Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 824: Gathering of the Top Experts

Chapter 824: Gathering of the Top Experts


Chapter 824: Gathering of the Top Experts

A man clothed in ash white stepped out from the spatial tear in the sky with some gloominess and fury on his face. The pressure from Ren Yuanzi, which had covered the entire city, immediately scattered following his appearance.

“Ying Xuanzi… the master of the Dao Sect has appeared…”

Countless pairs of eyes in the city looked at the figure who had appeared in the sky. Immediately, many exclamations sounded. There was some faint excitement present. A clash between such powerful individuals was a rare sight to behold…

“Greetings sect master!” Chen Zhen’s group as well as the many Dao Sect disciples also greatly rejoiced at this moment, and hurriedly cried out in a respectful manner.

All of them clearly understood that since Ren Yuanzi had already intervened, if Ying Xuanzi did not appear, no one would be able to stop the former.

“Haha… Ying Xuanzi, you are finally willing to show yourself…” Ren Yuanzi’s eyes narrowed slightly when he looked at Ying Xuanzi.Soon after, he spoke with a faint smile.

Ying Xuanzi looked towards Ying Huanhuan and Lin Dong, who were hugging each other. As he saw their injuries, an icy look flashed deep within his eyes. His voice low as he replied, “Ren Yuanzi, you are a sect master after all. Yet, you are actually willing to abandon your pride in front of so many people to attack my Dao Sect disciples. You truly have no regard for your own face…”

Ren Yuanzi frowned slightly. His expression was a little unnatural. Quickly after, he said, “My Yuan Gate disciples were completely butchered by your Dao Sect’s Lin Dong. Aren’t his actions also a little too overboard?”

“The Great Sect Competition has its rules. Do you think that the losses our Dao Sect has suffered during the last few Great Sect Competition are insignificant? Everyone is clearly aware of what your Yuan Gate disciples did during the last few Great Sect Competitions. However, has our Dao Sect ever pursued the matter? Do you really think that my Dao Sect is afraid to engage in a life and death battle with your Yuan Gate?” Ying Xuanzi sneered and said.


Gasps appeared within the city after Ying Xuanzi’s voice faded. Most of the people here were aware of the great losses that the Dao Sect suffered during the previous few Great Sect Competitions. Even some passersby were unable to stand idly by the side now that the Yuan Gate was using this as an excuse

A dark look flashed across Ren Yuanzi’s eyes as he stared at Ying Xuanzi and slowly said, “Lin Dong must go to my Yuan Gate and atone for his crimes. My Yuan Gate will not let this go if you insist on stopping me!”

There was an additional trace of threat in Ren Yuanzi’s voice. He understood Ying Xuanzi quite well. The latter was usually cautious and calm. Hence, he would typically try to avoid matters that might lead to a sect war. Although he had lost his beloved disciple Zhou Tong back then, he eventually suppressed the demand for war within the sect. Hence, Ren Yuanzi believed that Ying Xuanzi would also choose to step back in this matter.

Ying Xuanzi could clearly hear the threat behind Ren Yuanzi’s words. Immediately, a malicious chill flashed deep within his eyes, as he slowly clenched his hand tightly. Subsequently, he felt a gaze being thrown towards him. His eyes took a glance to the side, only to find that the young lady in Lin Dong’s embrace was gently biting her lip and staring at him. There was a pleading look in her eyes…


Ren Yuanzi smiled faintly when he saw this. His hand grabbed across space, and turned into a giant black-white hand that directly grabbed at Lin Dong.

“Sect master!” Chen Zhen’s group hurriedly cried as their expressions changed upon seeing this.

Ying Xuanzi’s eyes were dark and grave. He stared at the young and bloody figure. The latter merely quietly hugged the young lady in his embrace. No pleading words were spoken. He was as stubborn as a rock.

The bright eyes of the young lady still stared intently at Ying Xuanzi. However, dark red blood had already seeped out from her lips. It was sad yet gorgeous.


A soft sigh finally sounded within Ying Xuanzi’s heart. Soon after, his eyes abruptly became stern. He waved his sleeve suddenly and space itself became distorted, and the giant black-white hand was directly shattered.

“You!” Ren Yuanzi’s eyes sunk.

“I have once told this little fellow that as long as he is still a disciple of the Dao Sect, the Dao Sect will be his backing. If you wish to touch him today, my Dao Sect will fight your Yuan Gate!” Ying Xuanzi stared at Ren Yuanzi. His low voice was like thunder that caused the sky to tremble slightly.

Ren Yuanzi’s expression finally began to gradually turn ugly at this moment. Clearly, he did not expect that Ying Xuanzi, who usually preferred peace and stability, would actually utter such words.

A war between super sects was clearly extremely frightening. Although their Yuan Gate was stronger than the Dao Sect, Ren Yuanzi understood within his heart that even if they were to win this war, they would pay an enormous price.

“Ying Xuanzi… your actions are truly unwise.” Ren Yuanzi coldly said.

“My Dao Sect does not like to start conflicts. Back then, Zhou Tong recklessly charged into your Yuan Gate to killl. Hence, there was nothing I could say. This time however, though Lin Dong killed all your Yuan Gate disciples in Unique Devil Region, he has done so according to the rules. He did nothing wrong. If I still accomodate your Yuan Gate, how can I keep the hearts of my Dao Sect disciples?” Ying Xuanzi’s eyes were ice-cold as he said.

Joy surged out from Ying Huanhuan’s large eyes at this moment. She was knew, now that Ying Xuanzi had uttered such words, even Ren Yuanzi would not dare to act recklessly.

Ren Yuanzi’s face was volatile. He was somewhat speechless for a time. Even he did not dare to easily start a sect war. Moreover, now… was indeed not the time…

“Ha ha, sect master Ying’s words are indeed reasonable. The matter involving Lin Dong did occur within the rules. Our Yuan Gate will no longer pursue this matter…” A faint laughter suddenly sounded in the sky while Ren Yuanzi’s face was changing. After which, everyone saw the space in the sky becoming distorted once again, as two figures slowly appeared.

One of the two figures was wearing a black robe. His long black hair was scattered behind him, and the hands that extended from his sleeves appeared rather pale, but his face was extremely gentle like jade. Both of his eyes were like the stars, and seemed to have the power to see through the life and death.

The person beside him was wearing a white robe. His skin was fair and he appeared quite ordinary. However, his eyes revealed both black and white, appearing like intertwining Yin and Yang, a sight that was filled with mystery.

When these two figures appeared, everyone was able to clearly sense the space around them wass intensely distorted. Evidently, they were no ordinary individuals.

“Tian Yuanzi, Di Yuanzi… the three great masters of the Yuan Gate have all appeared…”

Countless gasps suddenly erupted within the city at this moment. Everyone was stupified ass they gazed at this scene. These pinnicle experts in the Eastern Xuan Region, who were usually impossible to find, had actually appeared one after another today…

A dark colour flashed across Ying Xuanzi’s eyes when he saw these two figures. Even he felt some pressure when faced with the three great sect masters of the Yuan Gate.

“Haha, the two sect masters are truly able to see the bigger picture. A fight between the younger generation should be settled amongst them. We will likely end up losing face if we intervene.”

After the two mysterious figures appeared in the sky, the space behind Ying Xuanzi also become distorted. A white haired and white bearded elder in a blue robe also smilingly walked out from it.

“It’s Grand Elder!” Chen Zhen’s group was immediately greatly startled when he saw the blue robed elder reveal himself. Rich joy immediately surged within their eyes.

In this way, the strength of their Dao Sect had boosted significantly.

“Old ghost Qian? You are actually alive…”

Ren Yuanzi gazed at the blue robed elder who had appeared beside Ying Xuanzi, as shock immediately flashed across his eyes, “To think that you have also survived the Life and Death Tribulation and advanced to the Samsara stage?!”

“Haha, I originally thought that I would merely sit down and die peacefully. It was unexpected that I lived…” The blue robed old man smilingly said.

“In that case, I will have to congratulate the Dao Sect for having another Samsara stage expert…” In the sky, the white robed figure, whose eyes were like Yin and Yang, faintly smiled and bowed towards the blue robed old man.

“Ren Yuanzi, the matter regarding Lin Dong will be put aside. The rules are as such and we cannot allow others to think that our Yuan Gate cannot take this defeat.” The white robed man’s eyes turned towards Ren Yuanzi and laughed.

Ren Yuanzi frowned when he heard this. Soon after, he nodded indifferently.

Ying Huanhuan seemed to have been relieved of a great burden in her heart when she heard these words. After which, she looked at Lin Dong joyously. However, she did not see any joy on the latter’s face.

“This matter will not end like this…” Lin Dong lowered his head. He gave the young lady in his embrace a forced smile as he said.

In the sky, Tian Yuanzi gave Lin Dong a smile that contained a deeper meaning. After which, he cast his gaze towards Little Marten, who was restrained by the Life and Death World, and smilingly said, “However, the matter between my Yuan Gate and the Celestial Demon Marten is likely something that sect master Ying should be clearly aware of. Hence, you should manage your people properly after this…”

The joy on Ying Huanhuan’s face froze bit by bit. She gazed upon the ferocity that had surged onto Lin Dong’s face, and her heart seemed to have begun to contract.

“I’m sorry…”

Lin Dong’s bloody hands gently rubbed the young lady’s ice-cold face. His voice was hoarse as he said, “He is my brother… it is impossible for me to simply stand idly by the side…”