Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 874: Challenge

Chapter 874: Challenge


Chapter 874: Challenge

“Asura Method?”

The Gu Clan seats seemed to have become much more silent due to the sudden appearance of these two words. Astonished gazes looked towards the youth, who had muttered this phrase with a slight smile on his face.

“You… you want to challenge using the Asura Method?

Gu Shou was after all a seasoned veteran, hence, he was the first to recover. However, his old face still appeared somewhat surprised. It was clear that Lin Dong’s words had affected him greatly.

Lin Dong slowly nodded his head. Before the start of the martial gathering, he had heard about the rules of the martial gathering from Gu Mengqi. Generally speaking, the winner was determined by a best of three. However, besides this form of normal competition, there was a stand alone ruling.

This ruling is termed the Asura Method.

Its name sounds rather terrifying, however, it is not difficult to understand. Simply speaking, it refers to sending one competitor to challenge all three opponents at once. If the individual wins, it would reverse the originally disadvantageous situation.

Although the ruling was simple, it would be exceedingly difficult to carry out this method to fruition. Practically everyone who had the qualifications to participate in the five great clans martial gathering, were top figures within the younger generation of the Heaven Wind Sea Region. Although there might be some disparity between them, they would be rather minor. Therefore, it would be an uphill task to triumph over three opponents.

If Lin Dong wanted to initiate the ‘Asura Method’, he would have to fight Wei Zhen, Chen Luo, and Wei Li, all by himself. Of the three, Wei Zhen and Chen Luo possessed the strength to break through to advance Profound Life stage. As for the weakest Wei Li, he was after all at the peak of the initial Profound Life stage. If the three of them were to join hands, they would be comparable to an advance Profound Life stage expert. Even within the younger generation of the Heaven Wind Sea Region, there were perhaps less than five people who possessed such strength.

It was due to this fact, that Gu Shou and the rest were so shocked, when they heard that Lin Dong wanted to challenge the ‘Asura Method’. In the numerous martial gatherings, there had been people who challenged the ‘Asura Method’, however, those who had actually succeeded, were as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns. The most recent one was Shentu Jue of the Shentu Clan. It was through this event that he earned the title of Iron Asura.

Who was Shentu Jue? He was the most outstanding genius that had emerged from the Shentu Clan in a hundred years. His talent was comparable to the top two in the younger generation within the Heaven Wind Sea Region. In recent years, his name had become a heavy stone that weighed down on the hearts of all of the geniuses from the other four great clans. Under the halo of this Iron Asura, they undoubtedly served as the supporting cast to his brilliance.

However, at this very moment, Lin Dong wished to do what the Asura had previously accomplished. Did he really believe that with his strength, he could truly contend with that individual?

The gazes of Gu Shou and the other Gu Clan members continuously flickered. They already had nothing left to say after Lin Dong’s performance during his fight with Su Yan, and had discarded all of their doubts towards Lin Dong. However… what Lin Dong would face now, was something that their Gu Clan had never challenged before…

“I’ve said it before, I want the quota for the Chaotic Tower.”

Lin Dong looked at the completely silent crowd. With a grin, he said, “Since we’re already facing a definite loss, what not let me give it a try?”

Meeting Lin Dong’s gaze, Gu Shou clearly hesitated for a while, before replying, “It’s very dangerous. The slightest carelessness on your part can possibly result in your death.”

“I’ve experienced far worse life-threatening situations. The one before me now has not yet reached the level where I’m forced to retreat.”

Lin Dong looked straight at Gu Shou. The smile on that youthful face had suddenly become sharp and pressuring, like an unsheathed sword, and gave off a chilling aura. Within the Unique Devil Region, even though the three great sect masters of the Yuan Gate had came out, they were still unable to kill him. Those were three Samsara stage super experts; they could cause the heavens to rend, and the earth to shake no matter where they were. Yet, even they had not managed to kill Lin Dong. What were Wei Zhen and the other two in comparison?

Lin Dong’s sudden fierceness restricted the auras of all the Gu Clan members for an instant. With her beautiful eyes, Gu Mengqi looked at the youth, who stood as tall and straight as a pine tree. His eyes contained a confidence in himself that seemed indestructible. This caused her red lips to open slightly, as an extraordinary splendor flashed past those peach blossom like pupils.

A fearless man would always have an inner charm. Although Lin Dong’s appearance might not be as outstanding as Gu Yuntian’s, Gu Yuntian currently appeared exceptionally dim beside him.

“Elder Gu Shou, it is already checkmate for us. If we don’t take this unconventional move, our clan will definitely be eliminated. Since this is the case, why not let Lin Dong have a go. After all, the current situation is already the worst result, isn’t it?” Gu Mengqi said in a gentle voice.

Gu Shou looked at Lin Dong with a somewhat complicated gaze. This youth had strength, courage and boldness. If he was a Gu Clan disciple, he would likely not be inferior to that person from the Shentu Clan…

“Since you’ve already decided on this, it’ll not be good for me to refuse. However, if you’re really unable to contend with them, just give up early and concede. This will prevent any evil schemes. Those little kids of the Wei Clan don’t go light on their attacks.” Gu Shou replied with a sigh.

“Many thanks.”

Lin Dong smiled, cupping his hands towards Gu Shou, before turning around, and shooting towards the square below. His directness and unhindered mannerism made people sigh in admiration.

“This youth… is indeed somewhat incredible.” Gu Shou gazed at the Lin Dong’s back, and said with some regret.

“I cannot compare to him.” Gu Yuntian said, while slowly nodding his head. Even a person as arrogant as himself, had no choice but to admit, that when compared to Lin Dong, he was inferior in every aspect.

“How great would it be if such a youth was a member of our Gu Clan.”

Gu Shou pursed his lips, before looking at Gu Mengqi, whose beautiful eyes were focused on Lin Dong’s back. Smiling strangely, he said, “What’s wrong? Has our clan’s big miss, with her high expectations, finally take fancy on someone?”

Hearing this, Gu Mengqi’s fair and beautiful face turned faintly crimson. However, she strangely did not display any embarrassment. Instead, she pursed her lips, and gently nodded her head. These actions caused the surrounding Gu Clan members who understood her to feel slightly dumbfounded…



Lin Dong’s feet landed on the spacious square, before turning his sights towards the direction of the Wei Clan. There, Wei Zhen and Chen Luo had their arms crossed across their chests, while staring somewhat contemptuously at him, as if they were looking at a cornered monkey that was stubbornly resisting.

“You still haven’t lost heart?” Wei Zhen looked at Lin Dong, as he mocked.

However, Lin Dong did not pay heed to this mockery, while his calm eyes continued to stare.

These actions caused Wei Zhen to wrinkle his forehead. He proceeded to shoot a look at Wei Li. The latter immediately shot forward and landed on the square.

“I know you’re formidable. There’s no need to fight in this match. Consider it your win.” Wei Li said, while laughing strangely. He had immediately chosen to concede, as he was very clear that if Chen Luo finished off the Gu Clan’s Gu Yan, their Wei Clan would be considered the victors.

As he said these words, Wei Li proceeded to turn around and leave. However, just as he did so, Lin Dong’s calm voice slowly rang out, “Let the other two come down too.”


Wei Li’s footsteps halted, as he turned around and stared at Lin Dong vacantly.

The noise within the entire mountain gradually strangely quietened down at this moment. Subsequently, gazes swept over one after another, before finally resting on the figure of the thin youth.

The smiles on the faces of the two men who had their arms crossed in front of their chests slowly froze, as gloominess started to gush out from their eyes.

“What did you say?” Wei Zhen asked with a cold smile.

“I said… I want the two of you to get down here!” Lin Dong raised his head, and looked at Wei Zhen, as a stern and fierce look flashed past his face.


An uproar rippled out in waves. Countless whispers erupted at this instant.

“Asura Method! He wants to challenge the Asura Method!”

A roar that was filled with shock suddenly rang out, before the noises that seemingly blotted the skies abruptly increased in volume. Figures that filled the mountain and covered the plains, all suddenly stood up, before casting their fiery gazes over.

“Good brat, you truly have balls!”

“He actually dares to challenge the Asura Method. Ha ha, its either win or die…”

“All these years, hasn’t the Asura Method only been successfully completed by the Shentu Clan’s Shentu Jue? I wonder how well this brat will fair…”


Hearing the uproar that covered the mountains and filled the plains, Wei Zhen’s and Chen Luo’s eyes turned increasingly gloomy, before a sinister grin started to slowly climb from the corner of their mouths.

“Since you’re looking to die, I’ll grant your wish!”

Their figures practically shot forward at the same time. Like two grim reapers, they carried killing auras that pervaded their entire bodies, and landed with a bang on the square.

At this very moment, the atmosphere instantly exploded!