Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 869: Allocation

Chapter 869: Allocation


Chapter 869: Allocation

“Our opponent for the first round is the Su Clan…” Gu Mengqi raised her head, and gazed at where the light tags had connected together. Her eyes faintly flashed as she spoke out softly.

“It’s fortunate that we did not encounter the Wei Clan now.” Gu Yan said while breathing a sigh of relief. Currently, it was obvious that the Wei Clan was the strongest amongst the four clans. If they were to meet them in the first round, it would be quite taxing for the Gu Clan.

“We will meet eventually.” Lin Dong replied indifferently. Gu Yan’s mentality of avoidance was equivalent to burying one’s head in the sand.

Gu Mengqi nodded her head. Subsequently, she extended her jadelike hand, and the light tag within it instantly split into three. As she offered them to Lin Dong and Gu Yan, she said, “The two of you, select your tag. This will randomly select your opponents.”

Gu Yan took the lead and took a light tag. As the light tag entered her hand, a glowing thread shot out from its edge towards the direction of the Su Clan, connecting with a tall and well built man.

“That’s the Su Clan’s Su Tai…” Gu Yan’s brows faintly wrinkled as she gazed at the man. It was obvious that she had some understanding of the latter.

“Brother Lin Dong, it’s your turn.” Gu Mengqi had also faintly wrinkled her black brows as she gazed at Gu Yan’s opponent, before turning to Lin Dong and speaking with a faint smile.

Lin Dong nodded his head, and reached out to receive a light tag. As the glowing thread extended, it connected with the light tag in the hand of an extremely frail and normal looking male under crowds attention.


When this connection appeared, an uproar immediately emerged from the surroundings. Gazes continuously swept across Lin Dong’s body, as whispers rapidly broke out.

“That person doesn’t seem to be a member of the Gu Clan, right? He should be an invited external helper. However, why is he so unfamiliar?”

“From fluctuations of his aura, he has reached the Profound Life stage. However, from the looks of it, he should have only reached this realm quite recently. How can he challenge Su Yan with such strength?”

“Tch tch, the Gu Clan is rather unlucky this time. That Su Tai is only second to Su Yan within the younger generation of the Su Clan. However, that Gu Yan has only recently broken through to the Profound Life stage.”

“True. Looks like two of the three matches do not bode well for the Gu Clan. It is indeed rather dangerous for them…”


Upon hearing the numerous whispers from the surroundings, many anxious gazes from the Gu Clan were cast over. To them, this allocation seemed pretty unfair. However, as the allocation was randomized, encountering such a situation could only be considered as bad luck.

“Is this allocation disadvantageous for us?” Tilting his head to look at Gu Mengqi, Lin Dong asked.

“If we only look at your surface strength, the situation would indeed seem rather grim.” Gu Mengqi replied with a smile. Shooting a look at Su Yan at the direction of the Su Clan, she continued, “You’ve been paired with the strongest person within the younger generation of the Su Clan. As for me, I will be encountering the weakest of the three people that the Su Clan has sent this time…”

“As for Little Yan, it’s slightly troublesome for her. Su Tai advanced to the Profound Life stage quite some time ago. If they were to cross hands, the chances of her losing are relatively high, therefore… the most important factor for this round would be you and Su Yan. The outcome of your match will determine whether the Gu Clan or the Su Clan proceeds to the next round.”

“This time, it can be considered as the strongest against the strongest, the second strongest against the weakest, and the weakest against the second strongest. On the surface, it is a fifty fifty chance… of course…”

As her words reached this point, Gu Mengqi’s voice paused, as her beautiful eyes rested on Lin Dong’s body, before continuing in a soft voice, “It’s still that statement. Your true strength needs to far exceed what it is on the surface. If you lose to Su Yan, we’ll lose…”

Although they had some understanding of Lin Dong’s strength after he had crossed hands with Mo Tao and Gu Yun, they had after all not seen Lin Dong truly go all out. Therefore, no one knew if he would be able to exhibit outstanding power when faced against the most outstanding youth from the Su Clan.


Lin Dong silently nodded his head, but did not say anything else. Any doubts towards his ability would be cleared once he crossed hands with Su Yan. Any words said now were useless, even if they sounded nice.

“Let’s enter the arena.”

Upon seeing his reaction, Gu Mengqi did not continue saying anything. With a wave of her jadelike hand, she took the lead and shot forward, descending onto the spacious platform below.

“Lin Dong, it’s up to you now.” Gu Yan sent a helpless smile at him, before her figure also flew out. From the looks of it, she clearly knew that she was more likely to lose than to win.

Lin Dong watched the beautiful figures of the two ladies, and could only shrug his shoulders. With a shift of his body, he descended onto the platform. Raising his head, his gaze locked onto Su Yan.

At this moment, Su Yan had also turned his gaze around and stared at Lin Dong. A faint smile was revealed on that exceptionally thin and frail looking face. The tips of his feet pushed off the ground, and a whoosh rang out as he appeared on the platform Lin Dong was on.

In the air, the bright gaze of elder from the Shentu Clan swept across the platforms, before saying indifferently, “Since all of you have entered, let the competition begin. In addition, when crossing hands, fists and legs have no eyes, so any injuries sustained will be on yourselves.”


Following his words, boundless Yuan Power suddenly erupted from three platforms. Human figures instantly intertwined on two of the platforms, as the combat immediately began.

Countless gazes converged on the three platforms, before some of them came to a stop on the third one. The two people there did not show any signs of immediately starting to fight.

“Su Clan’s Su Yan.”

Su Yan’s gaze swept across the other two platforms where the fighting had already started. Soon after, his faintly smiled and Lin Dong as he cupped his hands together and said.

“Lin Dong.”

Lin Dong replied with a smiled. He knew that Su Yan was waiting for the other two fights to end; although he had should have already predicted the results.

“Friend, you don’t seem to be from the Heaven Wind Sea Region, right?”

“The Heaven Wind Sea Region is so vast. Brother Su Yan, I don’t think you’ll go so far as to say that you know everyone, right?” Lin Dong chuckled as he replied.

“Ha ha, that’s true…” Su Yan smiled. Staring at Lin Dong, he said, “Brother Lin Dong should understand the importance of our fight, right?”

Lin Dong faintly nodded his head. He knew that if Gu Yan lost and Gu Mengqi won, both parties would have a win. The victor of the fight between Su Yan and himself would then determine which clan had the right to enter the next round.

“Then I’m somewhat sorry about this, but I need to win this fight.” Su Yan said with a faint smile.

Lin Dong smiled and shook his head. This Su Yan was rather straightforward, and did not bother to hide his intentions. However… he too needed to win this fight. If not, he would not get a share in the Chaotic Tower…

After Su Yan spoke these words, he did not say anything else. With his hands behind his back, he waited quietly for the other two fights to conclude. Similarly, Lin Dong did not take action. He faintly closed his eyes, and remained calm and composed.

Time rapidly passed as the two faced off in this strange manner, while the other two fights gradually came to an end.

Bang Bang!

Two low and deep sounds rang out seemingly at the same time. In the next instant, everyone say two figures flying backwards on their platforms in a somewhat miserable manner. Immediately after, clamouring noises rang out from the audience.

“Gu Clan, Gu Mengqi’s victory!”

“Su Clan, Su Tai’s victory!”

Upon seeing this, the elder standing in the air waved his sleeve, and a powerful voice instantly rang in everyone’s ears.

Swish Swish!

As his voice faded, all the gazes in the audience practically shifted in an instant, before finally resting on the bodies of the two that had yet to take action

Gu Mengqi support Gu Yan, whose face was slightly pale, back towards the Gu Clan seats, before looking over anxiously at the thin figure nearby.

“I’m sorry, elder sister Mengqi.” Gu Yan apologised with a bitter smile.

Gu Mengqi shook her head, and looked towards the front, muttering, “We haven’t lost yet. Next, we’ll see if Lin Dong truly has the strength that he claims to have…”

Under the clamouring of the audience, as well as the gathering of innumerable gazes, Su Yan gave a faint smile. Soon after, his hands slowly extended from his sleeves. His palms were of a dark grey, and formidable fluctuations could be faintly discernible as they radiated out.

“Brother Lin Dong, I will not show mercy, be careful.”

Lin Dong’s faintly shut eyes gently opened when those words rang out. He gazed Su Yan, and extended his hand.

“Please guide me.”