Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 835: Night Attack

Chapter 835: Night Attack


Chapter 835: Night Attack

Nightfall once again arrived, as the Gu clan convoy set up camp again. They were now deep in the Mysterious Spirit Island, and there were more and more traces of Demonic Beasts in this primitive forest. Hence, the defence of their camp was also upgraded. Not only were there guards patrolling the place, but there were also traps set up around the camp to counter any surprise attacks.

Lin Dong was quietly seated beside the carriage. He glanced at the middle of the camp grounds, where the members of the Gu clan had gathered. It appeared quite lively, however, he did not have any intention of joining them. He could feel these people from the Gu clan did not like him. Hence, he did not have any plans to be friendly and end up getting snubbed by them.

“The injuries within my body are about 50~60% recovered. The faint Life Qi in the Xuan Yuan Pill are really extremely beneficial to my recuperation. It is likely that I will be able to very quickly recover from my injuries if I manage to obtain more. Moreover, I will be able to borrow its strength to attempt an attack on the nine Yuan Nirvana stage…

Lin Dong closed and opened his hand. The original powerless feeling had already disappeared from within his body, and wave after wave of abundant energy began to be restored. However, he was unable to return to his peak condition. The injuries that he had suffered this time around were simply too severe. If the Heaven Dragon aura inside him had not merged with his body, it was likely that Lin Dong would now still be in a half crippled state, and a complete recovery would still require a long time.

“Xuan Yuan Pills…”

Lin Dong shook his head helplessly. He had already completely used up the few hundred Xuan Yuan Pills that he had obtained from Gu Ya. Forget whether Gu Ya still had any more, it was impossible for him to open his mouth and ask more from this little lass. Even he would find himself a little unreasonable if he did that.

Without Xuan Yuan Pills, Lin Dong could only rely on his own recovery ability to gradually recover from his injuries…

“Big brother Lin Dong.”

Gu Ya’s voice sounded from the side. After which, Lin Dong saw the little mass offering him some grilled meat. Her pretty little face was slightly red, a sight that was rather cute.

Lin Dong smiled at Gu Ya. His gentle smile had never been shown to any other Gu clan members. Evidently, he had a good impression of this extremely kind, simple and pure girl.

“Little Ya, don’t go too far from me tonight.” Lin Dong took a bite of the grilled meat. After which, he slightly narrowed his eyes as he gazed into the darkness at the depths of the forest and softly said.

“Huh?” Gu Ya was slightly startled. She stared at Lin Dong with a lost expression.

“Just follow my instructions.” Lin Dong smiled but did not provide any explanation. That group from the Wei clan during the day was clearly not a bunch of kind-hearted individuals. Moreover, the black clothed person behind Wei Song gave Lin Dong a somewhat unique feeling. It would be quite troublesome if they attacked the Gu clan.

Lin Dong did not care about the lives of the other Gu clan members. However, he would clearly do everything he could to protect this lass Gu Ya.

“Okay.” Gu Ya nodded obediently. She was timid by nature, and did not dare to ask Lin Dong for the exact reason behind his words.

Lin Dong rubbed the young girl’s head, while his eyes appeared a little lost. Gu Ya was about Huanhuan and Qingtan’s age. He wondered just how those two were doing…


Faint moonlight covered the entire camp. A dozen of Gu clan guards vigilantly scanned the surrounding forest. The entire campground was quiet, only broken by the occasional sound of the crackling bonfire.

Lin Dong bit on the leaf in his mouth. He leaned against a tree trunk while maintaining an expressionless face. However, his eyes would occasionally look towards the nearby opened carriage. A young lady was sleeping peacefully within it, and her delicate curves were faintly visible.


This peace continued for a long time. Suddenly, a low and deep beast roar was suddenly emitted from deep within the forest. Lin Dong’s slightly shut eyes also abruptly opened at this moment as he muttered, “As expected, they came in the end…”


His mutter had just sounded when the land suddenly trembled. After which, Lin Dong sensed a bloody stench suddenly surging out from deep within the forest, as numerous pairs of bright red beast eyes appeared.

“Beast attack!”

This sudden turn of events was quickly detected by the Gu clan guards. Their expressions immediately changed drastically, as a stern cry suddenly tore the silence of the camp.

Many black figures which reeked of blood suddenly tore through the darkness at this moment. They charged out from the forest, while fiendish energy surged. Immediately, a couple of Gu clan guards were torn into pieces.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

The entrances the tents within the camp were lifted one after another, as numerous figures quickly rushed out. However, their expressions were ugly as they looked towards the Demonic Beasts that swarmed towards the camp.

“Damnit, they are actually Demon Rock Horned Beast!”

Gu Yan’s face was suffused with coldness as she looked at those completely black metal like Demonic Beasts. Her expression was rather grim. The bodies of these Demonic Beasts were extremely sturdy. In their mature form, they were comparable to a seven or even eight Yuan Nirvana stage expert. With such a huge number of them surging over, it would be rather troublesome for them to deal with.

“Why are these Demon Rock Horned Beast suddenly attacking us? We did not provoke them!” Someone cried out while feeling puzzled. Such Demonic Beasts might be difficult to deal with, but they usually would not attack if one did not provoke them. Why would these Demonic Beasts launch a sneak attack on them in the middle of the night?

Gu Yan knitted her brow slightly. She also had some suspicious, but there was clearly no time ponder over such things at this moment. She immediately waved her hand and cried out, “Get into formation!”

Hearing her cry, the Gu clan members hurriedly gathered together. Mighty Yuan Power erupted, while sword flashed, directly killing a couple of Demonic Beasts which had entered the camp.

A battle erupted in an instant, as a bloody stench quickly spread from within the camp.

Lin Dong’s expression was calm as he watched the now chaotic campgrounds. He continued to lean against the tree trunk without moving. It seemed that he had no intention of intervening.


A Demon Rock Horn Beast suddenly rushed out from the darkness and directly charged towards the carriage Gu Ya was in. At this moment, the young lady had also been awoken. She looked at the ferocious large beast that was pouncing over with saliva dripping from its mouth, as her little face paled. However, she still quickly maneuver her Yuan Power in an attempt to stop it.


However, a golden light suddenly arrived when the Demon Rock Horn Beast was about to pounce at her. After which, it pierced the Demonic Beast’s head. Boiling hot blood shot out, and the beast collapsed onto the ground with a loud thud.

The golden light disappeared in a flash after piercing this Demonic Beast, while a golden ring appeared in Lin Dong’s hand as he continued to lean against the tree trunk. A sinisterly cold and sharp glow surged on the ring.

“These Demonic Beasts…”

Lin Dong frowned as he observed the Demonic Beast that had been killed by him. He sensed a trace of an extremely enigmatic fluctuation from within its mind when he pierced its head earlier. However, this fluctuation had disappeared when he was about to probe deeper.

Gu Ya ran over with a pale face. After which, she hid beside Lin Dong. Her eyes had some panic as she looked towards the chaos in the camp.

Roar roar!

A dozen Demon Rock Horn Beasts surrounded them while Gu Ya was running over. Savageness flickered within their bright red beast eyes.


After these Demon Rock Horn Beasts surrounded them, Lin Dong suddenly saw some human figures charging out from the forest. Brandishing large sharp blades, they charged into the camp and began to kill indiscriminately.

Lin Dong’s frown deepened as he stared at these human figures who had charged over. These people might have ferocious auras but their eyes were glazed. It felt as though they were being controlled…

“What an interesting ability. To actually be able to control Demonic Beasts and humans…”

Lin Dong watched the dozen Demonic Beasts and humans who were charging towards him while muttering to himself. He tilted his head and gently smiled as he spoke to the pale-faced Gu Ya, “Close your eyes.”

Gu Ya glanced at Lin Dong She hesitated for a moment, but she ultimately clenched her teeth and shut her eyes.

The smile on Lin Dong’s face suddenly vanished the moment Gu Ya shut her eyes. A densely cold expression replaced it. The golden ring with dragon symbols on it began to let out a buzzing sound as it rotated on his palm. With a flick of his finger, the golden ring turned into a flash of golden light as it abruptly shot out.

Slash slash slash slash!

Golden light swept past as flowers of blood blossomed one by one. These extremely sturdy Demonic Beasts were as fragile as thin paper in the face of the Dragon Yuan Ring.


Golden light pierced the throat of a human figure, before it returned to Lin Dong’s palm. In the short span of a dozen seconds, all of them had been killed.

Lin Dong walked forward and stopped in front of the corpse. His hand searched the dead body, and a Qiankun bag was obtained.

“Oh, six hundred Xuan Yuan Pills…”

Lin Dong’s Mental Energy scanned the bag, as an unexpected joy surfaced from the corners of his mouth. After which, he lifted his head and narrowed his eyes as he looked towards the many human figures in the depths of the forest, and softly said, “I must not waste the Xuan Yuan Pills that has been delivered straight to my doorstep…”

“Little Ya, stay in the camp.”

Gu Ya hurriedly opened her eyes when she heard this voice. However, she could only see Lin Dong’s back as he entered the depths of the forest.