Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 850: Overwhelming Might

Chapter 850: Overwhelming Might


Chapter 850: Overwhelming Might

This place was a scarlet red world. Nothing else entered one’s eyes but a dry and barren land. Traces of hot air rose from the ground, causing the air to appear slightly distorted.


However, the peace in this place did not last for long, before a loud rumbling sound suddenly appeared. Two figures with gloomy expression were standing in the air as they unleashed wild and violent attacks, ferociously blasting the surrounding space. Under their barrage of attacks, some distortion began to appear.

“You two, it is not nice to act so irritable in someone else’s territory, no?”

While these two people were ferociously attacking the surrounding space, a teasing laughter suddenly resounded across the area. After which, a young figure appeared in the dark and chilly gazes of the black clothed person and the three-headed Demon Snake. The figure which had appeared nearby was Lin Dong.

“Brat, you are playing with fire.” The three-headed Demon Snake firmly stared at Lin Dong. His deep voice was filled with savageness.

“You can’t possibly believe that you can rely on this Pure Yuan treasure to trap the both of us here right? That is a little too absurd, don’t you agree?” That black clothed person spoke in a dark and cold manner.

From the way he saw it, this Burning Sky cauldron might indeed be very powerful, but after all, Lin Dong only possessed the strength of the nine Yuan Nirvana stage. He was really a little too naive if he planned to trap the two of them with just this. No matter how one put it, the gap between the Profound Life stage and the Nirvana stage was really too large.

However, Lin Dong merely smiled in a noncommittal manner in response to the black clothed man’s sneer.

“Brother snake, I am Xu Yun, an initial Divine Symbol Master. Shall we cooperate and break this cauldron?” The black clothed person looked at the three-headed Demon Snake as he faintly smiled and said.

The three-headed Demon Snake rubbed his smooth head. After which, his cunning scarlet eyes took another look at Xu Yun. An initial Divine Symbol Master. With such strength, he did have the qualifications to cooperate with him.

“Alright, however, I will be the one to take that brat’s life.”

“No problem.”

Xu Yun smiled and nodded. In the next instant, his eyes suddenly became dark and vicious. With a clench of his hand, majestic Mental Energy swept out, causing the space itself to vibrate continuously.


The three-headed Demon Snake was even more straightforward. His scarlet eyes stared at Lin Dong, as his body moved, transforming into a scarlet red light figure that shot out. The trident in his hand tore through the air, and pierced towards Lin Dong at lightning speed.

“Even if you are a dragon, you can only crawl on the ground in my territory!”

Lin Dong gazed at the three-headed Demon Snake as he charged towards Lin Dong in an overbearing manner. A cold light surged in Lin Dong’s eyes, as the seal formed by his hands changed rapidly. One could see scarlet red light shooting out from the space behind him, forming a light curtain in front of him.


The trident ruthlessly slammed onto the light curtain. A wild and violent energy came pouring out, shaking the light curtain until it trembled wildly.

“Soul Lion Roar.”

The far away Xu Yun suddenly cried out coldly while the light curtain was blocking the three-headed Demon Snake’s attack. Majestic Mental Energy transformed into a giant hundred feet large lion. The giant lion lifted its head and roar. A Mental Energy sonic wave actually agglomerated into a corporeal form. It adopted a spiral shape that tore through the air and ruthlessly struck the light curtain.


Many cracks were formed on the light curtain due to the wild and violent attacks from the two. Finally, the light curtain was blasted apart. Evidently, even after borrowing the power of the Burning Sky cauldron, it was difficult for Lin Dong to directly block the attacks from those two.

“Brat, do you realise just how weak you are now?” Xu Yun mocked coldly after seeing this.

“It is indeed a little troublesome… looks I’ll have to finish you guys off one at a time.”

Lin Dong grinned. Immediately, his fingertips pressed against each other, and essence blood seeped out. Subsequently, his fingers moved and drew many blood symbols.

“Burning Sky Array, activate.”

A calm voice was emitted from Lin Dong’s mouth. Subsequently, the land began to tremble violently. Soon after, the land cracked open, and many scarlet red light pillars were spat out from within. These light pillars interweaved with each other, and actually transformed into an enormous mysterious light formation.

“Restrain!” The light formation took shape, and immediately began to cover the three-headed Demon Snake.

“You wish to trap this king? In your dreams!”

The expression of the three-headed Demon Snake sunk after he saw the light formation covering him. The trident in his hand ferociously thrust forward, and a several hundred feet large wind pillar viciously smashed into the formation.


However, the three-headed Demon Snake’s ferocious attack only caused the light curtain to tremble a little. Seeing this, the three-headed Demon Snake’s expression could not help but became a little ugly. He clearly did not expect that this formation would actually be so powerful.

“Stay inside for awhile.”

Lin Dong glanced at the ugly expression of the three-headed Demon Snake. This Burning Sky Array was built from the full power of the Burning Sky cauldron. Although it was unable to kill the latter, it was not difficult to trap him.

“Now… it’s your turn.”

Lin Dong turned his head after trapping the three-headed Demon Snake, and icily smiled at Xu Yun.

“You suicidal thing. Do you think that you are a match for me in a one on one battle?” Xu Yun’s eyes focused on the formation that had trapped the three-headed Demon Snake, before he sneered.

Lin Dong chuckled, and did not bother to chat anymore. Quickly after, Xu Yun saw black light patterns appearing between the former’s brows. After which, a thread of light shot out, and transformed into a black symbol that hovered above Lin Dong’s head.

The symbol did not have a fixed form. As it wiggled and squirmed, it appeared just like a circular black hole. Wave after wave of strange energy scattered from it. It was as though even the surrounding light was being devoured by it.

“This is…”

Xu Yun looked at the black hole like ancient symbol, and was initially startled. His eyes suddenly shrunk a moment later, as rich shock and disbelief finally surfaced on his pale face.

“Devouring Ancestral Symbol?”

An extremely stunned voice was emitted from Xu Yun’s mouth at this moment. He stared blankly at that ancient black hole symbol, while a great storm churned in his heart. As a Divine Symbol Master, Xu Yun was naturally familiar with the Ancestral Symbols. They were one of the most powerful godly articles in the world, and there were a total of eight of them. One would be able to become an all-powerful pinnacle existence in the world by just obtaining any one of them.

Those who had obtained any of the eight Ancestral Symbols were currently all renown pinnacle existences in this world. An example was hall chief Mo Luo of the Fire Divine Hall in the Lava Sea Region of the Chaotic Demon Sea. He possessed the Blazing Ancestral Symbol. This had also allowed him to become an overlord level existence within this Chaotic Demon Sea that was filled with many strong individuals.

This person stood at the peak of the Chaotic Demon Sea. He was looked up to and respected by countless experts. All these achievements were related to the Blazing Ancestral Symbol.

However, Xu Yun had now seen that the most mysterious of the eight Ancestral Symbols, the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, had actually appeared in the hands of a young man, who was only at the nine Yuan Nirvana stage. The shock that this created was really difficult to describe.

“You actually possess the Devouring Ancestral Symbol?”

The shock on Xu Yun’s face began to gradually disappear a moment later. After which, an extremely scarlet red glint flashed across his eyes. It was an extreme greed and craziness.

At this moment, Xu Yun had undoubtedly begun to lose his rationality in the face of such temptation. He knew that if he could obtain the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, he would definitely be an existence akin to Mo Luo in the future!


Xu Yun’s face was distorted due to greed as stared intently at Lin Dong, while he laughed in a sinister manner, “What a foolish fellow. You don’t even know the simple logic of not revealing one’s wealth. Do you know how miserable your situation will become if word that you possess the Devouring Ancestral Symbol was to spread?”

Given the great power of the Ancestral Symbol, Lin Dong would likely become the target that all factions within the Chaotic Demon Sea would chase, if word that he possessed the Devouring Ancestral Symbol was to spread. At that time, it was likely that he would have no place to hide regardless of how big the world was, unless he was as powerful as Mo Luo.

Lin Dong smiled faintly as he looked at the ferocious looking Xu Yun. A frosty expression slowly spread from the corners of his mouth. After which, he softly said, “Don’t worry. You will not leave this place alive…”

Lin Dong extended his hand after his voice sounded. It aimed at the far off Xu Yun, before it was suddenly clenched.

After his hand was clenched, the Devouring Ancestral Symbol above his head suddenly exploded, and countless black light rays began to pour down like a storm.

The Devouring Ancestral Symbol had finally began to reveal its overwhelming might at this moment.