Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 853: Entering the Lake

Chapter 853: Entering the Lake


Chapter 853: Entering the Lake

The skinny young man stood in the air. Both of his hands hung at his sides, and his face contained a seemingly gentle smile. However, in the face of his calm smile, all of the factions around the lake were so taken aback that they did not dare to make the smallest movement.


Wei Song stared at Lin Dong who had appeared. The cold smile on his face was so stiff that it looked exceptionally ugly. He swallowed his saliva and a strange sound was emitted from his throat. After which, the corner of his lips twitched as he tried his best to calm himself down.

“Where is brother Xu?” Wei Song’s voice was a little hoarse as he asked.

“He’s been dealt with.” Lin Dong looked at Wei Song. Soon after, he chuckled and answered in an offhanded manner.

The originally quiet atmosphere instantly completely froze because of Lin Dong’s words. Several people quietly inhaled a breath of cold air within their hearts. Mo Zhan, Han Tao and the rest had solemn faces, while rejoicing inwardly. Fortunately, they did not lost their heads because of greed earlier. Who could have imagined that this seemingly harmless fellow would actually be so formidable…

Those were a Divine Symbol Master and an initial Profound Life stage expert!

This person was actually able to finish them off with his nine Yuan Nirvana stage strength…

Wei Song’s eyes seemed to have become momentarily dull at this moment. It was quite some time later before he gradually recovered. Some fear was present in his eyes when he looked at Lin Dong again, while the jeers from those members of the Wei clan behind him were instantly extinguished. The earlier atmosphere seemed to have completely vanished.

Of course, they were not the only ones who were shocked. Even Gu Yan’s group had faces full of disbelief. It was likely that they still had some difficulty recovering from the matter of Lin Dong killing a Divine Symbol Master.

“You… do you know who brother Xu is? His master is the sinecure of Demonic Wind Cave, the nefarious bone old man. You actually dared to kill him?” Wei Song involuntarily cried out in anger after recovering.

“Nefarious bone old man?”

The expressions of Gu Yan’s group changed slightly after hearing this. It was likely that they had heard of this name.

However, Lin Dong remained emotionless. He had dared to kill even the hundreds of elite Yuan Gate disciples, much less a sinecure’s disciple. Could that nefarious bone old man be even more ferocious than the three Yuan Gate sect masters?

“Wei Song, Xu Yun has continued to pressure and attack us today and has even attempted to kill Lin Dong. Lin Dong is merely acting in self defence. Even if the nefarious bone old man learns of this, there will be nothing that he can say. Such things are an ordinary occurrence in this Chaotic Demon Sea.” Gu Yan coldly said.

“Humph, I don’t care what justifications you have. You can go and explain to Sinecure Liu after this matter reaches his ear!” Wei Song laughed coldly.

“You, do you wish for the same fate as him?”

Lin Dong smilingly watched Wei Song. After which, he waved his sleeve. The scarlet red cauldron in the sky shook, and an astonishing scarlet red light flickered at the mouth of the cauldron.

The expression of Wei Song’s group changed drastically upon seeing this, and hurriedly pulled back.

“If you do not get lost in ten breaths time, all of you will die!” Lin Dong’s eyes gradually turned ice-cold. His tone was filled with a dense murderous intent.

Wei Song’s complexion immediately alternated between green and white after hearing this. Soon after, however, he swung his sleeve violently and spoke in a ruthless voice, “Gu Yan, don’t be too happy. Your group has killed Xu Yun, and such a matter will not be resolved so easily. Let me tell you, Xu Yuan’s senior has already attacked Gu Yuntian. Your Gu clan will definitely suffer a complete loss during this martial gathering!”

“What did you say?” Gu Yan cried out upon hearing this, as her expression drastically changed.

“Ha ha, you will know when the time comes…” Wei Song laughed loudly. Soon after, his eyes were wary and a little fearful as they glanced at Lin Dong in a dark and ruthless manner. Finally, he no longer dared remain any longer, as he swung his sleeve and led his Wei clan to beat a hasty retreat.

Lin Dong’s eyes were calm as he watched Wei Song’s group retreat. He did not show any signs of attacking again. Currently, there were many pairs of eyes present on this island. It was impossible to prevent the news of him killing Wei Song from spreading. If he was to attack and kill Wei Song’s group, it would instead result in additional unnecessary trouble. Moreover, given Wei Song’s ability, it was difficult for the latter to pose any threat towards him.

Those experts from the various factions around the lake helplessly shook their heads after the Wei clan’s withdrawal. They watched the cold and indifferent Lin Dong before exchanging a look with each other. Finally, they began to scatter on their own. Currently, none of them had the courage to snatch the three Life Mysterious Spirit Fruits from Lin Dong’s hands…

Swoosh swoosh!

Rushing wind sounds appeared around the lake, as many figures quickly left. Within a short couple of minutes, even the one arm Mo Zhan and Han Tao had all left this troublesome place.

The lake, which had originally been a hubbub voices, quickly became quiet. Everyone had left, leaving a mess behind.

Lin Dong also descended from the air. He beckoned with his hand, and the Burning Sky cauldron turned into a red light that rushed into his body. Subsequently, he turned around and looked towards Gu Yan’s group.

The hearts of Gu Yan and the members of the Gu clan quivered when they saw Lin Dong look over. Those calm eyes of Lin Dong now looked as if they had the sharpness of a blade.

Gu Yan could only sigh in her heart upon seeing this. Who could have expected that the crippled Lin Dong, who had been found by Gu Ya a dozen days ago, would actually be this powerful…

Lin Dong glanced at Gu Yan. He clenched his hand, and two Life Mysterious Spirit Fruits appeared in a flash. He tossed one towards Gu Yan. “This is the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit that has been exchanged for ten thousand Xuan Yuan Pills.”

Gu Yan hurriedly received it. The rich life Qi from the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit that entered her hands caused an enchanting redness to be revealed on her cold face. She quickly bit her lips and softly uttered, “Thank you.”

She understood that ten thousand Xuan Yuan Pills were nothing in comparison to the value of this Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit. If it was not because Lin Dong had intervened in this desperate crisis, it was likely that she would not have a chance at obtaining this Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit.

“Being able to meet after I have just arrived at this Chaotic Demon Sea is also a kind of affinity.” Lin Dong smiled. At this moment, he no longer had the coldness that he had earlier. After all, Gu Yan’s group had indeed helped him substantially along the way.

Lin Dong suddenly walked towards Gu Ya as he spoke. After which, he extended his hand and rubbed the little girl’s head. With a flip of his hand, a Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit appeared. Soon after, he handed it towards the latter under the envious gazes of the surrounding Gu Clan members.

“This… is for me?” Gu Ya’s eyes looked at the emerald like Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit. She desired it, but did not dare to receive it. All she did was to stare at Lin Dong and timidly ask.

“Lass, if it was not for you, I would likely have been eaten by a Demonic Beast. My life is much more valuable than this Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit…” Lin Dong laughed. He forcibly stuffed that Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit into Gu Ya’s hand. Only then did the latter happily accept it.

“What are your plans?” Lin Dong turned towards Gu Yan and asked after having distributed the two Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit.

“I wish to break through to the Profound Life stage with the help of the energy from the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit.” Gu Yan voiced her thoughts. The five clans martial gathering would begin in another two months. If she was able to break through to the Profound Life stage, it was likely that she would be able to increase the Gu clan’s strength a little during the martial gathering.

Lin Dong nodded after hearing this. His gaze immediately looked towards the calm lake and said, “I will be making a trip to the bottom of this lake. It should be quite dangerous below. I will not stop you if you wish to go. However, I cannot guarantee your safety.”

Although the three-headed Demon Snake had been rather vague about the bottom of this lake, the cautious Lin Dong would not believe that it was safe. Otherwise, given the temptation of the Core Spiritual Birth Serum, that three-headed Demon Snake would have tried all means obtain it.

Gu Yan was clearly startled by Lin Dong’s words. After which, she glanced at the calm lake. Her intelligent self could naturally guess that Lin Dong’s actions definitely had a motive. However, she did not probe further. They had already obtained quite a lot from Lin Dong. It would be a little overboard if they asked for any more.

“Okay, then you should go. Be careful. If there is sufficient time, we will help keep watch outside.” Gu Yan thought for a moment, before she nodded and said.

Lin Dong smiled and nodded. After which, he patted Gu Ya’s small head, turned around and headed towards the lake.

“Brother Lin Dong, be careful.” Gu Ya waved her small hand behind him.

Lin Dong waved his hand with his back facing her. His body moved, and with a splash, he leaped into the ice-cold lake. After which, Yuan Power wrapped around him, and he swiftly swam towards the depths of the lake.

“Elder sister Gu Yan, why does he wants to go to the bottom of the lake? Could there be some treasure there?” A member of the Gu clan looked at the spreading ripples on the lake’s surface and softly asked.

Gu Yan glanced at the member of the Gu clan in an indifferent manner and said, “A person should be content with what one has. Be careful of choking to death if you eat too much.”

That member of the Gu clan hurriedly nodded in embarrassment after hearing this. He did not dare to speak any further.

“Issue the order. We will camp here. Check for any activity in the surroundings. I will undertake a retreat and attempt to advance to the Profound Life stage.”

Gu Yan waved her hand. After which, her delicate figure leaped onto a boulder and sat down. Both of her eyes were focused on the surface of the lake. A moment later, she withdrew her gaze and clenched her hand, as the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit appeared within it. Subsequently, she slowly shut her eyes.