Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 849: Sucked into the Cauldron

Chapter 849: Sucked into the Cauldron


Chapter 849: Sucked into the Cauldron

“Tsk tsk.”

A strange dark and cold laughter was emitted from the mouth of the three-headed Demon Snake, while a cruel smile hung from the corners of his mouth. His scarlet eyes stared at Lin Dong. Soon after, his laughter gradually became louder. It was as though he had just heard an extremely laughable matter.

Of course, perhaps he was not the only person who felt that this scene was funny. After all, a mere nine Yuan Nirvana stage expert actually dared to utter such words to an initial Profound Life stage Demonic Beast. It was comical no matter how one looked at it.

“The younger generation these days are becoming increasingly unaware of their limits. Hee hee, so be it. Allow this king to see just what kind of price you can make me pay!”

The cruel smile that hung from the corner of the three-headed Demon Snake’s mouth grew even wider. Quickly after, his large hand grabbed the trident tightly, as an overwhelming fiendish aura unfurled from within his body. Everyone could tell that this overlord of Mysterious Spirit Island had truly been angered.

“This fool actually dares to provoke the three-headed Demon Snake? He is really seeking death.” Wei Song ridiculed as he watched this scene and involuntarily began to gloat.

“It is just as well. I will launch a sneak attack later on to kill that brat and snatch the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruits.” That black clothed person spoke indifferently.


While everyone present was looking at the furious three-headed Demon Snake, the eyes of the latter also became increasingly ferocious. In the next instant, the trident in his hand suddenly hacked downwards, and a powerful berserk black pillar shot out and headed straight for Lin Dong.

Lin Dong watched this violent attack that was sweeping towards him, and merely smiled as he raised his hand. A scarlet red light rushed out from within, and directly collided with that wild and violent black pillar.


A clear ‘dong’ sound was emitted when the two clashed. The black pillar swiftly collapsed, while that scarlet red light did not even budge. After which, the light dimmed, and turned into a scarlet red cauldron in front of many stunned eyes.

The scarlet red cauldron hovered in the air. Wave after wave of extremely majestic energy ripples swiftly spread outwards, causing the entire space to show signs of becoming distorted.

“Pure Yuan treasure?!”

Everyone’s expressions were slightly altered upon sensing the powerful ripple. Immediately, their eyes stared intently at the scarlet red cauldron. Clearly, they did not expect that Lin Dong actually had such a powerful soul treasure in his hands

“This brat… he is actually in possession of a Pure Yuan treasure?” Wei Song frowned slightly after seeing this scene. Immediately, he let out a cold laughter. A Pure Yuan treasure was indeed powerful, but it was still difficult for Lin Dong to defeat an initial Profound Life stage expert.

“No wonder you dare to be so arrogant. Your trump card is a Pure Yuan treasure.” The three-headed Demon Snake’s face revealed a stunned expression, before he shook his head and laughed in a strange manner.

However, Lin Dong did not say anything in response to this cold laughter. He smiled slightly, as the seal formed by his hands changed. Many scarlet red light rings suddenly erupted from the Burning Sky Cauldron in the sky. Finally, the body of the cauldron abruptly swelled. Within a couple of breaths time, it had turned into a several hundred feet large object that towered in the sky.

Wave after wave of berserk scorching fluctuations continued to spread from within the cauldron. In the next moment, an enormous scarlet red light pillar suddenly erupted, and directly shot towards the three-headed Demon Snake.


That three-headed Demon Snake let out a cold snort upon seeing this. With a stomp of his foot, a several hundred feet large wave suddenly rose from the lake below, and ruthlessly collided against the scarlet red light pillar.


A loud sound reverberated across the sky, as hot humid air spread like a faint fog.

“Is this all your Pure Yuan treasure can do?” The three-headed Demon Snake lifted his head and laughed coldly.

The smile on Lin Dong’s face became even wider in response to the mockery of the three-headed Demon Snake. However, that smile was filled with iciness. Immediately, the seal formed by his hand changed, and the cover of the Burning Sky cauldron fell off. After which, the cauldron tilted over and locked onto the three-headed Demon Snake below.

“Burning Sky cauldron, swallow!” These icy cold words were suddenly emitted from Lin Dong’s mouth.

After Lin Dong’s voice sounded, everyone saw a scarlet red circle of light suddenly rush out. It seemed to penetrate space, and directly covered the three-headed Demon Snake below. Subsequently, a wave of frightening suction force erupted. The lake below turned into a water pillars which were continuously sucked into the Burning Sky cauldron.

Wild and violent energy crazily exploded from the three-headed Demon Snake’s body, as he forcibly resisted the suction force. However, his expression became a little ugly as he discovered that his body was slowly being sucked towards the Burning Sky cauldron regardless of how he resisted.

“There is no need to be so afraid. We are only changing the place where we will battle.”

Lin Dong watched the three-headed Demon Snake struggle as he continued to resist. With a smile, Lin Dong lifted his hand seal slightly, causing the suction force to strengthen once again. After which, everyone was stunned to see the three-headed Demon Snake actually turning into a thread of light as he was sucked into the Burning Sky cauldron.

Dong dong dong!

That enormous cauldron suddenly shook violently after the three-headed Demon Snake was sucked into it, as loud sounds were emitted from within it. It was possible to vaguely hear the furious roars of the three-headed Demon Snake, “Brat, do you really think that you can trap this king with this broken cauldron of yours?”

However, Lin Dong ignored the roars. His gaze shifted and locked onto the black clothed person nearby, as a smile once again surfaced on his face.

“Since you wish to play, you should also head inside.”

The mouth of the Burning Sky cauldron was turned after Lin Dong’s voice sounded. It immediately locked onto the black clothed person, who was just about to withdraw. After which, a frightening suction force erupted once again.

“Brat, your appetite is a little too great. You have just eaten an initial Profound Life stage Demonic Beast, and yet you are still thinking to eating me too? Aren’t you afraid that we’ll be too much for you to handle?”

The black clothed person surprisingly did not panic when he was targeted by Lin Dong. Instead, he smiled in a sinister manner. From the looks of the trembling Burning Sky cauldron, it was clearly unable to trap an initial Profound Life stage expert. Yet, Lin Dong was still planning to suck him in too. This was clearly very foolish.

“Won’t you know whether I can eat all of you once you try…”

Lin Dong smiled. Soon after, the suction force intensified, and forcibly sucked that black clothed person into the Burning Sky cauldron in front of everyone’s eyes.

After the black clothed person was also sucked into the Burning Sky cauldron, the atmosphere in the air above the lake became a little strange. Many experts had solemn and wary expressions. They clearly did not expect that Lin Dong actually possessed such tactics.

“Ha ha, it is indeed not easy for you to rely on your nine Yuan Nirvana stage strength to achieve this. However, just how long can you last?” Wei Song slightly narrowed his eyes and laughed coldly.

A deafening noise once again sounded from the Burning Sky cauldron after Wei Song’s voice faded, as the cauldron trembled wildly, and light seeped out from the mouth of the cauldron. It seemed as though the two people inside were forcibly trying to break free. Even with a Pure Yuan treasure, Lin Dong was unable to trap an initial Profound Life stage expert and a Divine Symbol Master for long.

Lin Dong’s eyes glanced indifferently at Wei Song. He tilted his head towards Gu Yan and asked, “Are you able to resolve the situation here?”


Gu Yan nodded. As long as the Divine Symbol Master did not intervene, their strength would not be inferior to Wei Song’s group.

“You…” Gu Yan looked at the Burning Sky cauldron that was trembling wildly. She was aware that these were small problems. The greatest challenge was the two people inside the Burning Sky cauldron.

“Leave the both of them to me.”

Lin Dong smiled. Now that his strength had risen, he was gradually able to unleash the powers of this Burning Sky cauldron. He might still be faced with some trouble if he had to fight the two alone outside. However, once those two entered the Burning Sky cauldron, their strength would end up being suppressed regardless of how capable they were.

“Understood. Be careful.” Although Gu Yan still had some doubts after seeing Lin Dong’s appearance, she did not say anything else. She understood that if Lin Dong was defeated, not only would they be unable to obtain even a single Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit, but their lives would also be threatened. Now, they could only hope that Lin Dong was truly able to finish off those two most troublesome fellows.


Lin Dong nodded. He did not tarry any longer, as his body moved and transformed into a flash of light that rushed into the large Burning Sky cauldron before the many watching gazes.

After his entry, the originally violently trembling Burning Sky cauldron also gradually began to calm down. However, everyone could imagine the desperate great battle that would occur inside…