Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 889: Purplish Gold Skin

Chapter 889: Purplish Gold Skin


Chapter 889: Purplish Gold Skin


Lin Dong’s body stiffened the moment that purplish gold light charged into his body. After which, his face immediately turned purple, as countless purplish gold rays of light surged out from within his eyes.


A furious curse escaped from the gaps between Lin Dong’s teeth with some difficulty, while his body gently trembled. At this moment, the interior of his body had been turned upside down by the purplish gold light which had barged in.

This purplish golden light was like an ancient dragon from ancient times. It went on a rampage within Lin Dong’s body in an extremely barbaric manner. Despite how powerful his physical body currently was, waves of intense pain could still be felt.


Lin Dong inhaled deeply twice, as he tried his best to suppress the intense pain within his body. After which, he swiftly sat down, and his mind sunk deep within his body. Subsequently, Yuan Power frantically unfurled to surround the purplish gold light that had charged in his body.

Bang bang bang!

However, his actions had little effect. That purplish gold light’s overbearing manner had reached a shocking extent. Any obstruction was forcefully smashed apart by it, as it continued to rage unceasingly within Lin Dong’s channels.


Lin Dong cursed furiously. With a thought, the Devouring Ancestral Symbol turned into a monstrous black light as it swept forth. At the same time, the Ancient Universe Formation suspended above his Dantian

When these two great divine objects took action, that purplish gold light seemed to have also sensed that it was in danger. Its previous destructive tendencies were slightly restrained. However, it was clear that it was unwilling to simply leave things in this state. Light flashed, and continued to travel randomly within Lin Dong’s limbs and bones.

“Let’s see where you can run to?”

Lin Dong’s mind followed closely behind this purplish gold light. With an icy laugh, the Devouring Ancestral Symbol turned into a black hole, and appeared in front of the purplish gold light. After which, the Ancient Universe Formation swept over from behind. It turned into a light curtain that quickly covered the purplish gold light.

Bang bang!

The purplish gold light ruthlessly smashed into the light curtain formed by the Ancient Universe Formation. However, it did not achieve the same effect it did earlier. Instead, it was bounced back.

“I’m interested to find out exactly what you are. To actually dare to do as you please in my body!” Lin Dong’s face was somewhat vicious. If it was not for the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and the Ancient Universe Formation guarding his body, it was likely that he would be tortured by this purplish gold light, suffering a fate worse than death in the process…

Lin Dong’s mind was locked onto the purplish gold light. After careful observation, he finally discovered that this purplish gold light seemed to be a thumb-sized… purplish gold skin?

Lin Dong’s mind was a little stunned as he gazed at this purplish gold skin, and was unable to recover for a time. The thing that had escaped from the crack in the light membrane, was actually a piece of skin? Moreover, this skin had actually come running into his body?

This situation caused Lin Dong to be unable to laugh nor cry. However, he gradually regained his calm. This purplish gold skin might only be the size of a fingernail, but it contained an extremely ancient fluctuation…

This fluctuation was not unfamiliar. It was also Desolation Qi. However, the Desolation Qi contained in this purplish gold skin had a fundamental difference in quality compared to the Desolation Qi in the seventh storey…

“I will try refining it…”

This thought flashed within Lin Dong’s mind. The purplish gold skin contained extremely pure Desolation Qi. If it was possible for him to absorb it, it was likely that it would greatly benefit his Green Heaven Materialised Dragon Skill.

At this point, Lin Dong could not help but feel rather excited. Without further ado, a thought flashed in his mind, and the Devouring Ancestral Symbol whizzed out. Countless devouring threads of light wrapped around the purplish gold skin.

This purplish gold skin was clearly not ordinary. Hence, there did not seem to be any effect in the beginning even in the face of the devouring and refinement by the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. However, Lin Dong did not feel anxious. Regardless of where this thing had come from, it was currently firmly under his control, and would not be able to create any trouble.

That purplish gold skin finally trembled after the Devouring Power from the Devouring Ancestral Symbol was gradually strengthened. Thin strips of purplish gold light peeled off, before they turned into strands of purplish gold energy that scattered apart.

Lin Dong urged out his Yuan Power, and carefully wrapped the tiny purplish gold energy. The moment his Yuan Power came into contact with the purplish gold Qi, a roar that seemed to have originated from ancient times suddenly rumbled within Lin Dong’s body.

The Yuan Power that had wrapped around the purplish gold energy was blasted apart almost instantly. Strands of purplish gold energy rose, and finally tunnelled into the cracks between Lin Dong’s meridians.

Crack crack!

After the purplish gold energy tunnelled into Lin Dong’s body, Lin Dong was a little stunned to find that the bones, muscles, meridians etc within his body actually started to squirm at this moment, as purplish gold lines spread within his body. They appeared like many giant worms that had invaded his bones. A rather creepy sight.

“What a frightening Desolation Qi.”

Lin Dong violently inhaled a breath of cold air. His heart was overwhelmed with shock. The Desolation Qi contained in those threads of purplish gold energy had reached a frighteningly pure level.

This thing was too much of a nourishment. It had even reached the point where Lin Dong was somewhat unable to bear despite the strength of his physical body!

Lin Dong suddenly opened his tightly shut eyes. After which, he hurriedly lowered his head, only to find many purplish gold lights wiggling under his skin, while his body had actually begun to slowly swell at this moment…

Lin Dong was not only displeased by this enormous strength, but his expression had also ended up changing. The Desolation Qi within the purplish gold skin was too frightening. If it was allowed to merge into his physical body, it was likely that Lin Dong’s body would explode into a bloody mist.

“It must not fuse into my body…” Lin Dong clenched his teeth. A thought quickly passed through his mind, as he activated the Green Heaven Materialised Dragon Skill. After which, he used the purplish gold Qi to form green dragon light tattoos.

Chi chi!

Green light surged on Lin Dong’s body. Only then did the excited purplish gold energy gradually stop. After which, it began to linger outside of Lin Dong’s body, transforming into numerous green dragon tattoos as it shrunk.

Twelve… fifteen… eighteen… twenty three…

Green dragon tattoos appeared one after another. By the time the final bit was gone, there were already twenty three green dragon light tattoos on his body. This number had actually swelled to more than double of what it was before!

The corners of Lin Dong’s mouth twitched after seeing this scene. He was really unable to imagine, that the Desolation Qi in that thumb size purplish gold skin, would actually be able to let him form thirteen green dragon light tattoos.

This was even more impressive than what he had obtained over the past one month of bitter training!

However, there was a difference between the thirteen green dragon light tattoos that had been created, and the ten green dragon light tattoos that Lin Dong had created through bitter training. If those ten green dragon light tattoos that Lin Dong had created through training were exhausted, he would be able to create more of them. However, if he was to use these thirteen excess green dragon light tattoos, they would never return unless he obtain another purplish gold skin for him to refine and absorb…

This was the difference between a consumable and a sustainable product.

The main reason that such a difference was created, was because this was the limit that Lin Dong’s current physical body had reached. Ten green dragon light tattoos was already the maximum. If he wished to increase this upper limit, he would need to raise his strength…

Nevertheless, Lin Dong was pleasantly surprised. These thirteen excess green dragon light tattoos would become one of his trump cards. He believed that if he was to unleash all twenty three green dragon light tattoos at the same time, the power would be enough to insta kill any advance Profound Life stage expert. Even those perfect Profound Life stage experts would not dare to confront it directly…

“I seem to have gained another trump card…”

Lin Dong’s lips parted into a smile. Soon after, he took out clothes from his Qiankun bag and put them on. As he clenched and unclenched his fist, his eyes looked towards the light membrane which led to the eighth storey in a strange manner.

“Just what is the eighth storey hiding? What is that purplish gold skin… to actually contain such a frightening Desolation Qi…” Lin Dong’s eyes were burning as he looked at the light membrane and muttered to himself.

“It is the Chaos Skin of the Chaos Master…”

A raspy voice suddenly sounded from behind Lin Dong just as his words faded.


Lin Dong’s body stiffened immediately, and he quickly turned around. His eyes protruded slightly, as he saw a light figure slowly drifting out from the mysterious stone talisman.