Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 839: Mysterious Spirit Mountain

Chapter 839: Mysterious Spirit Mountain


Chapter 839: Mysterious Spirit Mountain

Mysterious Spirit Mountain was the loftiest mountain in Mysterious Spirit Island. The mountain was tens of thousands of feet tall, and penetrated into the clouds. Mists lingered at the waist of the mountain, blocking anyone who attempted to peek at its peak.

Currently, many human figures were rushing out from within the forest towards the foot of this Mysterious Spirit Mountain. Finally, they gathered at there. Their eyes were filled with excitement as they looked towards the mountain top.

That was where the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit was rumoured to have appeared.


As an increasing number of experts began to gather at the foot of the mountain, various faint yet extremely tyrannical beast roars also emerged from Mysterious Spirit Mountain. Their roars contained an unmistakable warning. Clearly, those powerful Demonic Beasts on Mysterious Spirit Mountain had also discovered these uninvited guests…

Demonic Beasts which had reached this level possessed strong intellect. They naturally understood why these people had showed up.

However, those present could not be bothered about these Demonic Beasts’ warning roars. Although they knew that the Demonic Beasts on Mysterious Spirit Mountain were extremely troublesome to deal with, they were clearly able to brush aside these dangers in the face of the temptation from the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit.


A convoy began to walk out from within the forest at this moment. Finally, they stopped at the foot of the mountain, which was now a hubbub of human voices. There were many people in the group. Hence, they attracted quite some attention the moment they appeared.

“Oh? Is that the Gu clan?’

“The one leading them is Gu Yan, right? What a beauty. It is rumoured that she is an expert at the half a foot in the Profound Life stage. It is likely that she has also came to fight for the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit, in hopes of using it break through to the Profound Life stage.”

“Hehe, it is not going to be so easy. Which one of us here isn’t after the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit? Gu Yan’s might be quite powerful, but she is still slightly lacking. They might have a decent chance if Gu Yuntian had come…”

“That’s right…”

Gun Yan’s cold and elegant face was unchanged when she heard the many private conversations around her. Her eyes slowly swept around, and she quickly knitted her brows slightly. It seemed that many experts from various places had come here because of the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit…

“I wonder how Lin Dong is doing…” Gu Yan’s eyes turned towards a carriage behind her. At this moment, there was still no activity from the carriage. There had been no news of Lin Dong ever since he had closed himself off that day to recuperate. If it was not because she was able to sense the presence within the carriage, it was likely that she would have believed that Lin Dong had taken the Xuan Yuan Pills and fled…

“Elder sister Gu Yan.” A member of the Gu clan suddenly peered into the distance when Gu Yan’s sight was turned towards the carriage. The former’s expression was a little ugly.


Gu Yan turned her head. She followed the the Gu clan member’s gaze and looked over. After which, a chill flashed across her pupils. There was a group walking towards them. A blue clothed man was standing at the front of this group. He was rather handsome, however, his somewhat sinister expression severely damaged his good looks.

“It’s Lu Jian, that hateful fellow…” The young member from the Gu clan gazed at the newcomers, as all of them frowned slightly. There was a trace of disgust on their faces.

They were all quite familiar with this person. Lu Jian, the young master of Sword Heart Island. He was a fairly well-known younger generation member in the Heaven Wind Sea Region. He had once pursued Gu Yan back then. However, he was extremely narrow minded. After several rejections from Gu Yan, he ended up with a hatred that arose from the jealousy within his heart. This resulted in Sword Heart Island, which was originally neutral, to lean towards the Wei clan, who had quite a deep grudge with the Gu clan.

“It is unexpected that the people from Sword Heart Island have also come here…” Gu Yan frowned slightly. If these fellows had appeared here, it was likely that they would support the Wei clan. This would be an additional source of pressure for the Gu clan.

The many groups at the foot of the mountain watched this scene with amusement in their eyes. Soon after, they turned towards a far off hill. There was a large group of people present there. Their leader was unsurprisingly Wei Song, whom they had met a couple of days ago.

At this moment, Wei Song’s face contained a faint smile as he watched this scene. Clearly, the reason Lu Jian dared to swagger towards the Gu clan was because the Wei clan was backing them.

“Brother Xu, you said that there is a hidden expert amongst the Gu clan convoy?” Wei Song slightly tilted his head, glanced at the black robed person beside him and smilingly asked.

“I fought with him that night. He is indeed quite powerful.” The black robed man paused for a moment before replying indifferently. “However, in a real fight, I am confident that I can kill him.”

“Haha, brother Xu is a Divine Symbol Master. This is an extremely outstanding achievement even amongst the younger generation member in Heaven Wind Sea Region. Some small fries will naturally be unable to oppose you.” Wei Song smilingly replied.

“Our Wei clan might perhaps have to rely on brother Xu and senior Gui in the upcoming Five Clans Martial Gathering…”

The black robed person smiled indifferently and responded, “That Gu Yuntian from the Gu clan is indeed skilled. If we were to fight, even I may be unable to defeat him. However, now that senior has made his move, even though he managed to escape with his life, he will definitely be seriously injured. Hence, he will surely be missing from the upcoming martial gathering. Without Gu Yuntian, none of the younger generation of the Gu clan will be able to replace him.”

Wei Song involuntarily laughed upon hearing this. After which, he smilingly looked towards Lu Jian’s group in the distance, which was approaching the Gu clan convoy, and grinned, “In that case, we will stop Gu Yan’s group here. As long as I am able to obtain the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit, Gu Yan will no longer be able to oppose me.”

“Furthermore, I wish to see just what kind of person is hidden in this convoy. He actually dares to interfere in my Wei clan’s matters …” A dark and stern expression flashed across Wei Song’s smiling face when he spoke to this point.

While Wei Song was chatting with the black robed person beside him, the Sword Heart Island group had approached the Gu clan convoy in front of everyone’s eyes.

“Haha, little Yan, what a coincidence. You guys have also came to Mysterious Spirit Island…”

The blue robed Lu Jian looked at the fine and tall figure of Gu Yan with a face full of smiles. A fiery heat flashed deep within his eyes, as he immediately laughed in an extremely intimate manner.

Gu Yan glanced at Lu Jian. She was really a little unable to endure the disgust in her heart. Her eyes were indifferent, and she was actually ignored him.

Lu Jian’s expression was a little awkward. It was likely that he did not expect that Gu Yan had actually completely ignored him. He immediately laughed dryly while an additional shady expression appeared in his eyes, before he spoke, “I have came over to kindly warn you that brother Wei Song is determined to obtain the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit. Hence, all of you should be careful in order to avoid ending up in a situation that no one wants to see.”

The expressions of the Gu clan members became a little ugly when they sensed the threat hidden within Lu Jian’s words.

“Cowardly fellows. You only dare to act so mightily because someone is backing you. Do you think that your Sword Heart Island can simply step all over my Gu clan just because you have became closer to the Wei clan?” Gu Ying laughed coldly. Her words were as sharp as ever, and she did not give the other party any face.

“What a razor tongued girl!”

Lu Jian’s eyes turned cold. He had clearly been infuriated by Gu Ying’s words. He immediately stepped forward as his palm flew forward, and a sharp palm wind enveloped Gu Ying.

Gu Ying quickly stepped back in an agile manner and dodged the sharp palm wind. However, she had just avoided the attack, when she discovered that the one standing behind her was Gu Ya.


Gu Ya was also startled by this sudden attack. She hastily gathered Yuan Power on the surface of her body. After which, she forcibly received the palm.

The force exploded, and Gu Ya’s delicate body staggered backwards. After which, a couple of members from the Gu clan hurriedly supported her. They looked at Gu Ya’s small pale face, as fury immediately surged in their eyes.

“Gu Ya.”

Gu Ying’s expression also changed because of this scene. She immediately glared furiously at Lu Jian, “You bastard!”

“Lu Jian, do you really think that I don’t dare to kill you just because the Wei clan is here?” Rage had also rose on Gu Yan’s face.

The expression in Lu Jian’s eyes changed slightly when he heard the murderous intent in Gu Yan’s words. Soon after, she chuckled, “If she did not mock me, I wouldn’t have attacked her. It is not my fault.”

He had come because he had been ordered by Wei Song to stir trouble. Hence, he was not afraid of them.

Gu Yan’s face turned ice-cold. She clenched her hand, and a longsword that gave off a chilling aura appeared in a flash, while majestic Yuan Power surged around her.

“Haha, Miss Gu Yan, why the need to lose your temper. This is merely a small issue…”

A laughter was transmitted from the distance just as Gu Yan was no longer able to resist and wanted to attack. After which, a rushing wind sound appeared. Wei Song had brought a large group with him as he landed on a tree branch.

“That carriage.” The black robed person scanned the Gu clan convoy. After which, his gaze stoppped on the carriage Lin Dong was in.

Wei Song lifted his eyebrow. A cold look immediately flitted across his eyes. With a jerk of his sleeve, a dozen cold glows suddenly shot out. All of them struck at the carriage from every directions.

“What are you doing?”

Gu Yan was greatly alarmed by Wei Song’s actions. Only then, did she understand that these people were after Lin Dong.


The cold glows tore through the air at an extremely shocking speed. Accompanied by sharp wind, they ruthlessly shot into the carriage, instantly turning the carriage into a honeycomb…

“No one?”

Wei Song immediately frowned as he looked at the carriage, which was still void of any activity.


However, the eyes of the black robed person beside him suddenly hardened while Wei Song was frowning. With a wave of his sleeve, majestic Mental Energy turned into an invisible barrier in front of him.


The barrier had just been formed, when the carriage nearby suddenly exploded. Chilling lights shot out at an extremely ferocious speed. At the same time, a wild and violent aura also soared towards the sky from the exploded carriage.

“Has he finally shown himself?”

A dense coldness flashed across Wei Song’s eyes when he saw this.