Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 828

Chapter 828


Chapter 828

Lin Dong’s figure hovered in the sky. His unwavering gaze was fixed onto the frightening attack that was tearing through the air towards him. Before this attack reached him, the terrifying pressure had already caused the space around Lin Dong to show signs of being distorted. A simultaneous attack by the three great sect masters of Yuan Gate, such power was sufficient to cause Lin Dong to be in an eternally hopeless situation.

Although Lin Dong understood that his appearance was merely akin to a mantis trying to stop a car, he did not hesitate. The activation of the formation still required time. Hence, somone must step forward to block this attack. Otherwise, none of them would survive.


A resplendent light formation swiftly extended from Lin Dong’s palm once again. Quickly after, he opened his mouth, as a scarlet red light swept out and transformed into scarlet red furnance that protected him within it.


A light beam filled with the power of decomposition was the first to rush forward. After which, it collided heavily against the majestic and frightening attack under the attention of numerous gazes.

Although the decomposition power was unique, there was undoubtedly a gap like that of an ant and a mountain when compared with the attack from the three great sect masters of Yuan Gate. Hence, the light beam only endured for a split second before it completely collapsed.


The light beam was shattered, and the majestic attack arrived. In the end, it smashed heavily onto the scarlet red cauldron. Immediately, a clear metallic sound resounded in the sky.

A circular scarlet red ripple quickly spread after the loud sound appeared. Subsequently, everyone watched as the radiance of the scarlet red cauldron swiftly dimmed. Finally, it emitted a ‘swoosh’ sound and turned into a flash of light which returned to Lin Dong’s body.


Lin Dong was affected when the Burning Sky Cauldron suffered a blow, and he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, while that originally pale face of his became even paler. Clearly, Lin Dong could not block the attack from the three great sect sect masters even after relying on a Pure Yuan treasure.

Lin Dong did not have the time to pull back after spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood when he suddenly sensed the space around him freeze. After which, terrifying power seeped out from the space and wrapped around him.


Lin Dong’s body seemed to have instantly became distorted under the erosion of that frightening power. Fresh blood wildly seeped out from his pores. That appearance of his suggested that he was about to be turned into mincemeat.

Ah ah!

Intense pain spread crazily within Lin Dong’s body. Even with his willpower, he could not help but release a low roar of pain. Blood continued to surge out, making him look as if he was made from blood.

The Ren Yuanzi trio watched this scene from the distant sky in an indifferent manner. Their eyes were merciless. There was not the slightest amount of pity in them.

Within the formation behind Lin Dong, the eyes of Little Flame and Little Marten turned blood red. The giant black tiger that Little Flame had transformed into suddenly let loose a long roar towards the sky. A roar that was filled with bitter resentment.

Wave after wave of pain wildly charged towards Lin Dong heart. He could truly sense death at this moment despite the great strength of his current physical body.

Such an attack had already far exceeded the limits that his physical body could endure. He could hear the bones all over his body emitting a faint cracking sounds.

Lin Dong’s sight began to be corroded by the blood until it became blurry. An unusually weary and helpless feeling reverberated within Lin Dong’s heart.

“Am I really going to die here…”

A mutter sounded within Lin Dong’s heart. His consciousness gradually began to become fuzzy…

Buzz buzz!

The moment that Lin Dong’s consciousness was about to be completely lost, that Heavenly Dragon aura that had been existing within his Dantian suddenly exploded at this moment.

The Heavenly Dragon aura exploded. It spread rapidly and filled Lin Dong’s body. Moreover, it tunnelled into Lin Dong’s twisted medians and shattered bones at an astonishing speed.


Wave after wave of Heavenly Dragon aura continued to enter Lin Dong’s flesh. This energy was usually extremely overbearing, and even Lin Dong could only absorb a tiny sliver of it. Yet, at this very moment, the Heavenly Dragon aura had begun to fuse with Lin Dong’s physical body on its own accord under the frightening external pressure. It strengthened his body to withstand the external pressure..

Bright green light suddenly erupted once again on the surface of Lin Dong’s body. After which, everyone saw that Lin Dong’s body was actually beginning to swell and shake. In the next moment, green light exploded, as a soul-stirring dragon roar resounded from within.

As the dragon roar resonated, one could see green dragon that was a dozen feet in size suddenly appearing within it. The body of the dragon gave off the an intense dragon aura. Such a dragon aura was not ordinary. Only fairly high ranked dragon clan experts of the dragon clan were able to possess such a heavenly dragon aura!

Although this heavenly dragon aura was much weaker when compared to the real deal, the ripple from it was completely real.

“What martial art did this brat practice? To think that it is so peculiar, and is able to transform into such a pure green dragon body.” Ren Yuanzi frowned slightly and remarked after seeing this scene.

“No matter what tricks you have, you will not have a second path to take under this attack!”

A chilling glint flashed in Ren Yuanzi’s eyes. The more outstanding Lin Dong was, the greater the killing desire in his heart. The humiliation Lin Dong suffered today would definitely cause Lin Dong to bear a deep hatred towards their Yuan Gate. If he was allowed to escape, Lin Dong would definitely become an even more powerful and troublesome opponent than Zhou Tong given his talent. At that time… perhaps even they would begin to feel a headache.

The green dragon surfaced from within the green light. It swiftly entrenched itself. Green light surged wildly on its dragon scales in an attempt to last a little longer in the face of such a frightening attack.

The Heavenly Dragon aura within Lin Dong’s body completely erupted at this crucial moment, causing the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill that he practiced to be strengthened once again. His body was finally able to turn into a green dragon body. Its strength was clearly much greater than before.

Bang bang!

Even though this was the case, it was clearly impossible for Lin Dong to truly possess the capacity to block the attack. Hence, the green dragon that Lin Dong had transformed into ended up falling back in defeat in the face of the frightening strength that tore through the air, while the scales on the dragon body also cracked and exploded one after another.

Within a short period of time, the green dragon body was once again covered in injuries…

Even though this was the case, everyone in Unique Devil City were somewhat flabbergasted. Several eyes began to turn grave as they looked at the green dragon. They were really unable to imagine that an eight Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner was actually able to endure for such a long time under the attack from the three great sect masters of Yuan Gate. Although the three great sect masters did not use their full strength, there was an immense difference in status between both parties…

“If this person doesn’t die, Yuan Gate will definitely face a disaster in the future!”

Some of the sharp eyes individuals had serious expressions as they looked at each other, while this thought rose within their hearts. From the ferocity Lin Dong had shown, it was likely that given time, he would surpass that monster Zhou Tong from the Dao Sect, who had shook the Eastern Xuan Region a hundred years ago.

Back then, Zhou Tong had charged into the Yuan Gate alone and killed three great elders. If Lin Dong survived… what would happen?

Merely imagining such a scene caused everyone to feel their scalps turn a little numb…


If these people could have such thoughts, the Tian Yuanzi trio would have naturally also thought of it. Hence, a faint chilly glint was present deep within their eyes. Although they did not attack again, they had clearly secretly strengthened the attack that was heading towards Lin Dong.

A bloody glow exploded on the green dragon body. Scales flew as the vigor in the green dragon’s eyes quickly dimmed…


Another wave of frightening power seeped out from the air and ruthlessly blasted the green dragon.

In the distance, Ying Xuanzi suddenly clenched both of his fists when he saw this scene. He immediately spoke in a low voice, “Great elder, accompany me as I intervene this one time.”

“I wish to send him away from this place.”

The blue robed elder was startled when he heard this. He quickly nodded quietly.


A vast attack was suddenly unleashed from the hands of the Ying Xuanzi duo. Finally, it tore through space and shattered the frightening power that was just about to blast the green dragon.

The sudden intervention of the Ying Xuanzi duo immediately gave rise to an uproar from the entire place…

“Ying Xuanzi, what are you doing?” Ren Yuanzi abruptly cried out furiously.

“One should forgive and forget. Ren Yuanzi, aren’t you people being too extreme!” Ying Xuanzi cried out coldly.

“Cutting the grass but not removing the root. Do you think that our Yuan Gate is so indecisive? Our Yuan Gate does not wish to see the Zhou Tong incident back then happening a second time!” Tian Yuanzi frowned slightly and said.

“Both of you stop them. I will destroy their formation.”

“Roger.” The Ren Yuanzi duo immediately nodded after hearing Tian Yuanzi’s words.


The three of them suddenly stepped forward after their voices sounded. Ren Yuanzi and Di Yuanzi immediately moved and blocked the Ying Xuanzi duo. On the other hand, Tian Yuanzi gazed at Lin Dong with an indifferent expression. Soon after, with a clench of his fist, a thousand feet large black light beam that was filled with Life and Death force suddenly shot out from his hand. One could tell that Tian Yuanzi did not hold back this time!

He wanted to completely annihilate the Lin Dong trio with a single attack!


The light beam seemed to penetrate the heavens. It shot towards Lin Dong’s group at an astonishing speed, and space collapsed wherever it passed…

The green dragon that Lin Dong had turned into had also withdrawn into the formation at this time. Little Marten’s eyes were red as he continued to activate the formation in an attempt to teleport and escape before the attack arrived.

However, that light beam was too quick. In a mere instant, it had already arrived above the formation.

“A little more, just a little!”

Little Marten’s expression was ugly as a low roar emerged from his mouth. The surrounding space became increasingly distorted after the roar sounded, while many light beams began to converge towards the three of them.

“Humph, trying to escape?”

A cold snort was suddenly emitted from Tian Yuanzi when the spatial light beams converged towards the trio. After which, another light beam ruthlessly shot over.

However, a ten thousand feet crack suddenly appeared when the light beam was about to strike the formation. After which, a green dragon claw that could cover the entire Unique Devil City suddenly swept down through the crack in space. The claw forcibly crushed the thousand feet large light beam in front of countless shocked eyes.