Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 872: Victory

Chapter 872: Victory


Chapter 872: Victory

The originally noisy arena had evidently turned much quieter. Unconcealable astonishment filled each and every one of the gazes that looked towards the destroyed arena.

No one would have guessed that Su Yan, who had activated the the Black Demon Immortal Body, would actually be defeated by a single strike from Lin Dong.

At the Gu Clan seats, Gu Mengqi and the rest all watched at this scene in amazement. After a moment, joy that was difficult to hide finally rushed up on their faces.

“Such tyrannical power…” Gu Yuntian muttered, as a grave expression appeared within his eyes. He could feel that the the claw sent out by the transformed Lin Dong contained an extremely frightening power. Such a power had practically taken the absolute advantage in the battle against Su Yan.

“Now, I’ve indeed some confidence in what he had said… perhaps, he can truly cross hands with that fellow Shentu Jue…”

Gu Mengqi tilted her head. From the face of Gu Yuntian, the most outstanding person in the younger generation of the Gu Clan, she was able to spot a sliver of admiration. Obviously, the strength that Lin Dong displayed previously, had dispelled all the doubts others had of him.


“No wonder why he could kill Xu Yun… this strength, is not bad.”

Chen Luo’s eyes faintly narrowed, as he looked towards the collapsed arena, before looking again at the thin man standing in the air. He then pursed his lips, and slowly spoke.

At this moment, the contempt that was originally present, had finally dissipated completely. After seeing that astonishing strike of Lin Dong, if he still held contempt in his heart, he, Chen Luo, would be the fool.

Beside him, Wei Zhen’s brows slightly wrinkled as he said, “Where exactly did this brat pop out from… with such strength, he can’t be without any reputation in the Heaven Wind Sea Region.”

Wei Zhen pondered for a while, but still could not reach an answer. He could only shake his head, and say in a soft voice, “This external helper invited by the Gu Clan is indeed not weak. If Gu Yuntian was also competing, our Wei Clan would indeed be in true danger this time…”

“However… with just the two ladies, Gu Mengqi and Gu Yan, it will be difficult to achieve any results.”

Chen Luo slowly nodded his head. Lin Dong was the only threat from the Gu Clan. As for the other two ladies, it was difficult for them to have much of an impact. In this kind of competition, depending on Lin Dong alone would not save them from a desperate crisis. After all, he could only win one match… unless…

When his thoughts reached this point, Chen Luo broke into laughter, and shook his head. Although Lin Dong’s strength was indeed not bad, he was still far from being able to reach that level. He had indeed overly estimated the latter.

In the air, Lin Dong lowered his head to look at Su Yan within the collapsed arena, whose aura was now rather dispirited. His hand slowly rubbed his right arm, which was currently in a state of numbness. The green dragon light tattoos, that were originally swimming under his skin, had already faded at this moment.

Currently, following the rise of his strength, the various mysteries of the Green Heaven Materialised Dragon Skill were progressively unearthed by Lin Dong, like the ‘Green Dragon Heavenly Seat Seal’ that he had just displayed. Nothing could stop the frightening power that could suppress the all living creatures. However, the drain it had on him was exceedingly terrifying.

What it consumed was quite peculiar, as it did not consume Yuan Power, but the “Green Dragon Light Tattoos” created by Lin Dong.

The current Lin Dong was able to create four of these light tattoos, and they existed separately in his four limbs. This was the source of his power. At the same time, it was where the very essence of the Green Heaven Materialised Dragon Skill was located.

The most important reason why his physical body possessed such tyrannical brute force, was most importantly due to these ‘Green Dragon Light Tattoos’.

Previously, in Unique Devil Region, Qing Zhi had shattered space to help him. That attack was the ‘Green Dragon Heavenly Seat Seal’. However, the attack that he had used was multiple levels above Lin Dong’s.

For the current Lin Dong, a single use of the ‘Green Dragon Heavenly Seat Seal’ would consume one ‘Green Dragon Light Tattoo’. Therefore, if he was to fight with all of his strength, he could at most display it four times. After which, he had to recreate more ‘Green Dragon Light Tattoos’…

Furthermore, if he wished to reach Qing Zhi’s level, Lin Dong estimated that he would need to create over a thousand ‘Green Dragon Light Tattoos’. At that time, with a single swat of his hand, even a Profound Death stage expert would be smashed to death.

“The third fight, Gu Clan, Lin Dong’s victory.”

While Lin Dong was sighing due to the overwhelming power of the Green Heaven Materialised Dragon Skill, the Shentu Clan elder had shot over once again from nearby. He first shot a peculiar glance at Lin Dong, before announcing in a deep voice.

Following his announcement, joyous cheers erupted from the Gu Clan seats. As for the Su Clan, they had became somewhat silent. Subsequently, several Su Clan disciples shot out, landed on the collapsed platform, and supported Su Yan up.

“Thanks for letting me win, brother Su Yan.” Lin Dong slowly descended, and cupped his hands together towards Su Yan as he said.

Su Yan wiped off the blood stains at the corner of his mouth. Sending a bitter smile towards Lin Dong, he replied, “Brother Lin Dong’s strength is tyrannical, and it was not wrong that I’ve lost. Looks like the Gu Clan is gunning for the champion position this time. The final battle for the defence of the tower will likely be somewhat spectacular.”

Lin Dong chuckled. He naturally knew that what Su Yan was referring to Shentu Jue. As his thoughts reached this point, he faintly raised his head, and looked towards the the half of the ancient stone tower at the mountaintop which could be seen, as interest started to rise in his heart. He did look forward to seeing exactly how outstanding was the ability of the individual that was dreaded by the outstanding young experts of the five great clans…

After sending off Su Yan as he left supported by people with his eyes, Lin Dong turned around, and returned to the Gu Clan seats. Upon seeing him return, those Gu Clan disciples immediately gave way. The gazes they sent towards the former had some admiration and respect within them. The doubt and suspicion that was present earlier, had completely vanished.

“Brother Lin Dong, it’s been hard on you.” Gu Mengqi said, while smiling sweetly. Her gentle appearance was rather moving and alluring..

Lin Dong chuckled, before turning his head towards the lively square and said, “Next up should be the competition between the Wei Clan and the Song Clan, right?”

“Yes.” Gu Mengqi replied, while nodding her head, before continuing, “However the Wei Clan’s strength is tyrannical. Defeating the Song Clan should not be hard for them. If the Wei Clan wins, we will encounter them in the next round…”

Upon hearing this, Lin Dong could not help but to turn his head towards the direction of the Wei Clan. He saw that Wei Zhen and Chen Luo were staring at him with playfulness on their faces.

“These two are indeed somewhat hard to deal with.”

Lin Dong muttered. He could sense that Wei Zhen and Chen Luo were likely even stronger than Su Yan. These two had the qualifications of breaking through to the advance Profound Life stage in one or two years…

Gu Mengqi bitterly smiled, and nodded her head. If Gu Yuntian was able to fight, and with the addition of Lin Dong, they would not fear the Wei Clan at all. However, given the current situation, even if Lin Dong displayed his impressive power, their chances of victory was still very low…

Within the square, following the end of the fight between Lin Dong and Su Yan, the Shentu Clan elder announced the start of next round of fights. This time, the battle was between the Wei Clan and the Song Clan.

Although the exchange between the two clans was brilliant on a whole, nothing unexpected occurred. Facing the two powerhouses, the Wei Clan’s Wei Zhen as well as Chen Luo, although the Song Clan had done their best, other than Song Tai who managed to endure a dozen rounds at the hands of Wei Zhen, before being defeated, the other two fights ended in complete defeat. This three to zero scoreline caused an uproar in the entire audience, and allowed the Wei Clan to smoothly advance to the next round…

When he heard the Shentu Clan elder announce the results, Lin Dong felt two gazes shoot towards him. Faintly raising his head, his gaze intersected with Wei Zhen’s and Chen Luo’s.

From the eyes of the two, Lin Dong was able to feel strong provocation, as well as hostility.

Lin Dong’s face remained calm as he met the provocative gazes of the two. His slender fingers slowly intersected, as he shot a glance at Gu Mengqi and Gu Yan, whose eyes were filled with worry.

This did not seem to be a good battle to fight…