Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 830: He Will Return

Chapter 830: He Will Return


Chapter 830: He Will Return

The distorted space in the sky gradually returned to its original state. The spatial power that filled the area also gradually started to dissipate, together with the Lin Dong trio’s figures…

Although the three of them had vanished, countless pairs of eyes in the entire Unique Devil City were still gazing at that spot in a daze. The earthshaking big battle from before was still causing shockwaves within their minds.

No one had expected that today’s matter would actually develop in such a manner all because of a mere eight Yuan Nirvana stage Dao Sect disciple…

Not only did the three great sect masters of Yuan Gate and the Dao Sect master appear and involve themselves, even an terrifyingly powerful and mysterious expert had also intervened. One would normally be unable to catch even a glimpse of such existences, yet they had continuously showed up because of a mere Lin Dong today.

Moreover, the thing that caused them to be secretly speechless was that even though the three great sect masters of Yuan Gate had gotten involved, they were still unable to retain Lin Dong’s group. The vicious words that the latter had left behind before disappearing might sound like a joke, but not a single person was able to laugh at them. After all, as long as one was not a fool, one would understand just what kind of frightening potential a young man, who was able to escape from the hands of the three great Yuan Gate sect masters, had…

Once such a person was allowed to escape, it would be equivalent to releasing a tiger back into the mountains. Perhaps, when Lin Dong once again returned to the Eastern Xuan Region, Yuan Gate would have to pay an extremely painful price because of what they did today.

Zhou Tong had already caused Yuan Gate to completely lose its face back then, and this young man called Lin Dong was even more troublesome to deal with than Zhou Tong. Most importantly, Lin Dong had escaped from the hands of the three great sect masters. Something that even Zhou Tong was unable to do so back then…

From a certain point of view, the danger that Lin Dong posed clearly surpassed Zhou Tong.

“Haha, that little fellow will not die so easily. In the short span of slightly more than a year, he has actually mastered my Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill to such a level. He has truly not dishonored my name. Haha, I am really curious how powerful he will be the next time he returns to the Eastern Xuan Region…”

The enormous spatial crack in the sky began to gradually recover at this moment. At the same time, a laughter was emitted from within and rumbled across the area.

“Who exactly are you?” Tian Yuanzi cried out coldly. His expression was gloomy as he stared at the disappearing spatial crack.

“Ha ha, we will have the opportunity to meet in the future. At that time, I also wish to have a bout with the three of you. Regardless, that little fellow is someone who has obtained my inheritance. If it was not because I am in a distant land now, there is no way I would let the three of you have your way.”

A clear laughter once again sounded, while that spatial crack also began to completely disappear together with the rumbling laughter.

Tian Yuanzi’s group had dark expressions as they watched this scene. Not only were they unable to completely resolve the issue, they had instead ended up leaving behind a great threat. At the same time, they had once again soiled their Yuan Gate’s reputation…

“Oh great sect master, the teleportation formation has already been damaged. Those three fellows are already exhausted and will definitely be unable to withstand the tearing of the spatial teleportation. I believe that there is a very high chance that they will die!” Shi Dong involuntarily gave a flattering smile and said when he saw Tian Yuanzi’s gloomy expression.

“What I want is not merely a very high chance! That brat is no ordinary individual. If he survives, he will definitely be a source of disaster.” Tian Yuanzi glanced at Shi Dong indifferently and said.

“Pass the order to put the Lin Dong trio on the wanted list. Not just in the Eastern Xuan Region, spread the wanted order to the other regions as well. Anyone who provides information about them will be able to pick any martial arts from our Yuan Gate!” Di Yuanzi ordered in an eerie tone.


The smile on Shi Dong’s face stiffened slightly. There was some fear on his face as he nodded continuously.

“I want to see just how long this brat can survive!” Ren Yuanzi’s silver hair danced, while his eyes were ice-cold. That dark and malicious voice of his was just like ice, and caused one’s heart to feel a chill.

They did not intentionally hide their voices. Hence, it spread all over the place. Immediately, quite a commotion was stirred. It was likely that the reward that the Yuan Gate had offered on the wanted order was quite attractive.

A black clothed young lady suddenly slowly stepped forward amidst the commotion. That exceptionally pretty face of hers was currently somewhat pale. Both of her eyes were filled with a dark and cold aura as they firmly stared at the Tian Yuanzi trio.


Chen Gui hurriedly followed upon seeing this. He anxiously guarded the young lady.

“If I have the opportunity in this life, I will definitely flatten your Yuan Gate!”

That black clothed young lady’s eyes stared at the Tian Yuanzi trio under the attention of many pairs of eyes. After which, her icy bone chilling voice, which contained a hatred that could not be removed, spread across the sky.

“Looks like you also have quite a deep relationship with that brat. In that case, Shi Dong, capture her.” Ren Yuanzi knitted his brows slightly and quickly spoke in an impatient manner.

Shi Dong nodded immediately upon hearing this. His body rushed forward as he grabbed at Qingtan. At the same time, he laughed coldly, “What a foolish girl. All you had to do was to obediently pull back to the side at this moment. Yet, you actually dare to appear and state your connection to that brat. You are truly an ignorant fool!”

Chen Gui’s expression immediately sunk when he saw Shi Dong move. Just as he was about to pull Qingtan and withdraw, he was pushed aside by the latter. After which, she stood in the sky without any intention of avoiding, allowing Shi Dong’s attack to land on her.

“Qingtan!” Chen Gui’s expression changed drastically upon seeing this.

However, just as Shi Dong had reached the area a dozen feet from Qingtan, the space above the latter’s head suddenly split open. After which, a black light beam shot out and ruthlessly smashed into Shi Dong’s body.


A deep sound echoed. After which, countless people saw Shi Dong falling from the sky like a bird with broken wings, before crashing miserably onto the ground. Fresh blood wildly spluttered from his mouth, making him look extremely miserable.

This sudden and unexpected change once again caused many people to be stunned. Was it still not over?

“This fluctuation…”

The Tian Yuanzi trio’s pupils contracted because of this. Immediately, they stared at the crack that had appeared in the sky. They spoke with a pause between every word. “Master of the Darkness Palace?”

“Tian Yuanzi, I have searched for hundreds of years in order to find such a perfect and precious disciple. If anything happens to her, heh heh, your Yuan Gate can wait for my Darkness Palace to declare war.”

A faint raspy laughter was emitted from the spatial crack. Finally, a black light whizzed out from it. The light turned into a skinny black robed elder with a black crown on his head.

When the elder stood in the sky, the sky immediately darkened. All light above his head disappeared. Such darkness was so pure that it made fear rise in one’s heart.

“It is the master of the Darkness Palace from the Northern Xuan Region, Bo Xuan!” The moment this black robed elder appeared, waves of shocked exclamations emerged in the area. Clearly, he was also extremely well known.

“So she is the palace master’s disciple. Our Yuan Gate will naturally not dare to slight her at all if we had known this earlier. Our Yuan Gate was a little reckless in the previous matter…” Tian Yuanzi stared at the black robed elder as his pupils contracted slightly for a moment. Soon after, he laughed faintly.

Although this black robed elder was also at the Samsara stage, he possessed the Darkness Ancestral Symbol. Such power was overwhelming and unfathomable. Therefore, even Tian Yuanzi was extremely wary of him.

The black robed elder smiled in a noncommittal manner. After which, he turned his head and looked at the young lady behind him. He asked, “Are you coming back with me?”

“Since you are here, why didn’t you intervene?” Qingtan stared at Bo Xuan as she bit her lip and questioned.

“Your big brother has extraordinary potential. At the same time, he also possess the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. He will definitely be no pond fish in the future. Today’s incident is a form of training for him. In order to become a truly powerful expert, such experiences are absolutely necessary. The Dao Sect might be good, but it does not suit him. The peace in that place will erode his sharp edge. Only the wider world outside will be able to accommodate him…” Bo Xuan laughed.

Qingtan’s hand was slowly clenched tightly. Soon after, she declared in a soft voice, “Take me to the Darkness Law Court once we return.”

“Have you made your decision?” Bo Xuan’s black eyes quickly revealed a joyful expression when he heard this. He had spent a great deal of effort in order to allow this disciple that he was most pleased with to inherit his mantle.

“I have said before that I will flatten the Yuan Gate in my lifetime!” Qingtan’s gaze once again turned towards Tian Yuanzi’s group in the distance, but her voice had become unusually soft, while the expressions of the Tian Yaunzi trio became a little gloomy.

“Once you become the master of the Darkness Palace, you will be the new queen. Everything will be as you desire. No one will be able to stop you, including myself.” Bo Xuan rubbed the young lady’s head and said.

“Thank you master.” The young lady’s ice-cold eyes finally revealed some warmth as she softly said.

“Let’s go. Return with master…”

Bo Xuan smiled and nodded. With a wave of his sleeve, a dark crack once again appeared at his side. Soon after, black light wrapped around Qingtan and Chen Gui. After which, they ignored everyone as they flew into the crack and disappeared.

“It is unexpected that the little girl is actually Bo Xuan’s favourite disciple…” The blue robed elder gazed at where the crack had disappeared as he softly sighed and said.

“Since that little girl can enter the Darkness Law Court, it is likely that she will become the master of the Darkness Palace. Yuan Gate has ended up attracting quite a lot of trouble this time.”

Ying Xuanzi nodded slightly. His eyes were a little desolate. Although the outcome today was not the worst, it was not considered too good either from his point of view. After all, Lin Dong had been forced to leave…

Ying Xiaoxiao looked at Ying Xuanzi’s expression and sighed. Soon after, she lowered her head slightly and saw that the young lady in her embrace had already opened her eyes since an unknown time.

“You’re awake?” Ying Xiaoxiao hurriedly asked in a concerned manner when she saw this.

However, those originally lively and beautiful large eyes of the young lady lacked some focus in the face of this question. It was a long while later before she slowly nodded.

“Has he left?”

Ying Xiaoxiao could only nod her head in response to Ying Huanhuan’s somewhat empty voice. She forcefully smiled and said, “However, he should be fine. That fellow always seems to be rather lucky…”

Ying Huanhuan silently nodded. She lifted her head to glance at Ying Xuanzi before turning away.

“If he dies, I will avenge him…”

The young lady turned around and flew away. Her fine black hair fell seemed to flow like a waterfall. Under the rays of the sun, the tips of her hair faintly flickered with an icy blue light.

Ying Xuanzi watched as the slim and pretty figure of the young lady disappeared into the distance alone. His face was somewhat dull. The eyes which the young lady had used to look at him earlier was filled with disappointment…

“Did I really make a mistake…” Ying Xuanzi muttered bitterly. That originally handsome face of his seemed to be much older than before. He had sacrificed too much for this sect…

His most important disciple had been killed by Yuan Gate, but he was unable to take revenge. Now, even his own daughter was disappointed with him…

“Father, Huanhuan is only throwing a small tantrum. It should be over soon.” Ying Xiaoxiao’s felt a slight sour feeling in her heart as she consoled him.

Ying Xuanzi bitterly shook his head. He was after all no ordinary individual. Hence, he quickly steadied his mind and said, “Dispatch someone to the Great Yan Empire and inform the Lin Clan of this matter. After which, send someone to protect his family…”

“Yes.” Ying Xiaoxiao nodded.

“Let’s go. Return to the sect.”

Ying Xuanzi once again laughed bitterly. He no longer had any intention of remaining as he waved his hand, turned around and left. After which, the numerous Dao Sect disciples also silently followed behind.


“So it has concluded in this manner…”

The beautiful woman on a pavilion within Unique Devil City watched, as the various parties in the sky gradually scattered, while she softly sighed. The matter today would likely very quickly spread throughout the Eastern Xuan Region. At that time, the name Lin Dong would perhaps be known by everyone.

“He will return…”

A soft voice suddenly sounded beside the beautiful woman. She was momentarily startled as she turned her head to look at Ling Qingzhu. After which, the latter removed her veil, revealing that extremely beautiful face that could bring about the downfall of nations and cities. She smiled, enchanting all living creatures in the process.

“He will return… at that time, Yuan Gate will also regret their actions today…”

She clearly understood just what how frightening the toughness and willpower of that young man was. He had walked from that small low rank empire to this Eastern Xuan Region. What he had sacrificed was something that no one could imagine…

Ling Qingzhu lifted her head. She looked in the direction where Lin Dong had disappeared, as her red lips pursed slightly. Her eyes were deep and beautiful.

“You will definitely return to the Eastern Xuan Region like a king. At that time, if you really want me to be your woman… why not…”

“Lin Dong, live well. After that… come back.”