Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 859: Profound Life Stage

Chapter 859: Profound Life Stage


Chapter 859: Profound Life Stage

Time similarly passed rapidly in the vast scarlet square beneath the magma at the depths of the lake. A slim figure quietly sat beside the magma rock pool. Yuan Power fluctuations continuously radiated from his body, while low and deep rumbling noises faintly echoed…


As the rumbling noise appeared, Lin Dong’s tightly shut eyes suddenly opened, as a deep frown appeared on his face. He clenched his hand slightly and murmured, “Peak nine Yuan Nirvana stage…”

With the energies of the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit, he had reached the peak nine Yuan Nirvana stage within the past month. Although this speed was already rather good, Lin Dong was still not satisfied.

The level he wanted to reach was obviously higher than this. This time, he wanted to truly break through to the Profound Life stage!

He had already crossed paths with several Profound Life stage experts, and naturally clearly understood the strength of this realm. Even Lin Dong could not match their Yuan Power. Due to the Life Qi within their bodies, the amount of Yuan Power a Profound Life stage expert had was far from what a Nirvana stage practitioner could compare with. Such abundant Yuan Power was enough to exhaust a peak nine Yuan Nirvana stage expert to death.

In addition, the Life Qi born within their bodies was extremely beneficial for the recovery of Yuan Power and injuries. After all, as long as Life Qi was produced, even if one were to lose a limb, it could still be regenerated. The Life Qi produced at the Profound Life stage was after all the most miraculous tool for the treatment of injuries.

Lin Dong was currently within Chaotic Demon Sea. This place was undoubtedly more cruel than the Eastern Xuan Region. If he did not possess sufficient strength, there was no need to even mention finding another Ancestral Symbol, he might not even be able to ensure his own survival if he roamed about by himself…

Therefore, while he was travelling, he needed to make sure that his strength was raised to the Profound Life stage. Once he reached that stage, even if he were to encounter an advance Profound Life stage or even a perfect Profound Life stage expert, Lin Dong believed that he would be able to put up a fight, and even escape successfully.

Therefore, breaking through to the Profound Life stage, was the most important…

Of course, Lin Dong was very clear about the degree of difficulty in breaking through to the Profound Life stage. Gu Yan and the rest were originally at the half step into Profound Life stage. With the right conditions, and by relying on the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit, breaking through for them was not considered overly difficult. However, he was different from them. His previous strength had just reached nine Yuan Nirvana stage. Therefore, even if he relied on a Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit, he would only reach the peak of the nine Yuan Nirvana stage. There was still quite some distance to the Profound Life stage.

Therefore, wanting to cross this deep gorge without using the any vicious methods was impossible…

Consolidating his thoughts, Lin Dong deeply inhaled a gain. With a clench of his fist, another Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit appeared within his hand.

Originally, Lin Dong had obtained three Life Mysterious Spirit Fruits. He had handed two of them to Gu Yan and Gu Ya respectively, and had already used the remaining one. The one in his hand belonged to the three-headed Demon Snake. However, as that fellow had already turned into ashes, Lin Dong could only help him enjoy this exquisite treasure…

Lin Dong looked at the emerald green jade-like Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit in his hand, as his eyes faintly narrowed. With a wave of his sleeve, a transparent jade bottle appeared in his other hand. Within it, a viscous dark green fluid slowly flowed. Extremely astonishing Life Qi started to radiate from it. From the looks of it, this was the ‘Core Spiritual Birth Serum’ that Lin Dong had obtained from within this magma rock pool.

“I really wish to see if I’m able to break through by relying on these two great treasures!”

Lin Dong tilted the jade bottle, causing a single bead like drop of the Core Spiritual Birth Serum to roll down. He had only obtained eight drops. The Life Qi contained within each drop greatly surpassed that of the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit. The fact that Lin Dong was actually willing to take it out, confirmed that he was going to make a huge investment…

A round bead-like drop of the Core Spiritual Birth Serum floated in Lin Dong’s left palm, while the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit quietly rested in his right. The boundless and pure energies that radiated from them, caused a faint rosiness to appear on Lin Dong’s face.

Lin Dong looked at the two great treasures in his hand. Faintly gritting his teeth, he closed his eyes tightly again. Black threads started to emerge from his palms, winding and twisting around the two items.

Humm Humm!

Following the winding and twisting of the black threads, waves of Devouring Power erupted at this instant. In the next moment, the two items in his hand spontaneously exploded with exceptionally boundless and pure energies, before crazily pouring into Lin Dong’s body.

Lin Dong’s body faintly trembled as green light surged, continuously strengthening his body, before forcefully receiving the outrageous impact from the two boundless energies…

As the boundless energies poured crazily into Lin Dong’s body, his aura finally started showing signs of slowly increasing. Although this rate of increase was not fast, he was able to truly and genuinely feel it.

Silence pervaded the scarlet red square. Occasionally, a faint rumbling noise would emerge from Lin Dong’ body, before quietly echoing within this vast square.

Time rapidly passed by in this quietness. In a blink of an eye, another half a month had passed.


When half a month had passed, the figure seated quietly beside the magma rock pool faintly trembled. At this moment, his aura had turned extremely tyrannical. The abundance of his Yuan Power was already comparable to experts at the half step into Profound Life stage.

However, such a level was still not what Lin Dong wished for!

What he truly wanted, was to break through to the Profound Life stage!


As if hearing the low roar within Lin Dong’s heart, the Yuan Power within his body suddenly rose at this instant. All of his Yuan Power surged within the meridians in his entire body. Soon after, it transformed into two extremely boundless Yuan Power currents. They circulated around all the meridians in his body like two angrily roaring dragons. Finally, they collided head-on in front of his Dantian!

At the instant of the collision, Lin Dong’s body trembled crazily. Waves of strange fluctuations radiated rapidly from within his body. Under those fluctuations, the flesh all over Lin Dong’s body started to wriggle all at once…

Bang Bang!

After the collision, Yuan Power started to pour in torrents like a storm within his body. While that happened, a strand of faintly white energy suddenly started to grow at the site of the collision.


At the instant when the strand of faintly white energy appeared, the churning Yuan Power within Lin Dong’s body seemed to immediately turn peaceful, before completely gathering together. Like stars crowding around the moon, his Yuan Power started to carefully absorb the faint white strand of energy.

Following the absorption of the strand of faint white energy by his Yuan Power, Lin Dong could instantly feel that the Yuan Power in his body seemed to rise drastically at an astonishing speed!

As his Yuan Power rose explosively, it caused all of the meridians in his body to swell and hurt. Yet, not only was Lin Dong not flustered, his heart had instead erupted with ecstasy. He knew that the strand of faintly white energy was the Life Qi that had been refined by his body!

This was the Life Qi energy that belonged to him!

“Yuan Power Spirit Reinforcement!”

Lin Dong suppressed the excitement in his heart. With a thought, the crazily rising Yuan Power within his meridians rapidly rushed towards his Dantian. Finally, it poured into the Yuan Spirit sitting on the Dragon Yuan Wheel.

The small body of that Yuan Spirit was akin to a bottomless pit, and accepted everything. All of the Yuan Power was completely absorbed by it.

As this boundless Yuan Power poured into it, the golden glow of Lin Dong’s Yuan Spirit started to grow increasingly bright and resplendent. Meanwhile, that small body started to turn increasingly corporeal. Faintly, it had already broken free from the state of being an incorporeal shade…

As the last bit of Yuan Power poured into the seated Yuan Spirit, Lin Dong’s tightly shut eyes suddenly opened. A bright and resplendent golden ray seemingly penetrated every single spot within his body. In a flash, Lin Dong was able to sense the appearance of minute transformations happening inside his body under the illumination of the golden light…

It was feeling of growing stronger!


When Lin Dong’s eyes sprung open, and exceptionally tyrannical and unconcealable aura explosively erupted from him!

The Profound Life stage, Lin Dong had finally reached it!