Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 834: Xuan Yuan Pill

Chapter 834: Xuan Yuan Pill


Chapter 834: Xuan Yuan Pill


The convoy travelled through the dense forest. As the wheels pressed onto the ground, some noisy rumbling noises were emitted, which subsequently spread into the distance.

Lin Dong was seated at the back of the convoy. His internal injury had mostly healed after two days of recuperation. Hence, he had also recovered some of his strength. However, the cautious him did not wish to expose himself before he had made a complete recovery in order to avoid any conflicts.

During these two days, Lin Dong quietly followed the convoy as it progressed deeper into the island. Other than Gu Ya, who would occasionally chat with him, the other members of the convoy mostly ignored him. The gazes with which they looked at him were mostly filled with sympathy, while there were also some superiority and indifference in the eyes of some of the younger members of the Gu clan.

While following the convoy, Lin Dong also saw many people gathering in this Mysterious Spirit Island. These people were all heading towards the depths of the island. Clearly, all of them were after the same object, the Mysterious Life Spirit Fruit.

Lin Dong had discovered some powerful people amongst these groups, and was involuntarily a little speechless. This Chaotic Demon Sea was indeed stronger than the Eastern Xuan Region. Most of the people who had appeared here were all extraordinary individuals. Moreover, from the fearsome aura lingering around their bodies, one could tell that they were ruthless individuals who had experienced countless life and death battles.

“Big brother Lin Dong, are you hungry? Here.” Gu Ya suddenly appeared beside Lin Dong while the latter was observing his surroundings. After which, she handed him a piece of dried meat and softly said.

Lin Dong received the dried meat and took a bite. He hesitated for a moment before asking, “Gu Ya, do you still have any of the pills that you gave me yesterday?”

Gu Ya had given Lin Dong some medicinal pills the day before. These pills not only contained a large amount of Yuan Power, but there also contained a trace of extremely faint life energy. They were extremely effective for Lin Dong’s recovery.

“Oh? Is big brother Lin Dong talking about the Xuan Yuan Pill? That medicinal pill is an upgraded version of the Nirvana Pill, and it contains even more energy. The Nirvana Pill contains Nirvana Qi, while the Xuan Yuan Pill contains a trace of Life Qi. If you wish to purchase anything in the Chaotic Demon Sea, you must have Xuan Yuan Pills.” Gu Ya was momentarily startled before she replied.

“I see…” Lin Dong came to a sudden understanding. However, he did not feel surprised. After all, ordinary currency was of little use to most people. These pill currencies were something that were truly acknowledged by everyone.

“I only have around five hundred Xuan Yuan Pills. If big brother Lin Dong needs to use them, you can take them all.” Gu Ya took out a small Qiankun bag and spoke with a somewhat red face.

Lin Dong looked at Gu Ya’s flushed face, and was momentarily speechless for a time. He also felt somewhat complicated. This was the first time that he had met such a kind and simple person. Five hundred Xuan Yuan Pills might not be considered an overly large fortune, but it was substantially alluring for an ordinary person. However, this lady was actually feeling embarrassed because it was too small a sum…

“Thank you.”

However, Lin Dong did not put up an act. He currently really needed these Xuan Yuan Pills to recover his strength. Hence, he unceremoniously accepted them, but also remembered this favour in his heart.

“Gu Ya, the Xuan Yuan Pills that our Gu clan distributes every month is not for you to use in this manner!”

However, a shriek suddenly sounded from their front when Lin Dong accepted the Qiankun bag. After which, he saw the red clothed Gu Ying staring at him with a frosty face.

Gu Ya was also frightened by Gu Ying’s scolding. Immediately, her face flush red as she said, “These are my Xuan Yuan Pills. I will use them as I please. Moreover, big brother Lin Dong is not a bad person.”

“You actually dare to talk back to me?” Gu Ying’s face became furious when she saw the usually obedient Gu Ya actually dared to retort. Her hand directly swung towards Gu Ya.


However, her hand was only halfway towards Gu Ya when it was blocked by another hand. Lin Dong’s expression was a little dark as he looked at the unreasonable lady. His tone had become deeper and darker, “Both of you are members of the Gu clan, and your upbringing really seems to be a little lacking.”

“You, a cripple, actually dare to say that I have a poor upbringing?” Gu Ying’s face turned white with anger. Clearly, it was the first time that someone had lectured her without giving her any face.

Some of the other Gu clan members also quickly surrounded this place. Their expressions were unfriendly as they stared at Lin Dong.

“What are all of you doing?”

The commotion created was quite great, and was naturally also detected by Gu Yan in front. Immediately her figure moved and rushed over as she berated in a deep voice.

“Elder sister Gu Yan, this fellow is trying to cheat Gu Ya of her Xuan Yuan Pills. He must be a crook!” Gu Ying hurriedly cried out when she saw this.

“That’s not true, I voluntarily gave them to big brother Lin Dong.” Gu Ya hurriedly defended Lin Dong when she heard this.

“You!” Fury once again surged onto Gu Ying’s face.

“Enough!” Gu Yan’s expression darkened. She chided the both of them before turning her eyes towards Lin Dong. With a frown, she said, “What do you need Gu Ya’s Xuan Yuan Pills for?”

“Recuperation.” Lin Dong’s tone was calm.

“There is no way for you to recover from your injuries. Even the Xuan Yuan Pills will not help you.” Gu Yan knitted her brows and said.

“I have my ways.” Lin Dong calmly replied but did not offer an explanation.

“So what if your injuries can be healed? Do you really believe that you can still rise to the top…” Gu Ying laughed coldly. Before she had finished speaking, however, she suddenly saw Lin Dong’s gaze turn dark and stern as he stared at her. The rising viciousness in those eyes immediately caused her to feel a chill in her heart. Those words that had reached her mouth were actually swallowed back in astonishment. Soon after, she became angry and embarrassed. She was just about to snap again when she was stopped by Gu Yan.

“Hopefully, you do not have any ill intent. Gu Ya has a kind heart, do not cheat her. Otherwise, I will not let you off.” Gu Yan took a single deep look at Lin Dong. After which, she ceased speaking, as she waved her hand and scattered everyone.

Gu Ying glared furiously at Lin Dong. Only then did she turned around and leave with great fury inside her.

Lin Dong’s expression was calm as he watched this scene. Only after everyone left did he smilingly pat Gu Ya’s little head. He was about to utter some words of comfort when his expression suddenly became focused. He turned his head around, and looked at the spot a short distance to his front. A large group of people had appeared on the hillside. Their gazes were locked onto this place.

“They are the members of the Wei clan. To think that they have come here as well.”

A commotion quickly spread from their surroundings after Lin Dong discovered the group of people in front. Subsequently, all the members of the Gu clan began to frown.

“Who are they?” Lin Dong’s eyes looked to his front. There was a green clothed man at the very front of the group. The man’s eyes were deep set. Although a friendly smile hung on his face, there was a coldness within that smile.

“They are from the Wei clan… the one leading them is Wei Song. He is quite well known amongst the Wei Clan’s younger generation members. It is rumoured that he is also an expert who is at the half foot into Profound Life stage…” Gu Ya spoke somewhat anxiously beside Lin Dong.

“Our Gu clan and the Wei clan do not get along well. It is unexpected that they have also come to the Mysterious Spirit Island this time around…”

Lin Dong nodded slightly. His eyes focused on Wei Song. Moments later, his heart suddenly shook and his gaze shifted behind Wei Song. There was a human figure completely wrapped in black robes at that spot. This person was inconspicuous, but Lin Dong was able to sense a trace of a unique fluctuation from his body.

“Ha ha, what a coincidence. I never imagined that we would meet Miss Gu Yan here.” Wei Song smilingly looked at Gu Yan, who was leading the group from the Gu clan, and said.

Gu Yan glanced at him indifferently. She replied, “You are well informed, and have gotten here rather quickly. However, my Gu clan will not let you have the Mysterious Life Spirit Fruit.”

“Miss Gu Yan is really quick to get to the point.”

Wei Song laughed. He still wore a smiling face that hid evil intentions. Soon after, both of his hands withdrew into his sleeves, as he meaningfully glanced at Gu Ya and said, “In that case, we will have to rely on our own capabilities. Additionally, I will remind Miss Gu Yan that there are many Demonic Beasts in Mysterious Spirit Island. You should be more careful at night…”

Wei Song laughed loudly after those words sounded, while a dark and cold light flashed deep within his eyes. After which, he waved his sleeve and led his people away.

The members of the Gu clan had a somewhat ugly expression after Wei Song’s group left.

Lin Dong stared at the back of Wei Song’s group and frowned slightly. It seemed that it was not very safe to stay with this group…