Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 836: Divine Symbol Master

Chapter 836: Divine Symbol Master


Chapter 836: Divine Symbol Master


Lin Dong’s figure swiftly travelled through the dusky forest. His slightly narrowed eyes continued to scan his surroundings. He was able to sense many hidden auras within this dense forest. From the looks of it, the puppet master was quite skilled. To be actually able to do something like this…


Lin Dong’s forward moving body suddenly stopped, as several human figures burst out from the darkness. Formidable attacks were immediately aimed at the fatal spots on his body from all directions.

Lin Dong’s expression was undisturbed in the face of these attacks. With a swirl of his palm, the Dragon Yuan Ring turned into a flash of golden light and swept forth.

Plop plop.

The muffled sound of flesh being torn rang out after the golden light rushed out. This Dragon Yuan Ring was something that Lin Dong had created with a great amount of Yuan Spirit energy. Hence, its sharpness had reached an astonishing level.

A dozen black shadows suddenly collapsed when the golden light flashed past. They were unable to even cry out in misery.

Lin Dong’s figure landed. With a wave of his sleeve, he collected all of the Qiankun bags on these black figures. Only then, did he squat down and press his hand on the forehead of a corpse. A moment later, he finally retracted his finger, as a trace of surprise surfaced in his eyes.

“It seems to be Mental Energy… such a formidable person. To actually be capable of using Mental Energy to control so many people. As expected of the Chaotic Demon Sea.”

Lin Dong lifted his head. His hand made a grabbing motion at the space in front of him, before he laughed softly, “I’m really interested to have a look at the extraordinary individual who is actually able to perform such a feat…”

Lin Dong’s figure suddenly shot out after his voice sounded, as he swiftly shot into the deeper parts of the forest.

Lin Dong once again discovered many human figures under control along the way. However, they were not very powerful, and were all at the five or six Yuan Nirvana stage. Naturally, they did not pose any threat towards Lin Dong. Additionally, the minds of these people had already been removed, and they were no different from zombies. Hence, Lin Dong did not show any mercy. The Dragon Yuan Ring would rush towards anyone he met, directly killing them. Subsequently, he would take their Xuan Yuan Pills…

Lin Dong seemed to have been discovered by the person in the darkness as he ventured deeper into the dense forest. Immediately, he sensed an increasing number of controlled Demonic Beasts and human figures surround him.

“Ah, I have been discovered…”

Lin Dong naturally sensed the sudden rise in pressure around him. He let out a soft laughter and flickered his finger, and golden light surged on the Dragon Yuan Ring. Immediately, the eight sharp ring blades were separated from the main body.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Eight ring blades rushed out, forming a dense golden light web. With a cutting momentum, it swept across the area. Blood and flesh flew wherever the light web passed, a rather bloody event.

Lin Dong’s figure flew out, as the eight golden ring blades shot out and formed a ring under his feet. His toes pushed off it, and his body rushed out like a giant peng. Finally, it broke free from this dense forest.

Green light suddenly surged on Lin Dong Dong’s body just before he charged out of the dense forest, and completely covered body.


Lin Dong’s figure charge out from the dense forest and landed on a boulder. He lifted his head and looked at the hill before him. There was a black clothed figure seated quietly at the top of the hill at this moment. A pair of extremely deep eyes containing a dark chill as they stared at Lin Dong, who had appeared.

Lin Dong watched that black clothed person, as his brows twitched slightly. This was because this was that person whom he had seen behind Wei Song back then…

“Busybody, die!”

The black clothed person stared at Lin Dong in a dark and cold manner, as murderous desire flashed across his eyes. He did not move, but the deafening sound of wind splitting apart the air suddenly sounded, as a majestic force quickly swept towards Lin Dong.

“It is indeed Mental Energy…”

Lin Dong smiled slightly as he sensed the familiar strength that was sweeping towards him. Green light erupted from his body. After which, he threw a punch forward. A dragon roar reverberated over the place as green dragon light fist whistled out and blasted apart the attacking Mental Energy.


The surrounding land trembled violently. Numerous hundred feet large small hills actually began to float upwards. After which, they viciously smashed down onto Lin Dong from all directions. This black clothed person’s Mental Energy had clearly reached quite a shocking level.

Bang bang bang!

Lin Dong’s body also hovered in the sky, as powerful green light exploded from his body. Both of his arms dragonified in an instant. After which, he threw one punch after another, and forcibly blasted all of those hills apart.

“Your raw power is quite strong.” A surprised look clearly flashed across the black clothed man’s eyes when he saw this scene. Quickly after, both of his hands suddenly formed a series of seals. Immediately, Mental Energy surged and unfurled from him. It actually turned into a strange hundred feet large eyeball in front of him.

“Soul Assimilating Eye, soul capture!”

A strange light ray quickly shot out when the eyeball blinked. This light covered Lin Dong. Under the cover of that light, Lin Dong immediately sensed that his consciousness was actually beginning to turn blurry…

“What an unusual fellow!”

The blurriness of his consciousness merely lasted for an instant before Lin Dong suddenly recovered. His eyes hardened, and his finger thrust forward. The Dragon Yuan Ring directly tore through the air, and shot towards that black clothed person with lightning speed.

“Yuan Spirit weapon?”

The expression of the black clothed person changed slightly as he looked at the Dragon Yuan Ring that was rushing towards him. He was also clearly aware of how powerful this thing was. He immediately clenched his hand, as majestic Mental Energy directly turned into a giant Mental Energy spear in front of him. With a wave of his sleeve, the large spear violently shot out and collided with the flash of golden light.


A low and deep sound appeared. The golden light that the Dragon Yuan Ring turned into shot backwards before hovering in front of Lin Dong.


The eyes of the black clothed person turned dark and cold, as he suddenly stood up. Immediately, abnormally majestic Mental Energy unfurled. It seemed to vaguely form an enormous tornado behind him, and even space itself had become a little distorted under this Mental Energy storm.

“Such powerful Mental Energy…”

Lin Dong’s expression became slightly grave at this moment. The Mental Energy of this black clothed person was extremely powerful. At least in terms of Mental Energy, even Lin Dong had to admit that he was no match for this person.

“I never imagined that I would actually meet a Divine Symbol Master here…” Lin Dong stared at the black clothed person and slowly said.

He could sense how formidable this person was. That partially present pressure vaguely reached the level that Yuan Cang had given him back then. Clearly, the Mental Energy of this black clothed person should have already reached the Divine Symbol Master level.

“Instead of following the path of heaven, you choose to charge into hell. In that case, allow me to refine you into a human puppet!” The black clothed person lifted his head. Half of his exceptionally pale face was revealed under the moonlight, as he gave Lin Dong a ferocious smile.

Lin Dong knitted his brows slightly, as the Yuan Power within his body began to swiftly circulate. There were after all still some injuries within his body. It would be a little troublesome if he was to fight an all-out battle with this person.


However, while Lin Dong was thinking of how to deal with the situation, an extremely faint and low buzzing sounded. The majestic Mental Energy around the black clothed person gradually weakened when he heard this sound. He venomously glanced at Lin Dong, before his body swiftly drifted backwards.

“Brat, consider yourself lucky this time around. I will definitely refine you into a human puppet the next time we meet!” The black clothed person quickly made distance between them. However, his dark and cold voice was transmitted over from afar. It sounded just like the howl of a ghost, a sound that made one’s hair to stand on end.

Lin Dong watched the black clothed person’s leaving figure. He did not give chase. The green light lingering around his body was withdrawn. As he knitted his brows, he thought to himself that this was indeed worthy of being the Chaotic Demon Sea. He had only just arrived, yet he had already met such a troublesome person.

Base on his guess, this black clothed person should be at the initial Divine Symbol Master level. He would not be weaker than some initial Profound Life stage experts…

Lin Dong was not afraid if they were to fight at this moment, and that person would not be able to stop him if Lin Dong wished to leave. However, if Lin Dong wanted to defeat that person, he must first fully recover from his injuries…

“That fellow seems to be someone on the side of the Wei clan, and their aim is also the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit. It is likely that we will have to fight sooner or later…”

Lin Dong’s eyes flickered for an instant. After which, he turned around and walked into the dense forest. From the looks of it, his recovery was really an extremely urgent matter.


A bloody stench permeated the camp. The previous chaos had already gradually subsided. The corpses of many humans and beasts were piled together, giving off a stench that was extremely difficult to breath in.

At this moment, the Gu clan group had clearly already stopped the beast attack. Although they had suffered some injuries and deaths, their losses was not considered too severe. Once the chaos was over, they began to tidy up their camp.

Some members of the Gu clan were clustered at one corner of the camp. Their eyes were looking at some Demon Rock Horn Beasts on the ground in front of them. There was a glaring bloody wound on the heads of these Demon Rock Horn Beasts…

“Killed in a single strike.”

Gu Yan’s slender finger touched the wound on these Demonic Beasts. Her eyes hardened as she softly commented, “How clean…”

Shock flashed in the eyes of the Gu clan members. They were clearly aware of the defensive powers of these Demon Rock Horn Beasts. Even their full force attacks would only leave behind a relatively minor wound on the bodies of these beasts. It was likely that only Gu Yan, who was at the half a step in the Profound Life stage, was able to kill them with a single strike. However… this was clearly not done by Gu Yan…

“Gu Ya, who did this?” Gu Yan looked at the young lady beside her, and suddenly asked.

“I do not know… earlier, big brother Lin Dong asked me to shut my eyes…” Gu Ya was similarly a little lost. Honestly speaking, her innocent self did not immediately associate such clean methods, which caused even Gu Yan to be stunned, to Lin Dong. After all, the current Lin Dong should not even be able to cultivate…

“Lin Dong…”

Gu Yan clearly had a stunned expression. and Gu Ying’s face also changed a little as she stood by the side. She immediately said, “Gu Ya, stop talking nonsense. That person is a cripp…”

She had yet to finish her words, when they saw a human figure slowly walking out from the dark dense forest in front. After which, that figure flatly glanced at them.

Lin Dong’s expression was still as calm as ever. However, even Gu Yan’s breathing seemed to slow for a moment when he walked over. Gu Ying forcibly swallowed the words in her mouth, and looked at Lin Dong’s indifferent expression. She did not know why, but a chll had started to rise in her heart…