Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 873: Asura Method

Chapter 873: Asura Method


Chapter 873: Asura Method

The scorching sun was suspended high in the sky. Sunlight illuminated the entire Martial Gathering Island, causing the already exceptionally lively and noisy island to become even more warm and feverish.

A black mass of people gathered in the surroundings of the plaza at the mountain top. Waves of sound rang out one after another, causing even the clouds in the sky to be scattered

Following the easy three to zero victory by the Wei Clan over the Song Clan, the next round of the martial gathering was now decided. Next up, would be the battle between the Wei Clan and the Gu Clan. Only the winner of this battle would have to qualifications to challenge the defending champion, the Shentu Clan.

Countless gazes swept across the Gu Clan and Wei Clan seats, as whispers broke out. Evidently, they were gauging the combat capabilities of both sides.

“Within the Wei Clan, Wei Zhen and that Chen Luo both have the qualifications of breaking through to the advance Profound Life stage. Even the weakest Wei Li had reached the peak of the initial Profound Life stage…” Gu Mengqi gently bit her lip and softly sighed, as she looked towards the direction of the Wei Clan.

“This time, the situation is not too encouraging for us…”

“The only chance of victory will be if elder sister Mengqi manages to match with the weakest Wei Li, and defeats him. Coupled with Lin Dong winning the his match, that’s the only what we can achieve a two to one victory over the Wei Clan.” Gu Yan said in a somewhat helpless manner.

Lin Dong wrinkled his brows. He did not like the feeling on placing his hopes on that improbable ballot.

The elder generation of the Gu Clan obviously knew about the importance of this battle. However, after a round of discussions, they discovered that the situation still did not bode well for them. Thus, they could only frown and shake their heads. After which, Gu Shou walked over, and looked at Lin Dong and the other two, as he helplessly said, “Mengqi, be the first to draw the ballot.”

Gu Mengqi faintly nodded her head. With a shake of her jadelike hand, the light tag within split into three. Under the supervision of the Shentu Clan referee nearby, she offered them to Lin Dong and Gu Yan.

Gu Mengqi was the first to extended her hand and take a tag. After a single look, she said with a bitter smile, “My opponent is Chen Luo…”

Given her strength, an encounter with Chen Luo would definitely end in defeat.

Lin Dong reached out, and looked at the result. Instantly, his expression turned slightly odd, as he said, “ Looks like you don’t have any hope left. Wei Li has been picked by me…”

When he said these words, Lin Dong also felt somewhat helpless. Never would he had imagined that the weakest among the three participants from the Wei Clan would actually be picked by him.

“Then, my opponent should be Wei Zhen.” Gu Yan said while biting her lip. She looked at the remaining light tag, softly sighed before saying, “Looks like the most important match of this round has been left to me…”

From the current situation, Gu Yan would obviously lose to Chen Luo. As for Lin Dong, since he was paired against the weakest Wei Li, he would obviously win. This way, the most important fight had changed to the one between Gu Mengqi and Wei Zhen. Their positions changed completely from the previous round…

When he saw this, Gu Shou’s forehead scrunched up tightly. However, the results were already out, and he could do nothing about it, except say, “Mengqi, you go first. If the result isn’t good, we don’t need to continue the rest of the fights…”

From this arrangement, the most important was the result of Gu Mengqi’s battle. If she loses, the points would stop at two to zero. At that time, even if Lin Dong was powerful, he would still be unable to change the result.

Upon hearing this, Gu Mengqi faintly nodded her head. Gently biting her lips, she replied, “I’ll try my best.” As her voice faded, she did not hesitate any longer. Her beautiful figure moved, as she shot towards the square.

As he watched the beautiful figure that had shot out, Gu Shou sighed, before looking at Lin Dong. With a bitter smile, he said, “It’s not your fault if we lose. It can only be said that our Gu Clan is weaker than them.”

Lin Dong felt helpless. Soon after, he turned his head around, and looked towards the direction of the Wei Clan. At this moment, Wei Zhen had also looked over, revealing a smile that showed his joy at Lin Dong’s misfortune. With a shift of his body, Wei Zhan shot straight towards the square that Gu Mengqi had descended on.

“Ha ha. Miss Mengqi, looks like the external helper of your Gu Clan is cannot save you from this crisis…” When Wei Zhen landed, he revealed a smile towards her and remarked.

“Wei Zhen, don’t celebrate too early!” Anger had erupted on Gu Mengqi’s gentle face due to Wei Zhen’s callous taunting, causing her gentle voice to turn cold.

“This is a foregone conclusion. Unless you believe that you’re able to defeat me?” Wei Zhen teased.

“We’ll know once we fight!” Gu Mengqi coldly said. With a clench of her jadelike hand, an azure crescent moon shaped longsword appeared in a flash. Cold light flowed on the surface of the sword. It was clearly a rather powerful spirit treasure.

Upon seeing this, Wei Zhen faintly smiled, as his had slowly drew the giant blade on his back. With a whirl of his palm, the giant blade flew out, before heavily stabbing into the ground in front of him.


As the giant blade was inserted into the ground, even the earth trembled. Meanwhile, a swift and fierce blade glint, that caused people’s expressions to change, gradually radiated out from within Wei Zhen’s body.

“You’ll know the result in ten rounds.”

Wei Zhen grabbed the blade handle. Raising his head, he grinned at Gu Mengqi. At this moment, his gaze instantly turned sharp and fierce like a blade. With a shift of his body, he shot out explosively like thunder.

Bang Bang!

As Wei Zhen shot forward, an extremely astonishingly swift and fierce blade glow soared into the clouds. As the blade glint passed through the hard ground of the square, it sliced it up like tofu. Rocks and stone flew in all directions, causing the expressions of several people to change.

Outside of the square, Lin Dong looked at the blade glint that pervaded the entire square, and faintly pursed his lips. Beside him, the faces of Gu Yan and the rest become somewhat ugly.

The situation in the square was practically completely under Wei Zhen’s control. The swift, fierce and overbearing blade Qi enveloped every corner of the square. As for Gu Mengqi, in response to attacks of such level, she could only retreat little by little. From the looks of this, everyone knew that Gu Menqi’s chances of victory against Wei Zhen was practically zero…

“Before ten rounds, she will lose…” Lin Dong stared at the square, before saying in a soft voice.

After hearing this, the eyes of Gu Yan and the rest dimmed, while Gu Shou also helplessly sighed. There was already no way to change this outcome.

The atmosphere at the Gu Clan seats had become heavy and pressurising. All of the Gu Clan disciples clenched their hands tightly. Would their Gu Clan be stopped at this place…

Chi Chi!

Overbearing blade Qi shot out explosively. Wei Zhen’s attacks were akin to lightning, and the beautiful figure within was akin to a small boat in the middle of a storm, teetering on the brink of capsizing.

“She has lost.” Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly focused as he muttered.

“Heh heh.”

Just as Lin Dong’s words rang out, a smile appeared on the Wei Zhen’s face. In the next instant, his eyes instantly turned ice-cold, as he grasped his blade with both hands, and furiously slashed down.

“Mountain Render!”

Berserk blade Qi howled out, as countless blade glints transform into a gigantic mountain peak in the air, before descending onto Gu Mengqi.

Swish swish swish!

Gu Mengqi looked at the blade mountain that suddenly descending towards her, as her eyes turned extremely grim. Practically all of the Yuan Power within her body surged out, and a thousand feet long sword rainbow shot out explosively, violently slashing at the blade mountain.


At the instant of impact, an earth-shattering noise resounded. In the next instant, berserk blade Qi and sword glints swept out in a crazy manner, and viciously smashed into Gu Mengqi’s body.


A mouthful of blood was spurted out from Gu Mengqi’s mouth, as her beautiful body flew backwards. After miserably landing outside the square, her aura instantly dropped. Evidently, she had suffered rather serious injuries.

“I’ve said before. You will lose in ten rounds.” Wei Zhen stood in the air, as he kept his blade. An exceedingly insolent smile appeared from the corners of his mouth.

“The Wei Clan wins the first match!” Upon seeing this, the Shentu Clan referee immediately announce the results of the fight.

As his voice rang out, cheers instantly rang out from the direction of the Wei Clan, as pleased gazes looked towards the direction of the Gu Clan. This made the faces of quite a few Gu Clan disciples turn somewhat ugly.

Gu Mengqi’s faces was rather pale as she returned to the Gu Clan seats. Looking at Lin Dong and the rest, she said with a bitter smile, “Sorry…”

Lin Dong softly sighed in his heart, before tilting his head, only to see Wei Zhen who was standing in the air above the square looking at him. When Wei Zhen saw Lin Dong look over, a domineering look flashed past his face.

“Lin Dong, looks like you still don’t have the qualifications to save them from this desperate situation.” Wei Zhen stood in the air, as looked at Lin Dong and smiled.

“Don’t you feel sullen for this kind of competition, where you don’t even need to take action?”

Lin Dong faintly wrinkled his brow, as he looked at Wei Zhen, who had slightly lost control due to joy, however, Lin Dong remained quiet.

“Ah, forget about it…”

Gu Shou patted Lin Dong’s shoulder, and sighed, “As for the quota, I’m afraid the our Gu Clan is unable to give it to you. If you have any other rewards that you need, feel free to tell us…”

Lin Dong kneaded his temples as he replied, “Didn’t I say long ago that I’m only interested in the quota for the Chaotic Tower.”

“However, our Gu Clan has already lost…” Gu Shou replied helplessly.

“Lost? That may not be…”

Upon hearing this, Lin Dong merely chuckled. Tilting his head, he stared at Gu Shou and the rest, as he spoke in a soft voice, “Isn’t there an Asura Method?”

“Asura Method?”

Upon hearing his words, Gu Mengqi and the rest instantly raised their heads, and look at Lin Dong with somewhat dazed eyes. Even Gu Shou and his old face was faintly becoming a little emotional.