit replied.

“There is quite a big gap in your strength. Even though you possess the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, you will need several days to remove the bone seal. That Nefarious Bone old man will also detect it the moment you remove the bone seal. At that time, he will surely take other precautions…”

Lin Dong opened his eyes. A cold glint flashed across them as he sneered, “If that old ghost really thinks that I am a soft persimmon that he can squeeze, he is clearly mistaken!”

A half step to Profound Death stage expert was indeed powerful, and even Lin Dong would have a headache dealing with one. However, he possessed many hidden trump cards up his sleeves. If Lin Dong really wanted to go all out, that Nefarious Bone old man would be in quite a predicament.

“Half step to Profound Death stage. You have something that can deal with him, but you lack the ingredients.” The Ancestor Stone Spirit suddenly said.

“What is it?” Lin Dong asked in a startled manner.

“The Burning Sky Cauldron.”

“The Burning Sky Cauldron?” Lin Dong knitted his brow and said, “It may be a Pure Yuan treasure, but even if I activate the Burning Sky Array, it will only be able to trap him for a while…”

“The Burning Sky Array is only one of the formations of the Burning Sky Cauldron. Its true technique is the Eight Level Burning Sky Gate.” The Ancestor Stone Spirit replied.

“Eight Level Burning Sky Gate?” Lin Dong was momentarily startled. A glint flashed across his eyes, as he asked in a surprised voice, “It is the magma gates that old man Fen Tian used to suppress the Yimo general?”


“It seems that the formation gates are needed to activate the ‘Eight Level Burning Sky Gate’, right?” Lin Dong hesitated for a moment. He remembered that old man Fen Tian had used eight light tablets that had already been refined when he activated the ‘Eight Level Burning Sky Gate back then. However, those light tablets had already turned into gates to suppress the Yimo general…

“That’s right. It is why I said that you lack the ingredients. Otherwise, if you use this ‘Eight Level Burning Sky Gate’, even an expert at the half step to Profound Death stage will not escape unscathed.” The Ancestor Stone said.

“What ingredients are necessary to refine that formation gate light tablets?” Lin Dong thought for a moment before inquiring.

“Eight active volcanoes are all that is needed.”

The Ancestor Stone casually replied. However, Lin Dong seemed to hear mockery from his words. Immediately, his face turned somewhat green. He was not old man Fen Tian, who possessed the kind of terrifying strength that could refine eight volcano into formation gates.

“Ha ha, if you do not have that ability, you can settle for something of lower quality. Find eight Volcano Flame Essence Stones, and it will also be possible to refine the formation gates…”

“Volcano Flame Essence Stones…”

Lin Dong muttered to himself, before quickly shaking his head helplessly. He had heard of this object. Formed from the essence energy of a volcano, it contained the energy of a volcano within it, and was of great help to certain people practising unique martial arts. Additionally, it was extremely rare. Hence, it would definitely be expensive whenever it occasionally appeared. Obtaining eight of them was easier said than done.

This method was no different from having not mentioned it.

“Is there any other methods?”

“Since you are temporarily unable to find any Volcano Flame Essence Stones, you can only use some other things…” The Ancestor Stone laughed.

“Tell me something reasonable.” Lin Dong reminded helplessly. He did not wish to end up being happy for nothing again.

“You still have the Ancient Divine Flame Tablet from the Flame Master, right?” The Ancestor Stone Spirit asked.

Lin Dong was slightly startled. He quickly clenched his hand, and a bright red ancient tablet appeared within it. He held the ancient tablet, as he felt the surging heat from within. Finally, he asked curiously, “Is this the Ancient Divine Flame Tablet? What can it be used for?”

“You will know its exact use once you find the possessor of the Blazing Ancestral Symbol in the future. This thing can protect your life if someone attacks you.”

“The one who possess the Blazing Ancestral Symbol…” Lin Dong’s eyes turned slightly solemn. It was said that he is called Mo Luo… and is a renowned overlord in this Chaotic Demon Sea.

“You don’t need to be bothered by all this for now. Your most important task right now, is to resolve the imminent trouble…”

“If you listen to me, we will be able to set a trap for that old ghost…”

Lin Dong rubbed his nose. He could hear some excitement from the tone of the Ancestral Stone, and the expression in his eyes quickly became a little strange. Could it be that this fellow wished for some excitement after having been in a slumber for such a long time…

However… this was also a good thing…

Within his room, Lin Dong’s eyes flickered as he listened to the plan that the Ancestor Stone was transmitting from within his mind. The corners of his mouth slowly lifted into an icy cold arc.