Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 832: Chaotic Demon Sea, Heaven Wind Sea Region

Chapter 832: Chaotic Demon Sea, Heaven Wind Sea Region


Chapter 832: Chaotic Demon Sea, Heaven Wind Sea Region

“I found you five days ago, at that time, you were completely covered in blood and you were unconscious. However, I saw that you were still breathing and ended up bringing you back…”

In the carriage, the pretty young lady looked at Lin Dong and softly introduced herself, “I am called Gu Ya.”

“Lin Dong. Miss Gu, thank you for rescuing me.” Lin Dong revealed a friendly smile. He hesitated a moment before asking, “May I know if miss discovered any other injured people in the vicinity when you rescued me?”

He was naturally inquiring about Little Marten and Little Flame.

Gu Ya thought for a moment after hearing this. She subsequently shook her head.

A disappointed expression flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes when he saw this. It seemed like he had indeed been separated from Little Marten and Little Flame…

“Your injuries are very serious. I have invited elder sister Gu Yan to help to take a look. She said…” Gu Ya’s voice paused for a moment. After which, she looked at Lin Dong with some sympathy and continued, “She said that you will no longer be able to cultivate in future…”

Lin Dong was slightly startled, but he did not reply. He clearly understood that the injuries within his body was indeed terrifying. If it was an ordinary individual, his cultivation would have been destroyed. However, Lin Dong was no ordinary individual…

“Miss Gu Ya, where exactly is this place?” Lin Dong inquired.

“This is the Mysterious Spirit Island…” Gu Ya replied

“Mysterious Spirit Island?” Lin Dong knitted his brow slightly. Soon after, he probed deeper, “This place is not part of the Eastern Xuan Region?”

“Eastern Xuan Region?”

This name caused Gu Ya to frown and think for a long while. Only then did she came to a sudden understanding and replied, “You must be talking about the Eastern Xuan Region of the four great Xuan Regions right… this place is the Heaven Wind Sea Region in the Chaotic Demon Sea. It is very far from the Eastern Xuan Region. Even a Profound Life stage expert would need half a year in order to fly here. Moreover, that is on the precondition of not meeting any obstructions.”

“Chaotic Demon Sea… Heaven Wind Sea Region…”

This foreign name caused Lin Dong to be a little dazed. Although he knew that the distance covered by the spatial teleportation was extremely far, Lin Dong still felt a little lost despite his character when he discovered that he was already so far from the Eastern Xuan Region…

However, this state of mind did not last for long, before Lin Dong shook his head and tossed it aside. Since their relationship with Yuan Gate had already developed to such a state, there was nowhere in the Eastern Xuan Region for them to live. It might be quite a great opportunity now that he was able to come to this Chaotic Demon Sea. He had heard Little Marten mention the Chaotic Demon Sea before. This place was even larger than the four great Xuan Regions. Clearly, the hands of Yuan Gate would not be able to reach this place, allowing him sufficient time to grow.

“Chaotic Demon Sea…”

Lin Dong muttered this name several times in his heart, as he felt a faint peculiar sensation. After thinking for a long while, a glint finally shot out from his eyes.

He suddenly recalled the Mental Energy Map he had obtained from Yan City’s Symbol Master Tower. It had the locations of two Ancestral Symbols. One of them was the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, which he had obtained. Lin Dong had not thought about the other Ancestral Symbol because it was too far from the Eastern Xuan Region. However, when the words ‘Chaotic Demon Sea’ had entered his ears, it suddenly dug out a memory from deep within his mind…

Back then, Little Marten had once mentioned that the second Ancestral Symbol on the Mental Energy Map was in the Chaotic Demon Sea!

The second Ancestral Symbol!

Even with Lin Dong’s calmness, his face involuntarily revealed a wild joy when he thought of this. The great power of an Ancestral Symbol was something that he had experienced first hand. If he was able to obtain another Ancestral Symbol, his strength would definitely soar. Moreover, he would also be able to complete the task that the Great Desolate Tablet had given him…

It seems like the Chaotic Demon Sea was the right place to go to!

“Big brother Lin Dong, are you alright?” Gu Ya was startled when looked at Lin Dong, whose face had suddenly filled with joy, and inquired in a soft voice.

“Haha, I’m fine.” Lin Dong grinned. The joy on his face slowly withdrew. After some hesitation, he asked, “Miss Gu Ya, do you have a map of the Chaotic Demon Sea with you?”

His mind had a record of the location of the second Ancestral Symbol. All he needed to do was to compare it with a Chaotic Demon Sea map and he would be able to tell just where exactly the Ancestral Symbol was.

“You must be talking about a sea map right…” Gu Ya blinked a few times. Soon after, her face reddened as she continued in an embarrassed manner, “The Chaotic Demon Sea is extremely vast, and is separated into many large and small sea regions. This Heaven Wind Sea Region is one of the better known areas. A complete sea map is extremely precious, and I do not have one. All I have is a sea map of this Heaven Sky Wind Sea Region…” Gu Ya took out an ancient looking scroll and offered it to Lin Dong.

“Many thanks.”

Lin Dong received the sea map and thanked Gu Ya. After which, he made use of what Mental Energy he currently could to scan the map into his mind as he shut his eyes. A moment later, there was some disappointment in his eyes when they reopened. Clearly, the location of the second Ancestral Symbol was not this Heaven Wind Sea Region.

However, Lin Dong was not overly depressed because of this. He was already very lucky to have survived the teleportation this time around. How could he still be lucky enough to directly land at the spot where the second Ancestral Symbol was located?

In any case, there was still time in future, and he could slowly search for it. The most important thing now was to recover from his injuries. Only after his strength had returned, would he be able to roam this Chaotic Demon Sea and look for the second Ancestral Symbol.


The sound of wheels braking was emitted from the outside while this thought was flashing through Lin Dong’s mind. After which, some voices were heard.

“It seems that we are about to set up camp and rest. Big brother Lin Dong, do you wish to come out and take a look?” Gu Ya looked at Lin Dong and inquired.

“Sure, might as well.”

Lin Dong smiled and nodded. After a brief rest, his now had some strength to move his body. He also wanted find out what the rumored Chaotic Demon Sea was like.

Gu Ya smiled when she saw this. The young lady was quite kind. She immediately came forward to support Lin Dong, before pushing open the carriage door.

A group of busy people entered Lin Dong’s sight after the carriage door was pushed opened. They were setting up tents on the flat land. Around this flat land was a lush green forest. Lin Dong surveyed the area from his elevated position but did not see the sea. It was likely that this island was relatively large. However, Lin Dong was still able to sniff the salty scent that only the sea had…

The busy group of people around the carriage would also occasionally throw their gazes towards Lin Dong. However, most of them contained some pity. It was likely that they had heard that Lin Dong was seriously injured and could no longer cultivate.

However, Lin Dong’s emotion was not the least bit affected by these gazes. His eyes swept around, and soon after, surprised flashed in them. Most of the people in this camp were young people. Although there was a faint pride on some of their faces, their auras were all quite strong. They were comparable to the great direct disciples of the Dao Sect’s four halls.

“These people seem to belong to the same faction. Looks like this faction is relatively powerful…” Lin Dong was quietly speechless in his heart. As expected of the Chaotic Demon Sea, this random faction that he had encountered actually possessed such power.

“Gu Ya, it is fine that you usually pick up those little cats and dogs. Yet, you have actually picked up a person this time around. Do you really think that our Gu clan is a place to rear pets?”

A somewhat ear-piercing shout suddenly sounded from the bonfire to their front while Lin Dong was observing the campsite. He knitted his brow slightly and looked towards the source of the voice. He saw a red clothed lady frowning a little in front of them as she looked at Gu Ya.

The lady was quite beautiful. She was tall and had an exceptionally sexy figure. Her curves sunk and protruded in the right places, causing her to appear quite voluptuous. There were some young men clustered beside her, like stars guarding the moon.

This group of young people were rather powerful, and the red clothed lady was at the eight Yuan Nirvana stage. Clearly, she was quite talented.

Gu Ya looked at the red clothed lady, as her small face reddened a little, as if she was a little angry. However, she did not dare to say anything. She bit her lips and softly said, “Elder sister Gu Ying, he has suffered such serious injuries, if I did not rescue him…”

“Isn’t he merely trash even if you rescue him? It would be better to die than to be unable to cultivate. He might even blame you for being a busybody in spite of your kindness. Moreover, we are not going sightseeing this time around. Will you shoulder the blame if he ends up holding us back?” The red clothed lady mocked.

Gu Ya’s small face was provoked by these harsh words until it turned completely red. However, she clearly appeared to be used to this. All she could do was to twist her small hands together and meet those words with silence.

“Gu Ying, would it kill you to speak less?”

While Gu Ya was silent, the entrance to the camp in the middle of the camp was pulled opened. After which, a lady in a pale white dress walked out and spoke in an indifferent voice.

The white clothed lady had an appearance that surpassed the red clothed lady. Her pointed oval face was not smiling much, giving her a somewhat cold appearance. Moreover, she seemed to have a relatively high position in this place. That red clothed lady could only remain silent after she spoke. She glanced at Gu Ya and Lin Dong with some dislike and disdain, before returning to her tent.

“She is elder sister Gu Yan, who helped to take a look at your injuries. She is very outstanding amongst our Gu clan’s younger generation…” Gu Ya softly said to Lin Dong.

Lin Dong nodded slightly. He could sense that this lady was quite powerful. In fact, she was at the half step to Profound Life stage. This was indeed powerful. No wonder she possessed such standing.

The white clothed lady walked towards Gu Ya after chiding the red clothed lady. She patted Gu Ya’s head to comfort her. After which, her eyes turned towards Lin Dong. Her eyes did not contain any disdain, nor did they possess any friendliness. At the very most, there was only a little sympathy because of Lin Dong’s injuries.

“Gu Ya is kind and likes to help others. However, we have an important task to carry out this time in the Mysterious Spirit Island. Moreover, this place is not peaceful. You must obey my orders at all times if you want to follow us. I do not wish to end up with any losses because of you… “

The white clothed woman’s voice finally became a little gentler when she spoke until this point, “Once we are done here, if you have nowhere to go, I can arrange a job for you in our Gu clan. It can at least be a way for you to make a living.”

She turned around and left without waiting for Lin Dong’s response after uttering those words. This situation caused Lin Dong to be stunned for a moment. Only then did he helplessly shrug his shoulders. He was truly treated like a useless trash…

Fortunately, with the exception of Gu Ya, he did not feel much for the rest of them. After he recovered from his injuries, he would look for an opportunity to leave.