Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 888: Great Benefits

Chapter 888: Great Benefits


Chapter 888: Great Benefits

Howl howl.

The low but clear sounds of a storm continuously resounded within the seventh storey of the Chaotic Tower. Waves of the golden ocean like Desolation Qi formed one after another, a sight that was extremely shocking.

There were two empty zones present within this golden sea. Within them were a man and a talisman. They were like two bottomless pits, as they greedily devoured the surging Desolation Qi around them at a crazily rapid speed.

With this absorption, Lin Dong’s body was now a glittering gold colour, while golden light flowed on his skin. From a distance, he appeared like a ferocious King Kong from ancient times. His entire body gave off a feeling of indescribable and terrifying power.

Moreover, a dragon roar faintly echoed from under the golden light. As his golden skin wiggled, dark green dragon tattoos were vaguely visible. Each time the dragon tattoos wiggled, an extremely powerful strength would erupt. Under this power, even the air was shaken until it emitted a deep explosion sound.


Golden light surged, as the clothes on Lin Dong’s body suddenly split apart. A naked golden light flashed as it appeared. There were lines all over his body, and at a glance, he appeared just like a metallic figure. Although his metallic muscles were not overly grotesque, everyone could tell that there was definitely an explosive frightening strength contained under this seemingly perfect body.

Most importantly, there were now two dark green dragon tattoos on Lin Dong’s chest and back. His Green Heaven Materialised Dragon Skill had actually reached eight dragon tattoos within this short period of half a month.

This kind of strength was at least twice as strong as before. It seemed that the Desolation Qi within this Chaotic Tower did possess an extremely astonishing and miraculous effect towards the tempering of his physical body.

Moreover, while Lin Dong’s body was growing increasingly stronger under the tempering of the Desolation Qi, the Yuan Power within his body was also gradually condensing. The problem of his Yuan Power becoming rather superficial, due to his sudden rise in strength after consuming the Core Spiritual Birth Serum, had been perfectly resolved at this moment. This saved Lin Dong a great amount of trouble. His training had proceeded a step at a time over the past few years, hence, his foundation was as solid as a rock. If his most recent advancement ended up causing his foundation to become unstable, he would really end up losing more than he had gained.

Thus, Lin Dong had truly benefited greatly from this entry into the Chaotic Tower. The previous bitter battle was indeed worthwhile…

While Lin Dong was training, the mysterious stone talisman nearby had also experienced quite a great amount of change. Some cryptic and mysterious patterns of light had appeared on its rough and ancient surface. Moreover, it did not look as dim as it had in the past. Instead, it now had a healthy glossiness. One could tell that it was gradually recovering from the damage it had once received…

Lin Dong felt a great anticipation and curiosity as to just what kind of abilities would this mysterious stone talisman possess after being repaired…


Another half a month quietly passed amidst this anticipation.

After half a month, there were now a total of ten green dragon light tattoos on Lin Dong’s body. These ten dragon tattoos extended on his body, appearing like ten huge dragons that were stretching their enormous bodies. Wave after wave of frightening power spread outwards, and it seemed as though even space itself would be blasted apart by a single punch.


The golden light flickering on Lin Dong’s body gradually weakened at this moment, while the black hole rotating above his head quietly disappeared. Finally, it turned into a ray of black light that rushed into his head.

Lin Dong’s eyes, which had been tightly shut for a month, slowly opened after the Devouring Ancestral Symbol returned to his body. Two dazzling golden lights quickly rushed out the moment his eyes were opened, and directly tore through the Desolation Qi in front of him.

The golden light swiftly faded from within Lin Dong’s eyes. A moment later, they once again turned pitch-black. Lin Dong’s body also completely recovered to normal at this moment.


Lin Dong extended both of his arms, as his body gently moved. After which, he heard a deep dragon roar being emitted from within his body. That dragon roar had emerged due to the rubbing of his muscles and bones, and as it echoed, a feeling of power also swiftly surged.

“Such power.”

Lin Dong clenched both of his hands tightly, feeling the power within his body, and could not help but grin. This short one month of training had a miraculous effect. Not only did he resolve the superficial Yuan Power problem due to the sudden rise in his strength, he had also made progress in the Green Heaven Materialised Dragon Skill

Given Lin Dong’s current strength, if he was to fight with Shengtu Jue again, he had the confidence to blast the latter away with a single strike.

Ten green dragon light tattoos. This strength was twice as powerful as before!

“Only now have I truly reached the initial Profound Life stage…”

Lin Dong stood up. The Yuan Power within his body gave off a feeling of solidness once again. A thought passed through his mind, and Yuan Power arrived in an instant, while his hand clenched into a fist and a punch was thrown forward.


The air in front of him appeared to have been compressed to the limit. Circular arcs of air that were visible to the naked eye formed under Lin Dong’s fist, while the Desolation Qi to his front was blasted apart by this punch.

Lin Dong finally withdrew his fist in a satisfied manner after a brief test. After which, his eyes looked towards a certain spot nearby. The mysterious stone talisman was still emitting a suction force, as it continuously absorbed the Desolation Qi that permeated the place.Those ancient symbols on its surface became increasingly obvious in the face of this absorption.

“What a glutton…” Lin Dong laughed inwardly, while feeling a little envious. Although the Desolation Qi was greatly beneficial, there was a limit at every stage. With Lin Dong’s current strength, his physical body could only form ten green dragon light tattoos. Hence, there trying to absorb the Desolation Qi would have little effect for the time being.

Lin Dong observed the stone talisman for a moment. He began to relax after seeing that nothing seemed to be out of place. Subsequently, his eyes were thrown towards the interior this seventh storey.

This place still appeared very spacious, and there was nothing noticeable other than the golden Desolation Qi that filled it. Hence, Lin Dong’s eyes involuntarily looked towards the path that led to the eighth storey after looking around.

Instead of calling it a path, it was more akin to a golden membrane of light. Behind the membrane of light, was the eighth storey of the Chaotic Tower that no one had ever entered before…

Lin Dong stood under the golden light membrane, and lifted his head to look at it. He could faintly sense a kind of ancient fluctuation being emitted. Under this fluctuation, Lin Dong discovered that even his spirit trembled a little…

“I wonder what is hidden within this eight storey?”

Lin Dong frowned slightly, as he muttered to himself. Although this fluctuation was extremely faint, it was rather terrifying…


Lin Dong stared at the light membrane, when his eyes suddenly focused. He had discovered that there seemed to be an extremely tiny crack at the edge of the light membrane.

Lin Dong stared at the crack, as his gaze faintly flickered, but he ultimately did not approach it. He had always maintained a mentality of keeping a distance from such mysterious and unknown things.


However, a purplish golden light flickered at the crack just as Lin Dong was preparing to withdraw. Finally, a purplish golden light, that was as thick as a thumb, suddenly rushed out and shot straight towards Lin Dong.

Lin Dong had kept vigilant as he observed at the crack. Hence, he had detected it the moment that purplish gold light appeared. Immediately, his expression changed drastically. A punch was thrown, as his body hurriedly pulled back. An extremely terrifying force ruthlessly smashed towards the purplish gold light.

However, this force that could easily injure a peak initial Profound Life stage expert was shattered upon meeting this purplish gold light. Subsequently, that purplish gold light charged towards Lin Dong under his horrified gaze. Soon after, the tail of the light flashed, and it barbarically charge into his body through his forehead.


Lin Dong’s body suddenly froze in a strange manner the moment this purplish gold light charged into his body.