Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 845: Chaotic Battle

Chapter 845: Chaotic Battle


Chapter 845: Chaotic Battle


Lake water poured down from the sky like a storm, before finally landing on the ground. Even the land itself trembled from its force.

An enormous shadow covered the place from the air, while an intensely vicious aura spread, causing the expressions of everyone present to change.

“This is the three-headed Demon Snake huh…”

Lin Dong lifted his head. His expression was grave as he gazed at the enormous being that had appeared before his eyes. The part of this being that was exposed above the water surface was already several hundred feet large. Scarlet scales covered its large body like the toughest armour, and waves of extremely shocking strength was emitted each time the large body moved.

There were three giant ferocious snake heads on the upper body of the creature. Each of these snake heads had a sharp horn. A densely cold luster flickered across them, causing those horns to appear as though they were sharp enough to tear apart space itself.

Sizzle sizzle

At this moment, the three-headed Demon Snake was staring at the crowd around the lake with its cruel scarlet eyes. Such ferocity caused one’s hair to stand.

“All of you actually dare to lay a hand on something that belongs to this king? A bunch of death seeking fools!”

The three-headed Demon Snake opened it huge mouth as it stared at everyone. Finally, an exceptionally dark and cold roar rumbled across the air.

With its strength having reached this level, it was already possible for the three-headed Demon Snake to speak human language. If it was willing, it could even turn into human form. However, its battle power would definitely be reduced if that happened. The current situation clearly did not allow it to do such a thing.

“All of you will immediately get out of Mysterious Spirit Island. Otherwise, I will not allow any of you to survive regardless of where you come from!”


The three-headed Demon Snake suddenly bent its body and roared after its words sounded. A frightening stream of air swept apart. It was just like a storm as it uprooted the surrounding forest. Its momentum was frightening.

Several people had a slight change in their expressions in the face of the three-headed Demon Snake, which had revealed its killing intent. No matter how one put it, the latter was a genuine initial Profound Life stage expert. Additionally, it was strengthened by the constitution of a Demonic Beast. This made it even more difficult to deal with it. Although they had the numbers advantage, they still felt fear in their hearts.

“Ha ha, such natural treasures belong to those who have an affinity with them. Since we are able to come here, it means that we have an affinity with it. There are six Life Mysterious Spirit Fruits here, yet you wish monopolize all of them. Aren’t you a little too greedy?” Wei Song laughed faintly while everyone was shaken by the ferocity of the three-headed Demon Snake.

“Everyone, although we can also be considered competitors, we currently have a mutual enemy. I suggest that we cooperate and finish off this big fellow first, how does that sound?” Wei Song glanced at the various factions as he smiled.

Wei Song was also clearly aware that it was difficult to deal with the three-headed Demon Snake. If he took it on with just his group alone, he would likely end up paying a rather hefty price. Bearing the losses alone while everyone looked on with ill intent was clearly an extremely foolish thing to do.

The various factions around the lake looked to each other after hearing Wei Song’s words. Finally, they nodded simultaneously. They were similarly aware of what Wei Song was thinking. However, in the face of this situation, it was indeed true that they needed to temporarily cooperate in order to finish off this troublesome three-headed Demon Snake…

“Let’s cooperate. Otherwise, no one will be able to obtain the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit.”

That lone wolf one-arm Mo Zhan also spoke in a raspy voice at this moment. This was the first time that Lin Dong had heard him speak. Moreover, this person’s words seemed to have quite a great amount of weight. Hence, many people threw their eyes towards him when he spoke.

“Ha ha, brother Mo Zhan is someone who can see the big picture. I have long heard that brother Mo Zhan’s blade techniques are extremely formidable.It seems that today will be an eye-opener for me.” Wei Song involuntarily chuckled after hearing this.

Mo Zhan glanced indifferent at Wei Song. His expression did not alter in the face of these words that were an attempt to establish a better relationship with him.

“Let’s do it.”

An indifferent voice was transmitted from Mo Zhan’s mouth. In the next moment, he actually took the lead to rush forward. With a clench of his hand, a large black blade appeared in a flash. From the air, he suddenly slashed furiously at the three-headed Demon Snake.


The blade flickered as a black light pattern swept downwards at an astonishing speed. Subsequently, it struck the three-headed Demon Snake with lightning speed. Immediately, a trace of blood appeared. The hard scale armour seemed to have been slashed apart by the blade strike.

“What a sharp blade aura.”

Lin Dong’s eyes hardened a little as he watched this scene. The blade aura of this Mo Zhan was clearly extremely sharp. No wonder he possessed the ability to injure an initial Profound Life stage expert.

The attack by Mo Zhan also broke the standoff in the area. The three-headed Demon Snake’s eyes turned completely scarlet red. It immediately opened its large snake mouth, as three foul smelling black light pillars shot directly towards Mo Zhan.


While his body was in the air, Mo Zhan’s feet moved in a peculiar manner, narrowly dodging the three black light pillars had shot towards him, Soon after, some miserable cries sounded from behind him. A couple of unlucky individuals had been hit. They turned into a pile of white bones that emitted an acidic fumes amidst these miserable cries. The energy of the three-headed Demon Snake clearly contained an extremely terrifying lethal poison.


The peace was completely broken when the attack landed. Blood red rose in the eyes of the many surrounding factions. Subsequently, a rushing wind sounds suddenly appeared, as numerous figures rushed forward, and powerful attacks enveloped the three-headed Demon Snake.

“We will also attack. Everyone be careful.” Gu Yan softly cried out after seeing this scene. It was extremely easy to be targeted by everyone if they did not attack at this moment. Therefore, it was basically impossible to sit back and watch while waiting to benefit from other’s efforts.

“Lin Dong, if there is an opportunity later on, we will create an opening for you to snatch the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruits. What do you say?” Gu Yan looked at Lin Dong and asked.

“Okay.” Lin Dong nodded. This situation was quite chaotic. If Gu Yan’s group was to get involved, it would save him a substantial amount of effort…

Lin Dong no longer tarried after his voice sounded. His body moved and he took the lead to rush forward. Green light surged on his body, as he threw a punch. A powerful force ruthlessly smashed into the large body of the three-headed Demon Snake.

However, this ferocious fist wind from Lin Dong merely resulted in a little dent on the scales of the three-headed Demon Snake. Such an injury was clearly nothing to the three-headed Demon Snake’s large body.

“What a powerful defence.”

Lin Dong involuntarily licked his lips when he saw this. An initial Profound Life stage Demonic Beast did indeed live up to its reputation.

Bang bang bang!

After Lin Dong’s group joined the battle, the air above this lake had clearly become even more chaotic. Many figures continued to flit across the air. Soon after, attacks came pouring down like a storm and landed onto the huge body of the three-headed Demon Snake.

Nevertheless, the three-headed Demon Snake did not end up in a disadvantage despite the ferocious attacks from everyone. As the three snake heads swung back and forth, many foul smelling black light pillars shot out. Anyone that was hit would immediately let out a miserable scream even if they were nine Yuan Nirvana stage experts. Their flesh would melt as they desperately maneuvered their Yuan Power to block the erosion from the poison.

Splash splash.

Many figures continued to fall into the lake from the air as both parties fought with red eyes. The originally clear lake had gradually begun to be dyed red. From this, one could see just how intense the battle was.


Lin Dong stepped backwards, dodging a black light pillar, which passed by just in front of his chest. His eyes faintly flickered as he glanced at the three-headed Demon Snake below, which was still extremely lively despite being attacked from all sides by hundreds of experts.

This three-headed Demon Snake’s strength was indeed unusually great. However, it was unable to take on so many opponents alone. Its strength would be exhausted sooner or later if this dragged on. The temporarily alliance would immediately collapse once the three-headed Demon Snake’s strength weakened. At that time, those who had fought side by side earlier would unhesitatingly turn their blades towards those beside them…


Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly swept over the blood red surface of the lake, as his pupils suddenly contracted. He could sense an extremely obscure ripple under the lake waters. This ripple was Mental Energy…

Lin Dong slightly narrowed his eyes. His gaze swept over the group from the Wei clan and sure enough, he saw that the black robed figure at the middle of the group had suddenly slowed. Clearly, he was splitting his attention in order to control something.

“They are indeed unwilling to be honest…”

Lin Dong laughed coldly. His body immediately borrowed the momentum from dodging to land on the surface of the lake. A golden light suddenly rushed out from under his feet when he made contact with the water surface and entered the lake, while his body once again charge out and joined the chaotic battlefield.

Bang bang!

The chaos continued in this somewhat crazy fashion while the six Life Mysterious Spirit Fruits on the small island began to emit a jade green glow. They were so tempting that one’s eyes would turn scarlet from looking at them…