Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 838: Attacking the Nine Yuan Nirvana stage

Chapter 838: Attacking the Nine Yuan Nirvana stage


Chapter 838: Attacking the Nine Yuan Nirvana stage

Gu Yan’s group was a little stunned as they watched Lin Dong extend his hand in a righteous manner, as helplessness momentarily rose within their hearts. This person…

“You have not even done anything for us to see. Who knows whether you will take the Xuan Yuan Pills and run…” A member of the Gu clan muttered.

“I told you guys that I need those Xuan Yuan Pills to recuperate from my injuries.” Lin Dong said.

Gu Yan was helpless. She knew that Lin Dong needed Xuan Yuan Pills prior to this. However, she did not expect that he was actually this impatient.

“Ten thousand Xuan Yuan Pills is not a small sum. The amount of Xuan Yaun Pills that our Gu clan younger generation can receive a month does not even amount to a thousand. I will try to gather them. How does that sound?” Gu Yan asked.


Lin Dong nodded his head bluntly. After which, he turned around and walked towards a spacious carriage and said, “You should hurry. I will spare no effort in recovering from my injuries during these two days. Otherwise, I will also find it troublesome when that Divine Symbol Master attacks.”

Gu Yan watched Lin Dong’s figure enter the carriage. She involuntarily frowned slightly.

“Elder sister Gu Yan, is he trustworthy? Although he might be skilled, a Divine Symbol Master… is not someone whom any random person can deal with.” A Gu clan member softly said. His voice was filled with doubt.

The remaining young members of the Gu clan nodded continuously. Evidently, all of them had their doubts about Lin Dong. However, they did not dare to question him in his face due to his ruthless aura.

“The Demonic Beasts that attacked us tonight were likely controlled by someone. It is likely that only an expert who has trained his Mental Energy to the Divine Symbol Master level will possess such ability…” Gu Yan softly said.

“From my observations over the past few days, Lin Dong does not appear to be someone who speaks empty words. Moreover, we currently do not have much of a choice. We must obtain that Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit. I must use its power to advance to the Profound Life stage. Otherwise, it will be difficult for our Gu clan to accomplish anything in the upcoming Five Clans Martial Gathering…” Gu Yan clenched her hand and said.

The surrounding Gu clan members could only nod their heads after hearing this. From the looks of it, it was clearly too late to ask the clan to dispatch some experts over…

“Currently, we can only trust that he really has the ability to fight that Divine Symbol Master…” Gu Yan sighed softly. Her eyes looked towards Lin Dong as the latter walked into the carriage.


Gu Yan did things with great speed and efficiency. In a mere half an hour, ten thousand Xuan Yuan Pills were sent into Lin Dong’s hands. This efficiency caused the latter to feel quite satisfied.

Lin Dong sat within the spacious carriage. This carriage was clearly much better than the one he occupied previously, and Lin Dong did not stand any ceremony with Gu Yan. Previously, it was because he did not wish to be entangled with them. However, he naturally no longer felt any burden if he took things from her now that he had agreed to help.

I will put in the effort, while you will fork out the money. It was an extremely fair transaction.

Of course, this transaction naturally involved Lin Dong’s own considerations. Even he felt some desire towards the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit. Alone, it was a little difficult to snatch it from the hands of so many experts. However, if he was to join hands with the Gu clan members, things would be much easier for him. The matter of how to distribute the goods that he had obtained could be discussed after everything was over. In any case, Lin Dong was not a person who liked to suffer a loss.

With this ten thousand Xuan Yuan Pills, I should be able to recover in a few days…”

Lin Dong held the Qiankun bag in his hand. The mouth of the bag was slightly ajar. Immediately, boundless pure Yuan Power scattered from it. This Yuan Power contained a faint life force, which had the miraculous effect of reviving the dead.

When it came to a Profound Life stage expert, one was basically able to recover as long as one’s physical body was not completely destroyed. This was because the life Qi that was born within one’s body would allow even broken limbs to be regrown. If Lin Dong had reached the Profound Life stage before he was injured, it was likely that he would have already completely recovered by relying on the superb recovery ability of his body…

Lin Dong flicked his finger, as pale white Xuan Yuan Pills flew out from within the Qiankun bag one by one. Finally, they orbited around him. Immediately, the entire carriage was filled with surging Yuan Power.

Lin Dong took a deep breath when he saw this scene, as a faint feeling of comfort flitted across his eyes. With a thought, Devouring Power stealthily spread outwards.

Buzz buzz!

With the eruption of the Devouring Power, the surging Yuan Power that filled the carriage immediately poured into Lin Dong’s body at an astonishing speed. Light began to flicker on the surface of Lin Dong’s body. The damaged medians and bones within his body began to regain their vitality as Yuan Power was poured in…

Lin Dong did not leave the carriage for the next few days. All of his time was spent absorbing the Xuan Yuan Pills to heal his injuries.

The effect of the Xuan Yuan Pills far exceeded Lin Dong’s expectations. By relying on the Life Qi contained in the ten thousand Xuan Yuan Pills, the injuries within Lin Dong’s body recovered at a speed that far surpassed what it was before.

Of course, this was also partly due to the Devouring Power within Lin Dong’s body. If it was an ordinary person, even with such a large amount of Xuan Yuan Pills, it would be impossible for them to do it the way Lin Dong did, and directly absorbed all the Life Qi within the Xuan Yuan Pills without any wastage.

After experiencing the beast attack that night, a similar attack did not occur again. It was likely that the Wei clan also did not wish to truly clash directly with the Gu clan before they found the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit. Otherwise, someone else might end up gaining from the conflict.

Lin Dong made the most of this temporarily peace. The Gu clan members did not dare to disturb him when he shut himself away to recuperate. Only Gu Yan would occasionally send Gu Ya to deliver some necessities. His treatment was undoubtedly much better than it had been a few days prior…

The convoy gradually approached the deeper parts of Mysterious Spirit Island amidst this peace. Everyone could sense that the number of groups appearing around them had begun to increase…


Boundless Yuan Power bubbled within the carriage. A Yuan Power whirlpool had formed above Lin Dong’s head. The whirlpool was like a funnel as it wildly poured Yuan Power directly onto the top of Lin Dong’s head.

Light continuously flickered around Lin Dong’s body. Green light faintly flickered on his skin. An extremely shocking strength was emitted his skin moved. It appeared as though it had triggered a resonance with the air, emitting a slight buzzing sound in the process.


Suddenly, Lin Dong’s tightly shut eyes slowly opened. A brilliance flitted across his pitch-black eyes. In that instant, even the air itself seemed to be torn apart.

A mouthful of black air was spat out from Lin Dong’s mouth. Soon after, Lin Dong’s body gently jerked, and the bones within it emitted wave after wave of firecracker like crackling noises, as a faint dragon roar followed.

“My injuries are finally completely healed…”

Lin Dong clenched both of his hands tightly. Upon sensing the familiar majestic strength within his body, Lin Dong could not help but feel excited despite his character. In this foreign land, only true strength could provide him with a feeling of safety. During this period of time, he had been constantly living in an anxious state of mind.

“However… it is not over…”

Lin Dong laughed softly to himself. He could sense that he was currently at the peak of the eight Yuan Nirvana stage. There was only a faint layer that separated him from the nine Yuan Nirvana stage.

The current him clearly possessed the qualification and strength to pierce through it.

Lin Dong swung his hand after his laughter sounded. The remaining four thousand Xuan Yuan Pills within the Qiankun bag flew out at at this moment.

Lin Dong made a grasping motion with his hand, as Devouring Power emerged and transformed into a black vortex in front of him.

Plop plop plop.

The four thousand Xuan Yuan Pills seemed to have turned into a torrent that charged into the black vortex at an astonishing speed. Subsequently, it transformed into an exceptionally vast and mighty Yuan Power that gushed into Lin Dong’s body.


With the influx of such majestic Yuan Power, a low and deep sound suddenly exploded from within Lin Dong’s body. Soon after, his skin began to rapidly turned crimson. Even his pitch-black eyes had a fiery red colour surging within them.

Wave after wave of extremely wild and violent fluctuations spread.

The ninth Nirvana Tribulation had finally arrived!