Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 847: Obtained

Chapter 847: Obtained


Chapter 847: Obtained


A golden light wheel ruthlessly struck that Mental Energy spiritual body, as a low and deep sound appeared. Subsequently, that spiritual body emitted a miserable cry as its originally corporeal body started to show signs of fading.


While the Mental Energy spiritual body was fading, everyone finally saw that the golden light was actually a palm sized illusory figure.

“Yuan Spirit?” Everyone present had rather good eyesight. Hence, they managed to identify that illusory golden light figure at a glance, and their pupils quickly shrunk. Only a few initial Profound Life stage experts were able to a Yuan Spirit of such quality. Could there still be an expert of such a level hidden in this place?

“That Yuan Spirit looks like that fellow from the Gu clan…” Someone suddenly exclaimed while many gazes were glued to the golden light Yuan Spirit.

The hearts of many people suddenly shook after these words entered their ears, as their gazes hurriedly turned towards Lin Dong. Sure enough, they could see that his appearance was exactly the same as that Yuan Spirit illusory figure.

“This person merely possess the strength of the nine Yuan Nirvana stage. Yet he is actually able to condense his Yuan Spirit to such a level?” Several people looked at each other. There was a shock that could not be hidden in their eyes. It was likely that this scene was a great shock to them.

Gu Yan and the other members of the Gu clan were also staring at Lin Dong in astonishment. It was likely that they were similarly shocked.

“This bastard.” Wei Song’s eyes were a little gloomy. Originally, they planned to let the black clothed person use his Mental Energy to obtain the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit. Never would they have imagined that this plan would be completely ruined by Lin Dong.

The black clothed person by the side also lifted his head at this moment, revealing his pale face. His eyes were unusually eerie as he stared at Lin Dong, while murderous desire continuously surged from them.

“I do not believe that the Yuan Spirit formed by this nine Yuan Nirvana stage of yours can be stronger than my Mental Energy spiritual body!”

The black clothed person spoke in a sinister voice. Soon after, he clenched his fist and swung it downwards. The Mental Energy spiritual body in the distant once again solidified its illusory body. After which, a majestic Mental Energy ripple spread apart, directly agglomerating into a couple of Mental Energy long spears, which shot explosively towards the golden light figure that was rushing towards it from behind.

However, a cold smile surfaced on the small face of that Yuan Spirit in the face of this Mental Energy attack. He waved his small hand, and the Dragon Yuan Ring returned. The blade of the ring contained a cold light as it shot out downwards in an instant, directly tearing apart the Mental Energy long spears.


After breaking the enemy’s attack, the Dragon Yuan Ring quickly returned to under the Yuan Spirit’s feet. In a flash, they appeared in front of the Mental Energy spiritual body. A small hand was quickly flew out, and imprinted itself onto the Mental Energy spiritual body’s chest.

“You will be crippled if you play with Mental Energy in front of me.”

The Yuan Spirit lifted its head, and a strange smile surface on the small face. Immediately, many tiny black threads quietly seeped out from its small hand, and penetrated the Mental Energy spiritual body.

Sizzle sizzle!

That Mental Energy spiritual body suddenly trembled after the black threads invaded it. Its originally powerful Mental Energy ripple actually swiftly disappeared in a strange manner at this moment. In last than half a minute, the Mental Energy spiritual body completely disappeared in front of everyone’s eyes.


The expression of the black clothed person abruptly changed when the Mental Energy spiritual body vanished. Immediately, a sharp cry sounded. His body moved and charged straight towards the small island in a ghost like fashion.

The moment he rushed forward, that Mo Zhan, Han Tao from the Sea Cloud Sect, and other powerful experts also completely unleashed their Yuan Power. All of them shot towards the small island.

Lin Dong’s Yuan Spirit glanced at the crowd that was rushing over after finishing off the Mental Energy spiritual body. It moved and appeared beside the Life Mysterious Spirit Tree. With a gentle wave of its hand, golden light swept out from it, and wrapped around a Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit, before plucking it off.


A Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit landed in the hands of Lin Dong’s Yuan Spirit. The surging life Qi from where it landed in its hand caused the golden light all over Lin Dong’s Yuan Spirit to immediately become much denser.

“Such a marvellous thing.”

Joy that was difficult to hide was revealed on the small face of Lin Dong’s Yuan Spirit. Immediately, its hand extended like lightning, and plucked another two Life Mysterious Spirit Fruits with shocking speed.

However, just when Lin Dong had obtained three Life Mysterious Spirit Fruits and was planning to continue, an extremely dark and ruthless energy ripple suddenly unfurled.

Lin Dong could only regretfully glanced at the three remaining Life Mysterious Spirit Fruits on the tree after sensing the approaching attack. He quickly stepped on the golden Yuan ring and swiftly withdrew.

“Leave the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruits behind!” That black clothed person descended from the sky. His eyes were dark and chilly as he looked at Lin Dong’s Yuan Spirit, which had taken away three Life Mysterious Spirit Fruits. He could not help but be greatly angered by this sight. His hand extended, and his Mental Energy turned into a large net that enveloped Lin Dong’s Yuan Spirit.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

The Dragon Yuan Ring under Lin Dong’s Yuan Spirit once again separated from the Yuan Spirit. Golden light flashed, and an extremely sharp aura directly tore that large Mental Energy net apart. Finally, it turned into a flash of golden light and flew away.


That black clothed person’s eyes became increasingly dark and stern as he watched Lin Dong Yuan Spirit escape. However, he did not dare to chase Lin Dong when he saw Mo Zhan and the others landing on the small island. With a clench of his fist, Mental Energy swept out, and grabbed at a Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit.


However, an extremely sharp blade aura came slashing over just as his Mental Energy rushed out. Finally, it slashed the Mental Energy apart.


The expression of the black clothed person turned completely gloomy after being hindered. With a wave of his hand, majestic Mental Energy turned into an enormous hand that mercilessly swatted at Mo Zhan in the distance.

The black clothed person clearly no longer held back at this moment. His majestic Mental Energy caused the expressions of many to change. After all, a Divine Symbol Master could match up to an initial Profound Life stage expert.

“Blade Edge Skill!”

Mo Zhan’s eyes were a little grave after seeing this. His single arm held the black long blade tightly. After which, he inhaled a deeply, as the long blade came hacking downwards with great force. A black blade cut through the sky, and collided head on with the giant Mental Energy hand.


A low and deep sound reverberated through the air. Wild and violent Yuan Power mixed with Mental Energy crazily poured downwards, cutting the small island below until many gullies covered it,

Mo Zhan’s figure was sent flying backwards. However, a smile surfaced on his indifferent face as he flew backwards. Subsequently, he made a grabbing motion with his hand under the ugly expression of the black robed person. A suction force surged, and a Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit landed in his hand.

Han Tao from the Sea Cloud Sect also had a wildly joyous expression as obtained another Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit at the same time as Mo Zhan.

“I’ll first obtain the last Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit before worrying about other matters.”

The black clothed person so angered by this scene that his face turned green. However, he did not dare to delay any longer. His body hurried forward, as his hand swiftly grabbed at the last Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit.


However, just as he was about to touch that final Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit, the lake water suddenly exploded, and a foul smelling figure shot out. Its hand flew forth, and a ferocious wind sent that Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit flying, while it rode the wave and caught the fruit.

“You bastards have actually taken all of this king’s Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit!”

That human figure who obtained the last Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit stood in the air. Both of its eyes contained an overflowing ferocity and fury. From its voice, one could tell that it was surprisingly the three-headed Demon Snake, which had hid in the water earlier.

At this moment, Lin Dong’s Yuan Spirit had also rushed into his body, while the three Life Mysterious Spirit Fruits had also landed in his hands under the joyous eyes of Gu Yan and the rest.

“Three Life Mysterious Spirit Fruits. This is quite a harvest…”

Lin Dong held the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit and softly chuckled. Soon after, he lifted his head. Nearby, Wei Song and the rest were staring at him with extremely dark and vicious eyes.

“Brother Xu, there is no need to be anxious. He might be able to obtain the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruits, but he won’t have the fortune to enjoy them…”

Wei Song’s hand slowly clenched. He stared at Lin Dong, while a savage smile formed on his face.

“Hand over the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruits. Otherwise, die!”