Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 856: Mysterious Domain

Chapter 856: Mysterious Domain


Chapter 856: Mysterious Domain

A vast and endless dark domain appeared in Lin Dong’s sight. This domain was as deep as the night sky, and a single glance made it feel as if the darkness was encroaching into one’s bones, a rather daunting sight.

Of course, what had made Lin Dong so shocked, was naturally not the pure darkness, but in the ten thousand feet wide rivers of magma within the darkness. The magma rivers slowly flowing in this dark domain, interweaving and connecting to each other in the darkness, forming an extremely tremendous and complicated network.

When Lin Dong looked down from above, those flowing magma rivers seemed like giant magma dragons crawling in the darkness. A scene that was peaceful and vast.

Lin Dong gazed at the intersecting magma rivers in shock. This was by far the most spectacular scene he had ever seen. He was still unable to fully imagine, just who in the world would have such earth-shattering capabilities……


The shocked expression stayed on Lin Dong’s face for a long time, before it finally slowly disappeared. He swallowed his saliva, and took a single look behind him, where a scarlet red circle of light that was about a dozen feet in diameter was. He had jumped down from there earlier. Nobody could have expected that there was no magma under the magma pool, but instead, this mysterious dark domain.

Lin Dong’s hand slowly clenched due to nervousness. The world here was really hidden too well. He had originally thought that scarlet red chalk cavern outside was the secret beneath the lake, but now, it seemed that was merely a ploy, and the real secret was mysterious domain under the magma pool.

It was likely that even the three-headed Demon Snake had not discovered this place. Of course, if Lin Dong had not been forced such a situation, he would not have voluntarily jumped into this magma pool.

“What exactly was this place……”

Lin Dong frowned a little, as his mind gradually recovered from the shock and regained its calm. This work was obviously extremely massive, and was not something an ordinary practitioner could have done. Given how well this place was hidden by its creator, it was obvious that its creator did not want anyone to find out about the existence of this dark domain.

Within this dark domain, no one answered, and the dead silence seemed as if it would last for an eternity.

Lin Dong did not dare to rashly leave such an enigmatic place. He understood that based on this level of work, any small mistake by himself would likely be beyond redemption.

As such, he could only stand just outside the scarlet red circle of light that was the magma pool, while his now recovered sharp eyes started to careful inspect the interweaving magma rivers.

The duration of this inspection very quickly reached an hour, and as time passed, horror and amazement gradually surfaced in Lin Dong’s eyes, which had turned slightly red due to the glare from the magma rivers.

This was because, he had realised that these interweaving magma rivers seemed to… form an indescribably enormous array!

The entirety of this array was perhaps hundreds and thousands of feet wide. Even Lin Dong had been shocked into a daze by an array of such scale. A long time had passed, before he finally gradually regained his wits.

“What terrifying ability, to actually have the capability to deploy such an array……” Lin Dong wiped cold sweat on his forehead. He completely believed that this magma array definitely had the power to bring about the apocalypse. Even a Profound Death stage practitioner would surely die if he falls into this array. In fact, even Ying Xuanzi, Tian Yuanzi, and the other practitioners at the Samsara stage, would be in an extremely difficult position.

What made Lin Dong puzzled, was who had created such a huge array here? Moreover, what exactly was his reason for doing so?

Lin Dong frowned while this mystery filled his heart. His eyes continued to inspect that indescribably huge magma array.

“Since it is an array, there must be a central hub.”

Lin Dong’s gaze flickered for a while. Soon after, something suddenly hit him as his eyes started to trace the magma rivers that intersected in a complex manner. After a long time, he finally found that these magma rivers that cut through the darkness, ultimately all converged at a single location.

The point of convergence was a large magma lake. Bubbles were continuously emitted from the scarlet red magma. The temperature of the lake was enough to instantly turn a Profound Life stage practitioner into ash.

Lin Dong stared at this magma lake within the mysterious array. His gaze swept the area, and in the next instant, his pupils tightly contracted.

He had seen something at the middle of the magma lake. It was a stone coffin.

The stone coffin was entirely scarlet red, and silently floated on the surface of the magma lake. It looked like it was made from a single piece of scarlet red crystal. The stone coffin had no cover, hence, Lin Dong could see that a person seemed to be lying within it.

With the light emitted from the magma, Lin Dong could vaguely see, that it seemed to be a man with a slender body. His face was handsome, and even though his eyes are tightly shut, was still a hint of majesty in between his brows, while his long fiery red hair seemed to burn like fire.

Lin Dong stared at the mysterious man who laid in the stone coffin, as he watched in this fashion, he suddenly realised that the blood within his body was starting to boil a little. His heart immediately shivered as he hurriedly shifted his eyes away from the mysterious man. Only then did the boiling in his body gradually start to subside.

As he felt the boiling within his body subside, horror rose on Lin Dong’s face. Who exactly was this mysterious man? How terrifying, he had merely observed the man for a while, and signs of self-immolation had already appeared. Moreover, this happened had even when it was not even known whether the other party was dead or alive. If he was wide awake, wouldn’t Lin Dong have turned into ash in a single glance?

Lin Dong swallowed his saliva. His palm was covered in cold sweat. Everything in this mysterious domain was too strange and scary…

The stone coffin quietly floated atop the magma lake. It was not large, but Lin Dong could feel extremely faint fluctuations from it, and it was these fluctuations that were supporting the operation of this enormous magma array.

Energy shuttled back and forth within the magma river, just like a giant dragon that was spreading out and shrouding this entire domain.

That feeling, it felt as if it was suppressing something.


It hit Lin Dong like lightning. He was startled for a moment, but quickly lowered his head, only to discover that this huge magma array seemed to have sealed the bottom of this dark domain.

It was a place was extreme darkness, the kind of darkness that even the light from the magma would be unable to invade. Who knew what was hidden at the depths of such darkness……

The array split the domain into two, one half where Lin Dong was at, while the other half was the darkness below.

Just like the inside and outside of a prison!

“What is this array sealing…”

Lin Dong gazed at the darkness under the great array, and suddenly felt a chill rising from the bottom of his feet to the top of his skull, causing him feel rather uncomfortable. That sensation, it felt as though there was something extremely evil at the bottom of the darkness staring at him.

“This place was too strange, I should not stay for long.”

Lin Dong gazed into the darkness, as his expression became extremely grim. This place was filled with abnormalities, a mysterious domain, a mysterious array, a mysterious stone coffin, and a mysterious man.

These things were not what the current him could dabble in.

Lin Dong took a deep breath, forcibly suppressing the curiosity in his heart, before he turned around to head back into the scarlet red ring of light. Although it was dangerous outside, it was slightly more comfortable than this dreadful darkness. At the very least, even if he died, he would know what he had been killed by.

Lin Dong did tarry nor hesitate once he made this decision. However,the moment he turned around, his expression totally changed. Subsequently, he helplessly watched as a gently white light flew out from within his body.

It was the Mysterious Stone Talisman!

The stone talisman flew out. Next, Lin Dong watched in horror as it headed straight for the red-haired man within the stone coffin below.

At this moment, Lin Dong’s scalp instantly turned numb.