Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 855: An Extremely Dangerous Situation

Chapter 855: An Extremely Dangerous Situation



A human figure miserably shot out from the Burning Sky cauldron. Wild joy immediately surfaced on the bald man’s face after he discovered that he had been freed from the confines of the Burning Sky cauldron. However, this wild joy had yet to fully spread, when he saw the smiling Lin Dong a short distance away.

The three-headed Demon Snake immediately felt uneasy after seeing Lin Dong’s smile. He quickly shifted his gaze, as that familiar lava rock pool appeared in his sights. Immediately, his pupils contracted, as rich shock and horror rose on his face.

“You bastard!”

An extremely furious curse was directly emitted from the mouth of the three-headed Demon Snake. Subsequently, majestic energy suddenly swept out from within his body, as his body moved to flee.

Clearly, this three-headed Demon Snake was not unfamiliar with this place. Moreover, he also seemed to be clearly aware of just how powerful this lava rock pool was. It was even possible that he had suffered somewhat because of it.

Lin Dong watched the three-headed Demon Snake, who had reacted extremely quickly, and faintly smiled. He had seen the red light lines surrounding of the lava rock pool flicker once again, and the enormous formation swifty appeared.


Rays of light gathered together, without skipping a beat, a red light line once again quietly shot out. Lin Dong was unable to sense even the tiniest energy fluctuations from the light ray. However, he knew that this thing truly possessed destructive properties…


The speed of the scarlet red light was extremely quick. That three-headed Demon Snake’s body barely withdrawn, when the light ray arrived. Soon after, it violently smashed onto his body in front of his horrified eyes.


The light ray seemed extremely tiny, but the three-headed Demon Snake appeared as though he had suffered a heavy blow. Immediately, a mouthful of fresh blood was spat out, while one of his arms trembled wildly. After which, some scarlet red specks of light quickly spread. The arm of the three-headed Demon Snake was quickly burnt into ashes wherever the specks of light spread.


The expression of the three-headed Demon Snake changed drastically as he looked at the scarlet red lights spreading along his arm. He quickly clenched his teeth as his other hand formed the shape of a blade, and directly cut off his arm. Fresh blood splattered as the cut arm fell.

Sizzle sizzle!

Before the arm could land in the lava rock pool, it was completely burnt into ashes by that red light.

Lin Dong’s eyes shivered a little as he watched this scene from outside of the lava pool. The destructive power this formation seemed to be a little too terrifying.


The formation had once again brightened while this thought was swiftly flashing within Lin Dong’s mind. Yet another scarlet red light line shot directly towards the three-headed Demon Snake.

“Lin Dong, you bastard. I will definitely tear you into a thousand pieces!”

Upon seeing the scarlet red light line attack once again, the three-headed Demon Snake was shocked to the extent that his soul almost left his body. Meanwhile, resentful roars were continuously emitted from his mouth. He did not expect that Lin Dong would actually be this cunning. Not only did the latter not fall for his scheme, but his methods were even more ruthless. He was actually directly thrown by Lin Dong into the formation as a test subject.

A mouthful of essence blood was spat out from the mouth of the three-headed Demon Snake. After which, wild and violent energy gushed out from within his body, and merged with the essence blood. A bloody light surged immediately, and transformed into a ten feet large scarlet scale. An extremely solid glitter flickered on the scale.

Clearly, this three-headed Demon Snake had used all of his techniques in order to preserve his life.

The scarlet scale had just formed, when the scarlet red light shot over. After which, the latter ruthlessly struck the scale. Soon after, the defence which the three-headed Demon Snake had used all his power to create began to crack. Finally, it blasted apart amidst a cracking sound.

The three-headed Demon Snake’s body pulled back in a miserable fashion. However, he had barely managed to block that right red light ray by relying on his all out defence.

Although he had managed to block the attack this time around, there was no joy at all on the three-headed Demon Snake’s face, but instead an even greater fear.

The reason for his fear was quickly understood by Lin Dong. This was because Lin Dong saw that the formation, which covered the lava pool, had suddenly unleashed an even denser light. Soon after, three rays of scarlet red light lines shot out at the same time.

This formation’s attack would actually become stronger if it was blocked. Putting it this way, entering it would lead to one suffering an endless stream of attacks until one was completely killed…

“Swoosh swoosh!”

Another three mouthful of essence blood was spat out from the three-headed Demon Snake’s mouth as the scarlet red light arrived, and transformed into three scarlet scale shields.

The scale shields were blasted apart. However, soon after, five scarlet red lights lines once again rose before the three-headed Demon Snake’s hopeless eyes. These attacks seemed to be endless.

Lin Dong’s expression was grave and indifferent as he watched the increasingly miserable and weary three-headed Demon Snake within the formation. Yuan Power had also began to quickly surge within his body.While the three-headed Demon Snake was being attacked, he had noticed some loopholes in the formation after some careful observation. Although this formation had a strong offensive strength, it seemed to require a period of time to gather its power. Although this period of time was extremely short, there was no doubt that it existed…

This was perhaps the only opportunity that he could use to break through.

Lin Dong’s eyes were tightly locked onto the formation. His body leaned slightly forward, as he waited for the best opportunity to act.

This opportunity did not take long to appear. A glint suddenly flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes after the scarlet red light lines shot out again.


Green dragon wings flashed and appeared on Lin Dong’s back. His body immediately turned into a ray of light that directly charged into the lava formation with lightning speed. Quickly after, he made a grasping motion with his hand, A suction force erupted, and directly pulled at that Core Spiritual Birth Serum.

The jade green Core Spiritual Birth Serum rose into the air, and quickly landed in Lin Dong’s hand. Lin Dong did not pause even for a moment after obtaining this item. He flapped his wings, turned around and fled.

However, the formation had once again brightened the moment Lin Dong turned around. Two scarlet red light lines stealthily tore through the air and rushed towards him.

Lin Dong’s expression was grave as he watched the light lines rushing over. With a thought, the Burning Sky cauldron came rushing over, and directly collided with the two light lines.

Boom boom!

A clear sound echoed in the square, and the glow of the Burning Sky cauldron dimmed in an instant. Fortunately, it still managed to receive the two light lines.


Lin Dong’s body did not stop. His toes pushed off the Burning Sky cauldron, as his body emitted a swoosh sound and rushed out of the lava pool. However, a sinister laughter suddenly sounded just as he was about to charge out from the offensive range of the formation.

“Planning to leave, little fellow? Do you think that it will be so easy? Since you are so vicious, just die here!”

The bloody three-headed Demon Snake a missing arm appeared in front of Lin Dong, as a bitter and resentful smile formed on his face. Quickly after, the former’s body swiftly began to swell.

“Self destruct?”

Lin Dong’s pupils contracted upon seeing this.


The three-headed Demon Snake’s body suddenly exploded as this cry of alarm sounded within Lin Dong’s heart. Blood splattered in all directions. An extremely violent energy wave forced Lin Dong to spit out blood and fall backwards, while pushing him towards the middle of the lava pool.

Buzz buzz!

Lin Dong wiped off the trace of blood from the corner of his mouth, as his expression sunk. He lifted his gaze, and saw light surging around the lava. Suddenly, a dozen scarlet red light lines erupted, and shot towards Lin Dong from all directions.


Even with Lin Dong’s calmness, his complexion turned somewhat pale upon seeing this number of scarlet red light lines. His eyes flickered crazily. Suddenly, his eyes focused as he looked at the lava pool below.

“I’ll stake everything.”

Lin Dong stared at the lava pool. He fiercely clenched his teeth and ceased fleeing. His body moved and directly leaped into the lava pool before the scarlet red light lines shot over, emitting a splash in the process.

Those scarlet red light lines that were shooting over suddenly froze in a strange fashion after Lin Dong fled into the lava pool. Subsequently, they disappeared into nothingness.

However, Lin Dong did not see this scene. This was because he suddenly felt his body sink the moment he leaped into the lava pool. The heat that he had expected did not come. Soon after, he opened his eyes in a puzzled manner, only to see that the world under the lava pool was isolated from the outside…

“This is…”

Lin Dong watched this scene that had appeared in front of him, as disbelief and shock slowly surged onto his face.