Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 884: Victory

Chapter 884: Victory


Chapter 884: Victory


A resplendent and berserk circle of light rose up from within the demonic earth prison like a scorching sun. Under its intense radiance, everyone could sense a devastatingly destructive ripple.

Bang Bang!

The expansive limestone square appeared to be twisted and warped by a tremendous force, as waves of earth rippled out one after the other on the surface of the ground. Practically the entire square had been shattered.

Solemn gazes witnessed the frightening shock waves spread outwards from the demonic earth prison. A few cautious people had already hurriedly retreated, afraid that they would be affected by these shock waves.

“Such an astonishing exchange…”

Some elders of the Shentu and Gu Clans stood up at this moment. Their eyes were tightly locked onto the epicentre of that dazzling brilliance. Even they could not help, but have grave expressions painted on their faces, as they felt these astonishing fluctuations. Even with their strength, they could not underestimate fluctuations of this degree.

Such attacks had been displayed by two youngsters. The experts of the older generation could not help but lament upon witnessing this scene.

“Who won?”

The disciples of the two clans stared anxiously at the destroyed plaza. Everyone could tell that the attacks of the two were exceedingly vicious and ferocious. Therefore, there would definitely be a victor in such an exchange.

“Elder Gu Shou…” Gu Mengqi tightly clenched her jadelike hands. Her eyes brimming with worry, she looked towards Gu Shou in an attempt to see whether he could obtain any news of the result.

However, Gu Shou only wrinkled his forehead. The Yuan Power within the square was too wild and chaotic. With such chaos, even someone like him would be unable to accurately sense the situation within.

Gu Shou continued to stare firmly at the square filled with an intense radiance. Moments later, his pupils suddenly contracted slightly.

In that instant, an intense brilliance akin to the sun suddenly dashed towards the heavens. Moments after, the brilliance dimmed, while a cloud of dust rose up. The scenery within started to faintly appear once again…


Every gaze immediately shifted over in a flash, while the cloud of dust started to slowly disperse under their attentive gazes.

As the dust scattered, two somewhat thin figures started to appear. Above their heads, the gigantic green dragon claw had caught the giant jet black tower, while distortions had appeared in the surrounding space.

Everyone stared at the deadlock, as their hearts seemed to rise to their throats, especially the members of the Shentu and Gu Clans, whose eyes were opened the widest. Even the elders who had pretty high status, like Gu Shou and Shentu Tao had tightly clenched their fists.

The entire mountain summit had become devoid of noise. Only the sounds of the gentle wind brushing across the mountain forest remained, leading to a melodious rustling noise.


This silence did not continue for long, as people started to hear minute cracking sounds from the air. Immediately, they turned their gazes, only to see that cracks had started to appear on the surface of the giant jet black tower.

“Shentu Jue’s soul suppressing tower is about to break apart!” Sharp cries of alarm suddenly rang out in a piercing manner.

The faces of the Shentu Clan members changed in a flash.

“Look’s like you’re going to lose…”

Lin Dong raised his head. At this time, his face was stained with blood, while his aura was similarly fluctuating as it heaved up and down. Obviously, he had suffered injuries in the previous clash.

Shentu Jue’s delicate and handsome face immediately turned exceedingly ugly at this moment. He could feel the terrifying power from the dragon claw that was grabbing on to his soul suppressing tower.

“In your dreams!”

Shentu Jue’s eyes flickered crazily, before an ominous glint abruptly flashed within them. Biting his the tip of his tongue, essence blood containing boundless Yuan Power spurted out, shooting directly towards the black tower.

Hum Hum!

Following this support from the essence blood, jet black light once again erupted on the surface of the black tower, while those cracks gradually started to recede.

“As if it’s that easy to beat me!” Shentu Jue roared deeply, while his breathing had started to become rather laboured. It was evident that he had staked everything he had into this move.

“Since that’s the case… I’ll shatter your intentions!” Lin Dong said as he looked at the stubbornly resisting Shentu Jue. As his mouth cracked open into a grin, the blood stains at the corner of his mouth made him look fairly sinister.

Over the years, he had experienced countless life or death struggles. If Shentu Jue wanted to compete with him in viciousness, Shentu Jue would obviously be inferior!

The Spirit Brand on Lin Dong’s forehead started to sparkle maniacally once again. Extremely vigorous energies streamed out endlessly, before pouring into his limbs and bones.

Under the boundless energies, even with his tyrannical physical body, Lin Dong was still able to feel a stabbing pain from within his body. However, there were no signs of him stopping. Instead, he viciously stared at Shentu Jue like a wolf staring down its prey. Subsequently, as his lips parted, as his eyes instantly turned ice-cold.


Lin Dong abruptly clenched his fist, as a deep roar furiously rang out.

Following his roar, green light instantly erupted on the gigantic green dragon claw, as an ancient dragon roar rumbled across the entire area.

The green dragon claw ruthlessly crushed downwards, causing cracks to rapidly appear once again on the recently restored black tower.

This time, Lin Dong did not give Shentu Jue the slightest opportunity. The Spirit Brand on his forehead started to increase in brilliance once again, and the green dragon claw swelled once more.

Within the grip of the expanding green dragon claw, monstrous power poured out in torrents onto the black tower. In the next instant, under the countless shocked gazes, it exploded with a loud bang!


When the black tower exploded, Shentu Jue’s face abruptly turned pale, as he spurted a mouthful of blood, and his aura instantly weakened.

“Let your demonic earth prison be broken too!”

Although he had crushed the black tower with a single claw, Lin Dong’s eyes still remained as deadly as a blade’s edge. With a thought, the gigantic green dragon claw swept out once again. It ruthlessly smashed against the jet black light that had enveloped the entire square.


When the green dragon fist landed on its surface, the light screen instantly started to shake violently. With a final clear sound, the Asura Earthly Demonic Prison, which was created by Shentu Jue’s full power, was forcibly shattered.

As the demonic earth prison was broken, Shentu Jue suffered another blow, sending him flying backwards. Under countless dumbstruck gazes, he slid backwards on the ground for more than a thousand feet.


In this instant, a noise that shook the heavens rang out from around the square, as everyone looked dumbfoundedly at the spectacle before them. No one would have ever guessed that in this short moment, Shentu Jue, who had the advantage all along, was defeated in such a thorough fashion!

In the Shentu Clan direction, everyone stared at this scene in disbelief, especially the younger generation disciples. All of them had seemingly lifeless expressions on their faces. They were unable to believe that Shentu Jue would actually be defeated!


Within the square, Shentu Jue coughed violently, as blood spurted out from his mouth. At this time, his delicate and handsome face still appeared extremely fierce and vicious. Half squatting, an unresigned roar erupted from his throat. With a clench of his fist, a black sabre appeared in his hand.

However, just as he was prepared to continue, a whooshing noise rang out in front of him, as a demon like figure came sweeping towards him. In the next instant, a black tree trunk that had sharp branches appeared before his forehead like a murder weapon brimming with killing intent. That ice-cold killing intent that made no attempt to conceal itself caused Shentu Jue’s body to freeze.

This killing intent made him understand, that if he were to make any strange movements, the sharp tree branches would definitely smash his head into a pulp.

The person before him seemed to be even more ferocious and vicious than himself!

Lin Dong gazed at Shentu Jue, before deeply inhaling, as he slowly said, “Sorry, I’ve won.”