Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 833: Mysterious Life Spirit Fruit

Chapter 833: Mysterious Life Spirit Fruit


Chapter 833: Mysterious Life Spirit Fruit

The bright moon hung high in the sky, appearing like a bright round mirror. Ice-cold moonlight scattered down from it, covering the entire Mysterious Spirit Island. Faintly, low demonic beast roars rose and fell deep within the island.

Lin Dong sat within the carriage. His treatment was clearly not very good when compared to the soft tents of the others. However, he did not have the mood to bicker about such things. After all, he was likely a jumbo-sized burden in the eyes of the rest.

Lin Dong sat down and formed training seals with his hands. A weak green light flickered on the surface of his body, and traces of faint devouring power was emitted. It swallowed the natural Yuan Power, slowly turning it into his own Yuan Power to slowly nourish the seriously injured medians and bones within his body.

Under this Yuan Power nourishment, Lin Dong could sense that there were some traces of brutal yet meek energy surging out from within his body. This was the Heaven Dragon aura that had completely merged into his body. A faint dragon roar resounded within his body while this energy surged, causing the green light flickering within Lin Dong’s body to flicker even more intensely, as his weakness also slowly diminished bit by bit…

Lin Dong secretly sighed in relief while he felt the changes within his body. He was planning to withdraw from his training state when he suddenly sensed a faint tremble from in between his brows. Soon after, he was stunned to discover wave after wave of pure surging energy gushing out like floodwaters, before spreading to his limbs and bones.

“This is…”

This sudden scene caused Lin Dong to be exceptionally astonished. His mind moved and shifted towards the spot between his brows. Soon after, he saw a light symbol lingering under temple. Majestic energy faintly rippled from it.

“Spirit Emblem?”

Lin Dong observed the light symbol. Only then did it suddenly hit him, as joy surged from his heart. He had nearly forgotten that he had obtained the Spirit Emblem in Yuan Cang’s body after killing him.

Lin Dong was clearly aware of just how powerful a Spirit Emblem was. The reason that Yuan Cang was able to reach the initial Profound Life stage at his age was very likely because of this Spirit Emblem. Currently, this object had landed in Lin Dong’s hands, and it would undoubtedly be a great addition to his already formidable arsenal. With the energy supplied by the Spirit Emblem, Lin Dong would clearly be able to swiftly recover from his injuries.


Lin Dong slowly opened his eyes, as a turbid mouthful of air moved along his throat and was spat out. A bright light flashed across his eyes, before they returned to normal


Not long after Lin Dong opened his eyes, the door to the carriage was suddenly pushed opened. After which, he saw Gu Ya carrying some blankets as she carefully walked in.

“Big brother Lin Dong, the island is extremely cold at night. Moreover, you are injured. Please don’t catch a cold while resting at night…” Gu Ya placed the soft blankets beside Lin Dong and smilingly said.

Lin Dong was startled as he watched this scene. Soon after, a gentle look appeared within his eyes. This young lady was simply too kind…

“Big brother Lin Dong, elder sister Gu Yan is actually not a bad person. Everyone else was all in objection when I rescued you back then. However, only after she agreed, did the rest concede…” Gu Ya sat beside Lin Dong and said.

Lin Dong smiled and nodded. He did not feel any dislike towards Gu Yan. After all, strength was the most important in this world. Everyone assumed that he was a cripple who would not be able to cultivate in future, and hence would naturally not be interested in him. She was already quite magnanimous to allow him to tag along.

The two of them sat in the carriage and chatted with each other. Usually, Gu Ya was timid and felt inferior to others, hence, she was not good at interacting with others. Perhaps it was because Lin Dong’s current condition was currently even more miserable than her own that she was able to properly converse with Lin Dong.

While they were chatting, Lin Dong was also able to obtain various information about the Heaven Wind Sea Region from her.

The Heaven Wind Sea Region was situated in the north-western region of the Chaotic Demon Sea. This region was quite famous within the Chaotic Demon Sea, and there were also some powerful factions within it. The most well known amongst them were the so-called two great caves and five big clans.

The so-called two great caves were the Demonic Wind Cave and the Universe Cave. These two large factions were not only the strongest factions within the Heaven Wind Sea Region, but they also possessed a certain reputation even in the entire Chaotic Demon Sea.

The five big clans were five clans with extremely long histories. They were the Wei clan, Gu clan, Su clan, Zhu clan, Shentu clan. These five big clans were rather well known factions within the Heaven Wind Sea Region. Of course, the Chaotic Demon Sea was extremely chaotic, and there were also numerous factions of all sizes in this Heaven Wind Sea Region other than the two great caves and five big clans. Some of them might not be as strong as the five big clans, but they should not be underestimated.

“You are members of the Gu clan, right?” Lin Dong looked at Gu Ya and asked after some thought.

Even since he had seen those relatively powerful youngsters during the day, he had guessed that the faction that Gu Ya’s group belonged to should not be too weak. However, he did not expect that they were actually one of the five big clans of the Heaven Wind Sea Region…

“My clan head is an expert who has stepped into the Profound Death stage.” Gu Ya’s eyes contained an expression of worship. It was likely that such a level was sufficient for her to look up to.

“Profound Death stage huh…”

Lin Dong nodded slightly. Although he was temporarily uncertain of how many top experts from this Gu clan had stepped into the Profound Death stage, the Gu clan was indeed quite powerful. They were definitely comparable to some of the super sects in the Eastern Xuan Region. Of course, these super sects did not refer to the super sects at the level of Yuan Gate or Dao Sect, but the rest of the super sects.

It was likely that only the two great caves within this Heaven Wind Sea Region were at the level of Yuan Gate or Dao Sect. This was already quite frightening. After all, the Heaven Wind Sea Region was merely one of the many regions in the Chaotic Demon Sea. Moreover, it was not the strongest sea region.

“We were originally delivering goods, but we received some news along the way that this a ‘Mysterious Life Spirit Fruit’ had been born on this Mysterious Spirit Island. Hence, we made a detour in an attempt to see if we can obtain it.” Gu Ya explained.

“Mysterious Life Spirit Fruit?”

Lin Dong was initially startled when he heard this name. Immediately, his face began to change slightly, “Is it that strange Mysterious Life Spirit Fruit that can help one to break through to the Profound Life stage?”

“Has big brother Lin Dong also heard of it?”

Gu Ya nodded continuously as she spoke, “The Mysterious Life Spirit Fruit is extremely beneficial for a nine Yuan Nirvana stage expert. If one is lucky enough, one can even borrow its strength to break into the Profound Life stage. Gu Yan plan to obtain it during this trip. She is already an expert at the half a foot into the Profound Life stage. If she can obtain the Mysterious Life Spirit Fruit, she will be able to make a complete breakthrough…”

Lin Dong nodded his head, while an unusual glint flickered in his eyes. He could sense that if his injuries were to fully heal, his strength would definitely advance once again, and directly ascend to the nine Yuan Nirvana stage. If he was able to obtain that Mysterious Life Spirit Fruit, he might be able to advance once again and reach the Profound Life stage!

During his fight with Yuan Cang, Lin Dong could clearly sense the enormous difference between the Profound Life stage and the Nirvana stage. Even though Lin Dong currently possessed a Spirit Emblem, he would need at least half a year to advance to the Profound Life stage if he trained normally… However, the appearance of this Mysterious Life Spirit Fruit was able to greatly shorten that time…

Such a miraculous fruit was extremely rare in the Eastern Xuan Region. He never imagined that he would have the luck to find it upon arriving in this Heaven Wind Sea Region. This Chaotic Demon Sea was indeed treasure land.

“However, news of this Mysterious Life Spirit Fruit has already spread, and many experts have arrived on this Mysterious Spirit Island. It is difficult to say whether we will ultimately be able to obtain it…” Gu Ya continued to mutter to herself without noticing Lin Dong’s expression.

“No wonder Gu Yan said that this Mysterious Spirit Island was not peaceful recently…”

The expression on Lin Dong’s face slowly disappeared. The matter of the Mysterious Life Spirit Fruit had somewhat exceeded his expectations. It would be a lie if he said that he was uninterested. After having experienced the miserable defeat in the Eastern Xuan Region, he clearly understood the importance of raising his strength. However, his injuries were currently still quite serious. Moreover, there were definitely many experts after the Mysterious Life Spirit Fruit. Hence, he should first recover from his injuries before adopting a wait and see approach. If he had the opportunity, he could attempt to make a move.

In any case, such a natural treasure was something that those with ability should obtain. Lin Dong did not have much feelings towards Gu Yan’s group. However, if he managed to obtain it, he must not ill-treat this kind little lass, Gu Ya…

Lin Dong suppressed the ripples within his heart when he thought of this, and continued to chat with Gu Ya. It was a long while later before the young lady finally felt like leaving.

Lin Dong watched Gu Ya’s leaving figure and smiled slightly. Soon after, he once again shut his eyes. He had to make full use of the time he had to heal the injuries within his body…