Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 840: Shock and Deter

Chapter 840: Shock and Deter


Chapter 840: Shock and Deter

Plop plop!

Flashes of cold light shot backwards in an extremely violent manner. After which, they heavily smashed against the invisible Mental Energy barrier. The light seemed to have landed into a quagmire, as their speeds slowed. In the end, they completely stopped in mid-air, before powerlessly falling downwards.

However, the numerous gazes did not pay any intention to this. Instead, they were locked onto the exploded carriage, where a relatively powerful aura was spreading.

A wild and violent energy ripple slowly dissipated. After which, everyone saw a skinny figure appearing in their sights.

“Lin Dong!” Joy quickly surfaced on Gu Yan and the rest’s faces when they saw that Lin Dong was fine.

“Disturbing others’ cultivation for no reason, isn’t you upbringing a little poor?” Lin Dong lifted his head. His eyes looked towards Wei Song on the nearby tree branch as he smiled and said.

Wei Song slightly narrowed his eyes. His sharp gaze locked onto Lin Dong. He immediately frowned slightly and spoke in a faint voice, “Nine Yuan Nirvana stage? Brother Xu, are you certain that he is the hidden expert in the Gu clan convoy?”

The black robed man beside Wei Song stared at Lin Dong. Those deep eyes of his scanned every inch of Lin Dong’s body. After which, he slowly nodded and said, “This brat is not simple. You should not underestimate him.”

“Is that so? I am really curious to find out just how extraordinary a nine Yuan Nirvana stage brat can be.” Wei Song’s mouth parted to form a grin.

“Nine Yuan Nirvana stage? He has only reached this level after recovering his strength?”

Wei Song was not the only one present who felt doubtful because of Lin Dong’s strength. Even some members of the Gu clan were frowning as they stared at Lin Dong. Earlier, Lin Dong had spoken with such confidence, causing them to believe that he would at the very least reach a level similar to Gu Yan once he recovered his full strength. However, from the present situation, it seemed like Lin Dong had only just advanced to nine Yuan Nirvana stage…

With such strength, could he fight against a Divine Symbol Master?

Some of the Gu clan members looked at each other. Although they did not say anything, it was obvious that their hearts were filled with doubt. After all, there was a great difference in Lin Dong’s strength and the words that he had spoken.

The ten thousand Xuan Yuan Pills seemed to have been wasted…

“This guy…”

Gu Ying quietly clenched her teeth, while her heart was filled with anger. However, after having experienced Lin Dong’s ruthlessness from before, she did not dare to utter any harsh words. All she could do, was throw her eyes towards Gu Yan and softly say, “Elder sister Gu Yan…”

Gu Yan’s eyes stared at Lin Dong. The latter’s expression was still like a rippleless well. There was no change at all in his face due to the current situation. Her teeth gently bit into her lips. A moment later, she shook her head and said, “Let’s observe first. There is no need to come to an early conclusion.”

Gu Ying could only nodded her head when she heard this. Currently, the Xuan Yuan Pills had already been used by Lin Dong. They could only hope that this person could really be of some help…

Lin Dong stood there. He had naturally seen those many gazes containing different states of mind around him. However, he did not say anything. His eyes swept once around him, before pausing on Gu Ya’s somewhat pale little face. His expression quickly darkened. “What happened?”

Gu Ya wiped the corner of her mouth. She timidly shook her head and softly said, “Big brother Lin Dong, I am fine.”

“He is the one who did it.” Gu Ying extended her hand at this moment. She pointed towards Lu Jian and said.

Lin Dong gaze shifted, and locked onto the blue clothed Lu Jian. Immediately, a cold aura seeped out from those eyes of his. “Was it you who did this?”

Lu Jian knitted his brows. After which, he turned his head and looked towards Wei Song. The latter nodded towards him. Immediately, Lu Jian laughed coldly, “Where has this ill mannered brat come from. This matter is none of your business, and you should not meddle in other people’s business. Otherwise, you won’t even have the chance to regret it.”

Lu Jian’s strength was at the peak of the nine Yuan Nirvana stage. He could be considered to be a little stronger than Lin Dong. This was also where his confidence came from. Moreover, there was Wei Song supporting him from behind. He naturally held no regard for Lin Dong when he spoke.

Lin Dong slightly narrowed his eyes. He seemed to smile for a moment, before he lifted his foot and walked towards Lu Jian under the attention of numerous watching gazes.

The surrounding members of the Gu clan quickly gave way when they saw Lin Dong’s actions. They were really curious what Lin Dong, who seemed to have only reached the nine Yuan Nirvana stage, could do to Lu Jian, who was at the peak of nine Yuan Nirvana stage…

“Lu Jian, since there is someone who is challenging your Sword Heart Island young master’s prestige, there is no need for you to hold back.” Wei Song laughed faintly from nearby.

“Of course.”

The corners of Lu Jian’s mouth slowly lifted into an evil grin. His two fingers curled and majestic Yuan Power suddenly swept out. A dozen feet long sharp sword aura immediately tore through the air and ferociously hacked down onto Lin Dong.

However, Lin Dong’s footsteps did not pause in the face of Lu Jian’s sharp sword aura. He merely extended his hand and grabbed at the sword aura, which was slashing at him.

“You are courting death!” A sneer flashed across Lu Jian’s eyes when he saw this. Even a peak nine Yuan Nirvana stage expert would not dare to use his physical body to receive this attack. Lin Dong’s actions were undoubtedly suicidal.


The sword aura had already hacked onto Lin Dong’s hand, while the sneer flashed across Lu Jian’s eyes. However, the expected scene of fresh blood splattering did not appear. Lin Dong’s hand was just like an iron pincer that firmly grabbed onto the sword aura, which was hacking downwards. After which, he suddenly clenched his hand.


A clear sound spread within the forest. That sharp sword aura was directly shattered by Lin Dong’s bare hand.

“How is this possible?” The sneer on Lu Jian’s face suddenly stiffened.


Lin Dong lifted his head. His eyes were indifferent as they glanced at Lu Jian. Subsequently, he took another step forward. An afterimage remained behind, while his body had turned into a flahs of light that charged directly at Lu Jian like galloping thunder.

“How swift!”

Lu Jian’s eyes trembled with fear, as his body hurriedly pulled back. At the same time, he clenched his hand, and a sharp longsword appeared in a flash. After which, the sword pierced forward. Its sharp sword aura whistled out gracefully.

The flash of light arrived in an instant. His hand tightened into a fist in the face of Lu Jian’s sharp sword aura, as green light immediately erupted, and a faint dragon roar resounding across the area.


A green dragon light fist took shape on Lin Dong’s fist. This fist was subsequently thrown forward without any fanciness. However, it contained a frightening strength that could push a mountain.

Bang bang bang!

The sharp sword aura collapsed almost instantly upon contact with the green dragon fist. Lu Jian’s attack was unable to withstand even a single blow.

With the collapse of the sword aura, the green dragon fist landed on Lu Jian’s body at lightning speed in front of Lu Jian’s shocked eyes, as an unusually low and deep muffled sound appeared.


Wild and violent energy poured onto Lu Jian’s body. His expression instantly turned pale, and a mouthful of fresh blood was spat out in an uncontrollable fashion. His body was like a cannonball as it flew backwards.

Upon seeing this, those members of the Sword Heart Island behind Lu Jian hurriedly moved to stop him. However, bone cracking sounds were emitted from their arms the moment they touched Lu Jian’s body, and their bodies were also sent flying.

Bang bang.

Lu Jian and the rest finally landed on the ground in a miserable manner. A thunderous sound appeared, causing the hearts of many to throb, as grave expressions started to appear in their eyes. Some of the experts, who were not paying attention to this, also began to reveal a solemn look in their eyes. Many

With just a single strike, he had defeated Lu Jian, whose strength had reached the peak of the nine Yuan Nirvana stage. It was likely that less than ten people here could do this.

Moreover, everyone could tell that Lin Dong had merely used his physical power previously. Just how strong would his destructive power be if Yuan Power was to be activated along with it?

The members of the Gu clan were flabberghasted as they watched this scene. Gu Ying swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Her eyes no longer dared to possess even the slightest doubt when they looked at Lin Dong…

Sending Lu Jian, who was at the peak of the nine Yuan Nirvana stage, flying with one punch. Who dared to underestimate him?

At this moment, it was likely that not a single member of the Gu clan would think that their ten thousand Xuan Yuan Pills had been wasted…

Gu Yan quietly sighed in relief within her heart. Although Lin Dong’s words were a little arrogant, he did indeed possess the strength to back them up. In this way, they had indeed found a rather good helper this time around.

Lin Dong indifferently glanced at the extremely miserable Lu Jian in the distance. After which, he lifted his head. His eyes looked towards Wei Song a short distance away as he grinned. The latter’s expression was a little gloomy.

“Helping others ward off disaster after accepting payment from them. I am definitely getting involved in this matter…”