Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 871: A Single Strike

Chapter 871: A Single Strike


Chapter 871: A Single Strike


Boundless red light suddenly unfurled on the platform. Everyone could see that Su Yan’s body was squirming and expanding within the red light.

Chi Chi!

The sounds of flesh being torn apart and rapidly reattaching were exceptionally ear-piercing. However, the eyes of those who understood Su Yan’s abilities were completely grave. It was obvious that they were extremely fearful of the latter’s transformation.

“It’s indeed the Black Demon Immortal Body.” Gu Mengqi muttered as she gently bit her lip, while gazing at Su Yan’s squirming and expanding figure.

“It’s said that the Black Demon Immortal Body, was created by the ancient expert Black Demon Old Devil. Not only can this martial art increase the power of the user’s physical body, it is even capable of greatly improving the recovery properties of the Life Qi within the body. Therefore, when one activates the Black Demon Immortal Body, he would practically be immortal…” Gu Yuntian said with a grave expression.

“Now… Lin Dong will be having a bitter fight.”

The Gu Clan members around him nodded their heads with similarly grave expressions plastered on their faces, before their gazes locked onto the platform. Whether their Clan could advance to the next round, would depend on whether Lin Dong was able to triumph in this match…


“Black Demon Immortal Body. Is this the inheritance that Su Yan obtained? I’m finally able to see it today…” From where the Wei Clan was seated, Wei Zhen observed the situation in the arena. His eyes narrowed as he said with a faint smile.

“He does indeed have some ability.” Beside Wei Zhen, Chen Luo was also somewhat surprised, as he observed the figure within the red light that blotted the skies.

“Su Yan is truly worthy of being the strongest person in the Su Clan’s younger generation. If he activates the Black Demon Immortal Body, even I would find it would be extremely troublesome. Tch tch, from the looks of it, the brat does not even seem to possess the qualifications to enter the next round. I’ve overestimated him…”

Wei Zhen smiled faintly, and nodded his head as he said, “No matter. Since he has a grudge with brother Chen Luo, when the martial gathering is over, we’ll capture him after he leaves the Gu Clan. At that time, he’ll be in your hands, brother Chen Luo.”

Chen Luo gave an indifferent smile. With his hands behind his back, he stared at the arena as he replied, “We can discuss this matter if he manages to survive Su Yan…”

Boundless red light that pervaded the arena suddenly swept out in all directions like a storm. In the next moment, a deep, low and hoarse roar suddenly rang out from within.

As the red light gradually dissipated, a giant figure, standing roughly a hundred feet tall, appeared in the arena. The figure was coloured dark red from head to toe. From a distance, it seemed to be covered in dark red layers. Red light flowed on the surface of its body, and a trace of strange Qi was faintly discernible as it radiated out. On its back, a pair of bat wings were unfurling. The edges of the bat wings were fully covered in sharp dark red bone spikes…

At this moment, Su Yan looked akin to a devil from an ancient times; malevolent and vicious. He gave off a demonic aura that blotted the skies.

Lin Dong looked at the transformed Su Yan, as his gaze hardened. From the looks of it, this so-called Black Demon Immortal Body seemed to be a rather powerful body strengthening technique…

“I’ve said this before, I will win this match!”

Su Yan’s eyes turned scarlet red as he roared . He slowly clenched his fists tightly, feeling the seemingly explosive and frightening power within his body, while a maniacal bloodlust rose within his heart. Lowering his head, he looked at Lin Dong in the distance, as a malevolent smile appeared on his face.


As his words faded, the bat wings behind his back suddenly shook, causing crazy winds to instantly sweep out.

As the crazy winds swept out, Lin Dong’s pupils faintly contracted. His arms instantly crossed before his body, as green light suddenly erupted.


Su Yan’s gigantic body appeared in front of Lin Dong as if he had teleported. The massive fist covered with dark red layers viciously smashed into Lin Dong’s crossed arms.

Berserk energies erupted from the impact. The ground Lin Dong stood on rapidly turned into dust with his feet at the epicentre.

Lin Dong’s body was sent flying by the immense force. Twisting his palm and patting behind himself, the air behind him exploded, helping him disperse part of the frightening force. He shot a look at his arms, as there was an acute pain radiating from them. Immediately, his eyes slightly narrowed; Su Yan’s Black Demon Immortal Body was indeed rather formidable.

“Looks like you’ve also learnt a body enhancing martial art, to actually be capable of blocking my punch!”

Su Yan looked at Lin Dong. Although he had been sent flying, he did not appear to have suffered any severe injuries, causing Su Yan to involuntarily exclaim in astonishment. If it were any ordinary person, even an initial Profound Life stage expert, both arms would definitely be broken by a single punch from himself.

“However, against such strong attacks, how many times can you endure?”

Su Yan grinned. His current state was the very embodiment of power. Every movement he made possessed the terrifying power that was sufficient to rupture and shatter mountains.


Lin Dong’s hands stroked the area where Su Yan’s attack had landed, before slowly exhaling a breath of air. As he raised his head, a smile surfaced on his face.

“Your physical body and power are indeed not weak… however…”

As he said this, resplendent green light suddenly erupted from Lin Dong’s body, while his voice slowly echoed.

“However… you’ve picked the wrong opponent.”

Resplendent green light frantically spread outwards. Under countless gazes, a clear and spirited dragon roar suddenly resounded across the sky. In the next instant, everyone saw see an abnormally gigantic figure appearing within the green light that blotted the skies.

The green light rapidly dissipated. When everyone saw the gigantic figure beneath the green light, the sounds of people gasping was immediately heard around the arena.

“Dragon Tribe?!”

Shocked voices accompanied the gasps. Many people widened their eyes in astonishment, as they stared at the gigantic green dragon, which was at least a thousand feet long, occupying the air above the arena. The tyrannical pressure that only the dragon tribe possessed caused several people’s pupils to tightly contract.

“Not the dragon tribe… it is a mystical body enhancing martial art. However, it’s capable of allowing its user to train to a level comparable to the dragon tribe. This Lin Dong… seems like he isn’t your average person.” Gu Yuntian’s gaze turned grave as he spoke out.

Gu Mengqi slowly nodded her head, as her beautiful eyes stared at the gigantic dragon floating in the air. That snaking body was bold and powerful, and its dragon scales sparkled with green light. That streamline figure was practically perfect…

“A body enhancing martial art that allows a human to possess a body similar to the dragon tribe…” Su Yan muttered as his scarlet red eyes stared at the gigantic floating figure, while his heart trembled faintly. He could sense an extremely dangerous feeling from the figure. Under the gaze of those dragon eyes, which were suffused with green light, the berserk power flowing within his body seemed to be restrained.

“I want to see whether it’s your Green Dragon body, or my Black Demon Immortal Body that is stronger!”

Su Yan’s gaze flickered, before finally condensing into an ominous glint. Red light that blotted the skies exploded, before the bat wings on his back gave a violent jerk. His body transformed into a resplendent ray of dark red light. This ray of light was looked exactly like a dark red curved blade. Wherever the light swept past, a black scar was created as space was split apart.

“Black Devil Slash!”

The dark red blade glow tore apart space. With a low and deep roar, it cut across the air, heading straight for the green dragon floating in the sky.

In the sky, the green dragon calmly watched the incoming blade glow. The expression showing in its eyes was akin to a god looking down on an ant.

“Green Dragon Heavenly Seat Seal !”

A gigantic green dragon claw reached out, as boundless green light gathered below it. A dragon shaped light seal was faintly discernible as it appeared, as a peculiar pressure radiated from it.

The green dragon palm descended towards the dark red blade glow. In the next instant, under the attention of countless gazes, it landed on the dark red curved blade that Su Yan had transformed into.

In an instant this entire stretch of the world seemed to turn silent.

However, this silence after all only lasted for an instant. Immediately after, everyone’s pupils tightly contracted, as they saw the green dragon claw crushing down like a mountain with a loud rumble. As for the dark red glow under the green dragon claw, it was directly smashed into the earth.


The entire platform seemed to collapse at this instant. The green dragon claw that had descend, seemed to possess the frightening power to suppress the myriad living things in this world.

As the square collapsed, the green dragon palm rapidly disappeared. The green dragon occupying the skies rapidly shrunk before finally transforming into a thin figure who stood in the air.

The entire area had turned deathly silent. Eyes looked towards the thin figure in the sky, before lowering to see another figure, fully covered in blood, struggling to crawl up from the collapsed platform, before finally falling down powerlessly. The low and deep sound made when his arms dropped onto the crushed rock, made the eyes of everyone jump urgently…

Su Yan, who had utilised the Black Demon Immortal Body, had been unexpectedly defeated… by a single strike from the green dragon that Lin Dong had transformed into!