Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 843: Might of the Green Dragon

Chapter 843: Might of the Green Dragon


Chapter 843: Might of the Green Dragon

“Two of them?”

The expressions of Gu Yan’s group changed slightly when they heard that Lin Dong was actually planning on stopping two Demonic Beasts at the half step into Profound Life stage. After all, the Demonic Beasts before them were not ordinary. Against such creatures, even an expert with the similar strength of the half step into Profound Life stage would have difficulty obtaining victory.

“Forget it…”

Lin Dong stared at the three Demonic Beasts in front of him. He suddenly frowned slightly as his eyes looked in the direction where the Black Dragon Pirates had hurried towards earlier. If they were held back here, it was likely that the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit would have another owner…

“Miss Gu Yan, you should bring everyone and leave first. I will deal with these three Demonic Beasts…”

Gu Yan originally thought, that Lin Dong was planning to abandon the plan to fight against two beasts alone after considering his strength when the latter uttered the first sentence. However, his subsequent words caught them off-guard. All of them stared at Lin Dong with astonished gazes. This fellow… was actually planning on stopping these three half step into Profound Life stage Demonic Beasts alone?

“There is not much time. All of you should give chase first. Otherwise, the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit might end up being snatched away by someone else…” Lin Dong was aware of the shock in their hearts as he continued to explain.

“You…” Gu Yan hesitated for a moment. However, she quickly clenched her teeth and nodded. From their interactions over the past few days, Lin Dong did not appear to be a reckless and arrogant person. Since he said that he would stop the three Demonic Beasts, it was likely that he had the confidence to back his words. Moreover, they really could not waste any time here.

“Be a little more careful. Withdraw if you cannot fight them. We will withdraw first and wait for you in front!”

Gu Yan was decisive. Without further ado, she issued a reminder to Lin Dong, before waving her hand and took the lead to rush towards the depths of the mountain. The other members of the Gu clan behind her also followed after a brief hesitation.

“Big brother Lin Dong, be careful. We will wait for you.” Gu Ya spoke in a worried voice.


Lin Dong waved his hand with his back facing everyone. His eyes were locked onto the three Demonic Beasts in front of him. After the sound of rushing wind appeared from behind him, his eyes finally began to gradually harden. Three half step into Profound Life stage Demonic Beasts were not easy to deal with.

Deep and brutal roars sounded from the three large Demonic Beasts. Those scarlet beast eyes flickered with cunning and cruelness. With their strength having reached such a stage, they already possessed substantial intelligence. If their bloodlines were a little purer, it was likely that they would have long been able to turn into human form. If that was the case, they would be even more troublesome to deal with.

The three half step Profound Life stage Demonic Beasts did not stop the members of the Gu clan from leaving. Their beast eyes were locked onto Lin Dong. This was because they could sense a dangerous feeling from him…

Those scarlet beast eyes were tightly glued to Lin Dong. In the next moment, an ominous glint flitted across the three beasts’ eyes. Their feet landed, and they directly turned into three scarlet light rays, which attacked Lin Dong with an extremely tricky formation.

These three Demonic Beasts already knew how to cooperate and amplify their battle power!

Lin Dong’s eyes were quite grave as he faced the perfect cooperation of these three beasts. His toes pushed off the ground, and dodged two bloody smelling winds in an agile manner while withdrawing at the same time.


However, his body was just about to pull back, when another bloody wind appeared from behind him. A ferocious cheetah like Demonic Beast clawed at the vital spot behind his heart, intending to pierce it.


Lin Dong forcibly turned his body while it was in the air, as green light gathered on his fist. A faint yet deep dragon roar resounded across the area. Subsequently, the fist collided head on against the Demonic Beast’s sharp claw.

At this moment, a deep muffled noise echoed, while a powerful energy ripple swept apart. Lin Dong was forced a dozen steps back, while the Demonic Beast shot downwards, and created a dozen feet long scar on the ground.

Swoosh swoosh!

Roars were emitted from two locations around Lin Dong after that Demonic Beast fell to the ground. After which, he saw that the three half step into Profound Life stage Demonic Beasts had already surrounded him. Their attacks had actually possessed a rather exquisite formation…

“What troublesome Demonic Beasts…”

Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed as he watched this scene. This was the first time that he had seen Demonic Beasts cooperating at such a sophisticated level.

“However, I currently don’t have any time to waste with all of you…”

Lin Dong muttered to himself. Currently, there were many experts hurrying towards the depths of Mysterious Spirit Mountain. He did not wish to be held back here while others were splitting the treasure.


A breath of white air was slowly exhaled through Lin Dong’s throat. Soon after, green light began to flicker on the surface of his body. These green light quickly became richer, as faint green light dragon tattoos surfaced on Lin Dong’s skin, while a green dragon entrenched itself deep within his eyes.


A deep dragon roar was emitted from within Lin Dong’s body. It appeared to resonate with the air, while an intimidating and oppressive aura that could not be hidden quietly spread outwards.

As this aura spread, a frightened expression immediately flashed across the scarlet eyes of the three Demonic Beasts. Their originally ferocious auras had been forcefully suppressed by him at this moment.

A fear, which originated from their bloodlines and soul, rose in the face of the dragon aura. It was likely that they would have been frightened to the point of turning around and fleeing if it was not because of their half step into Profound Life stage strength.

Resplendent green light exploded from Lin Dong’s body. Quickly after, the green light dragon tattoos left the surface of his skin. They turned into four green light dragons that orbited around Lin Dong’s limbs. A great dragon like strength seemed to be emitted as they shuttled around.


Lin Dong clenched his hands slightly, as he sensed the frightening strength that could destroy a mountain. A satisfied smile was lifted from the corners of his mouth. In the next instant, he suddenly stomped his foot. Cracks spread like a spiderweb from the spot where his foot landed, while his body turned into a flash of light that suddenly shot forward.


Lin Dong’s figure appeared in front one of the Demonic Beasts. Green light subsequently surged, as a fist was thrown forward. The green light dragon that lingered around his arm whistled out and ruthlessly smashed into the hard shield like Demonic Beast’s body.

Green light arcs burst out from Lin Dong’s fist. Soon after, an exceptionally low and deep sound resounded. The large body of the Demonic Beast immediately flew backwards, as a miserable beast roar echoed in the forest.

Roar roar!

Ominous glints flickered within the eyes of the two remaining Demonic Beasts when they saw this. However, before they could attack, Lin Dong’s figure had once again appeared in front of them in a ghost like manner. His body was like a half a whirlpool, as both of his legs drew a green light orbits in the air. Subsequently, a dragon roar rang out. It was accompanied by a mountain like strength as it ruthlessly landed on their bodies.

Bang bang!

Wild and violent energy poured out like a storm. The enormous bodies of the two Demonic Beasts also flew backwards, before heavily crashing onto the ground as a loud rumbling sound was emitted.

Lin Dong’s body hovered in the air. Green light dragons circled around his body. From a distance, he looked just like a dragon king that was emitting an endless amount of pressure.



The three injured Demonic Beasts once again struggled to climb to their feet. However, fear was surging within their eyes at this moment. The Heavenly Dragon pressure from Lin Dong’s body had greatly suppressed their strength…

Even though this was the case, they were strong and ferocious by nature. Even at this moment, they were still unwilling to withdraw. All they did was cautiously locked their eyes onto Lin Dong, and wait for an opportunity to kill him with a single strike.

Lin Dong watched this scene and frowned slightly. Soon after, the green light in his eyes became even more intense. Resplendent green light erupted from his body. Quickly after, the green light shook, and his body turned into a giant green dragon, while the Heavenly Dragon pressure that filled the place also suddenly strengthened.

Dense horror finally rose in the eyes of the three Demonic Beasts after the green dragon appeared out of nowhere.



A dozen figures quickly flew across the deep forests. At the same time, their gazes were cautiously sweeping their surroundings.

“Elder sister Gu Yan, nothing will happen to big brother Lin Dong right?” Gu Ya followed behind Gu Yan, while occasionally glancing behind her. Finally, she could no longer resist and opened her mouth to inquire.

Gu Yan knitted her brows. She slightly shook her head and replied, “No one will do something that would end up getting themselves killed. He is no exception. Since he chose to remain behind, it is likely that he has some confidence. Moreover, with his strength, it should not be difficult to escape even if he is unable to finish off the three Demonic Beasts…”

The corners of Gu Yan’s eyes involuntarily glanced behind her after her words sounded. If Lin Dong was really stopped here, they would be in a rather bad situation…

“I hope that he really has something to back his words…”

Gu Yan muttered. However, her eyes suddenly became focused after her voice sounded. She abruptly turned her head, and saw a familiar skinny figure a short distance away. This figure was flying over like a thunderbolt. A bloody scent was vaguely emitted from his body.

All the members of the Gu clan stopped at this moment. Their faces were shocked as they watched the young figure swiftly rushing over from behind.

“They’ve been dealt with. Let’s get moving. We’ll head directly to the depths of Mysterious Spirit Mountain. There should be no longer be any obstructions in front…”

Lin Dong merely gave a faint smile in response to their shock. Without any additional explanation, his body shot out and headed towards the depths of the mountain forest. Behind him, a group of young people were still caught up in their shock…