Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 892: Nefarious Bone Old Man

Chapter 892: Nefarious Bone Old Man


Chapter 892: Nefarious Bone Old Man

The grey robed old man stood in the air above Martial Gathering Island. His dark and stern cry was wrapped by majestic Yuan Power, as it thundered across the island.

A commotion broke out over Martial Gathering Island because of this sudden cry, and the sound of rushing wind appeared. Many pairs of eyes looked at the grey robed old man in the distant sky with stunned eyes. The latter clearly possessed quite a reputation in this Heaven Wind Sea Region. Hence, an cries of surprise began to spread after everyone saw him.

“That is the Nefarious Bone old man. Why has this old ghost come to Martial Gathering Island in such an aggressive manner?”

“Who has killed his disciple? Such a bold fellow. Does he not know that this old ghost is overbearing and protects those close to him even if they are at fault…”

“Ha, looks like Martial Gathering Island will not be peaceful today…”

The Nefarious Bone old man stood in the air. His slightly deep eyes swept across Martial Gathering Island like viper. Those whispers that reached his ears caused the coldness in his eyes to become a little more intense.


Some rushing wind sounds suddenly appeared a short distance away, as a couple of figures hurried over. Chen Luo was leading the group. He hurriedly cried out respectfully after seeing the grey robed old man.

“Chen Luo, you cannot even deal with the murderer of your junior? You actually need this old man to come personally?” The Nefarious Bone old man glanced at Chen Luo, before speaking in a cold voice.

Cold sweat surfaced on Chen Luo’s forehead after hearing the words of the Nefarious Bone old man. He hurriedly replied, “This disciple had wanted to personally capture that brat, and hand him over to master for you to deal with. However, that fellow is rather powerful, and even Shentu Jue is no match for him. I…”


Those dark and cold eyes of the Nefarious Bone old man moved slightly upon hearing this. He had heard of the Shentu Clan’s Iron Asura. Despite his young age, he had already reached the advance Profound Life stage. A talent that made countless others envious. The only ones within the Heaven Wind Sea Region that could defeat him, were likely the two young monsters from the two great caves. It was unexpected that another person, who could do this, had appeared.

“Where is that person?” The Nefarious Bone old man spoke in an indifferent voice. Regardless of what kind of talent that person had, that person should never have killed his disciple. If he did not take that brat’s life as revenge, it was likely that everyone would think that he, the Nefarious Bone old man, could not even protect his own disciple,

“He is currently a guest at the Gu clan.” Joy flashed across Chen Luo’s lowered eyes as he quickly replied.

“The Gu clan huh…”

The Nefarious Bone old man narrowed his eyes. Soon after, his gaze swept forth, as a powerful voice once again resounded in the sky, “Elder Gu Shou. I do not wish to become enemies with your Gu clan. Please hand over the brat who killed my disciple.”

Gu Shou’s elderly face was a little gloomy as he stood on a distant mountain. His eyes flickered slightly, before he moved his body and flew into the sky. After which, he cupped his hands together, and laughed towards Nefarious Bone old man, “Ha ha, Nefarious Bone old man, I trust that you have been well since we’ve last met…”

The Nefarious Bone old man’s eyes were indifferent, as they observed Gu Shou. However, he ignored the latter’s smiling face, and spoke in an indifferent voice, “Elder Gu Shou, my disciple has been killed by someone. I do not have the mood to chat with you now.”

“Elder Gu Shou, you should hand that Lin Dong over.” Chen Luo laughed coldly as he stood by the side.

Gu Shou’s expression sunk slightly, as he frowned and said, “Nefarious Bone old man, Lin Dong is an important guest of my Gu clan. Regardless of what grudges you have, I will not allow you to touch him on this Martial Gathering Island.”

“You mean… you are willing to become enemies with me because of a youngster?” A dark chill flashed across the Nefarious Bone old man’s eyes as he slowly said.

At this point, the Nefarious Bone old man suddenly looked towards the far off mountain peak. His dark and cold eyes were like a viper’s, as they locked onto a skinny young figure.

“Brat, you are the one who killed my disciple, right?”

The Nefarious Bone old man’s eyes locked onto Lin Dong from a distance, as he suddenly shouted in a stern voice. Immediately, the Yuan Power in the area rippled. Like thunder, his voice violently exploded beside Lin Dong’s ear.

The wild and violent sonic wave that entered his ears caused Lin Dong’s body to jerk slightly. Waves of piercing pain could be felt from his eardrums, while his expression gradually darkened.

“Be careful. This Nefarious Bone old man has stepped into the perfect Profound Life stage many years ago. His strength is not something that Shentu Jue can match.” Gu Mengqi by the side warned in a solemn manner.

Lin Dong nodded slightly. He could sense a dangerous ripple from this Nefarious Bone old man. This dangerous feeling did not appear like a perfect Profound Life Stage expert. It was possible… that this old ghost had even touched the Profound Death stage…

Lin Dong’s heart involuntarily sunk after having such thoughts. This old fellow was really not an ordinary person. It seemed like Lin Dong would really have to put in a great amount of effort in order to escape from him.

“This old man does not care what kind of background you have. A life for a life. I will take this life of yours for my disciple today!” The Nefarious Bone old man glared at Lin Dong with dark eyes that were filled with murderous intent. He took a step forward, and appeared in the air above the mountain as though he had teleported. The bone walking stick in his hand slammed onto the air, as a majestic Yuan Power pillar whistled out and swept towards Lin Dong.

“Nefarious Bone old man, this is Martial Gathering Island. It not a place where you can behave in such a manner!”

Fury flashed across Gu Shou’s face after he saw this. With a low shout, his body appeared in front of Lin Dong, and he threw a punch forward. Yuan Power surged, and his punch scattered that Yuan Power pillar.

Although the Yuan Power pillar was scattered, Gu Shou’s body thrust backwards, and he was forced to take a couple of steps back. Clearly, there was still some gap between his strength and that of the Nefarious Bone old man.

“Gu Shou, do you really think that your are this old man’s match?” The Nefarious Bone old man cried out coldly while looking at Gu Shou, who had intervened, with dark and cold eyes.

“I have said that I will not allow you to touch Lin Dong as long as he is still on this Martial Gathering Island!” Gu Shou did not give in. He quickly waved his hand, and a signal flare shot out. Finally, it exploded in the air.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Many rushing wind sounds appeared after this signal flare exploded. Numerous experts from the Gu clan hurried over from all directions. They were hovered in the air, as they looked at the Nefarious Bone old man with vigilant eyes.

“Nefarious Bone old man, I hope that you will not start any dispute on this Martial Gathering Island on the account of the Gu clan. Otherwise, if the clan head knows about this, it is likely that he will also be a little furious.” A white haired old man stood in the air in front of the many Gu clan’s experts. He was also an elder of the Gu clan, with a strength that was not inferior to Gu Shou.

“Are you planning to use Gu Fen’s name to pressure this old man?”

The eyes of the Nefarious Bone old man clearly changed slightly, after hearing the clan head of the Gu clan being mentioned. He immediately laughed coldly. However, everyone could tell that the clan head of the Gu clan was someone that even this usually overbearing fellow was wary of.

“Ha ha, that is not my intention. However, no matter how one puts it, this Lin Dong is an important guest of my Gu clan. He has aided my Gu clan in becoming the champion of the Martial Gathering. If we simply allow you to attack him as you wish here, who will dare aid our Gu clan in the future?” The white haired old man laughed faintly.

“Do you mean that as long as Lin Dong leaves Martial Gathering Island, he will no longer be under the protection of your Gu Clan?” Chen Luo’s eyes rotated as he said.

The white haired old man’s eyes hardened. He frowned slightly and said, “In theory, that is the case… however, it is best not to make enemies. I hope that on the account of our Gu clan, you can…”

“I will let him off as long as this brat destroy his own cultivation in front of me.” The Nefarious Bone old man looked at Lin Dong in a dark and cold manner, as he replied indifferently.

“I’m sorry… I do not have any thoughts of harming myself. If you have such an interest in these things, you can cripple yourself.” Lin Dong grinned at the Nefarious Bone old man and responded.

“What a sharp-tongued brat…” The Nefarious Bone old man laughed sinisterly. “However, whether or not you become a cripple, will not be for the likes of you to decide. I will definitely let you pay the price once I capture you.”

Lin Dong laughed coldly, as killing desire surged from deep within his eyes.

“I will temporarily let you off today since the Gu clan is protecting you. However…”

A dark and malicious smile surfaced on the Nefarious Bone old man’s face. A cold glint immediately flashed over his eyes, as a greyish light suddenly shot out from them. After which, it shot into Lin Dong’s body at an astonishing speed.

“I will admit defeat if you wish to hide on this Martial Gathering Island forever like a coward. However, if you dare step out of this island, I will let you understand what is known as ‘a homeless stray is better off being dead’!”

Lin Dong slowly clenched his fists after hearing these words from the Nefarious Bone old man, as his eyes faintly became a little sinister. This old dog… was really irritating…