Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 831: A Foreign Land

Chapter 831: A Foreign Land


Chapter 831: A Foreign Land

While the chaos in the sky above Unique Devil City gradually began to calm down, in a certain place far away from the Eastern Xuan Region was a ten thousand feet tall mountain peak that was covered in mists. A green clothed man was seated atop this mountain peak and his slowly shut eyes slowly opened at this moment.

A green dragon light pattern flashed across his pupils when they opened. There seemed to be a faint ancient dragon roar being emitted, causing the area to tremble intensely.

The man’s face was quite handsome. If Lin Dong was present, he would be stunned to discover that this man’s appearance was that of the Green Dragon King Qing Zhi, whom he had met in the Ancient Battlefield…

“Haha, what an interesting little fellow…”

The man smiled a little. His pupils that contained a green dragon light pattern were filled with ancientness and wisdom. His gaze looked forward and seemed to penetrate space as he mumbled.

“For you, Green Dragon King Qing Zhi, to spend so much effort to rip apart space and intervene, it seems like that little fellow is not simple at all…”

The space behind Qing Zhi suddenly rippled slightly. After which, a human figure appeared. The one who had arrived had a head covered with white hair, and was exceptionally ancient. However, his eyes were deep and unusual. The hands that reached out from his sleeves appeared to have been constructed from crystal jade, and gave off a faint reincarnation ripple, an extremely bizarre sight.

“How can he be ordinary if he possesses the Devouring Ancestral Symbol? That little fellow’s potential is excellent. If he is given more training and tempering, perhaps his strength will grow to an extremely terrifying stage…

“Oh? The Devouring Ancestral Symbol has also appeared?” A ripple emerged deep within that white haired old man’s eyes as he asked in surprise.


Qing Zhi smiled and nodded as he continued, “Based on the direction of their teleportation, they should be attempting to reach the Demon Region. However, Tian Yuanzi managed to damage their formation in the end. It is likely that he will be sent into the Chaotic Demon Sea…”

“Chaotic Demon Sea huh…” The white haired old man mused for a moment before laughing, “I recall that fellow Mo Luo is in the Chaotic Demon Sea, right? Tsk tsk, I am really curious to find out just what will happen when the Devouring Ancestral Symbol meets the Blazing Ancestral Symbol…”

Qing Zhi grinned. Soon after, he stood up and surveyed the horizon. His sight seemed to have reached the end of the sky, as a dusky colour suddenly flashed in the depths of his eyes.

“Some time ago, I was attacked just after awaking from reincarnation…”

The eyes of the white haired old man instantly became focused when he heard this. He slowly clenched his crystal jade like hand, his voice was a little lower as he spoke. “It’s… the Yimos, right?”

“Yes, haha, there were at least three general rank Yimos. They really think highly of me…” Qing Zhi laughed faintly.

“During the great world war back then, great Symbol Ancestor ignited his reincarnation to seal the spatial crack. However, there are still some Yimos hiding in this realm. Some of them are extremely troublesome to deal with, and there are even king rank Yimos amongst them…” The white haired old man said.

“Although there have been little news of Yimos appearing over the past hundred thousand years, it does not mean that they have been completely wiped out. Based on the information I have obtained, these remaining Yimos seem to be gradually gathering in secret… I even suspect that they have managed to penetrate the spatial crack and communicate with the Yimo tribe beyond the crack…”

“Perhaps, they are planning on tearing open another spatial crack.”

Qing Zhi deeply exhaled. His eyes were dark and gloomy as he muttered, “What a bunch of troublesome beings. If another spatial crack is opened, there will no longer be someone like great Symbol Ancestor in this realm to bear this great burden…”

“Yeah, although we have also experienced reincarnation, we are still unable to reach the level of great Symbol Ancestor… amongst the disciples of great Symbol Ancestor back then, the one with the greatest hope of reaching that level is Ice Master… unfortunately, we have yet to sense the reincarnation ripple from Ice Master even till today… I wonder if she has died within reincarnation.” The white haired old man sighed softly.

Qing Zhi nodded slightly. Both of his hands were placed behind him. His eyes looked into the distance as he softly said, “Signs of chaos have begun to appear. I wonder if we will be able to survive the great calamity this time around…”

The white haired old man nodded quietly without uttering anything.


The feeling of teleportation through space was truly god damn horrible…

This was the only thought that Lin Dong had after his consciousness fell into darkness for the umpteenth time. His addled mind did not allow him to be completely conscious. At the same time, it also resulted in him being unable to control his body. The current him was not even certain whether he was alive or dead.

This state lasted for an unknown period of time. However, while his consciousness gradually bobbing up and down in the darkness, Lin Dong could vaguely sense some human voices around him. Soon after, he completely lost consciousness.

For some time, Lin Dong was in a completely unconscious and blurry state. However, with the flow of time, he discovered that his control over his body was recovering bit by bit. This caused him to sigh in relief within his heart. From the looks of the situation, he should still be alive…

By relying on his fuzzy awareness, Lin Dong could sometimes feel that he seemed to be being taken care of by someone. Moreover, this person was a lady…

It seemed that a great amount of time passed while his consciousness continued to bob within the darkness. Finally, a thread of light tore through this darkness and seeped in, shining onto Lin Dong’s unconscious mind.

Heavy eyelids were opened after a great struggle. Finally, a small crack was opened, and his blurry sight gradually began to become clear. The place that entered his vision seemed to be a relatively crude canopy built over a cart.

Lin Dong stared at this canopy, while his mind began to awaken, and memories surged out like floodwaters.

Unique Devil City… the great battle… spatial teleportation… Yuan Gate…

A turbid breath of air was slowly spat out from Lin Dong’s throat. Soon after, he clenched and opened his fist. He was somewhat horrified to discover that his body was extremely weak…

While he was startled in his heart, Lin Dong swiftly looked into his body, only to discover that everything was a complete mess inside. Even his medians showed signs of being distorted or broken. Such injuries could be described as terrible.

Lin Dong’s mind sunk deep into his Dantian. There, the illusory Yuan Spirit was seated on the Dragon Yuan Ring. However, the golden light that lingered around it was at its dimmest, appearing as though it was about to disappear.

“Such serious injuries…”

Lin Dong’s heart sunk slightly. He clearly did not expect that his injuries this time around would actually be this serious. If it was someone else, it was likely that the person would be crippled for life.

“It seems like I must recuperate properly…” Lin Dong quietly said. His physical body had a strength that an ordinary person could not compare with. Moreover, back when he was at Unique Devil City, the Heavenly Dragon aura in his body had merged into his body because of the external pressure. This had caused his physical body to be strengthened once again. Hence, his injures this time around might be serious, but it was not impossible for him to recover if he was given some time.

“I wonder where I am…”

Lin Dong’s mind gradually withdrew from his body, as he knitted his brow slightly. The current him was clearly extremely frail. It was likely that anyone would be able to kill him. Such a condition had clearly caused the usually cautious Lin Dong to be quite displeased.

“Although the injuries are serious, I should barely be able to activate my Yuan Spirit to control the demon corpse after resting for a period of time. That should be some protection…” Lin Dong sighed in relief only when he thought until this point. No matter what the situation was, he could simply doing nothing.

“I wonder how Little Marten and Little Flame are. From the looks of it, it seems like we have been separated…”

Lin Dong clenched his teeth. An unusually ruthless expression suddenly surged into his eyes, “If anything happens to Little Flame or Little Marten, I will definitely massacre the Yuan Gate in future!”


While this thought was flickering in Lin Dong’s mind, the tightly shut door to the carriage was suddenly gently pushed opened. Immediately, his eyes focused as they shot towards the door that was being pushed open from the outside.

The door to the carriage was pushed opened. After which, a slim figure appeared in Lin Dong’s sight. It was a young lady in a pale blue dress. The young lady’s appearance was not comparable to Qingtan or Ying Huanhuan, but she was still quite pretty. However, there was ultimately a timid expression in the young lady’s eyes.

After entering the carriage, the young lady quickly saw the now awake Lin Dong, and panicked a little under his attention. Her small hand twisted into her body as she asked in a soft and timid manner, “You’ve awoken?”

A smile surfaced on Lin Dong’s face when he saw the appearance of this young lady. He subsequently nodded. From the looks of it, he did not appear to have landed in some dangerous situation that would give him a headache…

He merely did not know, where exactly was this place…