Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 857: Token

Chapter 857: Token


Chapter 857: Token


The stone talisman transformed into a warm white light that tore through the darkness. It headed straight for the stone coffin floating on the lava lake.

This scene was extremely sudden. Even Lin Dong did not manage to recover immediately. He had never imagined that the stone talisman, which had been quietly remaining on his body, would suddenly act in such an odd manner.

Lin Dong immediately focused after regaining his wits, in an attempt to pull back the stone talisman that had flown out. However, his control was completely useless at this moment. Hence, he could only watch the stone talisman, which had transformed into a white light, with a somewhat pale expression. Finally, it appeared above the stone coffin.

Lin Dong looked at the stone talisman as it hovered above the stone coffin, as a drop of cold sweat rolled down his forehead. However, he did not dare to make even the slightest movement. He was unaware of just who the red haired person inside the stone coffin was. Moreover, he was did not know whether this person was currently dead or alive. There was no guarantee of what would happen if this person was woken.

Moreover, if he took a step back to look at the situation, even if he did not wake this person, any unexpected change to this enormous formation because of the stone talisman’s actions might cause the thing being suppressed to escape. Such an outcome would perhaps be disastrous.

Therefore, regardless of how one put it, this was not considered a good thing for Lin Dong…

However, even though some anxiety rose within Lin Dong’s heart, he could do nothing about the situation. He was aware of the stone talisman’s origins. Hence, it was impossible for him to simply leave it behind and escape by himself.

“Buzz buzz!”

Under Lin Dong’s anxious eyes, white light suddenly scattered from the stone talisman. After which, it covered the red haired man inside the stone coffin.

Lin Dong felt his scalp exploded the moment he saw this, as his heart involuntarily wailed. He could not understand just what this stone talisman was doing. Could it really be planning to wake this mysterious red haired man?

Lin Dong stared intently at the red haired man inside the stone coffin, while Yuan Power quickly circulated within his body.

The white light covered the red haired man. However, he did not wake like Lin Dong had expected. Similarly, nothing out of the ordinary happened to the formation. This caused Lin Dong’s tensed heart to relax a little.

As he relaxed, Lin Dong suddenly saw a red light rising from within the body of the red haired man inside the stone coffin. Finally, the red light paused beside the stone talisman.


The stone talisman immediately withdrew its light after the red light appeared. Subsequently, it turned around and rushed back, before once again entering Lin Dong’s body in a flash.

The red light leisurely floated in front of Lin Dong as the stone talisman entered his body. Lin Dong was stunned after seeing this scene. After a brief hesitation, he extended his hand and the red light landed in it.

The red light fell as its brilliance scattered, transforming into a fiery red token. This token was around the size of a palm, and it still held some warmth as it entered his hand. The token was extremely simple and did not contain any fanciful patterns. However, this token gave off a grand and ancient aura that was difficult to conceal.

Lin Dong flipped the token in his hand as he looked at it. The front of the token had a relatively ancient character on it, the word… ‘炎(flame)’. Red light surged on this character like flowing lava, giving it an extremely mysterious appearance.

“What is this?”

Lin Dong felt somewhat lost as he held this scarlet red token in his hand. It was possible for him to vaguely sense a seemingly extremely frightening energy contained within this token. However, he was unable to activate it. All he could do was frown and shake his head, as he carefully kept this scarlet red token. Since this object was summoned by the stone talisman, it should likely be of some use.

Lin Dong once again carefully glanced at the red haired man inside the stone coffin after keeping the scarlet red token. The latter did not show any signs of waking. It seemed that he was unable to detect the stone talisman removal of this mysterious token from his body.

Lin Dong was dazed for a long time, before he scratched his head. This stone talisman had ran out in an unfathomable manner, and had brought back a mysterious object. This entire matter was really a little baffling.

One was really unable to comprehend these ancient objects. From the looks of the situation, it was possible that this mysterious stone talisman was related to the red haired man. If this was the case, this red haired man was perhaps an existence from ancient times.

Lin Dong stood there in a dazed manner as he let his thoughts run wild. Finally, he shook his head, and tossed these thoughts out of his mind. It was not the time to think about such things now.

“It is best to leave first.”

Although the worst situation had not occurred, Lin Dong had become a little terrified by this mysterious domain. He no longer had the courage to remain here. His body turned, and he directly fled towards of the scarlet red light circle behind him. No accident occurred this time around, as he successfully entered the light circle and quickly disappeared…

This mysterious black domain once again descended into an ancient like silence after Lin Dong left. The red haired man in the stone coffin lay in a peacefully manner above the lava lake. His ten fingers were crossed in front of him, while a faint pressure was emitted.


The endless darkness suddenly shook, as the low and deep sounds of metal chains appeared. Soon after, the entire space seemed to tremble intensely.


A piercing soul tearing screech suddenly sounded from deep within the darkness. After which, the sound of metal chains appeared. One could see the black darkness quivering wildly. Soon after, a ten thousand feet large giant black hand suddenly tore through the darkness and grabbed at the stone coffin located at the middle of the lava formation.


The enormous lava formation suddenly rebelled with a loud bang the moment the giant black palm touched the lava lake. The lava rivers surged as a thousand feet large lava wave churned. The noise was just like that of a giant lava dragon, and it shook the entire domain until it quivered continuously.


Monstrous scarlet red light surged, as the lava rapidly flow downwards. Only then was it possible to see that the lava formation was actually connected to countless thousand feet large black chains. These chains were covered with obscure and complicated symbols.

Lava quickly followed these chains and flowed downwards. In the blink of an eye, it dyed those chains red. As the lava flowed, one was finally able to see that those enormous chains were actually binding that ten thousand feet large giant black hand.

Sizzle sizzle!

The chains turned scarlet red, and a monstrous white fog immediately erupted from the giant black hand. Immediately, a mournful screech once again sounded from deep within the endless darkness. The enormous black hand struggled, but it was still unable to escape. Finally, the enormous black hand could only shrink back again, and withdraw into the frightening darkness, while an extremely unresigned roar resounded across the entire domain.

The enormous lava formation finally calmed down after forcing the giant darkness hand back. It was as though that world-shaking scene from earlier had not occurred.

The stone coffin continued to quietly float above the lava lake. It was as though nothing had changed because of the unusual occurrence earlier. The eyes of the red haired man inside it were tightly shut. However, a red glow suddenly flashed across his handsome face at this moment, while the ten fingers that were placed in front of him seemed to tremble gently.

Even though this was the case, he still did not wake. However, a will seemed to have floated out. Within this will, was a low and raspy voice.

“The Ancient Divine Flame Tablet had been taken…”

“The ancestral stone’s aura… has it also been heavily injured…”

“That person also have the scent of the ice master on him… she… has she crossed over reincarnation?”

The low voice slowly resounded across this dark domain. It was a long while later before it disappeared completely, as the ancient silence returned.


The lava stone pool on the scarlet red square suddenly rippled, and a human figure swiftly jolted out from within. The scarlet red formation around the lava stone pool was once again activated the moment the figure appeared. Dozens of scarlet red light lines with extremely lethal force once again shot out in an explosive fashion.

Lin Dong’s expression changed drastically upon seeing this. His mouth was full of bitterness. Why was he so unlucky wherever he went. This formation was really a headache…


A red light suddenly flew out from his Qiankun Bag while bitterness filled his mouth. A circular ripple was emitted, and the scarlet red light lines that were about to strike Lin Dong immediately disappeared into nothingness, as the flickering formation also gradually calmed down.

The originally tensed up Lin Dong was immediately stunned as he watched this scene. After which, he turned his head to look at the red light in front of him. It was the scarlet red token that the stone talisman had brought back earlier.

Clearly, this object seemed to be able to stop the formation from attacking its owner…


Lin Dong quietly sighed in relief upon seeing this. He extended his hand and retrieved the scarlet red token. After which, he exited and entered the formation a couple more times. The formation had ceased launching any attacks at him.

Lin Dong finally completely relaxed after a couple of tries. He subsequently sat beside the lava stone lake and clenched his hand, as a Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit appeared in it.

Since the formation was useless against him, he could use it as a cultivation area. With the protection of this formation, it was likely that he would not be disturbed.

“I shall break through to the Profound Life stage here!”

Lin Dong held the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit, as excitement flashed in his eyes. He had been yearning for this stage for a long time…