Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 885: End

Chapter 885: End


Chapter 885: End

A gentle wind blew along the mountain peak, blowing away the tense and hostile atmosphere. However, when everyone saw the thin figure grasping the sharp black tree trunk, as he pointed it at Shentu Jue’s forehead, they could not help but to feel their hearts tighten.

They could feel an extremely thick killing intent from Lin Dong’s body. A killing intent that was ice-cold and filled with cruelty.

The victor has been decided.

Gazes turned towards Shentu Jue one by one. His aura was weak, and his delicate and handsome face appeared extremely pale. This sight caused everyone to sigh inwardly. At this stage, the outcome of the match was clear. However, the result left them with a heart full of complicated feelings.

At the very beginning, even with Lin Dong’s breathtaking victory using the Asura Method, there was still no one that had believed that Lin Dong would actually be able to defeat the famous Iron Asura of the Heaven Wind Sea Region…

The only people within the younger generation in the Heaven Wind Sea Region who could beat him, would be the two monsters from the Universe and Demonic Wind Caves. Had a third person now appeared?

Many people looked at one another with shock in their eyes. They did not know exactly where Lin Dong had sprouted from. To think that he was actually this formidable…


Under the attention of countless gazes, the deadlock atmosphere in the square lasted for a moment. Meanwhile, the killing intent given off by Lin Dong did not show the slightest signs of reducing. Staring at Shentu Jue, the metallic black tree in his hand faintly flickered with a cold light.

“You’ve won…”

Shentu Jue stared stubbornly at Lin Dong. After a long time, the stern and unwilling gaze gradually dimmed. As he wiped away the bloodstains from the corner of his mouth, an extremely hoarse voice rang out.

“Thanks for the win.”

Only upon hearing those words did Lin Dong’s chilling gaze gradually turn gentle. A smile started to appear on his face once again, which made it seem as if the previous vicious and cruel face had never existed.

“The Gu Clan has found a good helper.”

Shentu Jue said in a low voice. In this fight, he had also used all of his strength. However, he was still unexpectedly defeated by Lin Dong. Although he felt somewhat unresigned, he had no choice but to admit that the opponent in front of him, was not someone whom those geniuses from the four great clans could compare to. Lin Dong’s strength, personality, decisiveness and viciousness were superior to his own.

“Brother Shentu’s strength is tyrannical. I merely relied on certain tricks.” Lin Dong said with a smile.

“A victory is a victory. Any method you use is also part of your strength.” Shentu Jue replied, while shooting a deep look at Lin Dong. Waving his hand, he proceeded to turn around and walk off without saying another word.

“Since you’ve won, the quotas of the Chaotic Tower will belong to the Gu Clan. However, I’ll be looking for you in the future.”

As he watched Shentu Jue’s departing figure, Lin Dong slowly unclenched his fists. Slowly raising his head, he looked towards the giant ancient tower at the corner of the square, while pursing his lips.

After racking his brains and putting in his all, he had finally obtained what he wanted. Hopefully, the Chaotic Tower would truly allow the Mysterious Stone Talisman to recover…

“We’ve won!”

When Shentu Jue turned around and walked off, everyone now completely understood the outcome of the match. At this instant, emotional roars and cheers erupted from the Gu Clan side.

“Formidable, he actually defeated Shentu Jue…” Gu Yuntian muttered, as he looked at the thin figure within the plaza with some admiration. He had crossed hands with Shentu Jue before, and naturally knew how fierce and vicious the latter was. However, Shentu Jue seemed to have truly met a tough foe today…

While Gu Shou stroked his beard, the gaze he sent towards Lin Dong was filled with unspeakable admiration and regret. If such a talent could be recruited into the Gu Clan, he would definitely become an important character within the Gu Clan in future.

“Looks like Lin Dong’s name will resound across the Heaven Wind Sea Region in the future.” Gu Mengqi said with a beautiful smile.

Upon hearing this, the surrounding crowd nodded their heads. News of today’s fight would definitely be very quickly spread in the Heaven Wind Sea Region. At that time, Lin Dong’s name would not be unknown like it had been before.

They seemed to have witnessed the rise of a new star, although Lin Dong himself might not care much about it.

“This fellow…”

While the Gu Clan were cheering, in the Wei Clan direction, the still somewhat pale faces of Wei Zhen and Chen Luo twitched a little.

“He actually defeated Shentu Jue…” Wei Zhen muttered, as he clenched his fists tightly. A sliver of dread flashed past his eyes as he stared at Lin Dong. The previous fight made him understand; the latter had simply not used his full power against them…

“Brother Chen Luo, this brat will not be easy to deal with.” Wei Zhen said in a low voice towards Chen Luo, whose gaze had turned gloomy.

A dark look flashed within Chen Luo’s eyes, before he coldly chuckled and replied, “It will be hard for us… however, this way, he will only be even more miserable.”

“Oh?” Wei Zhen said while raising his brow.

“Since he has killed my junior brother, given my master’s character, he will not take this lying down. Later, I’ll spread this news around. At that time, as long as my master rushes to here, it’ll be hard for this brat to escape.” Chen Luo replied with a cold smile.

“He he, If elder Nefarious Bone is willing to personally take action, this brat will indeed be miserable.” Upon hearing this, Wei Zhen immediately grinned, as joy appeared within his eyes. He was originally filled with resentment towards Lin Dong, and the latter’s performance only made it more intense. If the latter was finished off, it would dispel the resentment in his heart.

“Heh, he was asking for it. Although my junior brother is slightly stupid, he’s not someone that can be killed by the likes of Lin Dong. Although Lin Dong has some connections with the Gu Clan, my master is the sinecure of the Demonic Wind Cave. Hence, the Gu Clan will not dare to say anything.” Chen Luo said.

“He he, you’re right brother Chen Luo. This Lin Dong was previously an unknown figure. Thinking about it, he must have encountered some miracles that greatly increased his strength. He has quite a few formidable martial arts. If those were to land in brother Chen Luo’s hands, you might even be able to defeat Shentu Jue.” Wei Zhen said.

At this point, a greedy look appeared at the corner of Chen Luo’s mouth. He was extremely interested in the martial art that Lin Dong had used the day before to absorb the power of the land. If he could obtain it, it would result in a great increase in his strength…

While Wei Zhen was scheming with Chen Luo against Lin Dong, the Shentu Clan’s Shentu Tao could only sigh as he watched Shentu Jue walk back with an emotionless face. He did not blame or reprimand, and just patted the latter’s shoulders. Subsequently, he raised his head, and looked towards the Gu Clan, as he cupped his hands together, “The Shentu Clan has lost this match. The three quotas for the Chaotic Tower will be given to the Gu Clan this year.”

When Shentu Tao’s words rang out, the faces of quite a few Shentu Clan disciples dimmed. In the previous fight, both parties had fought fairly and honorably. Since Shentu Jue had lost, they too had nothing to say.

The black clothed Shentu Rong was currently biting her red lips. She looked at the somewhat dull expression on Shentu Jue, and could not help but feel somewhat complicated. This was the first time she had seen the defeated appearance of this heaven gifted genius of the Shentu Clan. In addition, the person who defeated him, was neither of the two people at the pinnacle of the younger generation in the Heaven Wind Sea Region, but a previously unknown youth…

Who could have anticipated this result before the fight?

Upon hearing Shentu Tao’s words, Gu Shou hurriedly cupped his hands, and returned the greeting with a smile, “Many thanks.”

Shentu Tao shot a look at Lin Dong, with his gaze appearing slightly stern. Under this stern glare, the latter did not move at all. He met Shentu Tao’s gaze with his own rather serene gaze.

“Your thanks should go to that little brother. This time, your clan has found a pretty good external helper.”

After this intersection of gazes continued for a short while, Shentu Tao was the first one to retract his gaze. The sternness in his gaze gradually dissipated before he faintly nodded his head and spoke out. A little bit of praise appeared in his tone, as the youth in front of him was indeed extraordinary. There was no need for Shentu Jue to feel sullen after losing to someone like Lin Dong. However, he was curious; if this youth were to meet with the two people at the apex of the younger generation in the Heaven Wind Sea Region, would he be able to still maintain this blade like sharpness and calm?

Such a meeting would indeed be rather interesting.

The fight to defend the tower had concluded, and this martial gathering had reached its end. The vast crowd on the mountain summit, as well as the noise, started to gradually dissipate. After today, Martial Gathering Island would still be relatively lively, and news of the shocking fight today would likely spread at an astonishing pace…

However, Lin Dong did not give any extra attention to this matter. Since the result was determined, he returned to the Gu Clan side under the respected and revered gazes from the surroundings. Getting straight to the point, he asked, “When will I be able to enter the Chaotic Tower?”

“If you so desire, you can enter as soon as tomorrow!” Gu Shou was evidently in an extremely good mood, as he answered with a laugh.

Lin Dong nodded slightly, as the weight in his heart was finally lifted. As he rubbed his chest, he could feel that the Mysterious Stone Talisman within his body seemed to be vibrating in excitement…

“I hope that you can recover in there.”

Feeling the vibrations from within his body, a smile appeared from the corners of Lin Dong’s mouth. He mumbled to himself, as he lifted his head to look at the ancient Chaotic Tower.