Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 870: Intense Battle Against Su Yan

Chapter 870: Intense Battle Against Su Yan


Chapter 870: Intense Battle Against Su Yan

Like a surging tide, wave after wave of boundless Yuan Power radiated across the spacious platform. The Yuan Power squeezed the air, creating low and deep humming noises, a scene that shook one’s the hearts and soul.

The two people on the platform looked at each other, as their gazes gradually turned fierce. An atmosphere of mutual hostility quietly enveloped the the platform.


This face off only lasted for an instant, before a cold glint flashed within Su Yan’s eyes. Stamping the ground, an after image remained at his original position, while his body mysteriously disappeared. His speed was already at a level where ordinary people would find it difficult to follow with their eyes.

Vigorous Yuan Power swelled around Lin Dong’s body. He gazed at Su Yan, whose figure had disappeared, and his eyes narrowed faintly, before his body suddenly strangely leaned sideways.


A dark grey hand that was brimming with an exceptionally powerful force, suddenly whooshed past Lin Dong’s ear. As the gale swept past, even the air was smashed apart, creating a low and deep explosion sound.


As the wind brushed past his ear, Lin Dong’s right hand shot out at lightning speed. He grabbed that wrist, and his shoulders leaned to one side, his arm trembling as a tyrannical energy instantly gushed out.

As the force tilted, the figure that appeared behind Lin Dong was flung, and viciously smashed towards the ground.


However, as the figure was about to smash head first onto the ground, a dark grey hand suddenly made contact with the ground. An overbearing force instantly smashed the ground to dust. As his two hands made contact with the ground, his body spun. His legs drew vicious arcs as they sped towards Lin Dong’s head like meteors.

Lin Dong’s expression remained unchanged. His hand clenched into a fist, which rumbled out, and directly hit the tip of Su Yan’s foot. A violent force erupted, as the fist defended against the formidable kick. At the same time, Lin Dong’s right leg had abruptly flung out. It headed straight at Su Yan’s throat like a sharp knife.


When Lin Dong was about to hit Su Yan’s throat, the latter’s elbow had strangely tilted downwards all of a sudden, preventing this tricky attack from going through. However, the immense force still made him fly backwards. The tip of his feet pushed off the air while he flew backwards, causing him to float in the air. At this moment, Su Yan’s expression was gradually turning grave.

Cries of admiration rang out from the surroundings of the platform. The previous exchange between the two was practically purely bare-handed combat. Furthermore, each move was extremely ruthless, and aimed at the opponent’s vitals. A few of the sharper individuals were able to see from this exchange that the two on the platform clearly possessed extremely rich combat experience. Furthermore, their attacks were very ferocious and vicious, and were completely unlike those of indecisive individuals.

From this exchange, it seemed that they were quite evenly matched.


At the Gu Clan seats, the members of the Gu Clan, who were anxiously watching the fight, secretly breathed out a sigh of relief. From the looks of it, Lin Dong was indeed rather capable…

“Decisive attacks and viciousness…” The pale faced Gu Yuntian secretly nodded his head while giving his praise. His strength was comparable to Su Yan. From the looks of it, Lin Dong was actually able to stand toe to toe with Su Yan, and this made Yuntian relax a little. With this strength , Lin Dong had the qualifications to replace him.

“However it still too early to determine outcome…” Gu Mengqi said in a soft voice.

Gu Yuntian nodded his head. He knew very well that this fight had just begun. Su Yan’s trump card had yet to be revealed. Therefore, no one here knew exactly who would emerge as the victor in this fight…

“Ha ha, brother Lin Dong is able to be invited by the Gu Clan to be their external helper. You are indeed not weak…” Within the arena, Su Yan stood in the air, and lowered his head to look at Lin Dong. A smile appeared on the grave looking face as he spoke.

“Brother Su Yan is also not bad.”

Lin Dong’s hand slowly clenched tightly. Su Yan was not only stronger that Mo Tao by one level, but was even comparable to Yuan Cang when he had activated the Spirit Emblem, however… the current Lin Dong was similarly much more stronger than he was when he had crossed hands with Yuan Cang…

“However, I’ve said before that I’m going to win this fight…”

Su Yan faintly smiled, before slowly extending his hands. Dark grey light flowed on his slender arms. Extremely dangerous fluctuations were faintly discernible as they radiated out of him.

“Black Demon Hand.”

A soft voice rang out from Su Yan’s mouth. Subsequently, boundless dark grey light suddenly erupted from his hands. The light rapidly gathered on his hands, and seemed to form dark grey layers. These dark grey layers covered his hands, making him look extremely weird.


As these strange layers covered Su Yan’s hands one after another. Extremely sharp bone spikes started growing on their surface. From afar, it looked akin to a demon’s arm, mighty and full of destructive power.

As the dark grey light started settle down, a wisp of grey Qi flashed past Su Yan’s face. His figure appeared in front of Lin Dong like a spectre, as a simple punch was ruthlessly thrown forward.

As the fist flew out, vigorous Yuan Power swept out like a wave. A strange, ear-piercing and ghastly scream was faintly discernible as it rang out, and seemed to piece one’s very soul.

Feeling the might of Su Yan’s fist, Lin Dong’s eyes faintly narrowed. With a clench of his hand, a gigantic black tree trunk appeared. After which, he swung his arm, and the tree trunk violently clashed against Su Yan’s fist.


Sparks shot out explosively, as metallic sounds rang out. Violent energies that could be seen with the naked eye immediately rippled outwards from the point of contact, as numerous cracks instantly appeared on the ground.

Bang Bang!

When Su Yan saw that his tyrannical attack had still been stopped by Lin Dong, his forehead wrinkled faintly. However, he did not show any signs of retreating. Instead, he forcibly closed in on Lin Dong, sending two fists rumbling forth. They tore through the air, causing fierce and overbearingly fist winds to envelop Lin Dong’s body like a storm.

However, in the face of Su Yan’s aggressive attacks, Lin Dong did not show any indications of evading. He knew very well that they were both very experienced individuals. If one side were to fall into a disadvantage in this exchange, he would be restrained by other party’s attacks.

Therefore, when the tyrannical storm-like fist winds descended, the black tree in Lin Dong’s hands instantly transformed into a gale, as boundless Yuan Power poured into it. Black light blossomed on the surface of the tree, as it violently smashed against those fists.

Clang Clang Clang!

Loud metallic sounds resounded continuously across the platform like firecrackers. as the two figures clashed at close-quarters. As violent gales swept outwards, it made the hearts of the onlookers jump.

Yet another vicious clash occurred. Lin Dong and Su Yan both retreated several steps. Wherever the soles of their feet descended, the ground was instantly smashed into powder.

Barely after Su Yan had stabilized his body, his figure shot out once again. Dark grey light abruptly swept out from his hand.

“Black Demon Hand, Bone Eroder!”

A low and deep roar rang out from Su Yan’s mouth, before a fist blasted forth. Grey light seemed to blot the skies, before transforming into streak that pierced through the void. An astonishingly erosive force filled the streak as it mercilessly blasted towards Lin Dong.

“Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Hand!”

Lin Dong also sent a palm out. The space behind him shattered, as a desolate aura emerged. In the next instant, a gigantic palm imprint, over a thousand feet wide, furiously swatted down onto the grey light streak.

Bright and resplendent light erupted within the arena, as the frightening force instantly caused gigantic gorges to extend outwards on the vast platform.

Dust rose from the ground, causing one’s vision to become slightly unclear. A figure slowly floated into the air. Su Yan watched as the distant dust scattered. A slim figure still stood tall and straight, and Su Yan could not help but narrow his eyes.

“This is not enough to defeat you, huh?”

Su Yan pursed his lips. He never imagined that his powerful attacks were still unable to do much damage to Lin Dong. The latter’s strength had far exceeded his expectations.

“Such a troublesome opponent… as expected, I have to spare no effort…”

Su Yan looked at Lin Dong, and softly sighed. In the next instant, his ten fingers came together. Dark red blood essence flowed out from his fingertips, before they streaked across his body. The blood stains left on his body formed an extremely strange blood rune.

“That is…”

Upon seeing this spectacle, Gu Mengqi and the rest could not help but narrow their eyes, as their fists slightly tightened.

A hoarse voice slowly emerged from Su Yan’s mouth. In the next instant, the blood rune on his body erupted with red light that seemingly blotted the skies. At this moment, his body started to squirm and wriggle strangely.

“Black Demon Immortal Body!”